May 29, 2012
By Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
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Author's note: I was bored and wanted to spice it up a bit, so a gorey MLP dystopian story!

In the heat of the morn, walking slowly to the hall, I step into the room, wondering what the call was for. Canterlot was such a long way from Ponyville, so the call must be important. I take one step and clear my throat. And almost immediately she speaks

“Rainbow Dash, I have a special assignment for you,” Stated Princess Celestia.

“Yes, Princess?” I bowed before her, ready to do anything.

“The pest of a pony, Derpy Hooves, needs to be abolished or rather... Discarded from our kingdom,” The look in her raging violet eyes shocked me. Nothing seemed so serious from her as it did now. I looked up to her from my bowing position questionably. I was wishing that her words were just a joke. Or she was just testing my loyalty.

“P-princess? Why would you... Want to... D-discard of Derpy?” I asked timidly

She started laughing. She stepped forward and playfully pawed her hoof at the marble floor. She looked down on to my trembling body, with hopeful glimmers in her eyes. I had grown up in Cloudsdale with Derpy since I was a little filly. It would be hard to hurt this amazingly loving pony. Just because she is not completely perfect.

“Why wouldn’t I want to abolish that monster of a pony? She reminds me of a mutt of a pony Discord!” She said this in between gusts of laughter. I was thinking, “Isn’t Discord evil? Didn’t he pit my friends and I against each other?” and that's when I had realized what the truth of the matter was. Celestia hated anypony who was an individual.

“I-I’m sorry Princess... I-I just can’t do that!” I gasped as she rose above me in furor, and she rose her visious voice to me. Her royal guards cantered out of the room, knowing what was to happen. They did this just in time. As soon as they left the room, she rose above me, the wind whipping my rainbow mane around. Lightning speckled and crashed around me. I shrunk back, making myself as small as possible.

“You dare disobey me, lowly subject?” She started booming, her eyes wild with angering flames, “How dare you insult your princess this way! Don’t I allow you to live joyously in Ponyville? Did I not specifically choose you and your friends for the Mane Six? The keepers of the Elements of Harmony?!” She rose her hooves up, and smashed them down harshly on the cold stone floor, breaking it into a million pieces. The wind was whipping her mane to and fro. It was terrifying. Her horn lighted up, as if she was casting a spell on me.
And the next second I was in the Everfree Forest.
The darkness was overwhelming, the trees hovering in terror. It is all a big shock to me. And then I started towards Fluttershy’s house. The trees were looming, and the animals glaring. Every rustle, every sound, I flinched for fear of being killed. That was when I noticed the shouting (or rather, whispering) from behind me.
“Rainbow!” Softly called a familiar voice, “Rainbow! Please, please come here!”
I immediately recognised the soft voice. I started galloping towards the fluttering voice, and finally reached her. She had her saddlebags on, and her pastel mane was filled with twigs and was spotted with mud. She was uncontrollably shaking, and her crystal blue eyes were filled with fear. She started bawling immediately.
“Fluttershy! What’s wrong?!” I stammered out, secretly wishing it wasn’t what I had thought it was. And slowly, but surely, she was able to explain the issue. I was forever banned from Equestria. And all who supported me were too. She quietly moved from the crowd gathered in Ponyville, to find me here in the forest. She brought me food and cover, for the cool nights ahead of me. She had to be the sweetest pony to ever live in this land.
After a while it started getting dark, so she had to canter off to her warm home. She would have invited me, however, Canterlot officials are going around, checking for my presence. Which of course is bad, very bad. But I do have to admit, it is a better punishment than what Princess Luna had received. Going to the moon? That poor pony must have been so upset. Then it had struck me. I could be an informer of Equestria. Tell them the truth of the matter, what had really happened! But.. How can I do this if I am forced to live out my life in solitude? I gave that up quicker than you could say ‘Spitfire’.
Before she left, she warned me, “Rainbow, if they find you anywhere near Ponyville, your wings will be...” she quickly got quieter, afraid. Tears appeared again, “They will take.. you.. your wings.. from you...” she was sobbing again, but before I could comfort her, she galloped off to her home.
I started thinking about what she said. Could anypony even catch me? I am one of the fastest ponies in all of Equestria. I started pondering what life in the Everfree Forest would be like. I might be able to (sorta) fulfill a dream by joining the ShadowBolts, Zacora might be able to help me out a bit, and maybe AJ can help me build a home.
I curled up under one of the trees that wasn’t that scary, and threw the small, but comforting, blanket Fluttershy brought me over me. I looked up to the night sky, hoping, wishing for somepony to help or save me. For this to at least be a terrible dream, brought by the nightmare, Dream. Soon, I slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.
The morning heat woke me quickly. I had no clue what the time was, and the tree foliage was far too thick to see the sky. I lethargically stumbled across the dank, forest floor, trying to wake myself up. I realized I needed to get to a water source soon. Or I would dehydrate. I started off in a random direction, hoping it would be the right one.
The humidity weighed me down greatly. It was even hard to fly. The tree cover did nothing to tame the heat, and I started to wonder if the sun was right above me. I soon started hearing the sound of trickling water. I was exhausted, and very thirsty, from the long walk. But that was now behind me. I need to focus on the fact that I am dehydrated from the terrible heat. I quickly picked up my pace towards the noise.
Within moments I wound my way to the trickling noise. It soon grew into a roaring mess of a river. I emerged from the forest to be blinded by the shining rays of dense sunlight. I was shimmering from the sweat beads that soaked my rainbow mane. And I galloped towards the water, about to jump in, when a shout came from behind me.
“Oh dear!” Said the recognisably flamboyant voice, “Don’t you do that rainbow girl! That water is terribly infected right now!” The purple water dragon peeped out from the shady trees. His moustache was grown back, and Rarity’s tail was missing from the mix. Of course this type of thing would come up right now. As I am about to drink the water, its poisoned.
“Why is it like this? Who did it?!” I thirstily mumbled out. I looked into the eyes of the purple dragon. Why did all this have to happen now? And did he have to be the one to tell me this madness? But of course, why wouldn’t he? He quickly stumbled out the mixed answer.
“Well... Um.. upstream there happened to be another dragon who... happened to be mixing a special potion for a special pony down in Ponyville. This pony happened to drop it all into the water before she could canter back off into the town.” He sighed and looked down at me, you could tell it was killing him, quite literally. “I wish she wouldn’t have done this, this heat is just killing me,” He rolled his eyes and lied back down in the shade. His eyes found themselves shut in a few minutes, and my only way across is gone. I decided to walk a bit into the forest and dig up a bit of dirt and lie in it for coolness.

I dropped down on the warm dirt, and started rolling around to cool myself off. It was way too hot. I started thinking about Rarity, and what she would think if she found out about me lying in the dirt. “Mother of Celestia, Rainbow! Why are you even doing that?! Its so... Gross!” I laughed a little at the thought, and rolled over. As I did this I saw something peculiar, or rather, familiar. The Apple Farm.
I slithered slowly to the edge of the farm and pondered whether I should go see her or not. Knowing her, she wouldn’t want to disobey the Princess, but she loves me, so why would she leave me out in the forest, especially on a day like this? So I warily looked around before I took the first step towards her house.
The first thing I heard was the dog. Winona was barking frantically, and then came around the corner. With none other than Applejack herself. Shouting out orders to the dog.
The anger in her voice was unfamiliar. A sense of urgency rose with every syllable that escaped her tiny mouth. It confused me terribly, I peered out a bit more and saw all of her. Fire raging through her eyes.
“Go girl! Go find her Winona, we gotta make sure she doesn’t get on the farm, sugarcube!” The anger in her voice suddenly made sense. There were lies told to the kingdom about me. And of course Applejack wouldn’t think her Princess would lie to her. Even when it was about her best friend. I squealed and ran off in the opposite direction, not thinking twice about Applejack. She wouldn’t listen to me even if it meant she would die if she didn’t. That was the only problem with Applejack.
Once I got back into the forest I dropped down again. The running has made me so exhausted, due to the heat and lack of water. And then I remembered something. By the sound of the grumbling coming from my stomach, I could tell I was starving. I hadn’t eaten anything since last night, when Fluttershy happened to help me out. I state to wonder what Pinkie and Twilight are thinking about this situation. And then it struck me. I could always ask Fluttershy.
I started in the direction of her home, hoping to not get caught once I’m out of the woods. And by the time I get there, the sun has started to go down. I remembered what she had said about coming to her home. “Don’t come by at sunset Dashie. Please, I-I don’t want you to get caught...” Her voice trembling as she said it. I couldn’t believe that was all last night. That all of this had happened in the past day.
I look around for Angel. But I see no sign of the devilish bunny. The animals are all gone, and no sign of them appears. I sit at the edge of forest and wonder what is going on, and that's when I see it. A puff of pink flies on the pathway. Shrieks are coming from it.

The only answer would have to be Pinkie Pie. Screaming for help.

The scary part of this was who was chasing after her. Gilda. My old friend, the griffin. But instead of her casually chasing the party pony around, she had a full ensemble on. A silver helmet, side armor, wing armor, and, even from the distance I was at, I saw her talons were sharpened to a deadly point. I gasped and dashed out from the trees to retrieve the pink party pony. Even though the dreams I have of her, and all the suspicions, I still want to help the fun, loving pony from a death she doesn’t deserve. That nopony deserves. Gilda quickly noticed me, and was startled, letting my split second chance be used wisely. I flew as fast as I could, and caught the screaming pink fluff as she was about to hit a wall.

Gilda’s eyes tensioned, and she blew a horn. That only meant one thing. Backup was going to be coming. And fast. This had to have been a test of some sort. Or maybe Pinkie finally did something so incredibly stupid, the kingdom is after her. I flew faster than Gilda could ever dream of accomplishing, and this made me feel better. But as soon as I felt it was safe to look over, I saw one of the most horrifying things. I saw my hero, Spitfire, gaining speed on me. She was followed by Soarin’ and Fleetfoot. The look on her face meant business, and it seemed as if she didn’t know me at all! I pressed forward and then realised I was holding a passed out Pinkie Pie. That wasn’t going to help me in this predicament.

By the time they gave up, I dropped to the ground panting, about to pass out alongside my friend. I drug myself over to a shadier area, and noticed the sky was a bright purplish-orange. The blanket Fluttershy brought me was left under the tree across the river. This worried me a bit. The nights in the Everfree were not just cold, they could freeze you to death if you were in the right place at the right time. I pulled the still sleeping Pinkie onto my back and forced myself forward, I knew there had to be a place to rest at. I just knew.

The sun was down, and the night sky was twinkling with new stars Luna had made. I guess they aren’t lying when they say a thousand years really dims the stars. The moon lit my path as I traveled forward into the unknown with a sleeping pony on my back. I start noticing the faint scent of cotton candy, and my stomach growls. I turn my head and smell the air. I know it is from behind me, and the scent is becoming stronger. A strange thought crosses my mind, so i twist my head towards the pink mane a smell... Yup, my suspicions were correct. her mane smells just like the sweet candy. My stomach tightens in hunger at the tempting scent. But I toughen up and ride on, like I have for all these years. Fear is setting in when I see it.
A dark brown hut. In the middle of the Everfree forest.

I gallop towards the home, hoping for there to be shelter. And as I come nearer, I notice something off. There are no lights on. I warily put my hoof up to the door, and tap it. Once. Twice... I checked the handle. Unlocked. I cautiously pushed the door open, and nudged the light switch on. Blinding light filled the room. And it was beautiful. I gasped. Behind all the dust, the room was almost shimmering. Blue velvet couches, and specially made blue Canterlot crafted rugs lined the floors. The walls were a shimmering light, pastel blue, with a dark oak finish on the bottom half. A chandelier was glimmering above me, and something about it caught my eye.
Honesty. Kindness. Generosity. Laughter. Magic... And... And... Loyalty.

The Elements of Harmony were shown in the chandeliers crystals. But they weren’t just shown, they were there. All six of us were skillfully crafted out of gems. Applejack had a dark yellow body, with a beautiful ponytail the shade of cream, completed with a hat. Fluttershy was flying upwards with a yellow body and a swirling light pink tail. Rarity had a white diamond body with her flamboyant purple tail and mane. Pinkie was light pink with her bouncy hot pink mane and tail.Twilight Sparkle had her light purple body dressed up in a dark purple and pink mane. And finally mine.
I do have to admit it was the first one I noticed because of its many colors. It was flying forwards, in a speeding motion, a rainbow colored tail flying backwards, as if it was in the wind. One hoof was put forward, while the other was flying backwards with the others. the mane was cut from several gems, as was the tail, but something about it stuck in my mind. I don’t know just how long I was standing there staring, but the next memory I have is of Pinkie waking up from her long sleep. And she was scared.
“Wh-where is she?!” She squeaked out of her trembling candy colored mouth. She frantically looked at her surroundings, wondering where she was, when she noticed me. She immediately calmed down and went back into normal Pinkie-Mode, “Oh Dashie! How are ya’? What’s up? Where are we? Oooo! I loooove new places! Is it a surprise?! I adore surprises Dashie! Ooo! What is it?! Wait... Don’t tell....” She was bouncing and giggling as if nothing had happened at all. This startled me. I looked at the bouncing, giggling pink pony with disbelief. Something was going on she didn’t want me to know. Which goes back to my point from earlier. She scares me with her overly joyful attitude. The reason why I refuse to eat her cakes anymore.
I stand up tall, puffing out my chest a little, and say, “Pinkie, I don’t know what you are hiding from me, but you need to tell me,” and as soon as this escaped my mouth, her eyes darted around frantically. A nervous laugh started emanating from her mouth, and she lowered her head. She was backing up very slowly, “I-I don’t know what you are talking about, Dashie! You are being such a silly-filly! Nothing is wrong, nothing at all!!!” And thats when I lost it. I started yelling at her.
“Don’t you dare lie to me Pinkie Pie! I know something is up, I am the one that saved you from Gilda and the Wonder bolts! THE WONDER BOLTS! I want you to tell me what happened, and where Fluttershy was! Do you understand me Pinkie?!” I was out of breath when I was done, and she was shocked. Then angry.
“Now you listen up here Rainbow Dash, there is a reason I am not telling you a thing. And it is veeery important I do not tell you about it!” her pupils got smaller from the anger, she turned a muddy shade of pink, her dark side. The one I fear, “If you really want to know, then OooK, but then it is allllll on you! I was trying to save you, but NOOOOOOO, DASHIE WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING,” she rolled her eyes and waved her hooves in the air, mocking me. And then in a nasty snarl, she spits out at me, “Because of yoour actions in Canterlot, yoour so-called friends are being taken away from Ponyville, for INTERROGATIONS! Do you know what they do during those? DO YA?!” The rage was exploding from her, and I pushed her to it.
She went and sat down on one of the rugs, trying to calm down. Her hair was still muddy, and until it was pink again, I refused to talk to her. It wasn’t until morning when her hair was back to normal and she was making food in the kitchen, “Good morning Dashie! You slept pretty long last night, didn’t ya’? I’m making some cupcakes for breakfast, is that OK?” She smiled at me sincerely, and I had no choice but to apologise for my behavior. She started skipping around the room again. I sighed. Nothing will bring her down if it meant hurting a friend. And then I remembered the food she was making for my breakfast. Cupcakes... I let out a small shudder at the thought, that dream has haunted me for a long time... But I had not eaten since two nights before, and all that flying wore me out to the point of total exhaustion. So I had no choice but to eat the cupcake.
I started thinking about yesterday, saving Pinkie from Gilda. And how my former friend turned into my worst enemy in 10 seconds flat. I thought about my life if I had listened to Celestia, I would have been in the Wonder bolts, my best friends wouldn’t have to deal with all of this madness. And I then thought of Fluttershy. She is potentially the weakest of all of my friends. And possibly out of all of the ponies in Equestria. I started to feel warm drops falling down my face, and I straightened up. I couldn’t be weak in front of Pinkie, no matter what. Even if it is for my friends. Weakness won’t help anyone. It especially won’t help out Pinkie Pie.
“It’s reaaadyyy!!!!” She squealed out, “I hope you like them! Wow, this pony reaaally likes cooking, but most of the stuff is rotten... Yuck!” She poked her head out around the corner to say that. Her tongue was out and she made a gagging noise. I trotted into the kitchen for the first time and noticed the color was different, it was a light purple this time. And a smaller version of the front rooms chandelier was above a dusty light purple lace covered oak table. I sat down on one of the seats and looked in front of me. A perfectly crafted purple Pinkie Pie style cupcake. I nibbled at it, fearful of the taste. But hunger gave in, and I went all in. Frankly, it had to be one of the greatest things ever. But I guess the idea of ‘hunger being the greatest spice’ is true. I ate until I couldn’t anymore. Thankfully Pinkie is used to making large amounts for her parties, or else there wouldn’t have been enough. She was covered in frosting and cake. She even ate more than me, although she ate a lot sooner than I had.
By the time we were both stuffed full, the sun was high in the sky. I wondered what the rest of the house looked like, and if those small, identical chandeliers were in every room. And my thoughts came to life. In every room, there was an Elements chandelier. and what was even more peculiar was that every room was colored as we were. A lavender purple, a pure crystal white, a golden yellow, a light cotton candy pink, a pure cyan blue, and a bright pastel yellow. This is freaking me out a little, it’s a house color-coated and dedicated to the elements of harmony. And to us, the ponies who represent the elements. And what struck me more, was the fact that on every chandelier there was a tiny figurine of each of us. Why was this house out here? And what did it even mean

There came a shrill scream from the front room. Pinkie shrieked and something broke. I flew into the other room as fast as I could in the small house. And I stopped as soon as I came in. I saw the pony that lives in this hut. She was a black coated earth pony with a feathered magenta mane. She had multi-colored eyes, one was a bright cobalt blue, while the other was a rich grass green. On her back was a grey saddlebag, filled to the brim with bottles and vegetation. And on her flank was a bright red strawberry.
She was shaking from fear. But of course, I would have too, if I saw a startled cyan and rainbow pony in her house with a bright pink bouncing thing. Pinkie seemed pleased with herself for finding a new friend to party with, although I was sure the black pony didn't really enjoy this bubbly pink pony gushing over a party every two seconds. Her iris' were small from the initial shock, so I decided to explain our situation to her. How we came to be in her home, such a long way from ours in Ponyville. And her eyes went from shock to sympathetic sorrow. A sense of ease spread through her body as we told our separate stories.
“And then Dashie came flying out of nowhere! I of course squealed and tried to get away, thinking she was a big blue monster, but when she got me I was all like 'Oh Pinkie! You so Craaazy! It's just Dashie!' And then for some weird reason, I fell asleep!” She looked at me joyfully, and squealed out, “I am soooooo sorry Dash! I know falling asleep when you are hanging out with somepony is reaaally rude, but I have no clue what came over me! Like, 'Duh Pinkie! You don't like when other ponies think you are boring that they fall asleep!' but I still did it! Then when I woke up next, we were here in this house! And I reaaaally like the pink room! It's very partytasical!” Of course Pinkie was going on with this type of random nonsense talk for roughly an hour and a half, so while she was ranting on, I went back through the house trying to make sense of it. While I was in the pastel colored room, she came in.
“My name is Berry Rush,” sighed out the black pony, “I have lived here for ten years without so much as a letter from somepony,” She paused and started thinking. When she was done, she looked up to meet my eyes, “I am in the same predicament as you Rainbow Dash, I was banished here about 10 years ago, when I was only a teenaged filly... But for different reasons,” She walked over to a set of butterflies that hung from the ceiling, flying around in the wind. She sat down, “You mustn't leave the forest, Rainbow. They will get you, and it is hard to get back after they are done with you,” A sheer hint of tears came to her eyes.
“Well, what am I supposed to do then, Berry?” I walked over to her side, and put my hoof around her shoulders, “I need to save that mare! If I don't then...” I let my words trail off, feeling the repercussions coming on. I was going to cry, something rare for me. She stood up and wiped the tears off her face. She knew her being upset didn't make anything better, especially since I am supposed to be the tough one.
She walked out of the pastel colored room into the pure white bedroom. Rarities room, I thought as I walked into the room after her. I wanted to ask her about the odd color coordination, and the chandeliers that hung from the slightly sloped ceilings. Luckily for me I didn't have to even ask. She came out and said it.

“I was the one who chose the six keepers of the Elements,”
My eyes burst open in shock. This pony chose the Elements representers?! My head started spinning with a million different questions as she continued on with her story.
“Yes I chose you to be the element of loyalty, due to the fact of the many demands you loyally fulfilled. Unfortunately, I know your future, and it...” She trailed off and apologized for her negligence. She got up again and walked out of the room, back into the kitchen where Pinkie was busily making more cupcakes. I just sat there, pondering what the pony had just said to me. I know your future, and it is.... I wanted to know what she had meant exactly, but every time I brought it up she rubbed it off and ignored the question. Pinkie wanted to know what was going on, of course, but I could not tell her for the fear she would get mad again. Or rather, go mad.
It finally got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore. I was slowly turning claustrophobic in the small hut, and my wings were becoming stiff. Living with those two earth ponies was a terrible idea. They do everything by hoof and mouth. They can't fly or even cast spells like Twilight Sparkle. And with that thought I remembered. My friends are in danger in Ponyville, if they aren't already gone. I flexed out my wings, and bolted out of the door. In the far distance I could hear the two small voices calling my name. Hoping for me to listen and come back.
I first stopped at the Library. Nopony was there. The same with Fluttershy’s home, the Carousel Boutique, and the Apple Farm. I dashed to the last home I could think of. Derpy's. I saw her two little foals. And got excited at the thought she might still be alive. I flew even faster towards her home. I noticed a window open into the kitchen, and let myself in. I saw her sitting there, attempting to make some food for her little ones. She looked up very confused.
“Oh hey, Rainbow Dash!” She managed to stumble out. Her golden lazy eyes looked confused at my sudden appearance. Her grey wings were fluttering softly, “Why are you here so late, Rainbow Dash?”And as soon as she had finished her sentence, I grabbed her and flew right out into the yard. Her foals looked confused and upset, so I attempted to grab them too. Then I saw them.
Spitfire first, then Gilda. They were bolting towards me. My second run in with the two. I had left the two foals where they were, hoping for somepony to care enough to grab them, and flew off in the direction I had came. Derpy let out little yelps as I tried desperately to keep her on my back. But let's face it. Ponies are not that light. And even though she was situated better than Pinkie Pie was, she was heavier, which had slowed me down greatly. I tried to keep going but, Gilda got me. I tumbled down into the treetops, so I started hoping for the pointed branches to stab me to the point where I would die. There was no sign of the grey mare that was riding on my back. I secretly started to wish she flew off towards the hut. It wasn't that far from where we were then. Somewhere while I fell, I blacked out.
When I had woken up. I was chained to a bed. It was a small white room, with a harsh artificial light overhead. A silver tray subsided in the corner of the room. The white tiled floor had several drains in the room. My head was fuzzy, from the fall I had taken. A white mare trotted in, and gave me a pill. I was refusing to take it, so she opened it up and forced water mixed with it down my throat. I started feeling worse. My head was clogging up with nonsense, and she stuck something in me. I was gone again.
When I had finally awaken, I saw the Princess standing in front of my bed. I gave her a look of disgust, and she shook her head with disapproval. Then I had noticed the pony next to her. He was all black with a faded dark grey cutie mark. The shape of a broken heart. His eyes were beady and blue, and his mane was pitch black with a blue stripe running down it. On his face was a dark mask, as to keep his identity a secret. She nodded towards him, and he walked to the other side of the room to grab something. She looked back at me and finally spoke up.
“None of this would have happened if you had just done what you should have done,” She started towards a button and had pressed it before I could utter a word. A big black screen came down in front of me. It automatically turned on, revealing its horrors. On it was Fluttershy. Screaming her head off because of something they did. That's when I spotted it. The red dripping down her back and onto the floor. Two red speckled yellow puffs were in the corner of the screen. Her coat was matted and her tail was cut short. Her mane was covered in dried blood and sweat. I started shouting her name as the screen switched cameras.
The next scene was of Twilight Sparkle. Her hooves were cracked and dry. Blood oozed from the them quickly. Parts of her teeth were missing. A bright red oval was in the spot her cutie mark should have been. Blood was soaked around her flank and down her rear legs. Half of her horn was missing. And she was half heartily mumbling “Help me,”. Tears were streaming down my face by this. And the screen switched again.
Rarity was covered head to tail in mud and caked blood. Her mane was chopped off, along with her tail. One eye was missing, along with all of her horn. Her eyes were wide in terror, and she was curled into a ball. Cuts covered her body, and the deepest ones were on the bottom of her hooves. Tears escaped her one eye, along with a long painful wail for help. Before that was over, it switched one last time. Applejack.
She was in the worst condition. Both eyes were black holes, her hair was out of its normal style and matted down with blood. Scars and cuts were visible on her shivering body. Her front hooves were like Rarity's, only worse. Her back ones, were not even there. In fact, both of her rear legs were missing. Bloody stumps were all that was left. Small whimpers escaped the dying pony's mouth. The screen turned black.
“This is what happens when you decide to disobey your Princess, Rainbow... Dash,” She turned towards the patiently waiting masked pony and nodded towards him. Before I could protest the Princess, she trotted out of the room quietly. I looked towards the black masked pony, and noticed he had pulled the silver tray closer to me.
A ball of rope, a scalpel, and a hacksaw.
My eyes got wide with fear, “No, no, no, no, no, no!!! Don't! Please! I-I beg you!” He pulled out the rope and started towards me. I frantically flapped my wings, hoping the harsh struggle could free me. But all the twisting and turning that I did couldn't help me against this next part. He finally tied down my wings, and pulled the scalpel from the tray. He carefully placed it in his mouth, as to make it easier, and cut around the very spot my wings met my body. The skin was pulled back, and the red flesh was cut into. I let out a small cry as he hit a nerve, and silent tears streamed down my face. I heard the splashes of blood on the white tiled floor and then realized the drains were meant for blood. He repeated the same procedure on my other wing.
The feeling of a bone being ripped off of your body is the most excruciating feeling ever. The masked pony stood up on his hind legs, and clamored down on top of my exposed bone, to pop it out of the socket. He didn't break them, but rather tore the bone from my back. I let out a long agonizing wail afterwards. This earth pony would never have to know how it feels to have his wings ripped out of his body. And he's lucky.
When that was done with, and when I became faint from the major blood loss, he pressed a different button. A white mare with a swirling cream mane came cantering into the room. Her hazel eyes darted from him to me and back to him. She nodded. The black masked pony grabbed the two cyan fluffs of feathers and triumphantly trotted out of the room. She looked at one of the ceilings corners and sighed, shaking her head the whole time. She slowly walked over to where I was lying, feeling as if I was going to die, and pulled out a bag. With some thread and a needle, she took the excess skin and carefully sewed it back together. Piece by piece, I started to become an earth pony. Afterwards, she placed gauze around the wound, so I could not upset it in anyway possible.
She walked me upstairs to a new room that was slightly larger than the last, it had looked the same, minus the silver tray, and plus a window. She looked in the corners and came up to me. She was stiff and startled, “Get on my back, I am going to help you out Rainbow Dash,” and before I could even answer, she threw me carefully across her back. Wings extended from her back and she opened the window, “Hold on tight!” and she soared out of the window at an incredible speed. Behind us came the distant wail of sirens, and several other ponies with packages on their backs.
“My name is Creamsicle. I am a undercover doctor at the castle. Your friends, they are safe. And on their way. The pony directly behind us is named Leafy Green, and she has the pony you tried to save,” she is talking slowly for me to hear properly, “We are part of a rebellion group called The Elements. It is our duty to protect the Elements of Harmony from the capitol, no matter what. Celestia started the group, but she abandoned it as she realized you six were destined to rebel against her one day,” she had let out a long sigh, “I am afraid to report though that although we have your 4 other friends, we cannot find the fifth one, Pinkie Pie,”
“I know where she is, she was staying with me before I flew off to save Derpy,” I half mumbled out.
“Oh good, but the other bad news is that we do have Applejack, we are afraid she might not make it. She got the worst of the punishment for warding you off one day,”
Then it hit me, Applejack tried to save me from the guards. But did they know about Fluttershy’s help on the first night? “They didn't know about Fluttershy?” I questioned, she looked back at me with a questioning look on her face, asking for an explanation, “She helped me out the first day... Gave me food, water, and blankets,” and then I was out again.
When I awoke the next morning, I was surrounded by a dark space and 5 motionless ponies. I saw Twilight already sitting up reading a book, much of her body covered in bandages. Rarity was staring at a wall with a blank look on her now clean face. Derpy had a bandage around one eye and two hooves, but was asleep, so I couldn't see anything more than that. Fluttershy was twitching and softly sobbing in her sleep. Her waist was bandaged like mine, but bandages covered her ears, face, and legs. And in the far corner, on an actual cot, was Applejack, whimpering with pain. I got up, and walked over to her. I felt ashamed, not only was this my fault, I was the least damaged of all 6 of us in the room.
Twilight looked up, but did not say a word. She dug her nose back into her book, and kept reading. I softly sat next to the severely abused pony and waited until I was forced to move from the area. But before I actually moved, she slightly turned her head and shakily whispered, “Rainbow? Is that really you?” and when I had replied, she smiled softly and then fell back into a deep slumber.
I ended up staying in a room with Pinkie, Twilight, and Fluttershy. We stayed in the largest room, which happened to be the pure white room. Unfortunately for us, we ended up bleeding on the white things in the room, making them turn white with rusty smears and blotches on them. Pinkie kept quiet, knowing this would make the other two happier. And sadly, I learned one more thing that happened to Twilight Sparkle. Her tongue was cut out of her mouth after she pleaded for help.
Nopony knows what happened to Spike. He went missing after their capture. And if anypony asks Twilight, she starts shaking and walks a few feet before she collapses into a blacked out mess. Fluttershy now refuses to speak to anypony. The trauma she was put through has made her go from shy to scared of everything, even her own friends. Pinkie Pie just sits around and talks to herself, her hair has not puffed up once since we came back. She doesn't even eat anything, most of the time we have to force it down her throat.
Rarity is a complete mess. We had to take every mirror out of the house because every time she sees one, she breaks down sobbing. Once she broke one and tried to end it herself with the shards. Derpy sat around being sad for the longest time, until they brought her little foals out to the hut. The hut was then becoming so crowded that the Mane Six, Derpy, and her fillies, are the only ones living in it. The ten other ponies that are part of the group The Elements have set up make shift homes, either out in the shed we first started recovering in or in makeshift tents.
There are three bedrooms in the hut. The big white one, which we got, the medium sized bright pink room, which Derpy and the fillies stay in, and the other medium room that is pastel yellow, where Applejack and Rarity subside in. The problem with AJ and Rarity staying in the same room is that Rarity just keeps complaining about her horrid looks, “If I can't be beautiful, I'd rather just die!”, which is not helping Applejack get any better.
She is actually getting worse. Sometimes blood will run from her eyes, and her rear legs will twitch uncontrollably, causing the stumps to bleed. Somepony brought some of the missing skin from Canterlot, and Creamsicle was able to cut enough off to sew on her stumps. That helped a bit. Another pony brought us a wheelchair and eye patches, so we could cart her around. We still kept the bandages on her eyes, for fear of the bleeding that would happen if we took them off. And then it happened.
One night, a scream emanated from the yellow room. Wails and moans started as soon as we ran in. “Help me...! HELP!” Wailed Applejack. Blood was gushing from her eye sockets, and the cracks in her skin split open wide, causing more blood to spill forth. Rarity sat in awed shock, wondering what was going on. I knew this was it at the time, but I didn't want to believe what was going on, so I went to calm her down.
“AJ, I'm here! I'm here, calm down for me please AJ!” I started to panic, then I remembered that wasn't the best idea to do, “Remember the time you went to the rodeo in Ponyville? Last summer, how we all cheered you on?” she nodded her head, “Hang on for us this time too, I know you can Applejack,” But she was gone. The blood loss and the weeks passing back were too much for her. But she was gone.
The loving, caring pony who pretended to hate me to make sure I was safe. She was gone for ever. I never had the chance to apologize to her for thinking she was evil and mean. A product of Canterlot. Like Rarity. Like Rarity...
“Like Rarity!!!” I screamed out, lashing towards the dazed pony, “This is all your fault!” I threw her to the ground and started choking her with my hooves, “You are the reason Canterlot wants us! You. Wanted. To. Kill. US!!!!” I screamed swears at the barely breathing pony as several members of The Elements had dragged me off her body. They had thrown me into the white room where Fluttershy was curled tightly in a ball. The sound of the lock clicked into place loudly, so that I would know I couldn't get out. I pounded and beat on the door until my cyan hooves were bloody and raw.
I lethargically walked to the opposite corner of Fluttershy’s, and started howling. Tears ran in waterfalls down my cheeks. Hiccups emerged in between loud wails of pain. I knew it was Rarity's fault the whole time, but I didn't want to admit one of my friends wanted Canterlotism more than friendship. She was the last to be picked up, as she reported me to Spitfire. But they punished her as well for letting me go.
Berry evidently had heard my wails of sorrow, and she slowly came into the room, careful to have them lock the door behind her. Fluttershy was still curled in her ball, but was more relaxed then when I had first come in. After about five minutes, Berry spoke.
“Rainbow, what happened back there?” She eyed me cautiously, making sure I wouldn't strangle her too. When I refused to answer she opened her mouth to ask another question. But what came out wasn't her beautiful princess voice, it was Fluttershy’s.
“Applejack died, Berry. And it was because of Rarity that it had happened,” Her voice was smaller and softer than usual, but this had an air of truth to it. Berry looked startled, but asked why, “Because, she just loves the capitol. It has always been her dream to live and work there. So when we got in her way, because of our loyalty to our dear, dear friend, Rainbow Dash, she couldn't take it any longer,” She took a quick pause, and resumed, “Rainbow, what did you happen to do that got you locked up in here?” Her eyes were big with anticipation, but at least she was talking.
“I-I....” I started choking up, “I tried to k-kill her....” I let it finish itself and another wail escaped my mouth. My hooves find their way over my face, I was embarrassed by the fact that I did that to Rarity, or even to anypony. I vowed I would never do that again, but urges consumed me. And something amazing happened. Fluttershy walked over to me.
“Rainbow, it's alright. You are the one who is brave. The one who wasn't afraid to do what the other four of us couldn't get the heart to attempt,” Her front leg found itself around my shaking shoulder. Berry sniffled and rushed out of the room, “Now that is what loyalty is Rainbow. Protecting your friends at all costs” She let out a weak smile before she walked over to her bed and plopped down in it asleep.
Berry walked in and told me Rarity was dead. The lack of blood in her system was cut off from oxygen for too long. She came and sat down next to me. For another five minutes of silence, we collected our thoughts. And again, she spoke first.
“This house was meant for you six in a time of need. Such as now. I decorated it myself. When I was working for the capitol, I was a spy. I got my cutie mark in baking with fruit. So Celestia had me cater events and 'overhear' many of the conversations the Canterlot elites had at these parties. After a while, Celestia came up with The Elements, an army used to protect the Elements of Harmony if rebellion rose up against them,
“Unfortunately, after she had the leading members set up, she found out the Mane Six would rise above her, taking her dictatorship down with her. That is why you six were famous and had no other protection other than each other. This is your safe house until the war is over and the Gems are taken into our custody. Since I was initially the leader of the army, Celestia punished me, so that in the future I wouldn't have any ideas to help you,” She turned to her side, and then I saw it for the first time, the slightly raised scar tissue running along her back. She looked back at me and lifted her bangs to show a very short stump. Her old horn.
“I used to be both a unicorn and a pegasus. A Goddess Pony you might call it, but I had not the form of the royal elites, I had a regular pony form, like you. She let me keep my wings after my banishment, however, I galloped into Canterlot shouting the truth of Equestria to everypony. That is where she had my wings removed. She kept me in her chambers for a month, toying with my brain. Making me go slowly insane. I didn't have anypony to save me from this, as you did. You were lucky Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie even more so, due to you. I don't think she would have been able to survive the rough abuse they inflict on disobedient ponies,” She got up and started towards the door. After the door was shut I galloped over to my bed and threw myself on it. And blackness surrounded me.

The problem is that I didn't fall asleep.
Looking up, a hole was in the ceiling. Screams came from the other room, letting me know something has happened. Fluttershy was up and literally running for the door. But it was locked. Nopony opened the door for us before this happened. And since the two of us couldn't fly anymore, we did the best we could. Scream.
Between the many wails and screams emanating from the other room, a fragile laugh found its voice through the black hole. It got louder with every passing moment. And emerging from the hole, was none other than Princess Celestia.
Her normally calm violet eyes, were raging with a purple fire. She had a smirk on her face, one that let me know my time was now over. She started towards me, but before she got there, a pastel yellow pony rushed in front of her path.
“Now who do you think you are messing with my friend?” Roared Fluttershy at the startled princess, “You can mess with me all you want, but if you lay a hoof on my friend...” She didn't have to finish. Her soft yellow cheeks were flushed with a bright red. Celestia apparently didn't know how tough she was being right then, because she just pushed the little pony to the side and continued towards me. That really got her.
She jumped onto her back, biting her wings. Shrieks of horror were coming from the Goddess Pony's mouth. I took my chance and kicked her in the mouth. The way Applejack would have. I apparently hit her near her eyes. Hard enough that her horn broke into two pieces. A yelp came from her mouth, and within seconds of us attacking her, she was on the ground groveling. We started beating on the door, hopeful that somepony would let us out of the room. So we could decide what to do. But nopony came.
She was up again. But instead of attacking, she whistled loudly, and disappeared back into the hole in which she came. The door was unlocked. We shakily found our way through the door, and saw the mess. Only Fluttershy and I were left in the mostly destroyed hut. Smouldering chunks of wood were left in place of the once colorful rooms. The chandeliers were broken into a million sparkling shards. Shifting through the rubble, we collected a few preserved packages of food, and a small blanket from the white bedroom. A tear ran down her face as we said our good-byes.

We walked off in the other direction, knowing not what lie ahead...
Of course the Princess didn’t go down without a fight. The war lasted three years, but in the end, The Elements ruled the kingdom. Leaving the last members of the Mane Six to rule. An assassin from the Dark Times came and killed one of the two new rulers. But it wasn’t me. It was harmless Fluttershy. Before he got away, I saw the dark cutie mark and the familiar cobalt blue stripe. But even after the loss, the kingdom had true peace and harmony. And it plans to be there long after I am gone.

the end

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