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Devil May Cry Backstory

Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.  « Hide author's note
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No More

The bite marks bled. She hadn’t said more than a few sentences. Her eyes fluttered open for only a few precious seconds before they closed and tears slipped down her face. I couldn’t stand it.
I heard boots crunch. Dante crouched down beside me. “She’ll be okay. I’ve seen her live through worse.”
I glanced at him and was stunned at what I saw. His face showed pain that I had only seen on his face just once before; when Mom died.
Fear lanced through my mind when I finally realized why Dante had suggested that we ask for her help. Dante was in love with her. “Why did you ask her for help?”
Dante turned to look at me. “Why doesn’t matter right now. We need to get her back to the flat before she bleeds to death.”
I simply nodded to him and slowly pulled the limp body of Sintheia into my arms. As I rose, I watched his tears fall onto the cement.

Vergil figured it out. I hadn’t expected him to figure out though. This was something I had kept it a secret from myself. I never wanted him to know. Yet, if I didn’t want him to know, why did I bring him here? He has fallen in love with her, why did I let it happen?

It was midnight when reality hit me. I woke with a volt and I could feel the weight of someone else laying beside me. I reached out to touch the warm body beside me. The body growled in it’s sleep before rolling away from my touch. It was one of the guys but I couldn’t figure out who it was.
I shook my head and slipped off the bed, checking back to make sure the figure was still asleep. I smiled when I saw a flash of a blue duster sitting on my floor.
I turned on the light and clamped my hand over my mouth to cover my scream. Blotchy red marked decorated my face in random order. My neck, bandaged in white. Red seeped through in parts. Memories of pain flashed through my mind when my fingers touched the spots.
Sparta had wanted me to take his sons to him. If I took them, he would kill them. Dante and Vergil meant to much to me just to lead them to their killer.
I sighed and touched the side of my face, fingers following the scratch marks. Sparta had taken control of his puppet once again. Obviously to show me who was still in control. A small smile slipped across my face when I had made up my mind.
I mean a puppet has to break the rules every once in a while, right?
I woke to find an empty bed in an familiar place. I jolted and saw my coat in the corner of the room. I slipped out of the bed and grabbed it, pulling it on as I walked around the room.
I was unarmed. I’m hardly ever unarmed unless I’m with someone that I trust. No one. Where was my weapons anyway?
Metal glinted out of the corner of my eye. The sword was sitting there on a littered desk. After the katayna was in its rightful place at my hip, I looked through the papers and frowned.
The perfect, cursive letters spelled out words and thoughts that could only belong to one person. For some reason I couldn’t figure out, I could place a face but not the name.
A pretty face with black, curly hair and violet eyes. Who was she?


I’m numb. There’s a giant, gaping hole where my heart should be. A woman I had loved with everything in me ripped it apart. She finished ripping me to pieces when she left.
She had a pretty face with black curls that fell just right down her eyes and purple eyes so pretty you could drown in them. A pretty face with no name. Why couldn’t I remember her name? Who is she?


I took away their memories. They don’t need to know me. I’d only cause hurt. I cried while I did it though. I had grown to like the twins. They are nothing like their coldhearted father. They didn’t know that he controlled me. That’s something that they will never need to know.
I smiled softly as I hid and watched them walk through my home bewildered. They no longer knew the name Sintheia. It had to stay that way. I had to keep the memory of them buried when I faced Sparta.
They left one by one and I was left alone in a now seemly empty space that once was a home. After Sparta was done with me, they’d have to clean my remains off the walls. I laughed as I walked around my house for a last time.
My vision began to flicker. Sparta was here now. Tears fell down my face when I could hear his boots thud on the tile. I smiled softly in a mirror and turned to face him.
That smile was still there when he began to cut.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7

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