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Devil May Cry Backstory

Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.  « Hide author's note
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Just a Puppet


I had lunged at the zombie that had lumbered out of the joint. He and I crashed onto the cement. I bit down on his throat and pulled. The zombie’s head was held by a string of muscle tissue. After I had cut the tissue, I heard another zombie growling behind me. I fished a knife out of the scabbard on my back as I approached the beast.
The zombie turned to me, sniffing out of his almost decomposed nose. Not only could the zombie smell me, but I could smell the rot of his body and the disgusting lust that he had experienced just moments before we showed up. He limbed toward me with a snarl that showed off his black teeth. I blew him a kiss as my knife sliced the air between us.
When the knife entered the zombie’s eye, I teleported forward and ripped it from it’s eye. It screamed. Around me I could feel the presence of more of the damned bodies. My eyes crashed closed when I was forcefully pushed onto the ground.
The smell of rotten flesh burned in my nose as a zombie clawed at my face. I fought blindly until I was able to get her away from my face. My knife had been knocked out of my grip when I was tackled. I snarled and grabbed at dead hair. When I had a lump in my hand, I pulled it’s owner close to me and bit down on something’s nose.
The decaying flesh tore away in my mouth leaving a bitter taste. I spat it out and continued clawing and biting the creatures.
Seconds after I had bitten the one closest to my horizontal frame, My head began to pound and my vision slowly slipped away from me leaving everything blurry. The more I fought against the zombies, the harder it became to move my limbs. Blunt nails raked down my face inches from my lips. I stretched my lips and pulled the fingers into my mouth before clamping down.
The little vision I had completely blacked out leaving my body paralyzed. I could hear a zombie try to shuffle away. The other ones began to scream. Their clawing against my skin became frantic. There was nothing I could do to fight back. More blunt nails continued to drag against me. I screamed and then it was peacefully numb.
My eyes opened, all that was to be seen was black. Slowly I could feel the stinging sensation the zombie nails’ clawing had left as color started to creep back into my sight. Fingers touched the side of my face when I heard a man gasp.
“Zombies.” It hurt to talk. Blood trickled down my neck as the world swam into view. “Kill them.” More blood, more pain. Vergil’s concerned gaze flickered across my vision as I attempted to blink the black away. “Vergil. Kill. Zombies. Humans.”
Never had my voice sounded so pathetic. My arms stopped feeling like lead and I slowly raised my arm to my neck. My fingers traced loose flesh as I felt the wound that was leaking. Tears I couldn’t stop slipped down my face as I felt another bite close to the first start to bleed.
“Sintheia, are you okay?” Vergil’s blue eyes shone like he was going to cry. “Jesus, what the hell happened?”
Vergil began to fade from my vision, in his place kneeling towards me. “Sintheia.” He growled. “Take them to me. It’s time.”
More tears fell in a rapid succession. “I understand Master.”
He smirked and walked away, bringing flickers of reality to me. The reality of me laying on concert bleeding with Vergil beside me asking me if I’m okay.
Dante stood just a few feet from us . Blood dripped down his arm. Just like it would if I took them to their father.
Who are you to refuse my orders? You are nothing but a puppet that I control. Don’t forget it. His voice snarled in my mind.
That’s right, Sintheia. You’re just a puppet. I bitterly whispered to myself. Nothing but a puppet.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 Next »

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