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Devil May Cry Backstory

Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.  « Hide author's note
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Vergil and Dante stayed over; I made them sleep in the living room. When I woke up, I heard them bickering somewhere in my house.
Shutting my door behind me, I walked into the living room thinking that’s where they were. Not finding them in there or the kitchen, I walked to the arsenal. There they were fighting over who got the best set of hand blades.
“Uh, guys, I get the best set. After all, this is my house.”
Vergil nodded but Dante frowned at me. “But, all I have is one sword and hand guns.”
“There’s the key word; guns. As in more than one. I haven’t even picked out what I was going to use yet.”
Vergil wasn’t paying attention to us; he was looking at the hand blade. He picked one up and tried it out on his hand. “I don’t know why we are fighting over weapons, all which are here are in pretty good shape.”
I took the set out of Dante’s hands and walked towards Vergil, “Since you’re so wise, these are yours.”
No matter how much he tried to hide his surprise, I saw it flicker in his eyes. He took the set from me and smiled, “Thanks.”
I nodded and moved to one side of the room, “After this, we need to get moving. My contacts are always busy. We’ll be lucky if we can get ten minutes with her.
Vergil pulled down a sword and looked at me in awe, “This is a twin blade, there’s only two sets left in the world.”
I shrugged at him, “It was a gift from the royal family in England. The other one is with one of my contacts. She knows that if I ask for it to give it to me.”
“I see.” Vergil held it up as if he wanted to use it but was afraid to ask me.
“Take it.”
He nodded and put it in its sheath. After he had it strapped to his side, he looked for more.
Dante walked beside me and picked up a gun. I nodded to him, “Yesterday, she told us that we didn’t have to ask.”
I nodded again, “Meet me in the living room when you’re done.” Both men nodded and got down to work. I picked up three guns, magazines, five blades and one sword.
I left the room and walked into the living room. Sitting on the couch, I noticed a book sitting on my coffee table. It was marked with chunks of paper.
Picking it up, I walked into the kitchen to pack some food. It took a while to get to my contact’s meeting place. I put the book in my snakeskin purse and went back into the living room. There were the boys ready to go. I nodded at the door and left.
Vergil looked at me, “You aren’t going to lock that?”
I shrugged and smirked, “I have cameras, any one comes in, I can track them down. Besides, I locked the arsenal. No one’s that dumb to try to steal from me. They know I have demon friends that wouldn’t be afraid to kill them if they stole from me.”
He nodded, “That seems like a good reason not to piss you off.”
I laughed at him and unlocked my car. “I have rules for this car, no one is shot gun, that’s for my gun. If you want to listen to the radio, you listen to what I put on. Finally, there is no eating at all. I’ll allow you to drink something, but no beer. Understand?”
Both nodded at me and we got in the car.

We were in the car for about an hour until we reached our destination. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Sintheia’s contact was at a strip joint. Shaking my head, I looked at her and frowned, “Is this really where your contact is?”
She nodded and walked in the joint. Vergil shrugged at me and followed her. That’s when I noticed something had changed in Vergil; he hasn’t been mean to me all day. It just wasn’t right. He was always rubbing in my face that he was younger and stronger.
What has happened? Did he fall for Sintheia? Why would he? He’s colder than the snow. Sintheia doesn’t love me, so maybe. . .
I shook my head and walked into the joint. Sintheia and Vergil were waiting for me at the door.
“Did you have a conversation with a pigeon?” Vergil asked me with a laugh.
So much for Vergil being nice to me.
Sintheia rolled her eyes at me and turned away. “My contact’s in the dressing room.”
“Who is your contact any way?”
She smiled. “You’ll see.”
As we worked our way to the dressing room, I couldn’t help but to look around, the people here looked like they were, dead. I thought one of them was growling at me. “Vergil, these people don’t look right. I think that they’re zombies.”
Sintheia nodded at one and opened a door. Inside a woman was sitting on a bed with a shotgun in her hand. The girl had long blonde hair and gray eyes. She smiled at us and rose from the bed. She put the gun on the bed, “Sintheia, I haven’t seen you in almost a month, I was beginning to think that you fell off the face of the Earth!”
Sintheia laughed, “Oh. I’m sorry! I’ve really busy here lately.” She nodded to Vergil and me, “Dare Lynn I want you to meet a couple of my friends, Dante and Vergil.”
Dare Lynn smiled at us, “Nice to meet you.” She walked to the mirror and began to put on makeup.
Sintheia cleared her throat, “Do you know of anyone that could create a man-made Beowolf?”
Dare Lynn looked at her in surprise, “The only person I can think of would be Christian, but he’s gone now.”
Sintheia nodded at her, “I see.”
Suddenly there was a flash of black light. Sintheia was holding a knife and Dare Lynn was transforming. Sintheia pushed her up against the wall and slammed the knife into the woman’s throat. Blood was dripping from her hands. Dare Lynn was coughing and pulling at Sintheia’s hand. She turned back into her human form. Sintheia murmured something in her ear before she twisted the knife as hard as she could. She released the knife and turned to me.
“We need to get ready. Did you notice the people out there; she turned them all into zombies. How she did it, I have no clue. It really is a shame, she was a good demon.”
Vergil cleared his throat, “I think the zombies felt you kill their master.”
There was multiple bangs on the door. The smell of Dare Lynn’s blood was starting to make me sick. Vergil had already pulled out the twin sword that Sintheia had given him. Sintheia picked up the shotgun off Dare Lynn’s bed. Finally, I pulled out my Ebony and Ivory. Sintheia aimed the shotgun right at the door. When she pulled the trigger, blood splattered from the outside in, she had hit one of the zombies right in the eye.
Vergil gave out a mighty battle cry and rushed out the gaping hole where the door was seconds ago. He slashed through five zombies before I even was able to pull the triggers. Sintheia followed suit and rushed forward shooting the shotgun. I moved swiftly shooting as fast as I could.
I noticed that Sintheia’s back was again bleeding and she was slowing. A scream escaped her lips and those strange wings ripped from her skin. Not only had she shed a new layer of blood onto the walls but she had caught the attention of everyone, including Vergil.
“Fallen Angel.” A zombie moaned and lumbered toward her.
She stared at the zombie for a split second before she shot it in the face.
“Run to the door! There’s too many of them!” Vergil called to us.
Sintheia nodded and grabbed my wrist, “Hurry, Dante, they’ll kill us.”
We ran as fast as we could to the door. Once outside I rushed to the car, “Hurry, let’s go!” Turning back, I noticed that people were staring at the door. “What the f***?”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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