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Devil May Cry Backstory

Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.  « Hide author's note
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I knew Sintheia was a demon just by the way her name was spelled. However, from what I just saw, I now knew to which extent she can go without relying on her demon powers and it’s sure a lot more than Dante can.
What that light was, I still don’t know. The light pulsed colors similar to something that looks like a Demon Trigger. That’s not what really scared me; it was the fact that she drained a demon of not only his blood but also his life. Now she looked normal expect for the blood draining from her eyes.
Sintheia turned away from us and I saw her wings slowly press themselves into her skin.
Fallen Angel. Every time those wings come out, it will cause an injury on her shoulders.
Punishment. Punishment for what?
She turned to look at Dante and me, “What happened? I know I grew wings, but I blacked out. One demon cut across my shoulders. At lest, I think it was a demon. I couldn’t really tell I was busy trying not to scream at the blood.”
“Yeah, Dante will know more, I only got here when you woke up and grew wings. Did you know you were at least part demon?”
She sighed, “I don’t know who my father is. My mom always said that he was damned to hell, so I guess it would make sense then.”
Dante cleared his throat, “Some one should look at your back. Where the wings are can seriously do some damage if this starts to happen a lot.”
Sintheia glared at him, “You think I knew that I could do this? For twenty-two years now, I considered myself a human. Now you come here and I’m a demon. How do you think this is making me feel?”
Even from where I was stood, I could hear Dante’s stomach growl. “Hey, Sintheia, I think He’s hungry. What do we do-”
“He can go get pizza.” Sintheia snarled. She turned towards Dante, “Get my purse. Knowing you, your tab hasn’t been paid for a year.”
Dante frowned, “it’s only been six months since I paid for it. But, I make it up by hunting down demons for the owner.”
I snickered.
Dante turned to me, “Why doesn’t Vergil pay for this round?”
“Because Vergil’s not hungry.” I snapped at him.
“Oh that’s total bull s*** and you know it. You just like to act like a demon, but guess what dude, we’re part human.”
Sintheia laughed, “Boys, boys, you’re both pretty. Alright Dante, where’s my purse?”
He turned and walked into the kitchen, “It’s gone.”
Sintheia rolled her eyes, “Really, Dante. This is just sad.”
She followed Dante into the kitchen.
While they were in the kitchen, I walked around her living room getting a good feel for the place. I stopped in front of a double bookcase and browsed the titles. She owned many books on demons and how to defeat them. I stopped when I saw a book on half bloods.
Picking it up, I flipped through the pages. It was all about how we were conceived and the growth cycle. If she were full demon, having an offspring with any demon would cause a half-blood. Maybe she was just looking up information before hand. I stopped on a page that was marked with a post-it note. The note read; Dante. . .
I read on and noticed that the page was on the how to kill a half-blood.
Dread filled my stomach, she knew about Dante and me. And here I was hoping that she didn’t know about us being half bloods.
What am I going to do? Dante loves her, but she wants him dead. It doesn’t make any sense.
Sintheia poked her head out the door, “Hey, Vergil, you sure you aren’t hungry. Dante ordered a large pizza; there’ll be plenty for all.”
I smiled and shook my head no. “I’m not hungry right now, but I might have some later.”
She nodded and walked back into the kitchen.
She was drug Dante with her into the living room. Dante grinned at me before flopping on the couch. “Man, what a night. We found a new demon. Vergil used a gun and Sintheia is going to help us find the weird demon.”
I nodded in agreement, “Yes, what a night.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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