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Devil May Cry Backstory

Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.  « Hide author's note
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Fallen Angel's Awakening


When I left the arsenal, I felt the same pinprick of pain on my neck. Reaching to touch my neck, I felt a spine of a feather stuck in my skin.
Fallen Angels.
I ran to the living room hoping that Dante and Vergil could fend for themselves.
Once in the living room, my bare feet squished into something wet. Looking down, all I saw was blood. The walls, ceiling and floor were soaked with it. A shrill scream formed in my throat. I was able to hold it in until something put its hands around my waist. Even through the screaming, I could hear Dante’s guns going off.
“Hush!” A sickly voice snarled in my ear. “It’s time for you to show your true self.”
Pain flared in my back just underneath my shoulders. I couldn’t keep a grip on reality. I thought I saw on of the boys enter the room but I wasn’t sure. All I hear as my eyes shut were gunshots.
Fight Dante. . .
Vergil had just warned me about the demon when I heard Sintheia scream. I rushed out the door shooting demons as I went. My boots squished into her carpet. I knew something bad had happened.
Once I was in the living room, I almost puked. There was blood on everything. That’s what my boots were in. I saw a crumpled ball of black and knew that was Sintheia. I tried to get closer to her but the damn demons kept ganging up on me.
One jumped onto my back and I heard a faint voice in my head telling me to fight. Sintheia wasn’t moving anymore. I ran forward ignoring the demons. “Vergil!” I screamed for my friend as I leaned down to make sure she was okay. She wasn’t.
Sintheia’s whole back was completely drenched in blood. Just underneath her shoulder blades, there was a cut so deep you could see white. Her bone. I could feel my Demon Trigger taking effect. I‘m starting to go mad. That’s when I heard gunshots. Turning my head, I saw Vergil firing off twin 9 mms. I nodded and looked back to Sintheia. I saw more white now than I had before. Touching her neck as an attempt to find a pulse, I felt feathers under her skin.
Fallen Angel.
Her skin became cold. Slowly her eyes opened. There was no white. The entire eye you could see was filled with blood. She blinked and I realized the blood was inside the eyes. She pushed me away and stood.
Once she was standing she looked across the room, one demon looked her directly in the eyes. She growled like a wolf and moved towards it. Slowly her shirt moved. As it began to rip, I could see more and more of white with red stain on it.
Glorious wings exploded from her back, spraying a new layer of blood onto the walls. Her wings flapped once to rid of excess blood. That’s when the demon she had made eye contact with lunged right at her. When he was about three feet away, she threw up her wing. When the demon collided with it, it screamed and fell on the floor writhing.
Vergil looked at her in surprise but then whistled and threw her one of the 9 mm. Of course, me being a fool, I forgot about the demons that had surrounded me. Quickly, I turned and began to shoot my own handguns. Soon all that was left was the one demon that Sintheia had made eye contact with.
When I turned to face her, her wings had folded back into her skin and she was straddling the demon. Effortlessly, she bit into his neck causing the demon to scream. Her hand moved to clamp over his mouth and she continued to drain his blood.
Soon, the demon stopped its struggle and turned into ash. Once the demon was fully decomposed, she rose and her hands began to shine a pulsing light. The light grew in strength until I couldn’t see anymore. Then it just stopped. All of the blood was gone and Sintheia had blood dripping from her eyes that were back to their normal color. Slowly I began to walk toward her.

When I woke up, Dante was holding me, and demons were everywhere. In the distance, I heard gunshots from Vergil. I was in to much pain to notice him. Everything was in a red haze. I blinked and pushed Dante away and stood. Then I stared at a demon. The pain I had felt earlier came again and I heard a whoosh of wind and tearing of fabric. Something came out of my back.
Fallen Angel. Protect yourself.
After whatever came out of my back appeared, the demon rushed at me. My reflexes kicked in and I covered my face. Another whoosh of wind and in my face were feathers. They were white, but stained with blood.
My blood. My Wings.
The demon hit against the wing and fell to the floor. I heard a whistle from Vergil and looked up in time to see a handgun being thrown to me. I reached up and grabbed it. Once I had the gun cocked, I began to shoot. The one demon I had a run in with was on the carpet screaming in pain. I ignored him and continued to shoot the rest. After ten minutes, all that was left was the one demon.
Drain his blood. An icy voice in my head commanded, Make him feel pain.
I did as the voice commanded and attacked his throat. My teeth bit right past the skin. The demon screamed.
Shut up! The voice snarled.
I clamped my hand over the demon. He ceased his struggling. His blood slowed. I could feel his body die right in my hands. He turned to ash.
I rose and my hands felt like they had been set on fire. After that, all I felt was pure bliss. The pain, the wings, the demons and the blood was all gone. Good.
I’m now a demon.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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