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The Hunger Games: The Untold Story of Peeta Mellark

May 4, 2012
By reviews123789 BRONZE, rye brook, New York
reviews123789 BRONZE, Rye Brook, New York
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ou've all read the Hunger Games, and have probably come to realize, as i did, that while Peeta is a major character there's actually very little written about him, his family, friends, or anything that doesn't directly relate to his relationship with Katniss. This is the untold story of Peeta Mellark, where you get to live the same story but through different eyes. "Ladies first!” Effie says once it’s time for the drawing, as she does every year. She really needs some new material; all of her usual Hunger Games antics are getting pretty old. She crosses the stage to the glass ball housing the names of all of the girls in district twelve, ages 12-18. I, a long with the rest of district 12, hold my breath as she digs her hand into the ball and draws out a slip of paper. Which young girl’s fate will this seal? I silently pray that it’s not a girl I know. What if it’s Janice? Or Attalla? Or Katniss. Effie Trinket trots back to the podium, her ridiculous pink wig bobbing as she goes. She smoothes out the slip of paper, could she do this any more slowly? A name is read. “Primrose Everdeen.”


The Hunger Games: The Untold Story of Peeta Mellark

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