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Falling (an MCR fanfic

May 2, 2012
By WeAreDisenchanted, Tomball, Texas
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WeAreDisenchanted, Tomball, Texas
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“So many people treat you like you're a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the hotel window.” - Gerard Way

I was falling. I couldn’t stop. All I knew was darkness. Someone help me.
Nowhere to go but down, the icy black engulfing every inch of my skin, pulling me down, down until I hit the bottom. Slamming me down on the hard brick floor...
Screaming, I sat up wiping the cold sweat off my face. "Are you alright Scar?" my mother said as she came running in. "Yes mother" I replied breathing hard. "What was it ?, what happened?" My mother asked with a concerned look etched on her face. "It was nothing." I couldn't tell her that the surgery hadn't worked, that I was still having my repeating dreams. I couldn't give her another reason to hate me.
Looking down at the clock I saw I was going to be late "Oh f***!" I exclaimed jumping out of bed and throwing open my wardrobe. Pulling out a pair of black jeans and a long sleeve black shirt I threw them on and looked at myself in the mirror my grey-blue eyes staring at me back. I hated how I looked, it reminded me too much of my sister. I had the same straight hair, the same small nose, the same pronounced cheek bones.
My parents had absolutely adored my sister. They constantly reminded me of how I was the copy cat, the failure in their eyes. When my sister had died my parents fell apart. My father took up drinking and my mom just laid around the house holding my sister's picture and crying. I had loved my sister when she was alive, she was my best friend actually. She was always there for me when I got into fights at school or fights with my parents. But now she's gone. Its been three years since the day she was murdered. Me and her had been walking home from school together, me telling her about my latest fight at school. That's when the man, draped in black and wearing one of those scream masks, had crept up behind her and slit her throat. All I could do was stand there watching him. I couldn't move, couldn't scream for help. He didn't even notice me, he carefully cut a joker like smile , and X's over her eyelids, the blood pooling everywhere...
"Scarlett, you have five minutes!" My mom yelled, pulling me back from my flashback. Shaking my head I grabbed my favorite plain black hoodie and my backpack. I stopped at my door looking at the picture of my sister and I, hanging in a small frame and small tear slipped down my face. I wiped it away and ran out the door to the bus.

Approaching the bus I knew this year was going to be hell, getting on the bus I realized that finding a seat was going to be a lot harder then expected. There were only two seats not taken and there's no way in hell I was going to sit in either of them. One of them was by the queen bitch Emma, and the other was by some random girl who I think was probably new. Trying not to fall over the backpacks in the isle I decided the seat next to the mystery girl was my best bet. Before I had made it back to the seat Emma stopped me. "Aw, look, the emo asshole is back everyone!" She grabbed my arm and slid up my sleeve exposing the various cut's on my arm. "Sweetie, what did I tell you about self harming? It's BAD" She mocked with an evil look on her hideous face. As if showing my cuts to everyone wasn't enough she pushed me on to the isle knocking the air out of me. Everyone laughed, some didn't, they had pity in their eyes. The one look I couldn't stand. I had had it, this bitch was going to pay . Grabbing her curly blonde hair I twisted it making her face me. With my other hand I grabbed my razor out of my pocket pressing it to her cheek pressing just hard enough to spill a couple drops of blood. "What the f are you doing?!" She screamed, scared. "Don't worry, razors are friends" Letting out an insane laugh I pressed the razor harder against her tan face smiling as her blood trickled out of the cut. I pressed harder enjoying the look on her face enjoying the fact she was getting what she deserved. "You emo f, LET GO OF ME!" She screamed, thrashing making the cut deeper and more blood spill out. I untangled my hand from her hair and let her go, pushing her to the floor. She stood up, fixed her hair and wiped the blood from her face. I sat down next to the mystery girl, extremely pleased with what I had done. I felt eyes on the back of my head and a small tap on my shoulder; I ignored it thinking I was hallucinating or something. Then it came again, and again. Becoming extremely annoyed I turned around almost smacking my face into the smiling face of a girl dressed in all black. She had teal hair with black tips, and white streaks in her bangs. "HI! I'm Amber!" She said sticking her hand out. I took it lightly shaking it and replied "Uh...Hi, I'm Scarlett." She took back her hand her smiling growing wider. "That's a cool name!" She said laughing, "Anyway, what you did to Emma was amazing, I've always wanted someone to do that to her. I'd have never had the guts to do it though." I laughed at that saying "I just got tired of her calling me a bitch and pushing everyone around." We talked the rest of the ride about what bands we liked, just getting to know each other basically. When we got to school we went our separate ways and I looked down at my schedule trying to figure out where my first period class was. Wandering the halls I bumped into someone and my stuff scattered everywhere. Without even looking up I yelled "asshole!" and started picking up all my things. i heard the person mumble "sorry" under their breath so i looked up to apologize. The first thing that caught my eyes was his hair. It was a wavy and black and went down to below his chin. I hurried up and grabbed all my things not being able to look at any more of him. I mumbled thanks and ran into my class.

I walked into my first class breathing heavily, who was that guy?! Trying to shake the thought out of my head I saw Amber from the bus sitting near the back. Noticing me she waved a little bit then pointed towards the empty seat next to her. I smiled back and walked to the back of the room throwing all my stuff on the desk and slumped down in the chair. "Whoa what happened to you?" She asked laughing at my messed up hair and bright red face. "Some asshole knocked me down and I had to-" I cut off seeing the guy that bumped into me in the hall. He had this class?! My jaw dropped to the floor.
"Scarlett?...Oh!" She burst into laughter. "That's Gerard, he's down right sexy huh?" I nodded speechless. "Yeah...Too bad he doesn't really talk to anyone; I bet his voice is sexy too." I nodded again and kept staring. His hair framed his pale sexy face, his hazel eyes made even more noticeable from the eyeliner smeared around them. I guess he noticed I was staring at him because he looked towards my direction and flashed a smile. I smiled back feeling my face get red and hot.
After class I grabbed my stuff and rushed out trying not to have another run in with Gerard. I was walking down the hall trying to find my art class when I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I turned around completely startled. It was Gerard. "Hey," He said flashing that smile again. "Your name's Scarlett right?" I nodded and shook his hand. "Need help finding something?" He asked pointing at the schedule in my hand. "Uh...yeah, do you know where classroom 320, art, is?" He smiled again and grabbed my wrist lightly. "Yeah, that's where I'm going actually." Great, another class with the infamous, sexy, Gerard.
Still holding my arm he guided me to art and steered me all the way to the back of the class pointing to a seat next to him. I took it and smiled, he was really nice. As class started my eyes immediately looked over to what he was drawing and I gasped. It was me. He looked up at me a huge smile on his face. "You’re blushing..." He said putting his hand on my cheek. Uh, yeah i'm blushing, you freaking drew me and we just met! "Sorry," he said looking down at his drawing "You’re just so beautiful, I had to see if I could draw you. I know it's probably weird" He laughed and looked at me again the bell ringing before he could say something else. "Well bye Scarlett, see you at lunch! And who knows, maybe we'll have another class!" He said, winking. I looked over and noticed he left his drawing of me. "Gerard! You forgot your drawing!" I yelled after him. "Keep it!" He said, smiling bigger then I’ve seen him yet. I smiled looking down at the drawing. He was really good....

The next two classes flew by and all I could think about was Gerard. As soon as the lunch bell rang, I sped down the hallway so I could hurry and grab a seat. I entered the cafeteria but he was nowhere to be found. I eventually gave up looking and took an empty seat at the end of a table. I heard someone sit down across from me and looked up. He had blond hair that was shaved down on the sides and long black fringe over one eye. "Hey are you Scarlett?" he asked. "Yeah, who might you be?" I asked. "I'm Frank, Frank Iero." he said. "Cool name" I said eyeballing his hair. He caught me staring and said "You like?" then started flipping his hair like girl. "So anyway, the reason i came over here is 'cause my friend Gerard over there told me to ask you to sit with us." he said, pointing to a group of guys sitting outside. Without giving me a chance to respond, he grabbed my wrist and led me outside to a table, where i saw Gerard sitting with two others. As we approached the table Gerard gave me a small smile and waved, I waved back happy to see him again.
"Hey Scarlett" he said quietly. "Hey Gerard" I said, sitting down across from him. "Wait, you two already know each other?" Frank asked. " Yeah, he bumped into me in the hallway, and I have him in my first two classes." I said. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry about knocking your stuff down. " said Gerard laughing lightly. I smiled and laughed back "It's alright, It's not like I was in a hurry to get to class or anything." Laughing again he replied "From what it looked like you were." I stuck my tounge out at him a little making Frank and Mikey crack up. "Wow, you got guts girl for sticking your tounge out at the all mighty king Gerard" Mikey said doing a fake bow towards Gerard. Gerard smacked his arm making Mikey fall out of his seat and pretend to fake cry. These guys were weird...but it somehow felt nice...right, to be friends with them. I smiled at the thought and ate my sandwhich, or at least I tried to, the guys kept being stupid which in turn made me spit out my sandwhich when I burst out laughing.
When the bell rang to singnal it was time to go to our next classes I was kind of sad to leave the guys, they were super funny and kind of pycotic, but I loved it. I sucked it up though, picking up my things I threw my backpack over my shoulder and put my ipod ear bud back into my ear. Walking off I felt a strong arm around my waist begging me to stop. I turned around to be greeted with Gerard's blushing face. I blushed back noticing his hands were still resting on my waist. I cleared my throat and he laughed letting go of my waist. "Sorry," He apologized, "I just wanted to ask you something..." At that moment he looked like a cute little kid swinging his arms around and messing with his black hair infront of his face. "Well, spit it out Gerard" I said laughing and blushing wondering what he wanted to ask. "Well...Can I take you out?" I blushed, take me out? "S-sorry," He stammered "I've never asked a girl out and I guess i'm new at it... although, I promise it'll be a lot of fun!" He added quickly, winking. "Will there be ice cream?" I asked, punching his arm lightly. "Well there can be if you want!" He chuckled punching my arm back. "Alright, then it's a date" I said, walking away. I sat down in my next class and then it hit me. I was going on a date...with Gerard.

I ran around my room trying to find out what to wear and how to wear my hair. Should I wear it up or down? And Gerard had told me to dress casual, casual like sloppy clothes or nice shirt and nice jeans?! I threw open my wardrobe picking out my nicest pair of black skinnies and my favorite black t-shirt. I grabbed my dark red tie from my desk and tied it around my neck. Then running over to my mirror I quickly put on my eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Looking down at my watch I saw that it was almost time for Gerard to pick me up. I grabbed my bag and some cash, just in case.
Just as I was walking down the stairs I heard a small knock on the door. Wow, great timing I thought. I opened the door and my jaw dropped. Me and Gerard were wearing almost the exact same thing. I looked him up and down, laughing. He had black jeans a black button up shirt and a dark red tie. Just like me. "I thought you said to dress casually?" I questioned. “what, you don’t like it? I thought you would, seeing as your wearing almost the exact same thing as me." He said waggling his eyebrows at me. "Hey, you stole this look from ME." I said, laughing and sticking my tongue out at him. "Sorry," He said, smiling "It looked so good on you I thought i'd try it." I blushed then grabbed his hand pulling him to his car. "C’mon, let's get this date started. Unless you wanna stand on my porch all night?" "Hey, if I were with you, I'd stand anywhere all night." I laughed, blushing more.
He was so sweet. We drove for what seemed forever. Winding down back roads and through various neighborhoods, Gerard's hand placed lightly on my thigh. "Were here" Gerard said. I looked out the window to see a massive wrought iron fence. "Were we?" I asked and looked out the window to were Gerard was pointing. "The Vineyards" I said, reading the sign, “Sounds Cool". We pulled into the gate, and I saw a small dirt road that led to a small secluded garden. We parked the car right inside the gate, got out, and went inside. “Close your eyes, okay?” Gerard said. I closed my eyes and felt him grab my waist and my shoulders and lead me inside. I felt him remove his hand from my waist, so I asked “Can I look yet?” “You sure can” he said, smiling. I opened my eyes and gasped at the sheer beauty of the place. There was lush green grass everywhere and a stone path leading from were we were standing, to a giant weeping willow tree whose branches formed a canopy of leaves thick enough to protect you from even a massive rainstorm. Towards the outer fence, there were lines and lines of rosebushes that had flowers the color of rubies. It was really a sight to behold."Whatcha think?" asked Gerard, a smile on his face. "It’s amazing. Absolutely perfect." i said as a tear formed in my eye. "Well come on then" Gerard said leading me to a shaded area under the tree.

It was late when Gerard pulled his car into my drive way. He took the key out o f the ignition and smiled. "Were here.” he said undoing his seat belt. I smiled. We got out of the car and made our way up to the front door. "Scarlett", he said grabbing my hand lightly, “I had a great time with you tonight". "Me too. Thank you for everything Gee." I said. The past few hours had been amazing. We had a picnic at the vineyard place, and then afterwards Gerard had taken me to see a movie. "Scarlett?" He asked, I looked up to see Gerard looking at me with longing eyes. He moved closer and closer to me and soon we were nose to nose. "I love you." A small tear ran down my cheek as I closed the remaining space between our lips. It was a magical feeling. My whole body went tingly and it was as if we were the only two people in the world. I pulled away first and looked at him, blushing slightly. "I love you too" I said. Just then, the door flew open and my dad stood there looking super-pissed off, and drunk. "Scarlett, Get in the house NOW!" he said, stumbling over his words. I quickly pulled out of Gerard's embrace and ran past my dad into the house. "And who might this emo fag be?" he asked giving Gerard a death glare. "Im Gera-" he said but was cut off by my dad. "If I EVER see you on my f*ing property again, i will beat the living shit out of you, you emo" my dad spat at a frightened wide-eyed Gerard. "Bye Scarlett, see you tomorrow" Gerard squeaked, and practically bolted to his car. My dad slammed the door and turned to face me. "And as for you, bitch" he said " If i ever see you with him again, i SWEAR i will kill you!" he said then proceeded to slap me across the face. Hard. I was used to this so i wasn't surprised when no tears came.To my dad crying is an act of weakness, but not crying is like an act of defiance. "Oh was that not hard enough for you?" he said in a mock sad tone then slapped me again, about twice as hard. I winced in pain. "Now get the f up you lazy ass, and make me dinner!" he screamed. When he was finally gone, I scrambled to my feet and ran upstairs and into my room, locking the door. I grabbed my backpack emptying all of the school supplies, and filled it with as many clothes as it could fit. then i grabbed a large duffel bag and filled it with shoes, socks, underwear, flat iron, makeup, my Ipod ect.. I grabbed both bags and ran downstairs to find my dad passed out on the couch, a beer can on his chest. Damn he was such a freaking slob i thought to myself. I approached him and slapped him multiple times upside his head. Because of his drunken state, he did not stir. I smiled to myself and ran out of the door, slamming it as I went. "Were to go? Were to go?" I said to myself. I kept walking until I came to a park. It was still light outside, so I decided it was safe to sit and take a rest. I sat down on the bench, set my bags down beside me and looked around. Maybe what my dad said about me all those times was true? No, I thought to myself, he was drunk all those times. He couldn't have meant what he said to me, I was his daughter. I put my head in my hands, and sobbed for several minutes. It felt so good to finally release all the tears. I heard the crunch of leaves and I looked up. A tall figure dressed in all back stood in there, looking down at me. "Scarlett?" the figure said, stepping into thr light. I wiped away my tears, to see Gerard's sweet, loving face looking down at me... Chapter Seven___________________________________________________________________________________ "Scarlett?" Gerard repeated, as he sat down on the bench beside me. "Hi Gee" I said, wiping away a few stray tears. "What brings you here so late?" he asked, a hint of worry thread into his voice. "Oh you know, just thought I'd sit here..on a bench at-" I looked down at my watch "One a.m..But I should be asking the same of you." I questioned. "Well..I was..Uh...Going to starbucks!" He made up, "No, truthfully when I saw your father yell at you I sat outside your house in my car to make sure you were OK, then followed you here...I'm sorry Scarlett, I must sound like such a creeper.." I nodded no and stared out at the swing set, the wind was pretty strong which made the swings move back and forth as if a ghost was swinging on them. After a few minutes of silence Gee took my hand is his and let me lay his head on his shoulder. "Cmon Scarlett, I'm gonna take you home." I looked up at him frozen in fear. "Your taking me home? To that asshole of a father?!" "N-no Scar, I'm taking you to my home, well, mine and the boys. You can live with us." He said beaming. I nodded and allowed him to pull me from the bench and pull me along towards his car. Climbing into the car it was silent. "Scarlett, you know I love you right? If you don't want to live with us..." "Not its not that at all Gee!" I said a little to quickly. "It's just...Never mind it's stupid." He looked at me questioningly his beautiful eyes bore into me. "Fine!! I want Mr. Flopalopagus.." "Mr. Flopalopagus?" Gee asked, "Yeah, my stuffed rabbit, i forgot to pack him in the hurry." Gee laughed and placed his hand on top of mine. "Ok Scar, we'll go back tomorrow and get it alright?" I nodded smiling up at him. Mr. Flopalopagus isn't the only reason we need to go back...I forgot underwear, I just didn't wanna tell Gee that. When we finally pulled up to his house it was four in the morning. He took my bag from me and raced up to the front door of the huge house. I stopped before going in taking the whole place in. It was a huge white brick house with class walls almost everywhere. I smiled, I had a feeling I was going to like it here. Walking through the huge glass door Gee, so kindly, held open for me my jaw dropped. It was more amazing inside! There family room- I think- Had three HUGE flat screen t.v.s and bright red leather couches. On the smallest of the three red couches there was a small figure bunched up in a ball. I pointed out the figure to Gee and I saw him hold in laughter as he mouthed "Its Mikey, don't wake him up" I nodded and proceeded to tip-toe after Gee. I followed him up a pitch black grand stair case up to a door that was painted bright red like the couches down stairs. He pushed the door open and motioned for me to follow him. "And Scar, this'll be your room! It's the guest room, but people never stay over so it'll be yours." I looked around awe-struck at the room. A king size bed with a zebra print comforter was squished into the side of the room while there was a small black dresser with a huge t.v. resting on top. Various black and white photos of flowers and other things were hung on the walls, but that wasn't what I was focused on, at the back of the room where gigantic windows that were partially covered by red curtains. I gasped as soon as I saw it and I heard Gee whisper- "You like it?" I looked at him, saw his smile, and then ran up to him and jumped into his arms and started crying. "Thank you so much Gee, you don't have to let me stay here if you don't want me too though.." Pulling away from me Gee pressed his lips against mine. He deepened the kiss as I slid my hands up his back and tangled them into his long black hair. His hands rested on my hips, but he soon gained confidence and slid up my sides; he placed one of his hands on my breast. I nibbled his tongue loving how he felt. "WOO! GEE GET SOME!" I heard a voice yell. Gerard pulled away from me in record time his hand still resting on its place on my breast. I felt my face turn pink as I stared at all the guys standing in the doorway of the- my- room. Gee moved his hand and I had a small sad moment, I already missed his warmth so close to me. I looked over at Gee and saw he was also blushing. Damn he was cute. "Guys, look it's not what you think.." Gee stammered out. "Me and Scar were just-" "GETTIN SOME?!" Frank yelled out and then proceeded to jump on Gee. "F Gee, how'd you get so lucky to get with someone like her?!" Mikey asked pointing at me. Usually I'd be pissed that they were referring to me so vulgar, but instead I laughed. I was really going to like it here in Gee's house.

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Nice meme.

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"You got killed. *explody sounds* Chuncks of s*** flying outta you." - Gerard

Oh...my...gosh! I'm toatally in love with MCR and this fanfic!!!!!

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OMG this is so good!!! love it!!

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