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The Danger game

Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3
Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3  « Hide author's note
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Janes Problem

“Spill NOW” She repeated again when I was silent.
“Chloe. It’s my first day at a new school I almost never see my parents can you cut me a little slack? At least this week?” She didn’t look to happy but she dropped it.

We walked out of the washroom and she begin to show me around. I didn’t really pay attention because I already knew where everything was. I just exchanged Phone numbers with her afterwards and carried on with my un-event full day. That is of course untill the final bell rang and Chloe caught up with me as I scanned the crowd for Derek. Typically I found him, leaning on his car. But what surprised me was a) he didn’t have a gun on him (probably in his car) b) I could see his wallet in his pocket (it had his FBI I.D. card in it) mine was safe in my pocket. And c) He was leaning on a 2011 Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera (A Lamborghini!!)
I took a deep breath. I was suddenly glad I DIDN’T have my gun (jk) half the school was stopped to look at the car and I squeezed through the crowd.
“Excuse me!” I said to the kid in front of me. I was ignored. Great this day was better and better. Chloe looked at me
“Umm its just a car why are we pushing to the front?”
“If it was only just a car.” I sighed.
I pushed some kid out of the way.
“HEY! “He yelled” “watch out I’m trying to look at this car!” OMG I was gonna scream! That’s it!
“You know what!? You should watch out cuz’ you know what I’m trying to do? Get to MY car!”
URG I stormed past the kid who was going into shock. Or course Chloe was right behind me.
“OMG This is your car!?”
“Umm ya. Which reminds me. We have to have a little talk” I said glaring at Morgan.
“Wow… um Britt. Chill-ax.”
“Cuz we all know that’s gonna happen soon.” I said.
Chloe grabbed my arm and spun me around. Looking at Derek.
“Sooo. Is this your older brother or this Mystery Derek Morgan guy?”
“Wow! You haven’t even gone here a day. Heck I don’t even go here and im famous in a day? I’m Derek Morgan.”
“Hummmm” She said studying him. “So. What’s the scoop on you to?” She said
“Ummm” I said looking at Morgan. “We… have an interesting relationship. I said hopping into the front seat as we drove away I Grabbed the guns from the glove box and an FBI hat.”
“My Phone just got about 400 texts. I just HAD to give my phone number to half the school.” I said complaining to Morgan.
“You’re the smart one there.” HE said laughing.
“Oh umm you told me to become friends with her...so she’s picking me up tomorrow from school” I said. “So I cant go on some raid or what ever. Do you know how much I’ll be crying if you guys go on some raid and I have to miss it?”
He laughed at me.
“Thaaaanks. Morgan. By the way.. WHY DID YOU GO BUY A LAMBORGHINI!!!”
“Well were millionaires’, and were in New York… I had to fit in… besides a) were car fanatics and b) It’s a Lamborghini!. Ok so. FBI related. Were meeting the team at the park ok?” He handed me a light blue FBI shirt and I tugged it over my Bench T-shirt. We pulled up to the Park and Morgan pulled on his shirt I handed HIM his hat from the floor where he dropped it. I put mine on lopsided and with the brim of the baseball cap over my ear.
“Close your eyes” I said
“What!? No your gonna like kill me! You even have a gun!” I stuck out my tounge and he closed his eyes. I took his hat from his heat and put it on like me, I changed mine so the brim was in the back.
“Stay there and DON’T MOVE!” as I jumped out the door and ran around to his door pulled open the door grabbed his hand and pulled him out. “DON’T even think of touching the hat.” I warned him.
“Oh ya you owe me a piggy back from the Colorado Case. PAY UP.” I said.
“FINE!” He said letting me jump on his back.
All of a sudden a shot rang out. The whole park dropped, except Morgan, Boss, Alex and JJ.
“I jumped off Morgans back and had my gun out and loaded in a flash. I Dropped down to see if someone was on the other side of the car. I looked at Morgan and slowly circled the back of his car while he circled the front.
“CLEAR” I heard Morgan yell. I finished circling the car. Nothing.
“CLEAR” I called. All of a sudden I saw a guy in the crowd. Standing up with someone in a headlock. The rest of the team was in front and he was facing away and didn’t know Morgan and I were here. Everyone by this point ha crawled away and was hiding and watching. I had a shot but untill Boss gave the signal I couldn’t shoot.
“Just let her go. We can deal with this rationally—“
Boss looked at me and nodded. I pressed the trigger.
BANG! There were screams from the crowd the team and we all ran forward at the same time the woman who he had turned around crying and found me.
“Where you the one who shot him?”
I nodded
“Thanks you so much” She said hugging me.
I looked at Morgan over her sholder. JJ was coming to talked to her. She suddenly froze.
“Wait a minute” by this point we were right beside the reporters. “How are you here?” She asked me.
“I’m a FBI Agent.” I said slowly slightly confused.
“No I mean why is your mother letting you do this.”
“She spun around and looked at Morgan.
“Why is she her her mother would not agree. If she is there must be a major problem.”
I froze.
“Jane. My car.” Morgan said over the ear piece I had in my ear.
I walked over to his car. And sat In the seat. He opened his door and sat down.
“Yo” I said.
“Nice shot” Ya I guess. I said looking at my watch. 5:30 PM.
“Cant we not talk about this right now? Can we just like… go out for pizza?” I asked
“Well lets go ask”
I jumped out of the car, and walked over with Morgan. Jane and I are going out for pizza. He walked up to boss and whispered something to him. Boss nodded.
“Yep… you two go we have some stuff to finish up here.”

We pulled up to the house- actually house is a understatement. More like mansion. And the pizza guy was waiting at the door.
“That was fast” I commented.
“It’s been 20 minutes Jane!” Derek laughed
I walked in the house while Morgan paid for the pizza. I walked into the theatre room and popped in the Blue-Ray: Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part 2.
Morgan walked in the door holding the pizza.
“Wow. I haven’t been here in so long I forgot how big a 160 inch 3-D TV with blue ray is.”
We took turns picking movies and we both slowly fell asleep. I woke up with a start. I looked at my watch 8:55AM School started at 5 I ran out the door and ran back in the door for Morgan to drive me. I threw a jacket on and Morgan met me in the car. I was still half asleep. I brushed my hair in the car and ate my breakfast It was a wordless car ride. I arrived at school. And got into homeroom right before the bell rang I had a biiiig yawn the I took my jacket off.
“Whoa Brittney!” Chloe came up to me.
“What!?” I said rubbing my eyes.
“Did I shatter it again!?” I said looking at my iPhone Suddenly wide awake.
“My iPhones FINE just I’m really tired right now leave me alone no offence.” I said suddenly really cold so I put my jacket on and kept it on all day. Once I finished lunch I had News class… It was pretty much the easiest class in the world. You sat around and watched news or stuff like E.T so you learned what was going on. I stumbled in (still tired from this morning) and sat down. The teacher Mr. Evens turned on the New York News channel I was really hot so I unzipped my jacket. I sat bolt upright, as the news Started.
“As we all know local by Jonah went missing from a local park the other day. Police went so far even to bring in Fedral Agents… FBI. One thing really puzzling the world right now is the youngest member of the team on this case.” The news anchor said as I buried my head in my hand. I pulled out my phone.
To: Derek Morgan
Last night’s all over the news and… I might have accidently worn a FBI shirt to school. Come get me NOW EMERGENCY.

I hit the send button as a huge picture of my face filled the screen. Morgan must not have been far away because I heard all the teams cars come with sirens going. The T.V froze… typically on the photo of my face. I heard footsteps in the hall. Me along with most of the class turned around in our seats, to see Boss, JJ, Alex and the famous Derek Morgan.
I stood up and walked over to them as it dawned on the class what and who I was. Chloe walked up to me… or attempted but couldn’t reach me because the team made a human barricade.
The class was ordered out in the hall. And the team and I rewound the news cast.

“As we all know local boy Jonah went missing from a local park the other day. Police went so far even to bring in Federal Agents… FBI. One thing really puzzling the world right now is the youngest member of the team on this case.” Once again my picture flashed on the screen. “The young girl you see here is the youngest member of the FBI team. She goes as 12 year old Brittney Johnson, who goes to York Prep recently transferred there from California and claims to be younger sister to team member Derek Morgan. Johnson also claims her parents both work and live overseas leaving her care to Derek Morgan. While we don’t know if this I.D of her Is true we do know she has a good shot. Last night fellow Reporter, Jacqueline Reid from the very own New york city News went to the park where Jonah went missing. While there this 12 year old girl and team agent Morgan showed up in this flashy new Lamborghini also reported at the school, News crews got curious and showed up to dig a little deeper. While at the park Jacqueline was held at gun point while her captor was shot by an FBI team but not just any. The one and only Brittney Johnson, She was also caught leaving this 3 million dollar mansion with again fellow agent Morgan this morning wearing this FBI shirt also showing up to school in it. We will continue to update you as soon as we have any new news.” Morgan clicked the off button.
“Well this is great” Morgan said.
“No offence Jane but maybe we could ‘arrest’ you for faking all this stuff for popularity and fame, and see if that works also leaving no comment in news casts.” Boss said.
“Its worth a shot” I said walking over and hugging each member of the team starting with the closest JJ and then Alex, the Boss, and last, Morgan.
“I’m sorry guys”
Morgan gave me a second hug then put me in handcuffs.
“You sure about this?” I asked
“It’s out best shot, other then saying you really are and blowing out cover.”
I nodded and Morgan grabbed my arm guiding me towards the door.
“You ready?” He asked
I nodded he opened the door and half the school was there. There were all yelling questions and comments and everything and it just got louder when the door opened then Morgan and I walked out and the crowd was silent. Then it got 10 times worse.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8 9 Next »

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