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The Danger game

Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3
Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3  « Hide author's note
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Party's Just getting Started

*** 5 Minutes later***

I looked at my schedule then down at my Guess Jeans and my Bench T-shirt and my Hollister Jacket. At least I looked the part of a millionaire… or at least kind of. I haven’t had this kind of money since I runaway. Mrs. Martins Math Class. HA! Half of the stuff we did in the FBI was math. I walked in I was 5 minutes early. I went to Mrs. Martins desk. She didn’t look familiar, they must have recently hired her.
“Hi, Mrs… Martin. I’m Ja-Brittney, I’m new” My iPhone buzzed in my pocket URRRG “I just moved here from California”
“Hi there Brittney.” Movement caught my eye fallowed by high pitched laugher CRAP it isn’t I slowly turned. But it was Chloe was in my class. Yay. I turned back to Mrs. Martin.
“Hi Mrs. Martin” Chloe came up to her desk. I cringed slightly and turned a little away.
“Hi Chloe! This is Brittney. She’s new here.” She looked down at a schedule while Chloe introduced herself.
“Chloe. We aren’t doing much this class, so after Brittney introduces herself, why don’t you show her around a bit.” Yay! More time with Chloe. Its not that I didn’t like her but… ya.
“Ok! Great.” I sat down in the desk Mrs. Martin pointed me to. I sat down and Chloe was still talking to Mrs. Martin. I glanced to see if she was looking at me and grabed my iPhone out of my pocket. It read 3 Messages I opened the first one.
From: Carley Carter ( 5 minutes ago)
Good luck  Have a gr8 1st day!

Ha-ha its so Carter to do that. I smiled.

Text number 2:
From: Derek Morgan (14 minutes ago)
Hey kid you’ll do great. Call if you need anything.

Text Number 3:
From: Derek Morgan (3 minutes ago)
New lead Call ASAP!

I hit reply to Carters text
To: Carley Carter
“will do thanks need all the support I can get old BFF in my class ”

What to say to Morgan…
To: Derek Morgan
I’ll call when I can ‘go to the bathroom’ K? and learn 2 use txt (its sooo fun 2 bug u XD)

Now I just had to wait. I JUST exited out of the text when Chloe walked over.
“OMG!! Is that the iPhone 4S!! it like came out yesterday!” She grabbed it out of my hand practically shrieking.
“NO! Chloe please don’t look at it!”
“Hey who’s Derek Morgan? Secret boyfriend you don’t want anyone finding out about!?”
CRAP it’s sooo Derek to txt when someone took my phone”
“No one!” I said grabbi g for the phone but not quite working.
“Ok fine but you will tell me when I give you the tour.” She said “OMG I just realised! If you had blonde hair a little shorter I would have sworn you were my best friend Jane…” she said STILL not giving me my phone back as it buzzed again. Crap!!!
“All of a sudden one of my other old best friends walked in.
“OMG hey Sherry!” I said with out thinking. Uh-oh! I turned around walked away and ignored the WHAT WHO ARE YOU!! And OMG SHE LOOKS LIK JANE!!
I started to wonder if being FBI was worth it.
Just then class started and Chloe handed me my phone back. Three Messages
I opened the first.
From: Carley Carter
No probs & u poor thing  HAVE FUN LOL JK

From: Derek Morgan
Umm.. kind of imported so anytime! At least txt back!

From: Derek Morgan

I quickly texted him before he showed up at the school with a SWAT team.

To: Derek Morgan
It’s fine nvr mind.

The teacher stood up and started talking.
“Ok class, we have a new student, I’ll let her come up and introduce herself.”
She motioned for me to get up. So I stood up and walked to the front. I remembered that around her you couldn’t be nervous. You had to act like you owned it. SO I got up to the front almost as if I Was bored. I could tell I caught the class’ attention. I smiled.
“Hey guys! My name is Brittney. I just moved here from California. My parents travel, so I don’t see them much. So my brother ‘takes care of me’” The class could tell I have air quotes and laughed. Now can the part I dreaded.
“Question?” About a million hands shot up. Yay!
“Yes?” I said pointing to a new kid
“Did you ever see any celebrities?”
“ya.. I lived in a community called No-Ho or north Hollywood. A lot of stars live there. It was really cool I saw them every day and kind of became like friends with them” I said. That wasn’t even a lie. Back when I was Jane here that was a secret I kept. So no on knew.
About 5 minutes Later the questions finished. I walked up to the teacher.
“I need to go to the bathroom. Then I’ll catch up to Chloe after ok?” I asked.
“Of course Brittney”
I ran out of the room with my hand in my pocket grabbing my phone. I ran into the bathroom already dialling Morgan’s number.
“ya!” Morgan said awnsering on the second ring
“You told me to call!”
“Oh. Right well few things then I have to talk to you not lead related.”
“Ok spit it out!” I said in a hushed whisper.
“ Well we left the crime sceane about 45 minutes ago. We found another number. The one you found is still running, to see if we can pull anything on it and the second… Is a cell phone registered to Chloe. Your Chloe.”
“Great” I said sarcastically.
“Ok so.. um why didn’t you text me back there?”
“Umm Well Derek Morgan (I liked to call him by his full name XD) Chloe took my phone and almost found out about us. I have to go now I’ll text you later don’t send a swat team in after me ok?”
“I’ll try” he said laughing
“Love you Tell boss I’’ll be there right once YOU pick me up from school.” I said (he’s my adopted ‘Dad’ remember but more like big brother)
“Be safe and right back at ya” he said as we both hung up.
I walked out of the bathroom stall right into Chloe. CRAP! I was dead.
“Umm hey Chloe! Didn’t see you there.” I said
“So you HAPPEN to know exactly where the washroom is in a 50,000 square foot school is and know so well you and sprint to it not make a wrong turn or get lost. You sneak away from class to call this Derek Morgan guy. He knows who I am. He’s picking you up from school. You have a boss, who sounds strict, He has to ‘be safe’, There’s something going on between you and him, and you told him not to send a SWAT team after you and you weren’t fully joking. Also you freaked when your phone had a text from him and I had it. You also HAPPEN to have parents almost permanently out of country, and a cell phone that came out yesterday. You also in some peoples opinion happen to look just like my old BFF Jane. I’m actually not saying your Jane, I’m just adding that to the list of weird things about you. Start spilling NOW!”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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