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The Danger game

Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3
Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3  « Hide author's note
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Janes First Day At...

One name kept running through my head.
Chloe. Chloe. Chloe. Chloe. Chloe. Chloe.
My face must have shown my shock and horror, because Morgan (not knowing about my past there) looked concerned.
“Jane, you’ve gone undercover before. It’s nothing new.” He said. I nodded “We’ll brief you in 5 minutes in my car. Ok?”
“Y-Ya I guess.” I said.
OMG NO – Chloe has me thinking crazy again. I’ll be fine. I don’t have to talk to her. I looked at my light blonde hair. I NEED a new style, but there’s NO way I’m cutting my hair, I guess I’ll need extensions’, and to dye it a light brown. I’ll have to talk to morgan. There’s No way I’m going anywhere near Chloe or with on 30 miles of her looking like myself.
I walked over to morgan.
“Hey um.. since we just released my photo to the press and you guys want me to go under cover—RIGHT where the kid went missing, I need to change my main I.D feature… My hair. I need to dye it, I was thinking light brown and I’ll need extensions’. ASAP and before I go undercover.” I said pointedly.
My ear piece crackled to life.
“Briefing Morgan’s cruiser Stat.” Boss said.
I jogged over to morgans cruiser. The trunk was already popped so I sat on the lip of the trunk of his 2012 Ford Explorer, Morgan and Boss where up front talking so I was daydreaming trying to keep my thoughts away from York Prep.
As I ran my hand over the bumper I thought about Morgan’s other cars – all black – this one no acceptation of course, And thought of my favourite one, Well ones. I liked his 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8, and his Nissan 360Z. Boss and Morgan walked up while I was looking at the bumper.
“What you don’t like this one?” Morgan asked looking at his car.
“Well… I like it but… two things… its not a sports car and I don’t know something about it doesn’t seem….” I said
“Enough car talk” Boss said. “You guys can discuss this while you’re off.” We nodded.
“I’ve told Morgan what you need to know Jane and if you need anything and Morgan can’t answer call me or something ok?” He explained walking away.
“Ok kid so Jonah went to York Preparatory School or York Prep. He didn’t have a lot of friends but he had quite a few, your job is going to be to become friends with his friends and find out what he was hiding and if you can get any leads. Boss got a Bio for you to read through. And you have a appointment booked at a hair salon for you hair in 5 minutes your going to school ASAP.” He said handing me a folder, while I nodded, looked at my watch (9:45 AM) and replied.
“Yep no problem”
I flipped through the folder looking at his report cards, Photos, interests, ex. Untill I reached his bio. I skimmed through it untill I reached the school/ friends part. I read it very carefully. Jonah was fairly popular at York Prep and him main circle of friends where: Thomas, James, Sherry, and Chole where his closest and best friends. I dropped the folder. They wanted me to become friends with a best friend I ran away from and be an undercover agent at the same time! Morgan appeared beside me moving from the front of the truck.
“What happened?” He demanded looking at me then noticing I had dropped the folder.
“What!?” He said
“Well I was from New York” He nodded “ and I went to York Prep and my best friend was Chloe.” I said trying to stay calm.
“Oh ok. You’ll be fine.” He said and walked away. URRRRGGG Morgan was so annoying sometimes, He never understood what its like to be around Chole and be a 12 year old girl.

*** 1 hour later at the main office to York Prep***

“Ok, and here’s your schedule, and in three days you’ll need to be fitted for your uniform. Untill then wear what ever as long as it meets regulation. Have a nice first day” My ‘New’ Principle Mr. Mathews said smiling.
“Sure, um.. Mr. Mathews” I said forcing a smile. I never really liked Mr. Mathews.
I walked over to Morgan.
“Umm… Ja.. um Brittney and I have to have a word quickly outside I’ll send her in when where done.” Morgan said.
Mr. Mathews nodded.
We walked outside as I got looks from some students in the halls.
“Morgan!” I said in a hushed whisper “I don’t know if I can do this!”
“Jane you’ll be fine. Let me just go over the story again with you. Your name is Brittney Johnson. Your parents are millionaires’ and travel the world and I’m your older brother and legally in charge of you.” I Smirked and laughed.
“Har Har… Just joking ya it is kinda funny he said… Shh don’t tell boss I said that” He grinned.
You just moved from California, and ya… that’s about it. If you need anything DON’T hesitate to call” He said “You still have my number?”
“Ya” I said smiling
‘DON’T smash this phone too” He said jokingly referring to me smashing my HTC Thunderbolt.
“I’ll try not to but I cant make any promises” I said looking at my brand new iPhone 4S that just came out yesterday.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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