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The Danger game

Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3
Author's note: A dream i Had and My fav Show Criminal Minds... And DEREK MORGAN!! <3  « Hide author's note
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The Big Reveal

I jumped into Morgans car. I think they put us together a lot because we kinda looked alike so he could pass as my older brother. I was trying sooo hard to keep quiet. But I was SO happy I got the gun. I tugged off the vest because I wouldn’t be needing it we were just going to the park were Jonah went missing. Morgan took one look at me and started to laugh.
"What’s so funny?" I asked
"I can tell! Your trying not to like scream and jump up and down because you FINALLY got your gun"
TRUST ME! i know there short and prob boring. IT GETS BETTER!! THEY GET LONGER. I SWEAR!!
He said still laughing. "Go ahead"
"YES!!" I said "I’m soo happy I could almost hug you" I laughed
"Almost?" he said mock-offended. We were both killing our self laughing.
We pulled up to the crime scene. We just sat there for a moment. I looked out the window, there were reporters everywhere.
"Here Jane" Morgan said passing me an dark blue "FBI" hat.
I pulled the hat on and looked at Morgan.
"Now or never, I guess" I said looking at Morgan.
I stepped hesitantly out of the car. You know what? I’m fine I won’t act scared. I walked over to boss, JJ, Alex, and Tony.
" Hey so what’s up?" I said.
"Well we’re looking for any possible leads."
"Ok. I’ll take that area over there I said near a few little saplings" I walked over and started looking.
"What the..." I heard murmurs run through the crowd of reporters.
Uh-oh I saw Morgan coming and he didn’t look super happy.
"Hey Jane... Umm I assume you heard the reporters. Ya that’s because there wondering who you are, if you’re a kid and if you are why are you here." Oh-No I felt my stomach drop into me feet.
"So we either tell them Yes you are a kid but not say who you are... I mean no one technically knows any of us so you’d still be safe to go undercover. You ready?"
I nodded. Morgan Boss and I walked over to the crowd.
One reporter started yelling
"Who is this and why does she look like a kid?"
Boss looked at Morgan who looked at me and nodded. I took a small step forword.
"That’s because I am a kid, I’m a 12 year old girl"
"Then why the heck are you here? Besides it’s not like you could do anything and why bring a Non-FBI especially a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL here?"
"I’m here with the FBI for the investigation same as the rest of the agents, second of all notice how I have a gun belt? That’s because I passed the federal test for AGENTS to get it, im just as qualified as any of these agents with a gun. And third I’m here because im a FBI agent."
The crowd looked skeptical and looked at Boss and Morgan, they nodded.
Morgan stepped forward and put his hand on my shoulder.
" What she says is the truth, while Agent Taylor is correct she is just as trained and qualified as any of us," he said gesturing around to Boss, JJ, Alex and himself. " Agent Taylor is an OFFICIAL FBI agent. That will be al in this topic. Thank you." Boss Stepped forward and said "Go scout out your areas, ill take care of the reporters."
I walked away as the crowed started asking a million questions. And the words "Agent Patterson... Agent Patterson... Agent Patterson..."
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 9 Next »

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