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Hunger Wars - The Legend of KILL

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Sixteen more Kill's

“you wanted to see me!” Achilles said to the old fat man in front of him, Sergud was his name and he was the leader of district seven. Sergud wore a nice dark blue suit, his hair grey and his skin like old parchment. “yes, KILL” the man said with a strange accent “I sent for you, but first, how have your nights been?”, Achilles shrugged. “Fine, Sergud” Achilles replied “but please, don’t call me KILL”, “fair enough” Sergud said as he gestured for Achilles to sit. Achilles eyed the man for a moment, then sat in the seat he gestured to. “I am going to get right to the point” Sergud said when he himself was seated, “you want me to fight again, Don’t you!” Achilles said to Sergud, earning a nod. “no one is as good as you KIL....” Achilles gave Segud a sharp look for almost speaking the name he just asked he not be called, Sergud stopped before finishing but continued talking. “District seven needs you Achiles!”, “you have won sixteen HUnger wars battles without me!” Achilles responded. “yes” Sergud replied “but I am not talking to you about winning More Hunger wars battles, I am talking to you about never having to play it again.” Achilles curiosity sparked with that. “what are you talking about you old man” Achilles said, Sergud gave a smile. “we almost when every year” Sergud said “but with those wins come losses, we always lose at least three people in every Hunger wars.”, “get on with it” Achilles said feeling very impatient “what is it you want?”. “I want you to win one more hunger wars, Achilles.” Sergud said sternly “i want to make a deal with district five and district seven, I want to have an all in bet. so the district that wins, gets everything. this way there will have to be no more Hunger wars, we can finally have peace.”, “with you as the leader of everything!” Achilles said. “would that be so bad?” Sergud said “district seven has done very good for itself since my appointment as its leader and since your involvement in Hunger wars. tell me, would you not be pleased with the end of Hunger wars?” with that Achilles took a moment to think. “i am afraid that i lied to you, Sergud” Achilles said, “how so?”, “my dreams” Achilles said “they have not been fine, they have been terrible. every night its like i am reliving a moment in Hunger wars, i wake up sweaty and screaming.” Sergud put on a thoughtful face to that. “its just one more battle, Achilles” Sergud said sounding very sympathetic “i am sure you can handle that, just sixteen more kills. plus, maybe this last battle will be enough to free yourself of these dreams you have!” Achilles looked at the man for a long moment, measuring his proposal. “just sixteen more kills!” Achilles thought “a small number compared to the thousands i have killed, and worth it to end HUnger wars now and forever.”. “fine” Achilles said as he stood up “all do it this last time, but how are you going to get the Hunger wars board of rules to revoke my ban.”, “you just leave that to me” Sergud said as he stood up and shook Achilles hand “we all have our weapons!”. Achilles gave the man a nod, and winked at a pain in the back of his head, the pain of hearing something he would give anything to forget, the chanting of KiLL.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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im_awesomeThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
May 20, 2014 at 3:59 pm
this is awesome. i love it!!!

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