Hunger Wars - The Legend of KILL

April 26, 2012
By Zelous-Arrow-Shade, bountiful, Utah
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Zelous-Arrow-Shade, Bountiful, Utah
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"life is not how you survive the storm, it is how you dance in the rain" - not sure who wrote it.

“kill.... kill... kill...” echoed in Achilles head as he struggled in half sleep. “kill....kill...kill...” continued the steady rhythm of the echoes, the chants. “KILL....KILL....KILL...KILL...KILL....” the chants increased in speed, beat and power, causing Achilles to moan in pain as memories flashed through his head. beheading a eighteen year old with a sword, gutting a kid younger than that, cutting the arm off another and finishing by stabbing that person in the chest, all while the crowd watching, chanting “KILL....KILL.....KILL......KILL.....KILL.....KILL....KILL....”. for a moment Achilles lived in that memory, killing person after person while the chant continued. suddenly, the memory changed and Achilles was in a snow field, coating the white ground with the blood of his enemies. dodging a head slice, Achilles cut his opponent on the thy, than as he stumbled he sliced his throat. after that Achilles moved to slaughter his next opponents, two middle aged men, cowering with fear. “KILL...KILL....KILL....KILL....KILL.....KILL....KILL....KILL....KILL....KILL...” all along the hypnotic chanting continued, turning the horrible memory into one of cruel pain and hypnotic murder. Achilles sat up right, jerking out of half sleep, breathing hard. with the memories over, the chanting subsided. Achilles took a deep breath and moved to grab his vitamins by his bed. these were how his sleeps were lately, terrible, filled with memories of his hunger war battles, things he would like forgotten. after taking a couple of the anti trauma vitamins, Achilles lied back down and tried to find sleep again, and forget the terrible terrible chanting.

The sun was shining, the temperature warm, and the area nearby very beautiful. the only thing that seemed to lessen the world’s beauty for Less at the moment, was the patrolling party below her. Less was high up in a tree, concealed in the branches and leaves. the tribute Hunters were the patrolling party below her at the moment, looking for her they were. Less was from distract eleven, the poorest district of the last three remaining of the twelve. Less was not sure what the date exactly was but she knew it was precisely two hundred and fourteen three years since the great and remembered Hunger Games ended, the distracts free of the horrible sport forever. “if only those times were now!” Less thought as the patrol party started to move on from her position “I would rather fight in the Hunger games, than in the brutal pass time the districts have now.” Less was talking about Hunger Wars. over fifty years ago, the land erupted into war. thousands upon thousands died, each side using their highly advanced weapons. when it became clear that they would destroy themselves before anyone won the war, the remaining districts decided to revive an old war solution and put a spin on it, Hunger games changed. Hunger wars is much the same as Hunger games, each district puts up tributes, and the winner would receive the spoils, as well as their district. the things that were changed where you can put in as many tributes as your district number allows, Eleven can put in Eleven, district five can put in Five tributes, and district seven can put in Seven tributes. these tributes were chosen by the Tribute hunters, they traveled and searched for the best fighters they could to put into Hunger wars. in truth, Less did not know why they wanted her. she was a small twelve year old girl, with blond hair and a frail body. she doubted she could kill a boy her age, let alone possibly seven or five twice her age. what Less was good at was hiding, stealing, climbing. the people of her district called her a Rue child, referring to a person who once played in the ancient Hunger Games. many people were obsessed with Hunger wars, for if a district won, they received territories, supplies, allegiances and people from the other two districts. “In as much as they bet, they receive” Less remembered the ancient saying went. after waiting a few minutes, Less began to climb down the tree. Once her feet were firmly on the ground, Less cautiously looked around and started to walk away. the forest around was very wild looking and any other person might have gotten lost, but not Less, she always knew her way. Less maybe was small but she had impressive advantage, she had a photographic memory, she could remember everything she saw perfectly. Less built a map of this area in her head from much time she spent her, many scavenging and hiding. besides avoiding the tribute hunters, Less was in the forest today to look for freshly grown fruits. it was an almost pointless task sure, for most of the other scavengers got all the new grown fruits first, but Less knew this forest better than anyone. if there was something left, she would find it. as if by thinking it, Less spotted a blueberry tree, with yet a few berries still unclaimed amongst the tallest branches. Less smiled, and proceeded to climb the tree, the very tall tree. these types of leftovers were always Less’s to get, no one else has the time or cleverness to get the berries that are too high to get. it took less a few minutes but she climbed as high as she could without the branches starting to snap under her weight, still at least seven feet away from the berries. Less gave a sigh and pulled out a small knife sheathed in her boot. Less than started to cut one of the branches near her, a branch that was the root for the branches with the blueberries. a few minutes past the branch Less was cutting, snapped when it almost was cut all the way through. the branch fell all the way to the ground, the blueberries bouncing off it as it smashed to the floor. Less gave another smile as she climbed down the tree and collected her berries. “twenty two berries” Less said as she looked at all the blueberries she collected in a small bag “not a bad score, but that still does not leave me with much.” with a sigh Less tied the bag to her belt buckle and moved on to find some more food.

“you wanted to see me!” Achilles said to the old fat man in front of him, Sergud was his name and he was the leader of district seven. Sergud wore a nice dark blue suit, his hair grey and his skin like old parchment. “yes, KILL” the man said with a strange accent “I sent for you, but first, how have your nights been?”, Achilles shrugged. “Fine, Sergud” Achilles replied “but please, don’t call me KILL”, “fair enough” Sergud said as he gestured for Achilles to sit. Achilles eyed the man for a moment, then sat in the seat he gestured to. “I am going to get right to the point” Sergud said when he himself was seated, “you want me to fight again, Don’t you!” Achilles said to Sergud, earning a nod. “no one is as good as you KIL....” Achilles gave Segud a sharp look for almost speaking the name he just asked he not be called, Sergud stopped before finishing but continued talking. “District seven needs you Achiles!”, “you have won sixteen HUnger wars battles without me!” Achilles responded. “yes” Sergud replied “but I am not talking to you about winning More Hunger wars battles, I am talking to you about never having to play it again.” Achilles curiosity sparked with that. “what are you talking about you old man” Achilles said, Sergud gave a smile. “we almost when every year” Sergud said “but with those wins come losses, we always lose at least three people in every Hunger wars.”, “get on with it” Achilles said feeling very impatient “what is it you want?”. “I want you to win one more hunger wars, Achilles.” Sergud said sternly “i want to make a deal with district five and district seven, I want to have an all in bet. so the district that wins, gets everything. this way there will have to be no more Hunger wars, we can finally have peace.”, “with you as the leader of everything!” Achilles said. “would that be so bad?” Sergud said “district seven has done very good for itself since my appointment as its leader and since your involvement in Hunger wars. tell me, would you not be pleased with the end of Hunger wars?” with that Achilles took a moment to think. “i am afraid that i lied to you, Sergud” Achilles said, “how so?”, “my dreams” Achilles said “they have not been fine, they have been terrible. every night its like i am reliving a moment in Hunger wars, i wake up sweaty and screaming.” Sergud put on a thoughtful face to that. “its just one more battle, Achilles” Sergud said sounding very sympathetic “i am sure you can handle that, just sixteen more kills. plus, maybe this last battle will be enough to free yourself of these dreams you have!” Achilles looked at the man for a long moment, measuring his proposal. “just sixteen more kills!” Achilles thought “a small number compared to the thousands i have killed, and worth it to end HUnger wars now and forever.”. “fine” Achilles said as he stood up “all do it this last time, but how are you going to get the Hunger wars board of rules to revoke my ban.”, “you just leave that to me” Sergud said as he stood up and shook Achilles hand “we all have our weapons!”. Achilles gave the man a nod, and winked at a pain in the back of his head, the pain of hearing something he would give anything to forget, the chanting of KiLL.

Less stopped as a couple horses passed in front of her, there riders cloaked men. the main city of district eleven was very big, but very old and filled with poor people. you could not go one block before seeing five homeless people, or people on that brink. Less’s family was on that brink, they owned a small one bedroom house but that would soon need to go, if District eleven did not when this next hunger wars battle. every time a district losses, a tax is taken out on the people. district eleven has lost so many battles, that no one has anything to give anymore, this next tax will wipe everyone out. Less gave a sigh at having to think about how bad of times these were a turned a corner, towards where her destination lies. on that very corner, was Less’s families shop. her parents were bakers, very good ones in truth, but lately they have had almost nothing to sell, because there is no one with the money to buy things. Less stepped into the shop, the smell of stale bread filling up her nose. “daddy!” Less called out, and was answered by a loud thump against the back wall. “uh, my freaking toe.” a very deep man voice said, a moment later Less’s father stepped out of the back room. “Less!” Her father said as he rubbed his foot “you scared me half to death, you made me stub my toe.”, “it’s funny how business is so bad now that a customer coming in is so rare to us, that it would surprise or scare you.” Less’s father shrugged to that. Less's father was a tall man, with blond hair, blue eyes, a long nose and a skinny body. Less remembered her mother telling her stories of when father had a mustache, she found that strange with the clean shaven face he now had.“did you get anything while you were scavenging?” Less’s father asked, “some blueberries!” Less replied. “blueberries!” Less’s father said in surprise “what a good pie those would make, or even a filling. but sadly, we probably won't be making anything with them, no money to buy ingredients.” Less let a frown show with that. her father really loved baking, it was sad that he did not get to do it. “so where is mother?” Less asked as she put the bag of blueberries on the counter, “she is out begging for food and money“ Less’s father said “I would have joined her but i just could not bring myself to do it today, to......” before he could finish his sentence, the door to the shop opened. Less turned around to see if it was a customer, but sadly it was the wrong kind of customers, it was a squad of Tribute hunters.

“Know you can’t!” Less father cried as the tribute hunters started to drag Less out of the shop “not my little girl, you can’t take her for Hunger wars!”, “every person must do their part!” one of the masked tribute hunters said with an odd sounding voice “just think of letting her go as what you can do to help district Eleven!” with that Less’s father started to weep. “don’t worry” the Masked hunter continued “you will be compensated for this loss, you will get as much as she weighs in coins!” with that he looked at Less and she knew that he was smiling behind that terrifying breathing mask, an evil smile she knew it was. “I would say she weighs about sixty or seventy pounds, enough for you too by something to eat and than sum!” the Hunter said as he took a small pouch from his belt and dropped it in front of Less’s father, the sound of coins clinking together coming from the bag as it landed on the ground. “enjoy!” was all the Tribute hunters last words as he motioned to the other tribute hunters to continue dragging less out of the shop. before she was dragged out, Less made sure she remembered this moment, what everything looked like and her father’s face, for she knew that this would be the last time. the last time she would ever stand in that store, the last time she would ever see her father. Less tryed to stop tears from rolling down her face but could not, the fear in her heart was too great. “I don’t want to die!” Less sobbed “oh god, please, I don’t want to die!”, “quiet Girl!” One of the tribute Hunters said sharply “and you're not going to die, not if we have anything to say about it. no, your gonna be our savior, our hope in the darkness, our enemies Achilles heel!” Less continued sobbing after the Hunter was done speaking, his words bringing her no comfort.

“and just why should we remove Achilles ban?” the leader of the Hunger wars board of rules said to Sergud “so you can have an unbeatable weapon? we are not as blind as you think, we know that he can not be defeated!” Sergud gave a frown to that. “I only want to end the fighting” Sergud said trying to sound sincere “to end the killing, should not the worlds best killer be there at this end!” with that the counsel went quiet. “I think my proposal is fair and just!” Sergud continued “I said both district five and eleven can double the number of people they enter into Hunger wars, and I will only enter in one instead of seven, KILL! in return, everyone will have in an all in bet, the winner becomes the leader of all districts. I have had promises of agreem from both Zuteos and Merksum, the leaders of District Five and Eleven. they have both agreed with my proposal, all i need is your consent!” Sergus paused with that, to await the counsels answer. “you speak sense Sergud!” the Council leader said “we will accept your proposal on one condition, that if your Achilles does win and you become the leader of all districts, you must execute him!”, “but why?” Sergud asked. “if war and killing is to end, than the worlds greatest killer must die!” with that Sergud gave a frown, “and.....” the council leader said “we know what you did to him, Sergud!” with that worry enter Sergud. “how could you possible know that?” Sergud demanded “the secret was well kept!”, “yes but as you know, you’re not the only one with weapons, you have KiLL, we have our foxface Spies!” Sergud gave a curse to that. “foxface spies!” Sergud thought bitterly, trained shadows and assassins, all female, said to have been inspired by some person to play Hunger games a long time ago. “so!” Sergud said bluntly “you know my secret but that does not tell me why you want KiLL dead!”, “the answer to that is simple!” the Council leader said with a frown “we know your secret but also does another, the foxface learned of this information, has gone rogue. we can’t find her and worse, she has threatened to tell KiLL this little secret!” Sergud started to sweat with that. “we can’t let that happen!” Sergud said nervously “not only would he kill me but would kill everyone involved, which to Kill, could be everyone. his sanity has been on the brink lately, if pushed he could gather an army and take down the districts, he is popular enough that anyone would follow him and smart enough to win any battle. it would be the end of all civilization, without that add of government or leadership, everyone would die inside ten years!”, “so you see why we ask you what we ask you!” the council member said with a smile, Sergud gave a nod. “so do we have an agreement?” the council leader asked, “we do!” Sergud answered with a cold feeling rising up in his chest. Achilles was like his son, but he had no choice, he had to do what he had to do.

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this is awesome. i love it!!!

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