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New Beginning

Author's note: Inspired as a next generation kind of thing from the Avalon: Web of MAgic series by Rachel Roberts
Author's note: Inspired as a next generation kind of thing from the Avalon: Web of MAgic series by Rachel Roberts  « Hide author's note
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The water rippled as the dark mage’s pale fingers brushed the surface of the scrying pool. The image of the proud, gray eyed girl faded, leaving just the shadowy water.
The dark mage looked up, her jet black hair falling over her jade green eyes. Now, nobody would know she had stolen the magic of her bonded. It was only when she used dark magic that her eyes shaded to inky black.
She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror on the far wall. Pale skin so white it looked bloodless, thin red lips, a haunted face, and empty eyes, she looked nothing like the cheerful girl she used to be. With caramel colored skin, full, pale lips, a happy smiling face, and bright cloths, her Chinese decent had been obvious. Now, everything was black. Everything.
It was the only way to show the vast, black emptiness that was her heart. With her memories and emotions under lock and key behind iron bars, stealing magic was the only way to feel anything at all. It felt good.
But, she had felt everything during the reign of the Dark Sorceress and the Spider Witch. She had felt the magic web unraveling. She had felt the Spider Witch reweave it. She had felt the reconnection of the Otherworlds, her home. She had felt the destruction of Avalon, the shadow creatures, and the Dark Sorceress.
She had felt the arrival of six new mages that could be a threat to her. The ones at the Mage Academy were weak, but these were not. One, the next warrior, was powerful, but the new blazing star was able to be turned easily. She could turn these mages and use them to destroy the girls called Kara, Emily, and Adriane.
The dark mage had mercenaries handy, as well as an army of werebeasts. Port Tuga was good for more than just auctions.
She stood, her black stiletto boots making no sound on the polished marble floor. In stylish black jeans, a black long-sleeve shirt, and a black cloak, she looked the complete opposite of the girl that had been lost so long ago. Now, the girl once known as Rose smiled when she thought of the surprises in store for the gray eyed girl.
As she walked along the forest path, Dakota felt a strange sensation. It felt as though someone was watching her, but when she looked around, she was alone. Her gray eyes searching the shadows, she kept walking.
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