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Other Evils In This World

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Lilia arrived just as the bell rang for students to be in their classes at the according time that afternoon. She sighed, sitting down in her seat at the back of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and pulled out her books, awaiting Professor Moody's arrival.

It was most unusual for the students to be there before the professor, so of course everyone was murmuring and looking around curiously. That was when Snape entered the classroom.

Immediately, there was a groan of despair that rippled through the majority of the classroom, but oddly, Lilia felt her stomach flip oddly at the sight of him now as he shut the window shutters with a flick of his wand and assumed his position at the front of the classroom, his back rigid and his face as stoic as ever as he looked over the classroom the same way he always did in Potions, right before this class.

"Turn to page two hundred and forty seven," Snape commanded, eyeing the class, his gaze falling upon Lilia and lingering for a moment longer than was necessary, his face continuing to turn a few millimetres more, his gaze finally tearing away to inspect the rest of the students.

"Professor, where is Professor Moody today?" asked one of the third year Griffindors. Ginny Weasley, Lilia recognized her. Harry Potter's friend's sister. It was obvious enough with the red hair.

"Mr. Moody requires a day to tend to his own business. He asked me to fill in for him and," he quirked his head, looking at Ginny with a narrowed gaze, "here I stand… now… page two hundred and forty seven…" he repeated precisely and in a dangerously calm voice, his fingers lacing together as he leaned against the front desk, watching the classroom for any disobedience or students simply not paying attention.

Everyone obediently turned to the required page and Snape began his lesson, speaking clearly and commandingly. Though, for the majority of the lesson all anyone could really focus on was who they thought would be entering The Triwizard Tournament. Of course, this got on Snape's nerves and he demanded that everyone focus and pay attention to the lesson at hand or the next person to even mention The Triwizard Tournament would be serving a week of detention with him.

'Rather friendly there with those detentions…' Lilia thought to herself, resting her chin in her hand as she listened to Snape's lesson on vampires and how to repel them if ever at close hand with one alone.

After class, Lilia gathered her books and stood up to go, walking alongside one of the girls she had partnered up with during the lesson to go over the assignment and talk to.

On the way out, she glanced up to look at Snape who stood near the door, and met her eyes. "I see you're feeling less ill today, Miss. Gunner. I'm assuming your illness has come and gone overnight then?"

She met his gaze and nodded. "Not entirely, but I am able to attend classes today. I'll be in attendance for detention tonight as well, Professor," she said calmly.

He nodded. "I'll be waiting with your according punishment," he said dryly, watching as she passed by to continue to her final class that afternoon.




"You will be pickling rats brains tonight until I am pleased with what you've accomplished, Miss. Gunner," Snape said as Lilia followed him to a designated area where she could do as she was instructed to that evening in detention.

"How delightful…" she muttered somewhat sarcastically under her breath.

Snape turned and looked at her with a slight frown and came to stand alarmingly close to her, leaning close. "Does this form of detention not please you, Miss. Gunner?" he sneered, meeting her gaze directly, dark eyes staring right back into deep emerald green ones.

Lilia looked at her Potions Professor in shock of being so discomfortingly close to her and swallowed, unsure of what to say to him, wanting to be cheeky in some way or say what she really thought of these tedious detentions, but found it very hard to do when he was practically breathing into her face.

"Perhaps if you obeyed the rules better than you do, you wouldn't be stuck here tonight as well as for the next three days left in this week," he informed her coldly, standing up straight and turned to go to his desk, another mass of parchment papers - essays no doubt - piled atop his desk, ready to be marked. "Don't burn anything," he said simply, taking a seat without glancing at her.

She looked at him wide eyed, swallowing, alarmed at having been so close to someone, let alone her own professor.

Without saying anything, she turned and began her distasteful job for the evening.

Once finished, Lilia washed her hands off and informed Snape she was finished, heading to the door which by now had practically become an image bored into her mind, seeing it daily now.

"Only three more days of detention, Miss. Gunner. No need for the dreary expression," he said from his desk, writing something on one of the parchments.

Lilia looked over at him as she stepped out of the room and frowned while she walked. Had Severus Snape, one of the coldest and meanest men in the world told her to perk up in some way? Why on earth would he ever say something so… unlike himself to her? She shook her head, deciding it was a useless thing to trouble herself with and headed up to dinner.




The Great Hall was abuzz with talk about The Triwizard Tournament of course. Lilia even got involved with a few girls she had come to know in Herbology on their opinions of who would be selected.

"I think it will be a Slytherin. What other house could possibly be chosen to represent Hogwarts in such an important event, after all?" said Ariel Mulpepper, one of the girls in fourth year who knew Lilia's friend Cimbeline Cuffe.

"Guaranteed it will be one of those ungrateful Gryffindors," said Dawn Pyrites, the girl whom Lilia had paired up with during Defence Against the Dark Arts that afternoon. At first glance, Lilia had been unsure how pairing up with Dawn would work out, what with her crimson red waves and intensely dark eyes and sharp brows; but once they'd begun speaking, Lilia felt at ease around her and didn't mind in the least bit about working together on their assignment. Either way, Dawn Pyrites was a large improvement over that lost dog, Quinn Pewett, in Lilia's opinion. He was just far too smothering for her liking even though they barely spoke or knew one another. "They always get everything since that blasted Potter came to this school. I'll bet they've rigged it to even let Potter win," she rolled her eyes.

"He isn't over seventeen, Dawn. He can't even enter," Ariel pointed out.

Dawn shrugged and rolled her eyes. "Either way, he'll get into it somehow. He gets to do all the fun stuff around here. Just you wait, it'll happen," she said, convinced of her opinion.

"Who do you think will be picked, Lilia?" asked Ariel, turning to the dark haired girl who hadn't spoken about her opinion yet.

Lilia looked up from her now empty dinner plate, which hadn't been filled with much to begin with, and shrugged. "No idea. Though I suppose Dawn is most correct. I wouldn't be the least surprised if Potter was selected," she said with a mild shrug.

Ariel shook her head, smirking. "Ugh, you two," she laughed softly and went back to eating while her and Dawn argued over their logics behind the slection for Hogwarts.

After Lilia finished eating, she excused herself, having had her fill even though it wasn't much and proceeded back to the Slytherin common room, then to her dormitory to get some sleep.




That evening, Snape sat in his private study, just finishing up marking some papers. He put them off to the side once finished and sighed, running a hand through his shaggy black hair, closing his eyes as he thought back to what had occurred earlier that evening between him and Lilia in detention.

He'd been so close, and had seen immediately that it alarmed her. He frowned at the thought, wondering how his mere presence close to her could make her look so much like a trapped animal who just might claw right through him to get away if given an opportunity. He wondered what could cause a 13 year old child to look and act in such a way. Perhaps she had never been in such close proximity to another person before, or so he would have thought, but her reaction would have merely been to step away from him or glare and tell him to move away. Instead of that she'd looked nearly petrified. Perhaps she herself didn't notice this form of reaction, but he of course had, and it unsettled him somewhere deep inside for reasons he could not fathom.

He stood from his desk and walked over to his bed, sitting on the edge of it and frowned as he continued to think about her. He suddenly came to the realization he was inwardly displaying concern for one of his students. He would never feel concern for any of the students in the Hogwarts student population, yet just one look from those soulless green eyes of hers and he grew curious and worried as to what might have happened to her to make her look that way or react the way she did to certain situations.

Since the start of term, he had noticed her and found that even when with friends, or people she was assigned to work with, she never smiled. Not once had he seen that girl laugh or smile. He would have thought this weird, but found that he never smiled either, so instead he wondered what would lead a thirteen year old to look at the world through such a bleak and uncaring gaze. He had his reasons, so what were hers? Perhaps the answer was simply that she didn't get enough sleep at night, and merely lied to him over her sleep patterns, but something in his gut told him there was far more to that girl than first appearances let on.

He knew he couldn't simply ask her however, somehow knowing she wasn't the type who easily opened up to people. From the way he could see her react around other students, he could see she didn't like people very much and preferred for them to leave her alone and not bother her. If she didn't open up to students why would she ever open up to him? Simple; she wouldn't. He knew that, but something about her just drew him to her.

He finally sighed and lay down, turning out the light and draped his arm over his eyes, closing them and let out a groan of frustration. "Why did that foolish girl ever have to make herself known to me…?" he muttered in distaste, not looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow morning in class and then again at detention.




"Sit down," said Dumbledore as the students filed to their according house tables in the Great Hall.

Lilia had just made it in time from her final detention with Snape and sat with Dawn, probably the only person she could at least stand for the time being as everyone took their seats, obeying their Headmaster diligently.

"Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the champion selection," he said and raised his hand to dim the lights in the hall. Approcahing the goblet with a quivering hand, Dumbledore said nothing as he backed away quietly, watching the blue flame in the now dim lighted hall. Suddenlt it turned a deep red color and spat out a piece of parchment into the air, the small piece falling until Dumbledore quickly snatched it from the air and turned it over to read it. "The Durmstrang champion is Victor Krum," he announced, eliciting cheers from the boys of the institute from the North and gracious applause from the Hogwarts students. After shaking hands with Dumbledore, Victor Krum left to where he was required. Suddenly the flame spat out a second piece of parchment and Dumbledore caught it as well, looking over the scorched piece of paper. "The champion for Beauxbatons… is Fleur Delacour," he announced, the Beauxbatons table bursting into excited cheers for their champion while Hogwarts students clapped again politely.

Lilia turned to watch as the tall, slim blonde made her way to Dumbledore to shake his hand and proceed in the same direction as Krum had gone. Atlast the goblet spat out a third parchment piece, her and Dawn especially watching ad Dumbledore read it.

"The Hogwarts champion, Cedric Diggory," Dumbledore announced.

Dawn let out an exasperated breath and sunk back into her seat, glaring at the smirking Ariel. "Oh shut up, don't you dare ever bring this up again or I swear I'll wipe that smirk off in the most nasty way I can," she said glumly, crossing her arms.

Lilia glanced at Dawn and then at Dumbledore as he spoke out loudly over the loud cheers of Hogwarts school. "Atleast, we have our champions!" he announced. "But in the end, only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory. The Triwizard Cup!" Dumbledore exclaimed, turning around to point as the cloth atop the cup was removed to reveal a beautiful goblet of sorts to the students still in the hall.

The students burst into cheers in excitement, in awe of the prize to be awarded to only one student among the three selected.

Lilia clapped mechanically along with the students but her claps slowed when she saw Snape stepping forward with an utterly curious expression on his face. She followed his gaze to the goblet of fire which burst forth a fourth piece of paper in the most brilliant red flame yet. So bright, several students sitting closer had to cover their eyes with their arms from the light of it.

Dumbledore approached the fluttering piece of paper and grasped it from the air, reading it curiously as everyone went silent and watched, wondering what it said.

Lilia leaned forward very slightly, hearing Dumbledore mutter a name to himself. He then lifted his head and looked around.

"Harry Potter," he called out, everyone turning right away in their seats to look for Harry wherever he was sitting. "Harry Potter!" Dumbledore shouted in a demanding way, most unlike his usual composed self.

Lilia turned to follow the gaze of several students who had turned to follow a sign of movement near the back of the hall. Harry Potter was rising from his seat.

He looked as shocked as Dumbledore and the rest of the population as he approached the headmaster and took the parchment from him when Dumbledore extended it to him. "Cheater!" someone called out at the boy who nervously and silently went to wherever the champions had gone to.

Ariel swallowed and then glanced at Dawn who now wore a very large self satisfied smirk upon her face.

Lilia glanced at the two whom she sat with, realizing Dawn really had been right in her assumption.

"I do believe I must say 'I told you so'", she chuckled.

Ariel rolled her eyes. "Oh stop smirking. Just because you were right doesn't mean you should be so thrilled. It's still not a Slytherin that was picked for the tournament," she pointed out acidly, crossing her arms with a dissatisfied huff.

Lilia looked between the two of them wearily, then glanced up to where the teachers had gathered to deliberate and then headed through a door near the front of the hall where The Triwizard Champions had gone through, obviously in order to find out how Harry Potter had been accepted by the goblet to compete in the upcoming events.
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