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Author's note: Hope you like it! Make sure to comment. I want to improve my writing. This is my first novel.
Author's note: Hope you like it! Make sure to comment. I want to improve my writing. This is my first novel.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1: Selene

The man ran after me through the woods and anger took over his actions. My feet pounded on the ground, crunching dried grass and wood chips. My lungs burned and fought to make use of the oxygen my nose and mouth provided. Thorns scratched my skin and branches swatted me as I made my way through the dense woods. I could feel him approaching and began to speed up, hoping to lose him. He only seemed to get closer by the minute. I desperately looked around for something to use as defense, but nothing seemed available. A whimper escaped my lips and regretted it instantly. I had to keep strong. Branches crunched nearby and made me start running once again. Feet moved swiftly behind me and I began to panic. Adrenaline pulsated through my body, boosting my strength. My legs moved faster and my lungs didn't burn as much. The man still ran after me, but soon enough I couldn't hear him behind me. My foot caught on a branch and I fell on my face. I squirmed around trying to free my leg, but it was no use. I turned around and a dark figure obscured my body. Suddenly, hot searing pain pierced my heart. I tried to scream but no sound would escape my mouth. Darkness began to fill my vision but I fought to catch a glimpse of my killer. He had dark short hair with a chiseled face. I looked into his eyes and registered their red glow. My eyelids dropped and I sunk into a pool of darkness...

I sat up and breathed air, trying to calm down. I looked around and sure enough, I was in my room with the morning glow peering through the windows. My wavy black hair was plastered to my skin and my body was covered with sweat. A shiver ran through me as I recalled the awful dream I just had.
Calm down, Selene. It was just a dream. It wasn't real. Nothing happened to you. You're fine. Everything is just perfect. Breathe... I soothed myself.
I took deep breaths and let them out, beginning to calm myself down. I tiny rustle startled me and I quickly looked around, trying to see what made the noise. My puppy Siberian Husky, Anubis, pounced on me and began to lick my hand. I let out a sigh of relief and began to scratch him behind the ears.
"You scared me, silly fur ball." I crooned.
He gave me a wolfy grin and began to wag his tail excitedly. I scratched him behind the ears once more and looked at the clock. 6:15. I jumped out of bed and Anubis went flying through the air. He fortunately landed on his feet and retreated off to his doggy bed, making sure to stay as far away from me as possible.
I didn't blame him. I was a grouch in the morning, especially when I was late.
I stripped down and quickly jumped in the shower. The warm water loosened my muscles and I rolled my neck, sighing contently. After I finished, I quickly wrapped a towel around me and walked into my closet. I picked out a pair of khaki pants and a blue Aeropostale long-sleeve shirt. I grabbed some panties and a bra and walked back to my bed. I dried my hair and body, and then threw on the outfit. I walked back to my bathroom and took out my blow drier and began to style my hair quickly. I ran a brush through my hair and let it fall into loose curls. I opened the drawer quickly and took out my mascara, applying some on my eyelashes. I checked the clock on the counter and was alarmed by the time. 6:56.
"Crap!" I cursed.
I ran back to my bedroom and quickly gathered my bag, keys, iPhone, iPod touch, and ran out the door. I bolted down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Morning, Swee--"
"Bye, Mom!" I interrupted.
I ran out of the kitchen and outside. My car, a black 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe, was parked on the drive and I quickly jumped in. Starting the engine, I pulled out of the driveway and sped down the street. Ten minutes later, I was in my school's parking lot. I jumped out of my car and quickly locked it. I ran into the campus and quickly dropped my stuff off at my locker. Speeding toward the classroom, I turned my phone on and stuck it in my pocket. I stopped in front of the door and took a breather, then steeped inside.
Everyone turned to look at me.
My cheeks flooded with color and I made my way towards my chair.
"You're late for the meeting, Dragomir." Coach Carlson warned.
"Sorry, Coach. I had a bad dream and woke up late. It won't happen again." I explained.
"Alright. Talk to your team."
I was captain of the Varsity Softball team at our high school and tomorrow was a big tournament. A pep talk was required.
"Listen up, team. I know tomorrow is the big day and you guys are scared. So am I." I confessed.
Some girls chuckled and others smiled. I smiled back and continued.
"But, we have to be big girls and not shake like Chihuahuas. They may be the best in the district, but we can still loose with dignity..." I started.
Some nodded their heads in agreement.
"I'm kidding with you people! We are going to win that freaking championship and rub it in their stupid faces that we are the best! We are going to go out there and work our butts off for that cup. I cannot see this school end up in second place this year once again when we have one of the best players I have seen. Hands down. But we have to put all this talent to work, and win. You get me?" I demanded.
They nodded their heads.
"Looks like you want to win... NO, you buttheads! I want to hear you say it!" I commanded.
"Yes, Ma’am!" They all cried.
"See. Was that so hard? Coach, you want to say anything?" I asked.
She snickered and waved her hands no.
"Any questions? No. Okay. You may go." I dismissed them.
The team all stood up and only one of the members stayed, Taylor, my best friend. Mason, my boyfriend, was waiting out in the threshold with her.
I gathered my bag and walked toward them. Taylor is blonde with long, straight hair, tall, with blue eyes, pretty figure, and she had some jeans, brown booties and a cream-colored cardigan. She hugged me tightly and then pulled back to smile at me.
"Nice speech." She commented.
"Thanks." I smiled.
Mason is tall, with short, dark hair, green eyes, very nice muscles and was wearing jeans and a dark button-down shirt. I tucked myself on his chest and breathed in his cologne. I pulled back and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a kiss.
"Hey." I greeted after pulling away.
"Hey. A little late today?" He smiled.
"Yeah. I overslept."
"You said it was a bad dream."
"It was."
"What was it about?"
"It's nothing."
"Are you sure?"
I pulled away and walked away into the hall. Why did he ask that? I mean, it was just a dream. Nothing too big, right?
Taylor and Mason flanked me from behind and I opened the doors with the Phoenix Winter breeze hitting my face. It had been an unbearable hot summer and I was glad winter was here.
I made my way to a table nearby and sat down. Taylor sat to my right and Mason to my left. My phone rang and I pulled it out to see who it was. I stood up and took the call.
"Hello, Mom." I greeted.
"Hi, Sweetie." She responded.
"What's going on?"
"Honey, I need you to come home right after lunch. Can you do that?"
"Why? Is something wrong?"
"No, no. It's just something very important."
"Can it wait until after school?"
"It's urgent."
"Is it matter of life or death?"
"Um... Kind of."
"Alright. See you later."
"Love you, Honey."
"Love you too, Mom."
I hanged up and walked back to the bench. Tyler was talking to Mason and quickly moved on to talk to me.
"Who was it?" She asked.
"My mother." I answered.
"What happened?"
"They need me to come home so they can talk to me about something."
"What did you do wrong?"
"I don't know. She just told me that it was urgent."
"Hm. That's weird. When do you need to leave?"
"At lunch. I'll be back in time for fourth hour."
"Okay. I'll text you like ten minutes before the bell rings."
I smiled warmly at her and was startled when Mason spoke up.
"So I'm going to eat alone?"
I put my hand on his cheek and looked at him sweetly.
"Yes. But hey, there's always the team to seat with and Taylor will be with them."
"But, they’re all girls.”
“The guys in the football team will think you’re the man.”
"And I'll be back in no time, okay?"
He nodded solemnly.
I kissed him softly and leaned against his shoulders.
Erik, a football player, approached us and stood in front of Taylor.
"Hi, Taylor." He greeted.
"Hey, Erik." She smiled.
"Uh. I... Um. I...I wanted to ask you if... um... uh..."
"Erik? To the point, please." I commanded.
"Taylor. IwantedtoaskyouifyouwouldgotothedancewithmeonSaturdaybecauseIreallylikeyou."
"Atta boy, Erik!" I cheered.
Taylor widened her eyes and then collected herself. She looked at Mason and turned towards the football player.
“I would love to go to the Winter Formal with you, Erik." She smiled.
He grinned at her and sat beside her. That startled Taylor but she smiled at him warmly.
"So, at what time do you want me to pick you up on Saturday?" Erik asked.
They continued making plans for the dance and I began to wonder what was so urgent that my mother needed me to go home early.
Suddenly, the bell for class rang and I stood up, kissing Mason goodbye. I made my way towards English and people greeted me as I walked through the halls. Entering the class, I made my way to the back, and sat down in one of the seats. I pulled out my iPod and stuck the headphones in my ears, tuning out the whole world...

Lunch hour came and I made my way to my Tahoe. I sped toward my home, trying to figure out what the emergency was. I pulled into the driveway and switched off the engine. I entered the house and made my way to my father's study, where my parents were waiting for me.
"Hey." I greeted.
"Hi, honey." They responded.
"What's going on?"
They looked at each other and my father stood from his chair.
"Selene. A week ago, I came early from work. Remember?"
"Yeah. You said that you didn't feel good."
"Well. It wasn't because of that."
"Then, what was it?"
"I got fired."
"The hospital doesn't have enough money to have that many employees and they decided it was time for me to retire. I have been there for many years and others needed the job more than I did."
"Can't you find another hospital to work in?"
"I already found one."
"What's the catch?"
"It's in Neah Beach, Washington."
"They offered me a job there. Their best doctor just died and they heard that I was looking for a job. They would pay me a little bit more than the hospital did here and they are really in need of new doctors. I took the job."
"So you're going to be moving there and we stay here?"
"No. We are all moving."
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