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Vampires vs. Shapeshifters

Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires
Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires  « Hide author's note
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Here We Go Again

"What happened in here? Are you okay?" he asked very fearlessly. He ran over and bent down to look at my leg. I looked at my hand and fang prints were stuck in my skin. They were below my thumb. I pulled my hand back to make sure my dad didn't see it. He helped me up and set me back down in bed. "I think it is just a sprain. What did you do?" he still looked tired, but he was still wide awake and alert. I started to smile.
"I was running in the forest," I replied. The image of being thrown was stuck in my head.
"I see. Well try to get some rest. With your strength and shape shifting you will be better before lunch. I guess it just takes awhile for it to heal," my dad rubbed his chin.
I could tell in his eyes that he was wondering about it. I hurt my self last night and it should have been better by now. I could tell that there was something wrong with me, but what? I took my hand and examined it for awhile. I stared at it and wondered, "did Cody do this?" I lied down on my pillow and rested awhile. I knew that Cody would never bite me, but how could I be sure of it? I thought about how Cody was so gentle and sweet like a kitten usually was. He was kind. He was the one that could make me laugh. I could hardly believe that he did that. I fell asleep and woke up around noon. I started to get up, but I couldn't. My leg was still sprained. My dad decided it was time to go and see a doctor. I hopped in the car and we drove to a little white building in town. A town doctor was not as nice as a regular doctor, but at least he/she was doing. My dad helped me out of the car. I walked into the building with my arm over his shoulder. The nurse at the front desk saw me and ran out from behind the desk to help my dad. I saw the woman's face and she seemed to notice by the way I looked at her. The woman had animals' markings from weird looking animals all over her face. I was surprised that I couldn't even name them all. And nor did I know that many. The doctor finally called me into the room and the nurse had to help me in there. My dad sat in the waiting room reading Outdoor Illinois. I sat on the bed in the room. The doctor took my leg and held it up. I squawked in pain.
"I am sorry my dear, but it looks as if it were broken," the doctor said.
"Broken?" I asked. I must have been thrown pretty far for it to be broken.
"I will give you a cast for it," The doctor said. He called in the nurse and they pulled me into another room. There were tons of machines and a small x-ray machine. They gave me an x-ray and saw that indeed it was broken. All my dad did was shaking his head of his at me. I walked out of the doctor's office with a cast around my leg. It was like glue and a good thing too because I could hardly fell my leg as well. I had to use crutches just to get to the car. My dad drove out of the lot. My dad looked at the road.
"I can't believe it didn't heal. You are a shape shifter," he said worried.
I could tell in his eyes that this was not normal like they had hoped that it would be. I was afraid of what would happen, but like always I brushed it off and didn't worry too much about it. He left the room and I lied there as the sun shined into my room. A knock roared on my door. "Come in!" I yelled.
There was no answer. Then to break the pause my door flung open and a gush of wind blew the curtains shut. I couldn't see the person because they went so fast. Then they stopped. Two men stood at the edge of my bed. One held Cody with a rope. Cody whined at them, but because of the tape on his mouth no one could hear him. The other man was Ryan, the king of vampires, or so we thought. He was the king of our section. He looked at me with weary eyes. "Do you know how long I have been waiting for this opportunity?" he asked.
I could tell that there was going to be some trouble between us. "No," I answered.
He walked to the edge of my bed and put his hand on my leg. He used his force to push down on it. I screamed with pain. Cody struggled to get away from the vampires grip, but he had failed.
"You now know the pain that I feel," Ryan spoke.
There was a pause. A very long pause. He watched as I sat there holding my hand. I yelled for help, but my parents were not listening.
Ryan laughed at my actions. "They are tied up in the basement."
"Let them go!" I demanded.
I looked at Cody with tears hiding my hazel eyes. He knew "I can tell that you guys are really good buds," he said. He walked to Cody and jammed his hand in his neck. Cody also screamed with pain.
"Let him go!"
Ryan let go of him and used his speed and got to the edge of my bed. He pulled me out of my bed with his hand n my neck. He tried to choke me. He shoved my back against the wall and I froze. I had no more air left and nor did I want to suffer. Ryan looked at the scar that he had made. He said, "That is the marking of the true king and now there will be no letting you live. There will only be letting you die and suffer."
"I-I-" I tried to speak, but there was something holding me back from talking. I couldn't speak. My breathe was almost out. Cody struggled to get free. I fell to the ground when I heard a crash. I landed on a small table that was beside my bed. I tried to overcome everything, but I had no power in me. A shape shifter, I thought, no power? I closed my eyes and disappeared from the world. I thought about the very memorable memory. It was about seven or six summers ago and I met the clan. Jake, Lea, Morgan, Yuma, Tina, Tory, and I. There was so many of us. When we all died I couldn't believe it. Dalton came the summer after. We all trained together and did stuff like friends. I remember the first time I killed a vampire, and now I regret every moment of it. I remember how Tina showed us her witchcraft. Everything was coming into clear. I looked at the face of Jake and saw a beam of light shining behind him. Jake seemed like he was pointing me in the direction of the light. I walked up the path and saw nothing, but light. Clouds had gone away and there was nothing but blackness behind me. I looked back to find a familiar voice calling, "Lucy!" I thought of going back. I thought it was a trick. I walked backwards, but the light shined even brighter than before. I looked back and began to sprint to the voice that was calling my name. I could hear the sorrow and the tears. I finally made it. A circular orb, that was taller than me floated in the middle. All I could see was Jake and Cody looking over at me. Jake was crying. I walked towards the orb and went through it just to be where I needed to be.
I opened my eyes and saw the boys leaning over at me. "Lucy?" the first voice cracked the silence. It was Jake of course.
Cody followed close behind him. "Are you alright, Lou?"
I spoke in a soft tone. "I-I am s-sorry. I-I didn't mean to," I stuttered trying to find the words in my mouth.
Cody smiled at me as he leaned to hug me. "No this is not your fault. It is mine. I should have protected you better."
I hugged him back. Cody put his arm under my legs and the other under my head. He picked me up off the ground. Glass fell from my hair and all you heard was glass breaking every time someone stepped on it. Cody laid me on the bed. Jake looked at me smiling. Then all of a sudden the frown disappeared.
“Where are your mom and dad?"
"They are in the basement," I answered. "Ryan tied them up."
Jake got up and ran out of my room. Cody and I sat in silence for awhile. Cody looked at the scar that Ryan had made. He rubbed his hand on it. The coldness almost chilled me into a deep freeze. "I realized something important now," he said. "Do you guys ever wonder why you always have scars on your body from vampires that don't heal?"
Yes," I said trying to keep it simple.
There has to be something in our nails that does that to you," Cody wondered.
recalled all the scars that we had in the past from vampires. He was right. None of them had healed. They only left scars. I looked at Cody as he looked down at the ground. I put my hand on his cheek and turned it so he faced me. He couldn't cry or else he would by now. He looked at me with his glass like eyes that sparkled like an emerald.
"Thank you."
He gave me a smirk. "For what? I did nothing."
"That's where your wrong," I said. "You saved me."
He looked mad and furious. I could not help, but to say, "You can help us kill him for good."
He smiled at me. "Do you really think that we could do that? I mean without getting in trouble. He was the king of this land, you know?"
"I know, but don't you want revenge?" I asked.
"Yes, but I don't know if it is right," Cody said. "It doesn't even feel right."
"Would you do it for me?" I asked him.
He looked at me and said, "I will think about it, but for now you should rejoin your family." He picked me up and put me on my bed. My mom came rushing into the room.
"Honey, are you alright?" she was crying. She hoped on my bed and gave me a great big hug.
"Yes mom, I'm okay."
We were so worried about you,” she said letting go of me.
"Mom, I am okay, I promise."
Cody climbed out the window. I watched him. I felt grieving in him. I pushed my mom's arms away and hoped out the window after him. I looked at him as his eyes focused on the trees. He crossed his arms and walked toward them.
"Where are you gong?" I called toward him.
Cody looked at me and I wondered if vampires ever cried like normal people. He looked down. "I just figured that I should head home. You look like you and your family need a night to catch up on things."
I felt in my throat, but for once in my life it slipped. "But I don't want you to go. I-" I paused before I could say anymore. I didn't want to confuse him more than I already did. Why cant you tell him, I thought.
Cody looked at me with a confused face. I knew that he would give me that face, but what was I suppose to say now? He said, "Why didn't you finish you sentence?"
I began to laugh at him. "I don't know maybe I just didn't want you to hear the end."
"Well then, May I hear the end now?" he asked.
I smiled and told him, "Your going to have to catch me first." I transformed into a cheetah and ran through the forest. I was focused on the moon in the sky and the wind blowing in my face. I could not tell if Cody was chasing after me of not, but every now and then I heard a branch crackle on the forest floor. Someone jumped at me and I transformed back into a human. On top of me was Cody. He was smiling as he laid there. He rolled off and onto the ground crushing some leaves under him. He put his hand under his cheek and looked at me.
"Are you going to tell me?" he asked in the sweetest tone. He looked at my eyes and moved his finger in a figure eight on my stomach. He leaned closer and I felt the coldness of his breath on my nose. His cold finger ran up my neck to my cheek. He came closer and closer with in every second of the day. Before I realized what I happened I froze. He kissed me. His lips were soft with warmth even though I had no idea what to say next. He surprised me by saying, "I love you."
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 22 Next »

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smurfette27 said...
May 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm
you keep putting the vamp's name as both cody and luke. it's confusing.

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