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Vampires vs. Shapeshifters

Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires
Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires  « Hide author's note
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He stood up and got really close to me. He cornered me at the wall. He punched the stone wall. He got super close to my face as he leaned his hand on the wall. His eyes glistened with flames. He spoke, "Do you realize that you will never be one of us?"
"Yes I do," I said.
"Then why do you even try witch?" he asked.
The named roared with steam through my head. I hated when people called me that. Especially since I was a shape shifter, and not a witch. I looked at him and spoke softly, "I am not a witch."
He smiled and put his icy cold hand around my neck. I was losing my breath. "Do you realize that I could kill you in a second?"
I grabbed his hand with mine. "Yes I do."
"Then why do you dare come here?" he roared through the cave. Each side rumbled from his anger that he had possessed. I was deeply afraid, but I wasn't going to let my guard down. He let go of me leaving a handprint on my neck. He sat by the wall and grabbed his knife again. "You do not understand what we go through every day, the sacrifices we make, and the family that we have lost. We have given up everything just because of our hideous sides." I was still against the wall. He saw me trembling with fear. He got up and walked towards me. He stuck the knife in his pocket. He looked at the handprint on my neck. He took my head in his hand and pulled me back to analyze the print. He whispered, "Did I do that much damage?" I wasn't going to answer because I was still afraid. He let go of my head. I looked at him once more and he was about ten inches away from me. I held on to the wall with dear life. He looked down. "My brother told me to give you a message. He said he will be here soon. He also said that you need to stay away from me."
I looked down. "You're not as scary as you look."
He looked up at me as I looked down. "He was afraid that I would kill you. I am a newcomer so once my family goes hunting, I stay here, hidden from society. I see lies hidden in your eyes too. I see sarcasm and sorrow, they look like mine most of the time, but without the anger I guess." He went by the wall and pulled out his knife. He started to carve the wood again. He seemed that he was having fun. I was still frightened by his actions, but I went and sat by him. I watched him carve the wood carefully. I watched him carefully as he smiled at me. He looked back at the wood carving and it was a fox. The fox's tail wrapped around its body like a blanket. He was pretty good by the way he carved it. I laid my head on his shoulder. He handed me the fox. "Here, keep it."
I took it from his hands. I held the fox in my hands. It was smooth. "Thank you," I commented. "You have done a great job."
"Thanks," he said.
I let out a yawn and closed my eyes. He picked up another stick he found on the ground and started to carve it too. I fell asleep. After a very long day I was tired. I woke up to the sound of Cody's voice. I opened my eyes and saw his family standing over me. I yawned and they all laughed.
"Have a nice nap, sweetheart?" asked Cody's vampire mom.
I was embarrassed by what she said. Cody looked at them. He gave them a look and walked out of the cave. He looked back at me. "I am so sorry. They are not use to having a human in our house. They haven't slept in years so they like watching you apparently. I had to laugh too. You talk in your sleep."
"What did I say?" I asked. I was hoping that it wasn't embarrassing. Last time I did that I was at school and I fell asleep in class yelling "I love Roger Gunman." Who was a kid in my class that I liked.
Cody laughed at me, "Oh nothing."
I bit my lip. I asked him again and again, but he wouldn't tell me.
"Where is Tyler?" he asked looking around the cave. I looked around and didn't see Tyler anywhere. I shrugged my shoulders. He walked up to me and saw the handprint on my neck. "Did he do this to you?" he asked. I was trying to say no, but for some odd reason I nodded my head. Luke was fierce with action. "I swear I will kill him. Are you okay?"
"No don't kill anyone. I am fine and there was no damage done. I am still alive so everything should be okay, right?"
I could tell that he didn't want to cross paths. He looked mad, but I couldn't tell why he want to do this for me. I saw him walk out of the cave. He ran so fast to the cliff that I could of swore he was going to fall. He sat on the edge dangling his toes over the ledge. I had to transform into an animal just to keep up with him. I transformed where he was. He sat there crying. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder as I sat down beside him. He didn't look at me. His sorrow hid his eyes from the moon and they did not shine.
"Why are you crying?" I asked. I tried to come up with a simple question, but that was all that came out of my mouth. I felt like my mouth was closed forever before it could open again.
"I took an oath to protect you,"he said. "I can't live with guilt on my shoulders. I am supposed to keep you alive. I will not let anyone ever hurt you again. I promise-"
He paused and went into silence. As hard as he cried I was surprised that he didn't let out any tears. He stopped and looked up at the moon. I saw a quick smile, but it faded along within the night. "The stars are beautiful, don't you think so?" he asked looking up.
I did the same and replied, "Yeah they are." I lay back on the grass and he did the same. He pulled me closer to him. I looked at him and he gave me a smile. His skin was like ice. I sat up and looked over the cliff. I looked down and all I saw was a calm wave. It didn't even crash into the side of the cliff. I stood up and got really close to the edge. Cody did the same and he stood behind me looking down. I looked back at him and he didn't say anything. I grabbed his hand and we both stood on the very edge.
He looked down and then bit his lip like I did. He said, "What are we doing?"
I smiled at him and pulled him off the cliff with me. He started to scream.
"Hang on tight," I yelled grabbing onto his shoulders. He did the same. A rush of chills came over me as we hit the water. I rose to the top and so did he.
"You scared me to death," he said.
"What's the point? You are already dead," I pointed out. I laughed at him. "It is our favorite game to play. To others it is called Chicken."
He looked at the water. "What do we do now?"
I looked at the water and began to swim to the shore. He did the same and followed me. When we finally got there we were both cold and tired from the swimming. I sat on the sand.
"Isn't it time for you to go home and get some sleep?" Cody asked. He coughed up some water and spit it on the ground.
I frowned and said, "Yeah I guess it is."
He held out his hand and I grabbed it. I got up and he pulled me onto his back and ran through the forest. As he did so he got hit and threw me off of his back and onto the floor. I lay there silently. I looked up and saw a Broad vampire. He looked at Cody as Cody got off the ground. Not once did he look at me, but I didn't care. The vampire was pale like the other vampires that I had seen, but this one was wearing all black and it had a long black cape. He had locks for hair and a class ring on his finger.
Cody looked at him with his back turned towards me. "What are you doing here?" he asked.
The vampire looked at him and laughed. "This is my property, so what do you mean by that? I have been around for centuries. It is time that I come back to my town."
Cody looked at the ground. "You still have no right to be here. You well know that you are not supposed to be anywhere nears my family. We were told to live here."
"Well this is my land. Apparently they forgot about that rule." The vampire didn't see me and somehow I wondered how he didn't. I was in the middle of the forest path. I could be seen for a mile if that was the case. The vampire snarled at Cody.
Cody laughed at the vampire. "You need to call them court you majesty. Have you forgotten that rule too?"
The vampire hissed, "I am your king and do not forget it, you filthy mutt."
I was furious by what he had said, but I was in so much pain that I couldn't move anything. Cody still had his back towards me. He said, "You're not the most powerful one now. You might be the king here, but you are nothing over there. To them you are a human that is named Ryan."
Ryan was stuck in my head. I could tell that the king of all the vampires, or so I thought, had finally arrived and I was scared. The vampire ran back towards the town. The darkness was still quiet as Luke came back to me. He stood and lifted me up. I looked at him cautiously.
"Are you hurt?" Cody asked looking at my leg.
"I can't move my leg," I said. I was right my leg was sprained from when I was flung onto the path. Cody put me down and used his jacket to tie our legs together. He splinted my leg. He put my arm over his shoulder and his arm was on my waist. Then off we went into the woods. When we got to my house he untied the cloth and helped me inside. I sat on my bed as he sat in the chair by the open window.
"I am sorry that I put you in a lot of harm and put you in harm's way," he said breaking the silence.
"Don't be sorry. You didn't know that the king of vampires was going to hit you like he did," I said. I made up everything trying to comfort him.
He looked at my leg. "Does it hurt?" he asked. He came and examined it.
"Only a little."
He came and laid next to me on my bed. I looked at him and asked, "Do vampires ever sleep?"
He began to laugh. "No we don't. I haven't slept over thousands of years it seems like."
"Do you kill humans?" I gulped trying to hear a truthful answer which I was praying that it would be no. I didn't want Cody to kill me too.
Cody frowned. I could tell this wasn't easy to tell me things. He said, "My family don't, but there is some vampires that kill humans out there. All I know is that we don't want to attract attention to ourselves and the humans coming after us like they do in the movies. That is how some people describe us as. Which in fact means that I am a hunter not a killer like you may think?"
I smiled a sign of relief. "Well that is good. I didn't want you to get into a lot of trouble." I looked down remembering the face of Ryan.
Cody noticed it at once. "I know what you are thinking about. I can sense it by the way your eyes stare at me," he said he pulled me close to his chest. "I know he saw you, but you should be thankful that he didn't kill you since you are in a bad condition. I am surprised by that too. He is furious at our family because we were the ones that told him he wasn't every bodies' king. He thinks too much of himself. In fact there is a vampire congress to keep us in line. They live somewhere in California."
That was a long way considering that we lived in Missouri. "Then why did you come here?" I had a lot of questions for him to answer.
"We came here because it is the country so lots of room to hunt and the sun hardly shines," he replied. He looked at me and smiled. “Now go to sleep. I bet you have a big day for tomorrow."
"Not really." I said pulling the blanket over me. I laid there thinking as Cody began to hum the familiar tune. The tune put me quickly asleep like it always did. The next morning I got up and I looked around. Cody had disappeared again. It was finally sunrise. I knew that he was not going to come see me. I jumped off my bed and fell quickly to the floor. I looked at my leg and it still hurt. I wondered why it had not been fixed yet. I rubbed my leg with my left hand. My dad ran into my room.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 22 Next »

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smurfette27 said...
May 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm
you keep putting the vamp's name as both cody and luke. it's confusing.

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