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Vampires vs. Shapeshifters

Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires
Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires  « Hide author's note
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The Truth

The next morning I woke up to fine a rose lying on the side of my bed. Jake was still sleeping. I sat up and took the rose from the bed side table. It was gorgeous and it reminded me of Cody. It smelled fantastic, but most of all it smelled like the scent of a vampire, and for that reason I was afraid that something was going to happen. My dad walked into my room and saw Jake sleeping in my bed. He gave me a weird look. I shook my head. He told me that it was time for breakfast and left the room.
I realize some words are mis-spelled, but I could not find them
I put the rose back on the table behind my clock and woke up Jake. Jake woke up and he got up instantly. He sat up in my bed.
"What happened," he said.
"Oh you know," I paused. I looked at him as he checked the place were the scars had been. There wasn't a scratch on him.
"Well I am going to go back and report to Tory," he said.
"Okay and I am going to go for a run, I hope that is okay," I said. I thought about where my vampire friend lived.
He nodded and ran towards the cornfield. He went inside and didn't even look back to see if I watching. Which I was. After he was gone I transformed into a bird and flew towards the cave that I woke up in. When I got there I landed in the bush. I threw down my clothes from my claws and transformed back into a human. I got dressed and walked into the cave. I was trying to be sneaky until a vampire put his hand around my neck digging his finger nails into my skin.
"What are you doing here?" I couldn't see his face, but I knew for sure that it wasn't Cody. He turned me around and I hardly saw his face. He looked at me. "You reek of a shape shifter, perhaps you are one?"
I smiled a trickery smile. "My dear brother I am not a shape shifter. I am a blood sucker."
He stared at me and let go of my neck. The fingernails were probably drenched with blood. He walked forward and told me to come with him. I did as I was told and I followed him. I followed him into the room that I woke up in at the beginning.
"Brother, someone is here for you," The man said. I turned and faced the man. It was amazing to see his emerald eyes that sparkled like Cody's did. It had to be his brother by the way he looked at me.
Cody echoed through the whole cave. "Leave me alone!"
"There is someone to see you," the boy said.
Cody was upset, but I was kind of guilty for this happening. Cody yelled, "Tell them to go away."
The boy looked at me and frown. He shrugged his shoulders.
"Fine then, I guess I will leave," I yelled.
There was no answer. I heard a swish of wind behind me and I was greeted with a hug.
"I am so sorry. I didn't know it was you," Cody said.
I hugged him back. I felt happiness rush over my body. He let me go and stared at the man that cut me. "What have you done? Didn't mom ever tell you not to cut random stranger? Look she is bleeding."
The man looked at me with hunger like I was food. The brothers snarled at each other. Then they stopped. The other one walked out of the cave and ran as fast as he could into the woods. Cody looked at me and smiled a crooked smile. "That was my brother Tyler. He doesn't look like he knows much, but he knows his instincts on shape shifters. I am surprised that he even let you by."
"He didn't seem very nice," I said. I looked at Luke as towards the entrance. He took my hand and led me to the edge of the cave. It was bright.
"Do you know why we vampires can’t go into sunlight," he asked. I shook my head. I watched as he stuck his arm into the sunlight. The sun began to burn his skin. Sizzling noises began to crack off of it. I grabbed his hand with mine and it stopped. My hand created shade for his hand. He pulled it back in the cave. He was still holding my hand. "We can only go into sunlight if we run fast, but even that is hard to do. My brother ran out of here and he will have to hide under every tree that there is."
I looked up at him. He smiled a crooked smile and pulled me out into the sunlight. At first I thought that he was going to burn. He was running fast and hardly ever stopped. He stopped every couple of minutes under the trees. As she sat under a tree the sun moved and the light shined on him. I grabbed his arm and pulled him into the shade. I sat by him. He got up and took my hand trying to go back to my house, but I went ahead and ran in front of him. He let me lead him back home. We got to the train tracks about a mile away from my house before it was dark. The sun had just gone down and the moon was shining. I went to the train tracks and walked on them. Cody was by me and he was walking on them too. He had perfect balance. He got off the rails and went and leaned against a tree. He watched me as I went into the middle of the tracks. He heard something. He looked down the tracks and saw lights and the lights were coming from a train. I tried to get off, but my shoelace got caught on the wood in the middle of the tracks. The train was coming and Cody watched in horror at me. I looked at him and he used all of his body might to throw himself at me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me from under the tracks. The train speeded by the rails. I lied on the grass without any movement. After the train went by I looked at the tracks and a piece of wood was gone. I looked at Cody as he smiled.
"Thank you," I said.
"You're welcome," Cody said. He took my hand and led me back to the house. I could hear rustling in my bedroom. I walked back to the front door and went in. I walked up the stairs and into my room. Cody was outside my window. My mom was sitting at my closet crying. My dad looked up at me and shook his head.
My mom looked up at me. "Where have you been?"
I said, "I was out with my friend."
She threw the shirt at me. I looked at it and it was covered in blood. I had no response to this and nor did I know what to do. "It was an accident."
My mom looked at my dad and he left the room. She went over to me. "Transform into an animal."
The demand was stuck in my mind. "What?"
"You heard me, do as I say," she demanded.
I looked at her and transformed into a little dog. She began to cry as she sat on my bed. "I know that you are a shape shifter. Your dad told me, but I didn't believe him. I found the shirt with claw scratches and blood and he had to tell me. Why didn't you guys just tell me in the first place instead of hiding it from me?"
I frowned as I transformed back and grabbed a towel of the door knob. I wrapped it around me and clipped it on the front. My mom began to cry harder. I sat beside her and tried to comfort her. "We were both afraid that if we told you, you would think that we were crazy and leave our family. I was so young, and I had no idea what to do."
She looked at me and left the room. I heard my dad in the room next to mine. He was trying to explain more to her. I had no idea when this day would finally come. I was worried about what would happen. I climbed into my bed. Cody climbed through the window and lied on the bed beside me. He looked at me as I began to cry.
"What's wrong," he asked.
I wiped my eyes. "My mom found out about me being a shape shifter."
He thought about it for a second and then frowned. "I'm sorry."
I nodded at him and fell asleep. Cody put his arm around me as I slept. His cold touch made it uncomfortable to sleep. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and Cody would be awake. I looked at him and turned trying to go back to sleep. I woke up the next morning. The sun was bright and it shined through my window. Cody was gone. He must have disappeared in the night sometime. I got up and walked downstairs. My dad was at the counter making coffee. I looked around for my mom, but she wasn’t there. Usually she would already be up and running around the house trying to clean it.
"Where's mom," I asked suspiciously.
My dad looked at me. He had a five o'clock shadow on his chin. He looked tired and not knowing what to do. He said, "She is asleep on the couch."
I looked at him with a confused look on my face. Mother never slept on the couch and not this late either. She must have stayed up all night crying. Not even when her and my dad got into serious fights, Not when her great grandmother died did she ever cry . I knew that this might be the end of our perfect little family. I started to walk back to my room.
"Our family is coming over today so clean up your room for me," my dad called as I left the room.
I sighed as I walked back into my room. Cody was lying on my bed. He was reading my favorite book. It had the dark blue cover and it was really old. He put the book down and smiled at me. "Did you have a good night's sleep?"
I smiled at him too. I got back into my bed and pulled the covers over me. "A little bit," I answered.
He said, "That is good I guess." He looked little a little puzzled by my actions. He started to laugh. "Are you cold?"
I nodded. He pulled me closer to his chest. His body was cold, but I could not help, but to fall asleep once more in his arms. I woke up about an hour later. He was gone again. It was almost dark time and he was nowhere to be found.
"Cody," I called out into the darkness. I heard nothing. I got up and walked around my room. I heard a howl of a dog. And for that reason I knew that my clan had found the vampires. I was scared. I was hoping that I would not find Cody dead on the battlefield. I transformed into a wolf and ran into the cornfield. I followed the sound of the howling tune that I heard. I ended up in a small wood like forest. The trees looked like they had sorrow running in them. The willow trees hung down low. The grass could not be seen and the only thing that was shining was the full moon. I ended up at the side of a cliff. Tyler and Cody stood at the side of the cliff. Morgan, Tory, Jake, and Dalton were surrounding them. A few more vampires stood there looking at them. I joined the fight. I too now surrounded the vampires. Cody looked at me. He knew it was me because he smelled his scent on me. I looked at the rest of my pack and the flung at the vampires. I was worried that Cody would get hurt. A tall golden like vampire hit me knocking me into a tree. Cody ran towards me.
"Are you alright," he asked.
I nodded at him. His eyes were filled with crystals. He ran back into the fight. I attacked the golden like creature. He saw me and flipped me over his head. I was close to the edge of the cliff. Tyler looked at me and stopped fighting. He too smelled the scent of Cody on me. Tory attacked him. He fell to the ground and blood rushed from his cheek.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 22 Next »

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smurfette27 said...
May 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm
you keep putting the vamp's name as both cody and luke. it's confusing.

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