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Vampires vs. Shapeshifters

Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires
Author's note: this was inspired by a frined who is totally obessed with vampires  « Hide author's note
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A New Friendship

He smiled at me and gave me a hug. It hurt, but I hugged him back. He stared tiredly into my eyes. "My name is Cody, what is your name?"
"My name is Lucy," I screeched in pain
"Are you a shape shifter," he asked.
"Yes I am. I can transform into many animals," I said.
"Oh you are the type one? I hear it is rare," he said
"Yes, it is," I said. I put my hand on my bandages. The blood was on my hand. Cody gulped. His fangs came out. He got up and turned into a bat to hide. He was a mutt. He was a shape shifter too, but most of all he was dangerous. He was a mutt. I hurried and wiped my hand on my pants. He came back as a bat and he gave me some new bandages. He picked up his clothes by his claws and flew back into the darkest corner. I undid the bandages. There were claw marks everywhere. They were really deep and probably needed stitches. I bit my lip as I took the gauze and put it on there. I wrapped the cloth. I had to put a lot of pressure on it. Luke came back into existence. He kneeled beside me and put pressure onto the bandages. I was afraid of him, but I kept wrapping the bandages around me. He took his fangs and bent closer to my stomach. I thought he was going to bite me. He tore the bandages and tied them on my side. I looked at him and smiled.
"Thank you."
He began to laugh a sweet laugh that no other vampire had. He said, "You need to be more confident in me. I wont hurt you."
"It is just that I have never met a vampire like you before."
He stared at the blood. "By the looks of things you will need to stay all night and you will be recovered in the morning."
I sighed. I closed my eyes and remembered my mother. "Oh no, I can't. My mom is expecting me and she has no idea that I am a shape shifter."
He looked at me and picked me up. He was strong and he acted like I was as light as a feather. He ran right of the cave. "Where do you live? I will take you there."
I told him where I lived and he went there. I had no attention of telling a vampire were I lived, but at the moment I had no choice He ran fast like a cheetah. My body pressed up against his ice cold chest. His nose wrinkled with the smell of blood. I was afraid I was going to be lunch. I watched him as he carefully looked towards my house. We were there before I knew it. I was surprised by how the minutes went by.
He sighed, "Okay where to now?"
"Just knock on my dad's window. He will answer it,"I said as I pointed to the window.
He nodded and walked up to the window. My dad saw him at once and opened it for him. He looked at me weird and Luke jumped into the window. He landed on the floor with like a feather. He did not even make a sound. My dad pointed to my room and Luke took me there. He laid me in my bed. He sat next to me in my chair as my dad walked through the door. I knew he could smell the stench of the vampire, but being to old and retired he could’t possibly know that it was from the one sitting right next to me.
"What happened, Lou?" He was trying to be quiet so my mom would not hear.
I looked up at my dad and said, I'm sorry. Cody was the one who saved me. I woke up and I was in cuts all over."
Cody smiled at my dad, but he didn't seem too happy.
"Thank you, son, now gets out of here before the old lady finds you here," my dad puffed.
I was still hoping that my dad lost his sense of smell when he retired. Most of us could smell a vampires scent. That is how we tracked them. My dad was shocked by my actions. My dad said, "Fine, is he staying for dinner?"
I looked at Cody and he shook his head. He was a vampire, I thought, he doesn't eat like we do. He is a dead and breathing blood sucker. I shook my head at my dad. My dad frowned and walked out of the room. He walked back downstairs and told my mom that I was sick. My mom didn't mind when I was sick. She was just usually upset. I looked at Cody. "So what exactly happened?"
Cody knew what I was talking about. He sighed and said, "When you attacked me I thought you were going to kill me. Then all of a sudden you stopped and I saw your eyes look at me. Another vampire came and gave you those scratches. You transformed back into a human. I got up and my brother left. I saw you on the ground. I couldn't just leave you there. I never wanted anyone to get hurt, but it happened. I dragged you to my cave when my family was away and healed you. But it doesn't really look like it right now though."
 I said, "By the way don’t worry about my blood gushing out. I will be healed tomorrow."
Cody smiled and said, "Until then you should rest." He opened my window and was about to jump out.
"Wait," I called, "Will you stay until I fall asleep?"
He smiled and lied on the side on my bed. I cuddled up next to him. He held me in his arms and I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning. Cody was gone. I looked around and din’t see him. I lied on my back and started to take off the bandages. I was healed. There wan’t even a scratch on me. I rubbed my hand over it. There was nothing. I got up and a rush of dizziness came over me causing me to grab onto the wall too help me up. Black dots were everywhere. Was it from healing? Then I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I had my mom cook her famous eggs and bacon for breakfast. She put my plate down in front of me and I ate them. I walked outside and headed into the cornfield. I din’t€™t want to risk having my powers go wrong again. I finally got to the trailer and I was tired. I opened the door and everyone stared at me.
"You're late,"said Tory.
"I am so sorry."
Tory didn't smile. Morgan looked at me too. "Where have you been," she asked.
I looked and her and started to explain. "Last night there was something that went wrong with my powers and right before I was going to kill a vampire I changed back. I woke up in full clothing and a vampire stood over me."
"You were in his lair?" Tory widened her eyes, "I can tell you reek of his scent."
Dalton didn't look at me. He wanted to believe my story, but he didn't. "Why did you go to his lair?"
I looked at him. "I woke up in his lair. I was in so bad of shape that I couldn't move. Skin was hanging off my stomach. He took care of me and I owe him my life."
Tory looked at me and frowned. "You have one more chance to prove yourself and if you don't then you will be out of here. This is why we came here. We wanted to protect you, but I can see that it might not be working for you. I will send Jake for you at once."
I walked out of the trailer and walked back home. In my room I practiced to shape shift again. Sometimes it worked and others it din’t€™t. I heard a knock on my window. It was Cody. He crawled through my window and sat on my bed. He said, "How's it going short stuff."
I looked at him and smiled. "Oh you know. I almost got kicked out of my clan today."
"How," he asked.
"I smell like a vampire. I smell like you," I said.
He began to laugh. "Me?" he asked, "That is weird and that is what happened to me today. My mom said that I smelled like a human girl that reeked of a animal. It is a sign of shape shifting."
I began to laugh. I noticed his worried look. I lied beside him on my bed and stared at the top of my ceiling. "It will be okay, I promise."
He smiled at me. He turned on his back too. And put his arm around me. â€My brother was sent to look after me, but I lost him somewhere so I could come here."
I looked at him. "We need to go. It will just be us."
"Go?" he asked, "Go where?"
"For a walk," I laughed.
We went to the window and hoped out. Luke took my hand and transformed into a bat. I did the same and I changed into a bat too. It sort of felt nice to have him around. We grabbed our clothes and flew to the park. Once we got there we hid in the bushes and got dressed. I caught him taking a peek and i threw my jacket at him. He laughed and shrugged his shoulders a little and turned back around. We met on the path and we started to walk. His arm was around me the whole time. We asked each other questions about our life. We sat on a bench and I laid my head on his shoulder. He looked at me. I twitched. I heard the calling of Jake at my home.
"I have to go," I said, "My brother in my clan is looking for me." I ran to the bush and transformed into a bird. Then I went back home. I landed in a bush next to my window and changed. I crawled through my window and saw Jake sniffing my bed.
"You have the smell of him everywhere," he said.
"I do?" I looked at him and began frightened. I ran over to him and hugged him tightly. "Please don't tell on me. If I got kicked out of the clan my dad would kill me. Please Jake, be my friend.
He looked at me and grabbed my shoulders. He sniffed my neck and sensed Luke's scent. His nose twitched. "What have you been doing?"
I bit my lip. I said, "Please don't tell. This will ruin me. I was with the vampire that saved my life. I owe him my own life."
"You owe him nothing. He will live forever until I murder him," he said. He took my shoulders and shoved me out the window. He threw me into my mom's bushes. He took every leaf and rubbed it on my skin. He picked me up and pulled me closer to his body and hugged me. He said, "You still smell like him. Go take a shower."
I did as he was told and went back through my window. I took a shower and went back into my room. Jake was sitting on my bed spraying it with air freshener to get off the smell. He looked at me and hopped off my bed. Jake stayed outside when i dressed. Then I went outside my window and saw Jake as a bird. I transformed into a bird too and we both headed out. We flew into the air and to the park. We landed. I had forgotten that there was a cornfield here too. I transformed back into a human and knocked on the door. Tina answered the door. She let us in. I sat on the couch.
Tory was silent. Morgan looked at me. "So what is wrong with your shape shifting?"
I looked at her and said, "I am not sure, but when I want to shape shift I will, but when I don't I will too. And sometimes I even transform and transform back when I don't want to."
"You smell like a vampire," Morgan said.
Tory got up and smelled me. She took me by my arms and shook me. "I told you once and now you have now more chances. You are out of here."
I began to cry. Jake stepped in front of us. "I am sorry. This is my entire fault. I was watching her and I smelled a vampire so I attacked it for attacking a child. It reminded me of my childhood."
Tory smelled him too. He smelled like me. I could smell the stench on his neck. Jake looked at me and winked. Tory whispered something in Jake's ear and walked to Dalton and whispered the same thing in his ear. Tory went to her room and slammed the door. I looked at Jake.
"I am supposed to watch you. I will never leave your side from now on," Jake said.
I frowned for awhile. I didn't want him to notice my expression.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 22 Next »

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smurfette27 said...
May 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm
you keep putting the vamp's name as both cody and luke. it's confusing.

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