Living with Famous Idiots!

December 27, 2011
By sujudork602, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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sujudork602, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Author's note: I was getting into Super Junior at this time, and it was really fun for me to write this. I wrote this as a comedy for anyone who needs a pick me up, and this really helped me be more...Happy in life.

Where the heck is he?

That idiot! He forgot me again! No matter how many times I called him, he doesn’t even bother to pick up! That idiot! That jerk, that…URGH! I hate him!

That’s my brother for you! You haven’t seen the guy in 4 years, FOUR YEARS, and here you are, back to Korea, from the states, but he leaves you waiting at the airport for 3 hours after a 14 hour flight! I don’t get it—so much for family, right?

What's worse is that this isn’t the first time. Donghae has always thought of his career before me. When I first came home back to Korea from America in '06, he didn’t visit, but kept on doing his Super Junior career. He never sent me any letters or anything when I was in America, only mom, dad, and Donghwa did, so much for a “wonderful” brother, right? I never received a call from him when I came back from America. I mean, the only reason I know his number, and am furiously pressing those numbers on my phone to get his answer, is becuase our mom told me.
Sighing once more, I looked around the airport, hoping to see him out of all these Korean people. No luck. I took out my phone and tried to call him once again… again… no luck.

I let my back rest against the wall, falling down until I was in a crouching position. Stretching a little, I got bored and rested my chin against my hand. Smelling the wonderful, Korean air that was around me, rather than the American air, listening to Korean words without struggling again rather than straining myself, trying to understand some universal language that I wouldn’t really need, unless I was to be an English major (Which, in a way, I sorta am.) Plus, I can’t tell Americans apart! They all look alike to me. Well, forget my rant! I'm back in Korea! Sure, it's not Mokpo, and the people here speak in a diffrent accent, but it's still Korean!

Oh South Korea! How I’ve missed you! My home! My sweet, wonderful native home! The place where there are cute Asian guys rather than lazy, ugly Asian guys! The home where I can go out at night without having to worry about being safe! Where the worst thing that could happen in Korea at night is two men playing badminton! Not to mention Korean food! Oh Jajangmyun! How I miss you oh so much!

And do you know who’s responsible for ruining my precious dream of eating JaJangmyun?

Lee. Donghae. That’s who.

“Donghae, I’m gonna kill you once you get here” I whined, rest my head on my legs. Just that second, my phone rang. Wow, such great timing! I mean, if Donghae didn’t call me in the next two seconds, I would’ve killed him simply because I’m hungry!

“Hello?” I answered, trying to act as calm as possible even though I had a chance of blowing up at any second.

“Hey, Al? Where are you?” he said, talking in his normal Mokpo accent.

“I’m in the airport” I replied nonchalantly, looking around to find his scrawny body.

“I know that, but WHERE in the airport” he answered sounding a bit mad and tired at the same time.

Sighing, I leaned on my suitcase and answered, “Gate 24”

“Ok, stay there” he hung up. I let out a tired breath, playing with my suitcase handle. I started thinking about how things got weird between my brother and me. I mean, Donghae and I use to be so close! I use to be that kid who didn’t know how to defend myself while Donghae would always save me. Like this one time where I was being pushed by a certain girl against the wall and Donghae stopped the girl going, “LOOK. See that wall? Your face is gonna be against it if you dare hurt my sister again! UNDERSTOOD?!” Che…I wonder where that brother went? Not that stupid celebrity of a brother who has to fake a smile every now and then, but that childish brother of mine.

My phone started to ring; I picked it up and immediately heard Hae’s voice going, “Ok, what are you wearing?”

“A blue plaid mini dress with a short sleeved shirt underneath, with jeans” Standing up, I looked for my brother. I saw him; he was wearing a jacket, a cap and sunglasses with his Iphone pressed against his ear.

“AL?” he yelled, looking around. No doubt about it, that’s Donghae alright!

I walked towards him, glaring at him. “HEY! KOREA’S SHAME!” I yelled, he turned around and stared at me, his face suddenly lighting up.

“ALEX!” he smiled as he walked ran towards me. I smiled at him, waiting until he got to arm length before I could give him a small bit of my wrath since he made me wait soo long for my Jajangmyun! Precious black noodles that I miss so much! I’m waiting for you! "My little Alex, I missed Yo-" SMACK! I hit his face. With a confident smirk on my face, I looked at the dumb folded Donghae. “HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” he scolded.

“It’s for making me wait at the airport for 3 HOURS!” I said, glaring at him; he let out a breath of air and looked at me with apologetic eyes.

“That wasn’t my fault! The music video shooting just ended, so I have reasons to be late!”

“Oh, so work is more important that your little sister who hadn’t seen you since Dad’s funeral?” I shot back, he just sighed once more.

“I’m sorry Al, but Super Junior is really busy right at the moment since we’re going to release our fourth album and all…” Donghae replied, giving me his usual puppy eyes.

“So? You were so busy with everything” I shot back, “You could’ve called and told me to take a cab! But NOOO! Oh noo! You made me wait so long, jerk!”

“Let me carry your bags” he offered, grabbing my suitcase and 2 of my duffel bags then started to walk.

“Whatever” I grumbled, grabbing the last bag and followed him.

It was silent on our way to his car. He put all of my stuff in the trunk; meanwhile I just sat in the car. He got in the car and started to drive to my new place.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, “Airport food is really nasty, plus I made you wait for so long…”
“No” I lied, possibly at the worst time possible, because my stomache grumbled. No, SCREAMED really loud which made Donghae look at me, I punched my stomach (in hoping it would shut up) which made him laugh out loud.

“So…What do you wanna eat? Kimchi soup? Ramen?”

“I said I wasn’t hungry” I mumbled, but then my stomach told him that I was hungry. Stupid organ! Or…Whatever you are! SHUT UP!

“Sounds like you’re starving.” He said, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Well if you had picked me up 3 HOURS EARLIER.”

“I’m sorry!” he yelled back, sounding a bit ticked off. “There was a photo shoot! Plus the film shooting! I barely even have time for myself at the moment!”

I crossed my arms and looked at the window.

Korea’s shame is the worst!
“Al, wake up!” Donghae whispered as he gently started to shake my shoulder.
“Aunty, just 5 more minutes” I murmured.

“What? N-no English please! Please speak in Korean! This is your brother, Donghae!” he panicked, I slowly opened my eyes. I guess I fell asleep? The world was hazy for a bit as I grabbed Donghae’s wrist to look at his watch.

I fell asleep for an hour? Wow, and Donghae didn’t wake me up? He must’ve changed a whole lot! Because when we were kids, he use to sing REALLY loudly in the car to keep me awake even if our parents told him to shut up.

“What is it, Donghae?” I yawned, sounding rather tired and pissed at the same time. I stared at my brother who was giving me a weak smile.

“We’re gonna eat” he said as he opened his door, I gave out a deep sigh and followed pursuit.
We stopped at a restaurant stall at a quiet street. I looked at Donghae for a second. What are we doing here? I mean, I’m expecting somewhere BIG. As in a fancy restaurant that serves little food so I don’t have to worry about gaining weight! I mean, I’m already 5’6 (plus ¾ of an inch) tall weighing 70 kilograms (150 pounds)! That’s a lot for a 20 year old girl!

“Let’s go” was all he said before he set his butt down on a plastic chair.

“Where are we?”

“This place is where you buy food to eat, the jajangmyun here is REALLY good!” Donghae smiled, I sighed and sat in front of him. “You still like jajangmyun right?”

I wanted to smile since Donghae remembered that about me, but I wanted to act cold in front of him since he LEFT ME IN THE AIRPORT FOR 3 HOURS! “If you’re lying then I have nothing else to do but murder you. Got it? M-U-R-D-E-R.”

Hae stared at me, his face suddenly beamed into that“Cute” as his fans call it, fishy smile.
“WAITER!” He yelled to a middle aged lady, I just sat there listening to him order. When he was done I put my head on the table,

“Hey Donghae, why are we here?” I ask as I noticed that it was a really quiet street, I mean, street food is popular, isn’t it?! “Has Super Junior been doing really bad that no one would notice you?” I questioned, probably sounding worried, but hey! We didn’t let him go to SM to train and all that jazz to be a failure!

“Of course not, dummy, it’s because there’s no teenage girl who would scream my name here, just old folks”


“Here you go” said the kind ahjumma, as she gave us 2 plates of Jajangmyun. Donghae thanked her as she left.

We both ate the food, but I finished it first while he was halfway done.

“You’re right! It is good!” I licked my lips; Oh jajangmyun! Your yummilicious black sauce!

How I missed it! I opened my eyes and saw Donghae stare at me with a shocked expression.

“I-I didn’t expect you to eat it this fast!” he stared at my bowl, “Do you want more?”

“Is that ok?” I smiled; he asked the ahjumma for another bowl. When it came out, I finished it when he was (Finally) done with his 1st bowl. I gave a triumphant smirk. My childhood title as the fastest eater in Mokpo is still in place!

Donghae looked at me, then at the noodles. He was speechless, with that goofy shocked look plastered all over his face. “Do you want to try the shaved ice here? It’s really good!” he finally sputtered out.

“Ok!” I replied, giving him a thumb up.

“Alrighty then” he gave a weak grin, asking the ahjumma for shaved ice.

I just sat there; playing with the wooden chopsticks as Donghae was playing with his phone.
Che, should’ve known…Of course you wouldn’t start a conversation, Super Junior’s Lee Donghae is too shy and childish to start a conversation unless he’s super close to you. I played with my short hair as I glanced at my brother. What happened between us? What did I do wrong? I mean, my brother and I use to be inseparable, but now? Che. Did you know that while I was in America, Donghae never sent me one text? Not evenone? Email, IM, letter, nothing. Stupid Donghae...

I sighed as I took out my phone—dropping it in the process. I grabbed it and slowly blew the dust off of it.

“So Alex,” Donghae started, I looked up. “Why did you cut your hair so short?”

I blinked for a bit as I pulled my hair. “At the house I was staying in, there was a little boy who put his gum in my hair when I was taking a nap. And well, I had to cut it really short because of him.”

“Well, I guess that would explain why I didn’t notice you at first. You had such long hair” he pouted, staring at my short hair. I blinked for a bit.

“I guess…” I muttered, soon the ahjumma came with our shaved ice.

“Here you two go” she smiled, but then when she was putting our shaved ice onto the table—
“WHOA!” Donghae yelled trying to grab the shaved ice before it fell on my shirt, but it was too late! The cherry red ice was all over my blue dress! Darn it!

“Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry!” she said grabbing the shaved ice and giving me a bunch of napkins.

“I-it’s ok” I smiled, but she kept on worrying,

“The shaved ice is on me!” she panicked; well… technically it’s on me.

“Really?” Donghae asked while smiling in happiness.

Che. Typical Asian, happy for free things!

“I’ll make five for both of you if you don’t sue me!” the poor lady begged.

“It’s ok ma’am!” I gave a weak laugh, trying to calm her down.

“Al, I have another shirt you can change into” Donghae added, I nodded as he ran to the car.

“Ahjumma, it’s ok. We won’t sue you” I assured her.

“O-ok, t-then would you like another bowl of ramen? It’s the least I could do.”

“Here” Donghae said coming back with a green T-shirt in one hand. I quickly ran to the bathroom and changed clothes. I came back outside and saw Donghae with a bowl of ramen in front of him, with a pair of chopsticks. OH NO! NOT MY FOOD!

“HEY!” I yelled running towards the table. Donghae looked up at me right before he put the noodles in his mouth. He just stared at me in awe, with his stupid eyes on me.

“Wow, if I didn’t know any better, then I’d think that you were a guy”

“Yeah, whatever” I grumbled before taking the ramen from under him to eat.

“HEY!” he whined, “Alex! I don’t get to eat that much!”

“The ice got down my shirt!” I fought with him, “You left me in the airport for 3 hours in a 14 hour airplane! I got the jet lag, and I was inching closer to kill you with my bare hands! You’re lucky you bought me food or else there would be headlines going, ‘Vicious nerd murdered Lee Donghae!’ right at this moment!”

He blinked at me then didn’t respond. Did I win? Did Alex Lee win? I think she did!

When we both finished I went inside the car, while Donghae paid the old lady.

“Hey Alex, I bought some ramen so you can eat at home, ok?” he asked, I nodded and fell asleep, resting my head against the car’s window as Donghae turned on his music.

DBSK’s “Love in the Ice”
Che. That stupid shame of a brother, he still knows my favorite songs!

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