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The Pernicious Cure

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Author's note: The Sherlock Holmes movies and soundtracks inspired me as well as my love for the films to write...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: The Sherlock Holmes movies and soundtracks inspired me as well as my love for the films to write this novel. I was also writing this novel for National Novel Writing Month!  « Hide author's note
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The Pernicious Cure

The Anchor

The Cure for CPD?

Professor Adam Macario after twenty years of research has finally discovered the cure for CPD (Cardiovascular Parasitic Disease). Announced today at the high government meeting, Professor Macario revealed joyfully his invention which many are already calling ‘The invention of the century’. This new cure will be put to the test over the next few months and then on be available to every patient suffering from CPD. Prof. Macario spoke out at the high government meeting today to fellow scientists and researchers with a joyful message to all. Every hospital across the capital will shortly be provided with the cure ready for use.


Grand Hall, 351 Regional Street

The crowd rose silently to their feet in anticipation of the oncoming speech. An ancient, grey haired figure took centre stage and cleared his throat before resting his shaky hands on the mahogany podium in front of him, shuffling through the stack of papers before him. He took a sweeping glance down at the crumbled papers and returned his gaze to the audience. The crowd once again took their seats and waited for the joyful news.

“Gentlemen it is a pleasure to see you all here today” He began with a firm tone, one clearly used to speaking in front of such large numbers. “It is of my pleasure to inform you all of the joyful news today”

Members of the audience started to chatter amongst themselves in happiness.

“Gentlemen please”

The crowd fell silent once more and he continued after a long pause.

“On November 23rd, I took delight in finally discovering the cure for Cardio Parasitic Disease. As many of you are aware, I have researching into this for many years now. The research has been long and tough but I proud to say we now have the cure in our grasps. Millions of lives will be saved with this and I am sure you are all as delighted as I am to finally hear this news.”

The crowd began cheering lightly at the speech and rose to their feet once again. A loud voice rose above the cheers with a heavy Irish accent “As you can tell Professor Macario, we have all been awaiting your arrival and what wonderful news I must say this is!”

The aged figure smiled crookedly at this voice “It is to my satisfaction to deliver you such fine news Gentlemen”

The chatter of the crowd began to rise once again into a bubble of joy. The figure took a sighing relief and shuffled again through his papers before heading down the stairs of the stage and towards the back of the large, overly decorated hall. Many gentlemen dressed in fine, tailored suits approached him as his made his path, all with smiles and congratulations. The figure, Professor Macario stopped mid stride in the middle of the room when a large group of gentlemen, all dressed in dark grey overcoats appeared in the doorway of the hall. Each of the gentlemen had a saddened expression on their faces and each was drenched head to toe from the weather outside. Macario turned on his heels and headed towards the group.

“Gentlemen, welcome!” Macario’s voice was shakier now with the unexpected arrival.

The gentleman at the head of the group, dressed in the darkest grey overcoat and a small, black bowler’s hat resting on his head, took a stride forward and held out a gloved hand. “Professor, we congratulate you on your news”

Macario shook the gentleman’s hand and nodded his head waiting for him to continue.

“I am afraid to inform you though that we have some bad news. Some very bad news”

Macario took a steady breath in and gazed at the rest of the group before meeting eyes again with the man in front of him, he guessed they were all at least 20 years younger than him. “Go on”

“Well Professor, I am sorry to say that Lord Mortythe has heard about your cure”

Macario leaned on the doorframe and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“We were sent to inform you as soon as possible, is there anything we can do for you Professor?”

Macario breathed in heavily and gazed around the room “Check the building for a start, I don’t want Mortythe anywhere near me or my cure”

“Of course Professor” The gentleman turned his back to Macario and addressed the group “You heard the Professor, check the building!”

Macario regained his strength and gazed around the room once again, keeping a wary eye for any unwanted attention. The gentleman placed a firm hand on his shoulder “Don’t worry Professor, we’ll handle the situation”

Macario turned to face the gentleman and shook his head “No, the first thing you will do is call Sherlock Holmes and get him to me as soon as possible”

The gentleman nodded and pulled out a small notepad from his coat pocket, jotting down the name and shutting the notebook “Of course Professor, I’ll get to it straight away”

Macario nodded “Before you leave, I didn’t catch your name”

“Mark Hound, Professor. At your service”

“Well thank you Mark, now get to it before this situation gets out of hand”

Mark turned on his heels quickly and took off down the long corridor.

Macario gazed once again around the room to double check for any signs of Lord Mortythe but saw no-one through the thick crowd of the hall. He watched as the rest of the gentlemen who had appeared questioned individuals from the crowd and recorded down responses. He sighed lightly and returned to heading towards the very back of the grand hall. The large set of double-glazed windows appeared before him, showing the scene of pouring rain on the streets of London, mothers and their children ran from door-step to door-step to avoid the rain and crate carriers were constantly wiping rain from their foreheads, local market stalls were packing up hurriedly and dropping stock as they rushed, street children ran quickly past the stalls and grabbed whatever they could before running off into the alley ways and side streets, stall owners cursed after them before giving up and continuing packaging. A typical day in London. Rapidly approaching footsteps awoke Macario from his daydream; he turned his head to gaze over his shoulder and caught sight of the figures approaching so quickly, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. John H. Watson Their clothes were dripping with fresh rain water and Watson nearly stumbled over a few times whilst trying to keep up with Holmes. Holmes stopped just a few inches from Macario and removed his shiny, black top hat with a bow, before shrugging off his black overcoat and thrusting it at Watson.

“Sherlock Holmes, at your service” he had a strong, upper-class British accent which came across straight away to Macario.

Macario ran his eyes over Holmes and Watson before returning his gaze to meet Holmes. Holmes was short, only just meeting eye level with Macario; his voice gave an impression of being highly educated and extremely intelligent. He wore a dark grey suit and a burgundy red tie, his eyes were a dark blue and his black, hair was untamed and wild. Watson on the other hand, towered over Holmes, he was dressed in a pin-striped, dark grey suit and wore a dark blue tie, he had dark, brown leather gloves on his hands and a plain black swagger stick in his left hand, he also wore a shiny, black top hat on his head but unlike Holmes, he appeared less intriguing. Macario smiled briefly and held out his hand towards Holmes.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Holmes; I have heard so many great things about you. Astonishing things in fact.”

Holmes shook Macario’s hand without hesitation, he smiled momentarily back and nodded his head “You have no idea how many times I have heard that Professor”

Watson grunted quietly to himself and took a step forward towards Macario, removing his top hat and coat and holding out a gloved hand. Macario quickly shook Watson’s hand.

“You also Dr. Watson”

Watson smiled for a brief second “It’s a pleasure to meet you also Professor, I must say, I am inspired by your research and work” his voice came across with a more noticeable London accent.

Macario placed both hands into his trouser pockets and nodded his head “Why thank you, it does take patience but as they say patience is a virtue”

Holmes took five long strides past Macario and gazed out the window at the scene outside. His reflection in the window grinned and his eyes glistened with delight. “Lovely weather isn’t it?”

Macario chuckled lightly and walked over to stand by Holmes. “If you’re into the rain, then yes it is Dr.”

Holmes turned to face Macario with the hint of a grin lingering on his lips. At this close distance, Macario could see the stubble around Holmes’s chin and jaw line. Watson came to stand to one side of Holmes and glanced out the window.

“He has some strange habits as I’m sure you’ve heard Professor” Watson shook his head lightly with the obvious memory of a few.

Macario met gaze with Watson and nodded with a curious gaze appearing in his eyes “Yes I have indeed... what was the whole situation with your dog? I believe it was”

Watson smiled and shook his head, Holmes quickly interrupted before Watson could begin speaking again. “It would be better for him to tell you at a later date Professor, we are here purely on business at this very moment in time”

Macario nodded his head “Ah yes, of course. I sent Hound to find you both after all. I presume he explained the situation?”

Holmes stood upright and gained a few inches in height “In a swift way, yes”

“Well is there anything else you need to know about the situation itself Sir?”

“Please, I must insist on you calling me Holmes. No, Professor to answer your question but I do wish to know exactly what you wish myself and Watson to do for you” Holmes gestured towards Watson with a flick of a hand.

“As you wish, Holmes. Well I was hoping from all I have heard about you both, that you could locate Lord Mortythe and bring him back to me here in London for the police to deal with from there on”

Holmes nodded thoughtfully and gazed around the room full of hundreds of gentlemen in suits and maids in linen, ankle length, faded red dresses serving drinks on silver trays. “That shouldn’t be a problem Professor, I’m sure myself and Watson can manage that without too much hassle”

“You have to be warned gentlemen, Lord Mortythe is a lot more dangerous than you think” Macario stared directly at the two.

“I had already gathered that Professor from the swiftness of the request, to get us here to you” Holmes began pacing slowly between the two ends of the window as he spoke.

Macario watched him intensely, like a cat watching its prey, eyes full of curiosity “I can already tell Holmes that you are an extraordinary human being and will not fail me on this mission”

Holmes stopped pacing for a brief moment “I will not fail that is for sure Professor, as for the rest of that sentence; I can only say that is down to your personal opinion” he then turned to Watson and took back his overcoat “You are to gather all the reports from the police recruits Watson and bring them back to me at the house”

“Yes, of course” Watson scuttled off hurriedly towards the recruits hiding amongst the large crowd

“I bid good day to you Professor, I will be in touch” Holmes bowed his head slightly before placing his top hat back on his head and stalking off through the crowd and back the way he had came.

Hound reappeared in sight moments later, pushing past members in the crowd to reach Macario “Professor!”

Macario turned towards the sound of the voice and held his breath as he waited for whatever news Hound had for him.

Hound pushed through the last of the crowd and stumbled forward to Macario “News is that Lord Mortythe was in the building during the speech!”

Macario shook his head and balled his hands into tight fists “Well who was the idiot that let him in!”

Hound gasped for a breath after apparently running through the streets of London and back, his cheeks were rosy from the bitter wind outside and he had rain water dripping down his forehead “Professor, I....I’m sorry, we were all guarding the doors, you see, every single one of my men, there would be no way he would of made it in without a disguise, we couldn’t have known” Hound stumbled over his words as he rushed to explain to Macario, he fumbled nervously with his dripping wet hair before finally settling for sticking his shaky hands into his trouser pockets.

“Well is he still here?!” Macario voice slowly began to build as he rage proceeded to grow.

“No Professor, reports are that he left ten minutes ago” Hound gazed nervously at the carpeted floor.

Macario took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves before a dreading thought washed over him, his face turned pale and his jaw dropped slightly as the thought crossed his mind. He started into a sprint across the room, pushing past the crowd hastily, towards the large wooden doors leading to the corridor.

“Professor, what is it?! What’s the matter?!” Hound raced after Macario

Macario flew down the main corridor of the building and turned sharply on the corner leading towards the grand staircase, Hound followed sharply on his heels. Macario sprinted up the two flights of stairs as fast as his feet would carry him before sprinting down a shorter, much narrower corridor with small wooden doors on both sides, he turned round another two corners before bursting through a set of double doors at the end of the corridor, he came to a sudden halt and Hound nearly ran into the back of him before skidding to a stop just to the left of him. They both breathed heavily from the sprint and gazed in shock at the wrecked study before them. The large mahogany desk at the far of the room was the only thing left in its original place, books and paper were scattered across the floor and the large set of double windows behind the desk were flapping against their frames letting in the bitter air. The desk drawers were cracked and laid against the far wall of the room, obviously from someone in a hurry to find something. Macario took three long strides into the centre of the room and observed the rest of the damage. Hound leaned against the door frame, catching his breath before Watson appeared in the doorway.

“I saw you both running off in such a hurry, I wondered what in hell could be the...” Watson paused mid-sentence as he took in the state of the room.

Macario strode over to the windows and looked out at the misty, bustling streets below “I knew it, God damnit!” he punched his fist into the window frame and hung his head in despair.

Hound gazed up at Watson and muttered something silently to him causing Watson to disappear back down the corridor, before walking over towards Macario and placing a hand on his shoulder “Don’t worry Professor, Holmes and Watson will sort everything out”

Macario sighed and kept his gaze on the streets below, scanning for his new found enemy “That’s 20 years of research down the drain in a matter of minutes”

“Like I said Professor, all will be sorted in no time so let’s just focus on heading back down to the hall and informing the crowd of the bad news” Hound ushered Macario back out of the room and back down towards the grand hall.
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