Baynes Creek

December 9, 2011
By MrsLautner456, coconut creek, Florida
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MrsLautner456, Coconut Creek, Florida
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“Oh my gosh! Guys look!” yelled one of my best friends Olivia (But we call her Liv). As she bounced up and down excitedly shoulder length black ringlets of hair bounced as well. I looked at my two other best friends Sonya and Ashley with an amused smile at her childish behavior. Liv acts like a dumb blonde at times but she is actually half black and half Puerto Rican like me. My friends were struggling to hold in their laughter. I turned back to Liv with a grin.
“What is it Liv?” I asked and she smiled at my usual nickname for her. She pointed at the window of the Gucci store that we were standing by. You see we are in Manhattan New York City, going shopping. This is the only time we can go shopping because we all go to Baynes Creek Boarding School. This is a boarding school far off from Manhattan; they keep us isolated on campus except for on the weekends, luckily today is Sunday. So here we are in the city as a group of four beautiful werewolf girls who look like models. Yes I said wolves, as far as I know 70% of our school is werewolves while the other half is vampires but we steer clear of them entirely. We were currently peering into the window of the Gucci store. All eyeing the same pair of shiny red Gucci five inch heels that scream badass. We all stared at them for about four minutes then simultaneously screamed.
“They’re mine!” we all glared at each other. I ran for the door trying not to run too fast because we people would notice that we have super human speed. We all squeezed through the door at the same time, screaming and pushing each other. We eventually made it in and people were staring at us like we were crazy as we all ran for the shoes at the same time. I grabbed one shoe and Sonya got the other. Ashley grabbed the shoe I had by the skinny heel and we both yanked on the one shoe; neither one of us let go. I saw Liv and Sonya fighting over the other shoe viciously. Liv had Sonya in a headlock and Sonya had a fistful of Liv’s hair. The manager ran over to us quickly; her heels clacking on the shiny white tiled floor.
“Girls! Girls! Please stop!” she yelled while taking the shoes from us. We looked at her as she examined the shoes making sure we didn’t damage them. When she decided they were fine she looked at us with a disapproving look.
“You girls are in luck, there are four pairs left of these shoes left.” She said. We all squealed and jumped up and down.
“Three actually!” yelled a blonde girl with a snooty smile as she slung her Gucci shopping bag with the shoes inside. She gave us an evil smile as she walked toward the exit glass doors.
“Looks like one of you guys aren’t getting shoes.” She said and her dark blue eyes sparkled as she saw the anger on our faces. I was ready to pounce at her and punch her right in the face but Ashley held me back aware of my huge temper as the girl walked out the door.
“I wanna hurt her.” I heard Sonya mumble with her fists clenched tight. We all glared at her back as she left; when she was gone we turned back to the lady with the shoes in hand.
“Well who wants the shoes?” she asked while eyeing each one of us.
“I do!” we all yelled together. She jumped from our loud voices.
“Well since there are only three pairs left and there are four of you, we’ll see who fits in the shoes.” She said while going to the back of the store to grab the shoes. We all waited patiently.
“Okay, I have a 9, 10, and 11.” She said while holding three shoe boxes. I squealed because I’m a size eleven. I grabbed the size eleven shoe box and Liv grabbed the 10 with a grin and Ashley grabbed the 9. Sonya frowned as she watched us try on our shoes, they fit perfectly.
“Too bad I’m a size 8.” She said with a frown but quickly cheered up as she picked out a pair of hot pink glossy five inch heels, they were cute on her. We went to the register to buy the shoes.
“$320.98” said the cashier with a pleasant smile but the price was anything but. I grudgingly pulled out my platinum credit card and handed it to her. I bet your wondering ‘How in the world can they afford to spend that much money on SHOES?!’ Well even though our parents dumped us off to boarding school they still send us tons of money every week considering all of our parents are rich. I now had a balance of $18,615.00 on my credit card which isn’t allot considering how much I spend when I go on a shopping spree. We all walked out of the store happily with our bags. With how much bags I was carrying from other stores I spent a few thousand dollars. All of a sudden it began to drizzle then full out rain on us.
“C’mon guys lets get a taxi!” I yelled and we all began yelling at the taxi’s to stop and none of them listened. We all stood in the rain upset because the taxis wouldn’t stop for us. All of a sudden one taxi sped by and splashed a big puddle of water right on us. We all gasped and screamed as the cold water splashed us. We were soaked with dirty rain water from head to toe. I screamed angrily as I tried but failed to ring the water out of my long dark brown almost black hair. Finally a taxi stopped for us and we got into it soaking wet and angry.
When we got back on campus it was still pouring rain. I got out first and rushed for the huge white gates to our school. The security was in the booth and asked us for our I.D. cards. We showed them our cards and they opened the gates. We ran into the large school yard which was soaked so my four inch heels dug right into the sod as I ran. We ran past our huge five story school buildings and went straight to our dorm room buildings. We ran to the large doors of Building A and ran inside. We were panting really hard from the run. We walked upstairs to the third floor carrying our heavy bags with us. We all decided on going to my room since it was closest. I took out my key and opened the door to my large purple and white room. We were all soaking wet and grumpy. We all sat down on my white carpet exhausted.
“I *gasp* am *gasp* never *gasp* running *gasp* again!” Ashley said. We all groaned in agreement. I was lying on my back when all of a sudden my blackberry bold buzzed in my Coach bag. I zipped my bag open and grabbed my phone and looked at the caller I.D. It was Blake my HOT and popular boyfriend. I smiled and answered the phone.
“Hello?” I answered with a wide grin.
“Hey babe, you guys back yet?” he asked with his deep attractive voice. “Yeah why?” I asked.
“Well the guys were wondering if we could come over to yours.” He said flirtatiously and I smiled.
“Sure babe, but bring an umbrella its pouring out.” I said.
“Gotcha.” He said and hung up.
“Who was that?” Sonya asked.
“Blake Tyler, my hot ass boyfriend.” I said and stuck my tongue out at them. “Hey Dean is hot too!” Liv objected.
“Yeah but lets be fair, my boyfriend is the hottest of the group! I mean come on the guy sports a freaking eight pack! And he’s super sweet!” I said. As if on cue there was a knock on the door.
“Open up babe!” I heard Blake say through the door. I opened the door and all the guys came in. Blake was looking hot as ever with his blonde hair which hung over his piercingly bright green eyes in silky straight locks. He had red edible lips that went perfectly with his smooth tan skin. Blake also had an ear piercing in his left ear which was a nice sized diamond stud. All the guys went to kiss their girlfriends. Liv is with Dean, Luke is with Sonya, and Ashley is with Tyler. All the guys are pretty hot and popular but my baby is the pretty boy of the group and our whole female population at school swoons over him because he is super hot and he’s the Alpha’s son. You see our entire werewolf population is all one very large pack, the biggest werewolf pack around known as the badass pack that no one messes with. The werewolf headmaster/Alpha is Blake’s dad Alpha Ben. Blake and I have been dating for two years now, but let’s not forget about all the sluts after him and trying to ruin our relationship.
“Hey baby…uh why are you guys soaking wet?” Blake asked while eyeing me up and down with a grin.
“It was pouring out; I know I look horrid…” I said but Blake interrupted.
“No babe this look totally works for you, I like it, and it’s kind of sexy.” He said with a grin while walking over to me, Blake was taller than me by a foot but I’m not short. He grabbed my thighs and lifted me up so my legs were around his waist and my arms were locked around his neck; I smiled.
“Babe I’m all wet and I probably smell like dirty rain water.” I whined not wanting him to get grossed out by me; I tend to feel self conscious around him.
“I don’t care babe; I love you the way you are.” He whispered to me and kissed my neck making me giggle like a little girl. He looked up into my eyes and kissed me passionately for about three minutes. When he pulled away I was a little out of breath.
“I can see that I was missed.” I said with a smile and put my hands on either side of his face. I pecked him on the lips and he put me down.
“Oh we came here to tell you that Kelsey is having a dorm party tonight in Building C at 12:30.” Tyler said to us with a possessive arm around Ashley’s waist, Ashley flipped her long brown hair with a smile at his possessiveness over her.
“Blake we have to go!” I squealed and he smiled down at me.
“Okay we’ll go, but you got to freshen up.” He said with a smirk.
“See I told you I smelled like dirty rain water!” I said accusingly.
“I’m just kiddin’ babe.” He said and kissed my forehead.
“We got to get ready too anyway.” He said and I examined his outfit. He was wearing what he usually wears when he stays in his dorm; a black wife beater that was showing off his muscular arms, through his shirt you could see his lean body and perfect eight pack. He wore black baggy sweatpants and Nike slides with black socks.
“You do that.” I said while pushing him out the door, I could barely move him and he laughed and walked out, the rest of the guys left too.
“Okay you guys should go get ready, I’m going to take a nice long shower and get dressed.” I said and they agreed and left. I took a nice long hot shower and scrubbed myself with cucumber melon body wash. I washed my hair with my Victoria Secret shampoo. When I was done I hopped out and dried myself off. I put on some black VS panties and a matching strapless black VS bra. I looked through my large closet and picked out a flirty red cocktail dress. I put it on and looked for shoes, I decided to wear my new red Gucci heels and they went perfectly with my dress which was strapless and the skirt stopped a little past the middle of my thighs. I looked at my face in the mirror. I guess you could say I was pretty, Blake says I’m beautiful all the time. I had dark brown hair that fell in soft ringlets and went down to the center of my back, I had dark brown eyes that were framed with long thick black eyelashes, I had full red lips with a round shaped face and my skin is a light brown color because I am half black and half Puerto Rican. I blow dried my hair and it was nice and curly on its own. I started applying mascara and eyeliner to my eyes. I put on some clear lip gloss since my lips were already red. I blew a kiss to my reflection and giggled. I got texts from everyone saying that we’ll meet at the party. I went to my jewelry boxes and pulled out a white diamond necklace that Blake bought for me on my last birthday and put it on. I put on the matching bracelet and matching diamond studs that he also bought for me. When I was done I took one last look at myself and walked out the door. Luckily the rain stopped and I went outside and headed to Building C.
When I got to Kelsey’s huge dorm room more than half the school was already here. There was loud music blasting, there was a dance floor, a DJ; and there was alcohol and drunk teenagers. I pushed through the huge crowd of people in search of my friends. I spotted Ashley on the dance floor, dancing with a random guy. It didn’t look like the guys were here yet. Ashley saw me and wiggled her eyebrows at me as she danced on the random guy. I smiled and shook my head at her, she grinned in return. I saw Liv was on the large sofa making out with some guy with a cup full of vodka in her hand; she was obviously drunk. Then I saw Sonya flirting with some guy with a cup in her hand, batting her eyes and twirling a strand of her long dark brown hair around her finger. I rolled my eyes at my friends. If I didn’t know any better I would think they were sluts. I was going to the kitchen to get a drink when I saw Blake on the dance floor with some blonde chick grinding on him, I couldn’t see her but I could sure see him. He looked hot tonight with a white v-neck muscle shirt, a black shiny leather jacket, dark wash jeans that hung low on his waist, and black Timberland motorcycle boots. His hair was in its usual hair style but the blonde girl currently had her fingers entwined in the back of his hair. This made me angry watching this skinny slut in a skin tight black dress which was strapless and barely covered her butt and the same glossy red Gucci heels I was wearing. And then it clicked in my head. That was the same skank that bought the shoes we wanted and then rubbed it in our faces. She was rubbing herself all over my boyfriend and he didn’t stop her, he just smirked like an idiot. I ran a hand through my hair as I marched into the kitchen and began to pour myself a glass of Vodka. I chugged it down quick and I felt tears run down my cheeks. I wiped them away but they kept flowing out uncontrollably.
“Hey, you okay?” I heard a husky deep voice whisper in my ear. I turned to see who it was and saw that it was a really cute guy with black hair which was spiked in the front, blue eyes, pale skin, and he was tall with muscles, he also wore a McKinney football jacket like the one Blake has since he is captain and courterback of our school’s team. “Uh yeah, I’m fine.” I said while wiping away my tears.
“Okay because I was wondering if maybe you wanted to dance?” he asked with a smirk. I smiled a little and nodded, even though I really only wanted to dance with Blake. This guy was hot but he had nothing on Blake obviously, but I’m not one to be rude.
“Sure, just wait here for one sec, I’ll be right back.” I said and he nodded. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I looked into the mirror to re-do my makeup and I fixed my hair. When I was done I went back down stairs to see the guy was still waiting there for me.
“Ready?” I asked flirtatiously and he smirked.
“Been ready.” He answered. I grabbed another glass of Vodka and chugged it down quick before I grabbed his large warm hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. I still saw Blake with that slut but he had his hand on her butt and she had her hands locked around his neck. I squeezed the guys hand hard as I watched them. I pulled him to an empty spot on the dance floor that wasn’t too far from them so I could keep an eye on them. I began to dance on the guy and he did the same. He was a good dancer like Blake, he looked into my eyes and I looked into his but every few seconds I would look at Blake. He saw this and lifted my chin to make me face him and he slowly leaned in. When his lips met mine it felt… wrong. I pulled away and pushed the guy away from me, he looked angry about this and he grabbed me and tried to kiss me again.
“Get off me!” I said and kicked him in his manhood causing him to bend over in pain. I ran off the dance floor and no one seemed to notice what happened including Blake who is supposed to be my ‘knight in shining armor’. I ran out the door and he ran after me angrily.
“Come back here you little whore!” he yelled and I sped up and ran out of the building but he sadly caught up with me. It was raining cold rain and I cursed the horrid rainy weather. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to Building B and dragged me to the janitor’s closet which was dark and cramped, he threw me in the room by my hair and I fell on my butt.
“What do you want?” I sobbed and cowered in the corner away from him. “I want you.” He growled and pulled me roughly toward him and he began to kiss me roughly, I bit his tongue hard. He growled and slapped me hard across the face. Thank goodness he didn’t break my nose but I knew it would leave a bruise, and I felt blood flow from my nose. He grabbed me again and began to pull off my dress.

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This book has 4 comments.

on Jul. 23 2014 at 4:48 pm
TheGallopingLantern SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
5 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
you may fall, but your heart will always have the will to get back up, you just have to find it.
~Star Poleski

You HAVE GOT to post chapter two. PLEASE!!!!! This first chapter was AMAZING. i want to know what happens to Gabby too. I AM BEGGING YOU TO POST CHAPTER TWO

on Dec. 13 2013 at 2:08 pm
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
8 articles 1 photo 36 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Never take advice from teenagers. Because they don't know what the h*** they're talking about!" -Me

Awesome sauce!!!!!

on Nov. 5 2013 at 8:53 am
falling_UP PLATINUM, Grand Marais, Michigan
34 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be." Stephen Chbosky - Perks of Being A Wallflower

PLEASE POST MORE! I really like the stroy line so far and I want to know what happens to Gabby.

Autumn. BRONZE said...
on Mar. 12 2012 at 6:22 pm
Autumn. BRONZE, Lakeville, Massachusetts
3 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life is a painting and you're the artist, so paint me jealous paint me rage for God's sake paint me anything just paint, your brush awaits."
"Allons-y!" - The Doctor
"Bow ties are cool" - The Doctor
"Dragon by default, cow by coincidence"

I love where this story is headed. I really hope you continue to write and post more of this story soon. I am curious to see what will happen next. :)


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