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The death

Author's note: Its very deep but it is a good stary for kids to read and its a work in progress
Author's note: Its very deep but it is a good stary for kids to read and its a work in progress  « Hide author's note
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A peace of work I say as I lay here thinking of what just happened to my parents; they were just riding down the road when an 18-wheeler crashed right into them. I was just walking down the road with some of my friends when I hared “BOOM,” “SLAM” “CRASH” and then silence. I ran to the sound and noticed my mom’s car pinned up against this truck and my dad thrown through the windshield and my mom pinned in the car with her head up against the broken window all bloody and gross. I ran over to check and see if they were still alive I was freaking out. When I got to my dad he was just laying their no pulse and no reactions to nothing, I ran over to the car were my mom was and she was the same I screamed I was so scared. I looked over at the truck and the guy was just sitting their with no looks of worried like he had just woke up from a nap he just looked around like he had not done nothing wrong like he didn’t hit/kill my parents. I was so mad I wanted to just go up to him and smack him. I yelled at Shay one of my friends that were with me to call 911 and tell them there are two deaths on 48th street and they needed to come fast.
As the cops and an ambulance showed up these two lady’s took me and my friends witch were hugging me because of all this to another location so we didn’t see them doing nothing to my parents. They checked the truck driver out and tried to see why all this happened apparently his breaks went out and he could not stop and the Horne didn’t work on his truck so that’s why he hit them.
I was so frantic here I am 14 years old parents dead this truck driver just sitting their no concern about me like he didn’t care he just killed my freaking parents, I was getting pissed off but trying to hold it back and it wasn’t working I just waned to kill him he hurt me and my parents. He hurt me mentally and he killed my parents “OMG” their dead OMG. I can’t believe that this happened it sucks I don’t know what to do I have no were to go and I’m just sitting here on this curve like what to do what to do. I could not talk, and then these women came up and asked if I was ok and if I had anywhere to go? I looked at her with disgust, told her no not really I’m freaking out, and I can call a family member and see if I can stay with her. I would call my aunt, then asked the lady if she would please tell my aunt whets going on, what happened, that I would not be able to. She looked at me and said yes I can do that, I understand how you feel it has to be hard on you especially since you were so close and you had to see them like that. Yes it was hard and I’m just I don’t even have words to explain it.
Well I asked Shay if I could use her phone to call my aunt because she was the only one I could think of that I could call at that time. (Dialing) Hand the phone to these women that are trying to calm me down. Yes is this may I’ve got some bad news Kassys parents Sammie and ken have just been killed, an 18-wheeler hit their car and they died during impact.
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Hendog said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 11:57 am
"I was just walking down the road with some of my friends when I hared “BOOM,” “SLAM” “CRASH” and then silence." I like the way that you used that onomatopoeia because it gives me more understanding of what happened.
EmerieMoon said...
Jul. 9, 2014 at 10:55 am
Your spelling is a bit off but otherwise this is great! Keep doing what you're doing.

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