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Sadistic Vampire

Author's note: What inspired me to write this is the vocaloid song "Sadistic Vampire" by Len Kagamine. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this is the vocaloid song "Sadistic Vampire" by Len Kagamine. I combined that with my love of the pairing of Rin and Len.  « Hide author's note
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To Love a Freak

News of the missing woman swept through the village like wildfire, but the women thought it best to wait for the men to return before searching for her. The whole village was shaken, but everyone pulled it together around the children. All the kids were upset by the news, except Rin who seemed unaffected. She stayed quiet as the others cried over their lost lady friend, Luka.

"I miss her..." Miku sniffled.

"Yeah, I know," Meko comforted. "And what about you, Rin?" Rin turned
I made a spelling mistake here. Just for future reference, Meko is actually supposed to be Meiko.
to look at her.

"Meko," a woman, Ms. Haku, from the village said warned softly.

"No! I can't be the only one thinking it! Rin hated Luka! They fought all the time! That freak probably knows what happened! She probably did it herself!" Meko started shouting. Rin didn't even try standing up for herself and neither did any of the villagers. Rin knew that Meko didn't mean it, or at least she hoped she didn't. She had fought with Luka, yes, but Luka was the only one that treated her like she wasn't a freak.

After Meko cooled down, Rin couldn't take the adults' looks of pity anymore so she ran to the only place she knew she could be alone. The fact that she hung out at a cemetery probably didn't help her reputation, but she didn't care. Sometimes she just needed to be alone, and what place was more peaceful than a cemetery?

Rin passed by the rows of graves, pausing only to place a few flowers on the graves. She reached the rusted iron gates in a matter of minutes and she ran her little fingers along the length of the gate until she pricked her finger on a thorny vine. To most that was what it was, just a thorny vine, but to Rin it was the sign she was looking for, the one she used to find the entrance to her secret place. Rin got down on her hands and knees and crawled through the hole in the gate, made invisible by the bushes that lined it.

Rin plucked the leaves from her hair as reached the other side. No one knew about this place, a long forgotten and garden with a small pavilion at its center. The garden was overgrown and thorns overran the dusty old pavilion. Most people might find it creepy, but to Rin the overgrown rose bushes were beautiful. She laid down on the marble stone bench beneath the pavilion and couldn't stop the tears from coming any longer. The one person she knew who treated her like the girl she was, who didn't look down on her or hate her, was gone. Now she was all alone...

Rin didn't know for how long she had cried, but she had wept until she had passed out from exhaustion. She cried all alone and she thought that she'd be alone now forever because who could love a freak?
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 14 Next »

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Stephh18 said...
Mar. 14, 2014 at 1:47 pm
Thats so good!

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