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Dream Gate Keepers

Author's note: this story came to me on a whim one night and i'm really trying to develop it.
Author's note: this story came to me on a whim one night and i'm really trying to develop it.  « Hide author's note
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The Demon

It was snowing. At least that’s what I thought at first. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. That wasn’t snow. It was feathers. I held out my hand and one landed in my palm. I looked around and saw a boy who looked about my age. He had black hair that somewhat covered his eyes. He wore a long black trench coat.
“Excuse me,” I called out. “Can you tell me what’s going on?”
He pulled out something from his pocket and flung it at me. It was a silver key on a chain with the initials K.H.
“For you,” he said.
“What is this for,” I asked, placing it around my neck. The key was warm against my skin even though mere moments ago it had been cold to the touch.
“I’ll explain later but for now I must go. Until we meet again Kikori.” He jumped high and landed on the roof of a building. I watched him hp from building to building but then he suddenly stopped. He snapped around toward me. “Look out!” he yelled.
I turned and saw a large vine flying zooming straight toward me. I screamed and I suddenly found myself lying in my bed. I was breathing hard and fast and felt the cold sweat dripping down my forehead.
It was all a dream? But it all felt so real.
I brushed my bangs out my face and sighed. Huh? I felt something cold against my chest. It was the key; the one from my dream. Maybe it wasn’t so much of a dream after all.
Suddenly my bedroom door flew open and in bounded my dog. He jumped on my bed and licked my cheek. “Good morning Inko-chan,” I laughed. He sniffed at my key and licked it. “Inko-chan do you know about this key,” I asked as I scratched him behind his ear. He barked ran to the door. “Okay.” I quickly got dressed in a tank top and a skirt with suspenders. Then I slipped into my sneakers and opened the door. Inko-chan quickly ran outside and I followed. He was running fast and I could hardly keep up with him. He ran to Sikander Park, the last place I had seen my mother alive. He just kept running until we were deep into the park, all the way into the back where people rarely went. All the way to the cherry blossom tree where my mother was found dead. Only this time my mother wasn’t there. This time it was the boy from my dream.
“You again,” I said in disbelief.
“So I see your dog got my message Kikori. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kaori. It’s a pleasure to meet you Dream Gate Keeper Kikori.”
What the hell was he talking about?
“Dream Gate Keeper,” I asked slowly, not a hundred percent sure that I had heard correctly.
“Yes Kikori. I figured you would ask behave like this. I know this may be a shock to you so how do I explain this?”
Is that was this key is for?
“Yes that is what the key is for Kikori. You are the next chosen Dream Gate Keeper.”
Damn he was reading my thoughts?
“Yes I am and I’m sorry I can’t help reading such a pretty girls mind.”
“If you’re going to hit on me save it,” I said.
He chuckled and came over to me. “Well you’re definitely feisty.”
“Look whatever you’re here for; tell me now because I don’t know what’s going on.”
He watched me for a moment and then his eyes flashed as he looked over my shoulder. I turned and saw a blade flying toward me and I suddenly couldn’t move. Kaori grabbed me by the waist and pulled me out the way. He leapt and pulled us up into a tree.
“Where’s Inko-Chan,” I asked looking around.
Then I saw him. He held the blade between his teeth and on the other side was a woman in all black. Her hair was somewhat covering her face. The woman pulled the blade out his mouth and Inko-Chan growled menacingly at her. She backed away slowly but judging by her movements she was getting ready to… to stab him.
“Kaori! She’s going to kill him!” I shouted.
“Use the key! Send her back to hell,” he shouted at me as he jumped us out the tree.
I yanked the key off the chain and held it out toward the woman. I thrust it into an invisible key hole and turned. Suddenly a door appeared and a it opened, showing a portal of some sort. It started to pull the woman inside and she screamed in rage dropping the sword and grabbing onto Inko-Chan. He pulled against her but her grip was too strong. I watched in horror as he started to get dragged through the door with her. I looked around and grabbed the abandoned sword. Then with all my might I swung it and caught the woman at her wrist. Her hand was cut off and Inko-Chan yelped as he fell back. The woman flew through the door and then it swung shut. I knelt down and hugged Inko-Chan feeling my body shaking.
“Who was she,” I asked Kaori.
“That was a dream demon. She was sent here to kill you no doubt so that chaos in dreams can continue.”
“Yes chaos. Things have been falling apart quickly and it was too soon to even call you to take your position. Yet we had to give you the position early. We had no other choice.”
“So why not get somebody to do it temporarily? I can’t do this job! I don’t know what to do or how to do this! What am I even supposed to do?”
“Well it’s hard for me to explain. So I think it’s time that you met the other Gate Keepers.”
“Other Gate Keepers?”
Kaori smiled at me and grabbed my hand. “Yeah. Come one!”
Then he started running and dragged me along with him. I could here Inko-Chan running behind us and it took a lot to keep my skirt from going up.
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