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Kale and Kaila

Author's note: I definitely love Alan Rickman!
Author's note: I definitely love Alan Rickman!  « Hide author's note
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First Day

It started out like any normal day. It was sunny, warm, and uninteresting. It was before he walked into our school library. After school, I decided to find a sappy romance novel because I had just gotten out of a relationship and I still needed time to heal, and what better way to heal than reading about other petty love stories.
I was only trying to check the time on the clock, when he walked in. I saw him smile at me and I gasped and dropped the book. The thud scared me so I gave a little yelp. I smiled, clearly embarrassed. He walked right over to me without being shy or anything.
“Hi.” He said with a British accent.
“Hello.” I replied. I like your accent, I wanted to say.
“I’m Kale. I just moved here from London.” He said.
“I’m Kaila…” I said nervously.
Kale. Kale… Where did I know him from? I definitely knew him from somewhere!
“Do you have a last name?” I asked smiling.
“Rickman.” He told me smiling back.
“Are you related to Alan Rickman?” I asked jokingly.
“That’s my dad.” He said with a serious face.
“No way! Sever- I mean Alan Rickman is your father?!” I asked in shock.
“The one and only…” He said smiling.
“Cool.” I said nonchalantly.
“I was hoping you could show me around?” He asked.
“I just met you.” I said smiling.
“Yes. You did.” He said laughing.
“Good point. L.A. is a big place. It might take some time.” I said smoothly.
“I have all the time in the world… until 6.” He said smiling.
Wow, his smile was contagious. I laughed. He and I were going to get along great. I could tell already. Plus, he was British and his dad was my favorite actor! But I couldn’t let him know that or else he might think I was using him.
After school, I showed Kale around the shopping areas in Beverly Hills.
“I really hope your boyfriend won’t get mad at you for showing me around.” He said cautiously.
“That’s a smooth way of asking me if I had a boyfriend.” I said grinning.
“Can’t blame a guy for trying…” He said laughing.
“But no, I don’t have one… not anymore…” I said diverting my attention to a COACH purse shop.
“Oh… can I ask what happened?” He asked sympathetically.
“Ummm… the guy I was dating… he cheated on me with my so-called ‘best friend’.” I said calmly.
The calmness scared me a little bit… or maybe it was surprise… I couldn’t tell anymore. Maybe it didn’t even matter.
“Kaila, you deserve so much better!” He said.
“Thanks…” I said slightly smiling.
“No problem.” He told me.
“So, what’s London like?” I asked curiously.
“Ummm… British.” He said.
We both laughed.
“Anyway, I am starting to like it here more and more every second.” He said grinning.
“I’m starting to like you more and more every second.” I said boldly.
He smiled even bigger.
“Same here.” He admitted laughing.
I didn’t understand what was so funny.
“Can I ask what’s so funny?” I asked a little confused.
“I don’t know… I have never felt this way about anyone…” Kale told me with a thoughtful look on his face.
“Really?” I asked.
“Really.” He replied.
I smiled. Hmmm… could he be the one? I haven’t smiled this much in so long. It felt good. Really good.
“So, I didn’t ask… how old are you?” I asked.
“17.” He said.
“Me too.” I told him gladly.
“You have such a radiant smile.” He said to me.
“Thank you.” I said blushing.
“Why are you blushing? It’s true!” He told me.
“I just don’t see myself as anything special… just… ordinary.” I admitted.
“You’re anything but!” He told me.
I kissed him on the cheek and he held my hand.
“Why can’t every guy be as sweet as you, Kale?” I asked.
I took a good look at him as he stared me straight in the eyes. He had beautiful piercing blue eyes, tan skin, clean cut black hair with a blonde streak running through his short bangs.
“You are so much like Severus Snape…” I blurted out.
Right then, I put my hands over my mouth. He just looked at me.
“I’m…” I began.
“I should have known…” He said softly.
“Known what?” I asked confused.
“The only reason you’re hanging out with me is because of my dad… right?” He accused.
“What?! No! I started to like you the moment you walked in the library door!” I said almost in tears. There was no way I could lose Kale.
He looked like he was looking into my soul, through my eyes.
“Really?” He asked.
“I promise Kale!” I swore.
“Okay. I’m sorry…” He said taking my hand again.
“No, I am so sorry. It’s just… your black hair and the fact that Alan Rickman is your father… you could pass for a young Snape. I’m sorry. I’ll shut up.” I decided.
He just smiled at me and kissed my hand.
“So, Kaila, when is your birthday?” He asked me.
“February 14.” I said. Yes, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day.
“No way! Mine too!” He said excited.
What a coincidence!
“Do you play any sports? Instruments?” I asked.
“I play tennis and soccer.” He told me.
“Oh my gosh! Me too!” I said amazed.
“Do you play Bass guitar?” He asked.
“How did you know?!” I asked.
“We have so much in common!” He said clearly excited.
“What else do you like to do?” He asked.
“I like to write, read, cook, photography, paint, act, sing, and direct.” I told him.
“I love to read, write, act, cook, paint, and play video games.” He told me.
“Do you know what you want to do when you get out of high school?” I asked him.
“I want to be an actor.” He told me dreamily.
I could tell he had been dreaming of this for a long time.
“What about you?” He asked.
“I want to be a movie director.” I told him.
“Maybe we could work together?” He offered.
“Oh my gosh! That would be amazing.” I said smiling.
I was starting to fall in love with Kale. I could definitely see myself with him for a long time.
Suddenly, Tara (the queen bee of my school-or so she thinks) walked up to me and Kale. Everyday for the past 12 years, she has tried making my life miserable. I don’t know what started the feud. I really don’t.
“Hey Kailee!” Tara said enthusiastically.
“It’s Kaila. You know that.” I said annoyed. We had been in school together since we were five and she still was as ditsy as ever.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I always seem to forget.” She said looking at me then directing her attention to Kale while twisting her wavy blonde hair. “I’m Tara!” She continued, “And you are?”
“Kale. Kale Rickman.” He said unimpressed.
“OMG! You’re Severus Snape’s son!” She announced.
“No. I’m not.” He said impatiently. (Which I found quite funny by the way. I had never seen any guy ignore Tara.)
“You’re not?” She asked in a whiney voice.
“No. I’m Alan Rickman’s son.” He told her.
“Same thing!” She said. Three of her minions walked up right then. Call them minions, disciples, groupies, whatever.
“Not really.” He said.
She could tell things weren’t going her way, I could see it in her eyes.
“I love your accent! It’s so attractive!” She said with her minions agreeing.
“Tara… If you don’t walk away right now, you’re going to regret it.” I warned.
“Oh really? What are you going to do? Pee your pants like you did in 1st grade?” She teased.
“You and I both know you poured apple juice in front of me.” I said taking a step toward her, but Kale held me back.
Right then, she poured her water in front of me.
“Look everyone! Kaila Goldman peed herself again!” She announced evilly and laughed.
I couldn’t believe it! People stopped and stared. Some laughed. Some snickered. Some looked amused. Right at that moment, something clicked. I’d had enough. I had so much anger in me. I swung my fist around and hit her square in the eye. She went down crying.
“You’ll regret that! I swear it!” She yelled. Well, more like screeched it. This caused more people to stop and stare.
“Nah, I don’t think so. Tara, if you don’t clean up your act, you’re going to wish you were never born.” I promised.
“I hate you Kaila Goldman! I hate you!” She promised to me.
Kale was pulling me away and just in time too, the local cop was walking over.
“Come on!” I yelled to him and we ran down the street.
When we got back to my car, (a 2011 black Camaro) we both got in the car and looked at each other and started laughing our butts off.
“Wow! You hit harder than any guy I have ever met! She’s going to be lucky if she’s not blind in that eye.” He said clearly impressed. “You’re amazing.”
We drove for a little ways until it was about 5:45 when he asked, “Would you like to have dinner with my father and me?”
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes. I know you want to meet my dad.” He said smiling.
“I- it’s just…” I stammered.
“Kaila, its okay. I know you like me for me.” He said understandingly.
“I really do. I like you so much Kale. I have never ever felt this way about another guy.” I told him truthfully.
When we got to his house, I was shocked by how amazing it was. It could have easily been 12.5 million dollars. It was beautiful.
“Let me call my mom first.” I told him.
Ten minutes later, Kale and I were walking into his house.
“Dad?!” Kale called.
“In the living room!” Alan called back.
Suddenly, my heart felt as if it had melted. I was so nervous.
“Kaila, it’s going to be alright. I promise. He’s going to love you! I mean, how could he not?” Kale assured me.
“I don’t know if I am more nervous that it’s Alan Rickman or your father.” I joked.
“Come on.” He insisted politely while chuckling.
As we walked into the living room, I saw Alan Rickman, sitting on his couch reading a murder mystery novel.
“Dad, this is Kaila. Kaila, this is my dad.” He introduced us.
“It’s very nice to meet you Kaila.” He said very nicely while shaking my hand.
“It… It’s… n-n-nice to meet you too!” I said nervously.
“She’s a huge fan.” Kale explained.
“Ah, I see.” Alan said smiling.
“I love you in Love Actually! It’s my favorite Christmas movie. I watch it every Christmas alone.” I told him.
“Alone?” He asked.
“Yes. I never had anyone to watch it with before.” I said as I looked at Kale smiling.
He smiled back and wrapped his arms around me.
“If you need us, we’ll be out back.” Kale told his dad.
“Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.” Alan told us.
Kale led me out back and it was gorgeous! The garden wrapped around the patio. Plus, there was an in-ground pool and hot tub. As Kale and I sat down, he took my hands in his and he looked me in the eyes. Then he turned on the radio and “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement came on.
“Kaila?” He asked.
“Yes?” I replied.
“I know we’ve only known each other for like 3 ½ hours but, I love you. I know I do. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met in my entire life. I honestly can see myself with you for a long time.” He told me.
“I love you too Kale.” I told him wrapping my arms around his neck.
“I love you so much Kaila.” He told me.
I smiled at him. Then, he held my face in his palm and pulled me closer with his free hand and kissed me gently. This was a real first kiss. The kind where, when someone kisses you, you actually feel something.
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Mermaidmissy said...
Dec. 1, 2011 at 2:55 pm
Hey your book was really good, and I loved it so much. I hope you keep on writing some more pages soon. Can you please take a look at some of my stuff please and tell me what you think and give comment as well. :) 
CaseyDawn replied...
Dec. 6, 2011 at 2:18 pm
Thanks! I appreciate that! I really like your poetry by the way!:)

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