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A guide to my/ Greg’s universe: for those that know nothing about Bionicle or hardened fans that need to know the new stuff.

POWER: power can be divided into three categories: raw, elemental and racial, but additional powers may be gained by donning a piece of equipment, (E.G. a person puts on a mask of shielding and gains the ability to shield himself) equipment can be given powers by being power forged by a makuta or other such skilled individuals, like Matoran mask-makers.
I do not claim ownership for bionicle
Energy runs through the body like blood and with the right equipment or skills can be sealed, making it impossible to use if only for a time (depends on the level, higher energy is harder to seal and takes less time to break free). Also if too much energy is consumed the user will (depending on the drain) find himself unable to use energy for a set period of time, experience great pain (called energy burns despite having nothing to do with fire) and possibly die due to exhaustion.

ELEMENTS: the elements consist of fire, earth, water, ice, stone, air, psionics, iron, plant life, gravity, light (rare), lightning, magnetism, plasma, sand, shadow (not evil, but had enough bad guys of this element to get a bad reputation), and sonics. The Toa, Matoran, and Turaga are divided into sub-races, one for each element.
Elementals can control that element, absorb it for extra power, and create that element. Elemental power is based on experience, the older, veteran toa can do truly earth shattering things with their power, the ultimate expression of elemental power is a nova blast, a powerful burst of energy varying from user to user.

RAW: the initial amount of raw energy is achieved through a mix physical strength and mental acumen, it is much more flexible then elemental energy and can be used from anything to lighting fires to destroying mountains. It is thought that elemental energy sprang from raw energy due to personalities embodying energy causing it to manifest as elemental energy and eventually dividing into races and becoming racial. E.g. a few brave toa and Matoran’s energy would manifested as fire and became Ta- Matoran. Raw energy increases depending on how much you use it, when used frequently it becomes a force to be reckoned with indeed.

RACIAL: Various abilities are at the disposal of the many races such as an Artakhian’s aptitude for mechanics, or the Skakdi’s numerous vision powers. And most notably the Makuta’s wide array of powers, some individuals are in a league of their own with powers (E.G a Vortixx able to shatter herself and come back together) but these are just considered quirks of genetics.

MATORAN (Ma-tor-an): the workers of the universe, rather like the hobbits of J.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in stature and in demeanor, mostly a peaceful folk, except much less lazy, and they have a desire to prove that they aren’t just civilians to be protected and lied to. Without their masks a Matoran will eventually go into a coma. In terms of energy, elemental- wise, if you were to compare element energy to light a Matoran would be a lantern, but through hard training they can use raw energy shockingly well.

TOA (toe-a): the heroes (and on rare occasions villains) of the universe, toa are 6.5 to 7 feet tall, all have elemental and mask powers and tend to work in teams of 6. Originally they worked with the brotherhood of makuta to take down threats to the land such as out of control Rahi and the like, but eventually drifted apart in their partnership. All Toa devote themselves to the cause of the Paladin, and even though that goal has been twisted a bit they still strive to see it defended. Matoran look up to and revere the Toa, and the Toa in turn befriend the Matoran, and attempt to protect them to the best of their ability. After the Necromancer was defeated the remaining toa banded together and formed the toa army, which answers to the Matoran/Turaga council based in metru nui, and is headed by toa of light, grand general Takanuva, and has done a good job of defending the land so far. Toa energy-wise find raw energy hard to use due to that the fact that their race has not had a raw energy user for many generations, but they have large amounts of elemental energy. If a toa’s mask is removed they lose roughly half their power. In terms of energy if you were to compare energy to light again, a toa would be the sun, but they require a tool to channel it effectively, but with enough training they could overcome that difficulty.

TURAGA (tur-a-ga): Turaga are basically retired toa, this happens when they use up their powers, fulfill their purpose, or a combination of both. They are a head taller than Matoran and possess great wisdom and they are usually leaders of a village and a few hold positions of strategy and guidance in the toa army. In terms of energy, if light was energy a Turaga would be a hundred what bulb, Turaga have trouble with raw energy even more so then Matoran, due to their time as toa and their slightly frail bodies have trouble containing the destructive energy.

RAHI (Ra-he): the generic term for animal, could be anything from a creature that can swallow an island or a bug that you can step on without even knowing it.
Famous examples of rahi are:
Muaka: are the great cats of the Matoran universe, renowned for their fierceness and tenacity, all efforts to train Muaka have ended in disaster. They are regarded as a B-rank in threat mostly due to the fact that they extremely territorial and are hard to contain due to their resistance to stasis. But they are also a blessing in disguise as these creatures hate Rahkshi and consider them a delicacy, a lone Muaka can wipe out a Rahkshi colony in mere days.
Nui-Jaga: (new-i-ja-ga) a large scorpion-like creature, a common C-rank mission for young toa is to clear one or two of them in a basement of a resident, their tails are highly prized by collectors for the dangerous creature they represent and also scientists who wish to study its venom, thankfully despite its power, the nui-Jaga is a stupid creature and has often been tricked into attacking mirrors and other reflective surfaces.
Kikanalo (Ki-ka-na-lo): Kikanalo are a cross between a rhino a kangaroo and a tank. They are extremely strong, extremely fast and extremely intelligent (by rahi standards) and when pressed can let lose a roar that can whip up a sandstorm which could blow away Vahki and the real clincher is: they travel in herds. Despite occasionally trampling villages in their stampedes, Kikanalo are peaceful and welcomed by miners as their horns scrape up protodermis to be used in numerous ways, this is why they are only considered C-class.
Tahtorak (tah-TOAR-ack): these great and intelligent reptiles stand over 40 feet tall and only the wisest, strongest, or most crafty have been able to tame (or partner with) them, they are one of the few rahi capable of speaking Matoran.

KAITA (kai-ta): Kaita, how does one to describe them? Well let’s try the blunt way, Kaita are formed when a set of beings (usually of the same race but there have been exceptions) focus on their destiny or a single purpose (still theoretical) and fuse together to form a being of great power, they have the same powers as the originals but increased to a nearly insane degree. Toa have done it in teams of three, Matoran and Turaga have done it in teams of six, of the other races, none have been recorded but many have been rumored. The three primary races believe that it is achieved by focusing on ones destiny, others believe in a life or death situation, but the trigger is still in doubt.

POWER FORGING: Power forging is the process used to (for lack of a better term) empower weapons and armor, the practice involved material components and a donation of energy (preferably a toa’s for it’s elemental qualities) and usually a few symbols in a now mostly forgotten language forged into it for dramatic affect. Which leads to the popular thought that the symbols have the power, however as stated, this is not the case. This process is highly secretive and very few outside the brotherhood of the makuta know how to do it with the exception of mask making.

MAKUTA (ma-ku-ta): Makuta are the mad scientists of the universe and the creators of most Rahi, they are famous for their high intelligence but this has led to a superiority complex. They are equally famous for their great many powers which include: Accuracy, heat vision, laser vision, cyclone, quick healing (regeneration), heat resistance, cold resistance, darkness, adaptation, anger, chain lightning, weather control, chameleon, confusion, density control, disintegration, dodge, elasticity, electricity, fear, poison, hunger (drain), gravity, illusion, insect control, limited invulnerability, magnetism, mind reading, molecular disruption (inorganic), plant control, rahi control, plasma, power scream, shapeshifting, shattering, sleep, stasis field, shattering, silence, slowness, sonics, teleportation, and Vacuum. But usually a makuta finds a few favorites and sticks to them. In terms of energy, makuta are unpredictable some have low energy and others high amounts, because of this some makuta argue that high energy is caused by who your parents were, others think the way you were raised will influence it. Makuta also wear masks but they tend to stray to the darker end of the power spectrum. Makuta judge worth (their own or others) through a mix of scientific achievements and fighting ability, it also depends who your “parent” is, Makuta spring into existence when the antidermis pool is filled, the pool then gives the mass of antidermis a conscious and the new Makuta steps into a shell, their body, the “parent” is the one who vows to teach the young one, sometimes forming familial bonds.

THE INOPS PLAGUE (in-ops): the once dreaded Inops plague was actually a failed rahi experiment, a makuta (presumably Chirox or one of the other more accident prone scientists) had attempted to make a rahi that would drain elemental energy (to hunt down the rare yet powerful toa criminals), instead he produced a cell-like creature that poisoned it, but it was a tradeoff, the organism poisoned would have one trait greatly increased (an ability akin to spine slugs draining anger and giving strength to Skakdi), this could be anything to the ability to speak languages or speed, but in any case the inops disease has been all but wiped out and only a few toa have caught it. So if anything it is an obscure footnote in a medical text somewhere.

ARTAKHA (art-ak-ha): Artakha is the forge of the universe, give its inhabitants a design and the materials and they can build it, but not many know of its location including the brotherhood of makuta and so it has been left in relative obscurity, not that they mind. Artakha is also considered to be the Matoran version of heaven, a place where Matoran that worked and served Mata Nui faithfully could go. The aboriginals (natives) have control over technology to a certain degree but it is only comparable to that of a Turaga’s elemental energy.

KARZAHNI (Kar-za-he-ni): Karzahni is basically hell, a place where the unfaithful are sent to toil endlessly, even less is known about it than Artakha which adds to its terrifying reputation, like Artakha it is named after its demented ruler but it is said that it is a place where ice burns you and flames freeze you and the stones scream when you step on them and if you stop working you will join them (the stones).

THE TOA ARMY: The toa army is led by the grand general Takanuva and operates under the jurisdiction of the Matoran council, but despite their name they do have a few non-toa or half-toa members and still have branches of scientists and medics. Their leaders group academy graduates into teams of five with a more experienced sixth being their commander and they are given missions which are sent in by citizens of the realm or occasionally from the council itself ranked from C to S.
C- these are low-risk escorts, and hunting down bandits, killing a few low-class rahi, not a whole lot of risk considering that rookie teams have a teacher with them, but excellent practice.
B- Hunting down dark hunters or rouge toa, killing higher class rahi, guarding important artifacts, for more experienced teams.
A- The elite handle these, they include Assassinations (though very few actually do to the fact that they want to conserve their hero status) escorting dukes or heads of business and large scale battles. They also include stopping large natural disasters and other such high level duties.
S- Rank usually reserved for super elite branch, the ranking is given to potentially world-ending (read government disruption) criminals, the last one was the Baron, otherwise known as the necromancer, and before him was Hordika himself who was jokingly at first called triple S-class unfortunately (or fortunately due to the pain and horror they inflicted) both have been all but forgotten.

THE SEEING EYE: It’s a handheld crystal ball, but limited to a 10 mile radius

SKAKDI: A somewhat unpleasant race, though Skakdi are physically stronger than toa and have eyebeams comparable to mask powers, they don’t have a strong sense of unity. Skakdi usually stick to merchant class and some become guns for hire, yet others become pirates and become very wealthy in doing so (if not sunk or arrested). The warriors and pirates seem to have a particular distaste for Toa, mostly due to jealously of their elemental powers and also that the toa keep each caste from making a profit. The sentence for piracy is to be sent to work in a protodermis mine.

ANTI-GRAVITY: anti gravity is still rare (and pricey) considering that gravity toa are rare-ish and power smiths are few. Basically energy is sent in which is then sent through a converter, turning it into gravity power then sent into a area of either a few feat or meters, it is very useful if attached to a ship (for example) and set to a few meters, the ship, no matter how heavy (with enough energy) will practically float over the water also it is a valued training tool, rumor has it that Grand general Takanuva has several gravity generators in his private training area, to the effect of getting much more out of it then he would with regular gravity.
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