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The Snow's Tale

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It was the day before Christmas that I found out that I was a fast learner. There were various small little spells and potions and things I hadn’t learned, but I learned everything I needed to know to go into the fourth year at Hogwarts. I had this excitement hidden in the bottom of my stomach just thinking about going to public school. Severus has taught me so much. I wish I could somehow repay him. Although, I think my shy kindness is too much for him to bear so I waited to ask him about what to do. For now I was going to enjoy my last few days of Christmas break. “So?” I asked Severus. I stood right by the arm of the chair he was sitting in. I put on a smile just waiting for him to answer me.
“Yes?” he asked looking up at me. “Can we go out to eat for Christmas? If it isn’t too much to ask.” He looked back into his book and after a few seconds of standing there with a sincere smile on my face he looked at me again. He sighed. “Alright.” “Thanks!” and out of happiness I kissed him on the cheek and walked into my room, regretting it. I felt myself flush. As long as he couldn’t see my face then. I looked at the mirror that was on one of my bedroom walls. My face was the color of a tomato. Shaking my head and laughing, I looked through my new wardrobe in search for the perfect outfit that I’d wear the next day.
I picked out a pair of black leggings, flats, and a dress that didn’t go past my mid-thigh. Now all I needed was a ride to Diagon Alley. I knew exactly what to get Severus for Christmas. That book he continued to look at whenever we go out. I took a job at that restaurant I went to before I came here to Severus’s house. It wasn’t a big job, but it gave me the amount of money I needed to get that book. Maybe I can walk there. I knew a special passageway. I walked back into the living room, but Severus wasn’t there. I walked into the kitchen and saw him making dinner.
“Spaghetti?” he asked. I smiled, “My favorite. After eating I asked, “May I go out?” He raised his eyebrow, “Where?” “Just out. I made some money over at that restaurant. I wanted to get something.” “Alright, as long as it isn’t illegal,” he huffed. I smirked, “Oh, it’s just a bag of drugs.” He became wide-eyed. “It was a joke!” I hurried off before anymore was said. I walked to the edge of town with the money in my front pocket. With a single tap on a brick of an old building, I walked into Diagon Alley. I have only ever been here twice with Severus. So that means I have been in Diagon Alley a total of two times. The streets were busy with last minute shoppers. I was one of them.
I walked over to the bookstore. And picked up Defense for the Experts: Volume Four by Katharine Walling. After that was purchased I had just enough to get a bag and Christmas tissue paper. With a huge grin, I walked out. I only had a few coins left. Couldn’t really by much with it. So I just walked back home. The word rang through my eyes again with a beautiful chime. Home. “What did you get?” Severus asked without looking up from his chair when I opened the front door. “Just a bag to keep my belongings in just in case you’ll kick me out,” I lied. Inside, there was a giant laugh just waiting to escape. But I held back my smiles and laughter. “I won’t kick you out as long as you behave,” he said.
Still, he didn’t look up. “Oh, you know I’ll always behave.” I walked into my room without further questioning. I wrapped the book with all the tissue paper I bought and put it gently in the bag. It was ready. Now I had to wait patiently for tomorrow. And tomorrow didn’t come quick enough. When we walked into the restaurant my eyes wandered everywhere. There were a few people there. It was Christmas; you’d expect everyone to be home. It was a three star restaurant. It was fairly fancy and elegant.
When we took our seats I set Severus’s gift beside me in the booth (I had told Severus it was extra clothes in case I got cold). “I still don’t know why you had to bring that. I told you it wasn’t going to be cold in a public building,” he grumbled. “Oh, be happy,” I set the present on the table and slid it closer to him. “I was kidding. It’s a present for you not clothes. Merry Christmas.”
Severus’s POV:
She handed me the present and I felt something inside twirl. I pushed that feeling aside because a new feeling arose. Guilt. I hadn’t gotten her anything. I didn’t celebrate this holiday. Actually, I did get her something. But there wasn’t any way in hell that I would give it to her. I didn’t understand why I even bought that thing, but I did. But I wasn’t going to give it to her. It was something I thought she’d like, but there was something inside me saying that I shouldn’t give it to her. That she wouldn’t like it. Maybe I should give it to her anyway. I opened up the bag slowly keeping a cold face on. It was Defense for the Experts: Volume Four by Katharine Walling. The book I had kept on looking at but never bought. “How did you get enough money to buy this?” I asked with a shocked face on. Damn.
She smiled, “That restaurant. They gave me enough money for doing some dishes and waiting on tables. I noticed you kept looking at it, so I thought I’d get it since you were so kind as to let me live in your home.” No, I shouldn’t give it to her. Yes, you should, said a voice. I didn’t want to, but yet I did. I sighed and shook my head at myself mentally. Our food finally came and I was still arguing with myself. She kept looking at me with a smile on her face. She was trying to get an emotion out of me, I could tell. So I looked up and gave her my best smile, “Thank you, Izzy.”
Izzy’s POV:
That was all it took to make me happy; a thank you and my name being said by his lips. There wasn’t a thing that could ruin this moment. Then he began to search in his pocket for something. He pulled out a long, velvet box. “I don’t know if you’ll like it, but I’ll give it to you anyway.” I opened it and there was a necklace. It had a silver chain with a silver circle charm. The charm contained swirling lines that seemed to change color. It was very pretty. “Thank you. Can you put it on?” I stood up while he hesitated for a while.
I handed him the necklace, turned around and pulled my hair to the front of my shoulders. He finally stood up and laid the necklace on my collarbone and hooked the back. I turned around and smiled up at him. “I really love it.” He nodded and sat back down feeling awkward. I laughed at him. “What?” he asked. A little color came to his face. “Your cute when you feel awkward.”
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