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The Snow's Tale

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The Story

Telling by his actions, he was kind but didn’t like that he was so. He tried to be cold. He tried to not care. He tried to keep it all in. But it didn’t matter. Cause the very next day I woke up with a home. It may not be much at all and temporary, but it was still something. Last night I was surprised no tears fell from my eyes. One of the few rare days I didn’t cry. I wish there were more of them. I walked over to the dresser in the room and opened it. There wasn’t a single thing. Then I remembered I hadn’t brought anything but my wand with me. Sighing, I closed the drawer and walked over to the door. When I set my hand on it, I didn’t open it because I wasn’t sure if I should or was supposed to.
I shook my head and turned the knob. The living room was empty. There hadn’t seemed to be a sound. Maybe he was still asleep. Then questions appeared into my head as I sat down on one of the living room chairs. What’s his name? Why had he helped me? He felt sorry for me, didn’t he? Where did he work? Is he married? Friends? Family? But it didn’t seem like anyone new was in the house. Did he really live all alone? After forty minutes of staring at my hands, the same dark man walked out.
He walked past me, into the kitchen. It was as if he didn’t even notice me sitting there. I used to get that a lot. Even from my parents. A frown formed on my face. What am I supposed to say? I got up and walked into the kitchen. He was making bacon and toast. “How many pieces of toast and bacon would you like?” he asked. I hesitated but said, “One of each please.” He looked at her for a moment. He looked her up and down. “Are you sure you don’t want more than just one?” I nodded. “H-how long can I stay? I can be out here right after breakfast…if that’s what you wanted. I don’t wish to be a bother.”
Severus’s POV:
Inside, I flinched. I didn’t want her to leave. She was the only thing that reminded me of Lily. I felt like her being here would bring Lily back. Maybe she could be the new Lily. What am I saying? That’s horrible. She is no Lily. She is far from being the woman I loved—love. “You can stay as long as you need too,” I said plainly. Something in her eyes relaxed. She smiled. But her smile was sad. “Thank you,” she said in barely a whisper. She walked over to the table and sat down. She stared at nothing for ten minutes. That was when I put her food onto a plate and gave her some butter and jam. She was patient. Her bites were small. I ate along with her in silence.
After a while I asked, “Where do you go to school at?” “I was home schooled. My parents couldn’t afford for me to go anywhere. Although, I hadn’t learned much magic…don’t think I’ve learned anything at all but a couple simple spells.” Her voice was small. “Well, if you would like, I can bring you to the school I teach at. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” “I’d like that…I can help pay off the money. I can work…be an assistant. I can find a job somewhere—” she rambled on. “There won’t be any need for that. The Headmaster will take care of it. How old are you?” “Fourteen.” There was a pause.
“I’ll have to teach you what I can to catch you up,” I grumbled, “Then you will attend your fourth year when Christmas Break is over.” She smiled. All the sadness escaped. “Thanks. I think that would be brilliant. You could catch me up by then?” “Well, it won’t matter. You could go to school right now and still know about as much as those stupid children know.” Her expression didn’t falter. “My parents abandoned me…” she began out of the blue. “I was just laying on my cot in the living room. Reading one of my favorite Muggle books and minding my own business. My parents were out doing something. Drinking. I suspect they were taking it all in huge gulps like they always do.”
“You don’t have to tell the story….” “I want to. Anyway, when they came home, they were completely wasted. Drunk and dizzy. I ignored their fighting and bickering.” Her voice lowered and it was shaky. “My mother gave me a smirk. She had tired eyes, but her smirk…it was…scary. She gripped me by the arm. Told me I wasn’t worth the money. And she tossed me out. Told me to never come back. So I wondered. I wondered around for what seemed like hours. I went into a restaurant not knowing where else to go. I ordered a glass of water so they wouldn’t kick me out for a while. But soon, I had to leave. I wandered through a couple of towns. And I ended up on this street. I was growing tired so I just sat down on the curb. Waiting….” She didn’t say what she was waiting for. She just ended her story there.
There was a pang of guilt in my stomach. For thinking of keeping her just for my selfish thoughts. “What is your name?” “Isabelle Lynn Kale. Yours?”
Isabelle’s POV:
He contemplated on answering. “Severus Snape.” For some reason, the name sent chills. “I am pleasured to meet you,” I smiled. He went back to his coffee and breakfast.
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