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The Snow's Tale

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The Beginning

It's cold; the icy wind cutting every inch of me. But there wasn't a single place to go. Not back into the restaurant I was just in for over an hour. Not the motel down the street that makes you pay for every hour you stay in a room. And not home. Not even the very place I grew up in because that was miles away. My parents abandoned me on this dark, unknown street. I felt so alone. I was alone. No one seemed to want me. I was just left here to fend for myself. Where could I go now? Surely, I had other relatives. Maybe I did, but there hadn't lived anywhere near walking distance. How was I supposed to get food? Or keep myself warm when winter comes?
Using magic is a possibility, but I still couldn't make food out of nothing. I longed for an owl. To send a letter to someone who would help me. But I never owned one. I didn't have anything on me but my wand. I sat down on the curb, just waiting to finally fall asleep. And also praying I didn't become hungry. Not knowing what to do wasn't helping. And I had no ideas. Maybe I'll come up with one tomorrow. I can come up with some plan on where to live. Yes.
Severus's POV:
I watched her from my window. There wasn't a single soul around her. Not even close. I watched her walk away. But yet over an hour later I found her sitting upon the curb of my street. Her head fell onto her knees and she wrapped her arms around her shins. She looked so helpless. I snickered at my thoughts. Who cares? But something ignored that coldness inside of me. I walked outside and painfully made my way to the lone girl sitting on the curb. Once my feet were just in front of her, she looked up. A sharp pain ran down my spine. Her eyes. They were a brilliant green. Her hair; a fiery red. An image of Lily Evans appeared in my head.
The little girl standing in front of me looked so much like her. Exactly like her. It was as if she reappeared from the dead. But the girl in front of me had no hint of freckles. Her face was completely flawless, hair was wavy instead of straight, and her cheeks were redder. My heart felt small warmth for the first time in fifteen years. "Yes?" "Why aren't you home? It's past curfew."
She didn't answer. And I knew she had been abandoned. I believe I had seen her before when I was wondering the poor wizard town of Gorton. Parents would often leave their children on the streets to fend for themselves if they hadn't had the money to take care of them. I may have despised children, but that hadn't meant I felt good about them being left alone on the streets. "Come with me," I stated indifferently. She was so desperate, she hadn't argued.
I led her inside my house still feeling my jaw clench harder and harder. "You may take that room right there." I pointed to a door right beside the fireplace in the living room. She hadn't looked at me. I just watched her gaze around the room taking in her surroundings. She turned to me with a small, sad looking smile."Thank you." I walked into my room ready to finally fall asleep.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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