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Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall. I highly recommend the games, Dead Space and Dead Space 2, as well as the movie.  « Hide author's note
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James and I drag Abby’s body outside, where James buries her under a tree. He carves her name into the bark while I place the bouquet of flowers over her makeshift grave.
“If it helps, they got what they deserved,” I say, “ The Necromorphs slaughtered them, the looters.” “James just stares at the grave. “What am I going to do now? She was the only reason I kept going through all of this,” he whispers. “Get to shelter. Survive. It’s… It’s what Abby would have wanted you to do,” I say in soft tones.
James rounds on me. “How do you know what she would have wanted? You didn’t know her at all, I did! You didn’t save her from the Necromorphs, I did! You didn’t love her, I did,” James is sobbing by the time he finishes.
“I just want to die,” he says. “If you die, then her death will be in vain. Live, and her memory lives with you,” I say. He looks up. “Now, I’ll give you a moment to say your goodbyes while I go find you a weapon,” I say as I walk away.
I walk into the mall and see that the Necromorphs have finished their meal. I wipe blood and bits of tissue off of a Plasma Rifle and scavenge ammo for it, even reaching into a dead woman’s destroyed chest cavity to get a pack of ammo.
As I turn to leave, I see a woman run towards me, screaming. A massive Brute chases her. I open fire, but my bullets ping harmlessly off the thing’s armor. The beast’s massive fist plows through the woman’s chest, almost tearing her in half. She drops a baby, wrapped in cloth, to the floor. I see an Infector swoop down and, before I can react, show its proboscis through the baby’s forehead, splattering brain on the pavement. I rip the baby’s body and the Infector to pieces with my gun before hurling a plasma grenade at the Brute.
I run back to James, who is finishing his goodbyes. “Hate to rush you, bro, but we’ve got a bunch of uglies about to start chasing us,” I gasp. He holds up a finger. Behind me, I feel the ground begin to shake. Something huge is walking towards us. “Dude, we REALLY need to go,” I say urgently. James ignores me.
Something roars behind us. I turn, and gasp. A massive, hulking Necromorph, about ten feet tall, walks towards us. It’s like a Slasher in proportion, but completely alien in all other ways. It’s bulky torso sports seven limbs, ranging in size from massive claws to tiny hooks. Its head is almost completely attached to its body, with it’s glowing eyes glaring at me.
I open fire at the creature, blasting off two arms. It roars and sinks to one knee. I shake James, but he doesn’t respond. The Ubermorph, as that’s what I call it, roars as two limbs grow out to replace the ones I shot off.
I adjust my fire and blast off the thing’s head, but a new one grows back. “How do you kill this thing?” I ask myself.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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