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Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall. I highly recommend the games, Dead Space and Dead Space 2, as well as the movie.  « Hide author's note
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“Wait a second, hold up. Who made you the leader?” James huffs. I smirk as I twist and punch im in the mouth. He is stunned, and falls to the ground. Abby gasps. I drag James over to the edge and dangle him over it, just out of range of the surviving, legless Necromorphs below.
“Because I’m willing to do whatever I have to survive,” I hiss as I let him drop a few inches lower, “The question is, are you?” I hurl him up and onto the roof. “Any more disagreements, you can take them up with the Necromorphs down there,” I said, pointing to the alley below.
“Why the prison?” Abby asks. “It’s got a garden, a library, guns, and a massive wall,” I reply, “All of which we’ll need.” “The garden?” James asks. “Food.”
My two companions nod in approval. “There’s only the problem of getting there,” I say as I scan the street below for a potential ride. I look at James and say, ‘you know any car dealerships around here? Because it’s gonna be a damn long walk without a ride.”
He shakes his head. “Well, damn. Looks like we gotta walk,” I sigh. “What weapons do you have?” I ask. They each show me a plasma pistol. “Hmm,” I say, “Here, take these.” I give them each a plasma grenade.
James snaps his fingers. “Wait,” he says, ‘I think I know of a dealership a mile or so form here, past the mall. It’s got some pretty heavy duty stuff.” I nod in approval. “Just tell me what direction to walk,” I say.
We cut through the streets of the Sprawl as silently as possible. Corpses litter the streets, staining the asphalt a muddy crimson. The sights horrify me, seeing corpses of bisected corpses of mother clutching the half-eaten bodies of their young children while the corpse of the husband and dad lies in pieces a few feet away.
As we walk, the only thing on my mind is Lauren, and our last moments together, before I left her to scavenge. Before she died and was turned into a monster, which I had to destroy.
After a few minutes, I ask, “How do you two know each other?” “We go-went- to high school together,” Abby says. “And, we’ve been dating for a year,” James says with a smile as he intertwines his fingers with Abby’s. I merely nod, knowing that the chances of them surviving this ordeal are astronomical, let alone staying together.
I see a shuffling ahead. “Contact, ten meters out,” I hiss as I squat to a crouch. I aim down my sights and recoil. A Lurker, a disturbing Necromorph baby, is feasting on its mother, tearing at her intestines and gnawing on an eye. I spit in disgust as I blast the monstrous demon baby in half. Bits of gore are splattered across the wall, and I hear the clang of spine on cement.
“All clear,” I whisper. I look at Abby and James and say, “I wouldn’t look at the body if I were you guys.” They wisely listen.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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