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Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I got this from the series of video games Dead Space, along with the movie Dead Space: Downfall. I highly recommend the games, Dead Space and Dead Space 2, as well as the movie.  « Hide author's note
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Twisted Face

“Get down,” I yell as I open fire. The Necromorph screams as I sever its arms and head. I twist and fire at those entering the store. Necromorphs of all sizes are running at us, from the tiny yet disturbing Lurkers to the hulking Brutes, we accumulate a massive dinner party.
“Go go go!” I roar over the horde behind us. They frantically look around. “The exit!” the boy says. I follow his gaze and nod. “It’s our best shot, now MOVE!” I yell. We run and throw open the door to the outside, blazing bright sunlight almost blinding me.
My vision returns, as I shoot from the hip at the oncoming undead. I toss a plasma grenade, which incinerates scores of Necromorphs in a searing blue flash. “Up here,” the girl says. I see that they are climbing up a fire escape ladder to the roof.
I sprint up after them, feeling pain in my ankle as a Slasher cuts my foot with its scythe. I collapse on the roof, gasping for breath, feeling adrenaline pump through my veins. Sweat pours off my forehead.
I hear something clanging behind me, and I groan, as I know that it is a Necromorph climbing the ladder. I walk over and do a double take.
A female Necromorph is trying to scale the ladder, and I recognize her, despite the horrific mutations created by the Necromorph virus. Lauren, the girl that I had shared a relationship with for maybe ten minutes before she was killed and converted into this monster that climbs below me. Her once beautiful features marred by the virus. Her lips, which I had once kissed, stretched to accommodate a mouthful of teeth, with bits of meat from a previous meal still embedded in the fangs.
“Oh my God,” I gasp and plop to the ground. I can hardly believe that this is what has happened to Lauren. I look over the railing and see that she has become stuck on the railing. “I’m sorry, Lauren,” I choke out, “No one deserves this, especially not you.” I choke back a sob as I attach the plasma grenade to the back of her head and set the timer for ten seconds. “I’m so sorry,” I say as I kick the Necromorph that used to be my girlfriend in the head, sending her down into the horde below.
Three seconds later, the grenade detonates.
“Girlfriend?” the girl on the roof asks. I nod. “It’s hard to see a loved one turned into one of those things, isn’t it?” the guy asks. “Yeah,” I say before pulling out my gun and aiming it at the two of them, “Now, who the hell are you guys?”
They are obviously taken back by my show of force. “A-Abby,” the girl says. “James,” says the guy. “And what the hell where you doing in that store,” I demand. “Scavenging for food,” Abby says. James nods. I sling the gun over my shoulder.
“I say we go east, to the Northern Penitentiary,” I say, pointing in the general direction of the prison.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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