More Than You Know

August 10, 2011
By toxi_rawr, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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toxi_rawr, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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[i][b]Two Months Ago[/b][/i] I held onto my book tightly as I walked down the halls of Huntington Beach High School. Jinx and Hanson at my sides. I stopped at my locker and put my books away and turned to my friends. “So my dad said that you guys could come over and we could use his new TV.” I said. Jinx smiled. “Why does your dad even protect the thing, it’s like what from 1600?” She asked. “Because he’s weird like that. But my dad is at the studio and I’m stopping over there on the way home.” I said. Hanson smiled. “Does this mean I get to see Wills?” She asked. I nodded. “Grace, I love the fact that your dad is famous.” She said. I smiled. “Me too.” I said. I walked and saw Neicy and James, together. “Are you two dating?” I asked. James looked at me. “Why is it any of your concern?” He asked. I flipped him off and my and my girls walked out to my mustang. This is my baby. I got in the front seat and buckled. I turned on the radio and the bass and pulled out of the spot. I got onto the street and raced down to the studio. “We should start a band.” Jinx said. I looked at her weird. “Why a band? I’m good with being single.” I said. “Because we’re friends, and I know drums, and you know singing and guitar and Hanson knows bass and Rachel knows rhythm guitar. Perfect band.” She said. “I’ll ask the guys if they think it would be cool.” I said. She nodded and I pulled into a spot in front of the studio. I got out of my car and the girls followed me. I saw dad’s car and I walked in. I went right back and the secretary didn’t even stop me. I walked to the booth at the end of the hall where I heard Matt singing. I walked in and dad was watching Matt, Zacky was just about passed out of the couch, Johnny was no where to be found, is he a ninja? And Brian was sitting next to dad with his guitar. I walked over to dad and gave him and hug from the back. He jumped a little and turned when I let go. “Hey Grace.” He said. I smiled and watched. Jinx sat down next to Zacky and drew something on his face. Hanson was messing with Johnny’s bass and he walked in. “Yo, that would be mine.” He said. “But Johnny, please?” She asked. He gave her a glare but let her. Matt stopped singing and Greg gave him thumbs up. “Let’s take an hour long break.” He said. The band nodded and we all walked outside. “So daddy, Jinx had this idea that, me, her, Hanson, and Rachel should start up a band.” I said. He looked at me. “I don’t really care. If that is what you want to do than fine.” He said. I nodded and the girls smiled. “Can we practice in the attic?” I asked. Dad took a long drag from his cigarette. “Yeah sure. What ever. I won’t be home until around five.” He said. “What about Leana?” I asked. “I don’t give a f*** about Leana.’ He said. I nodded and walked to me car. I closed the door and turned on the radio. Jinx looked at me. “You ok?” She asked. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m just wondering what happened between Leana and my dad.” I said and thought. A big smirk appeared on my face. “Guess who’s going snooping in her father’s room and office?” “Us?” Jinx and Hanson asked at the same time. I nodded and sped down the road to my house. When we got there I got out and ran inside. I closed the door and set my keys down. I walked up the stairs, Jinx and Hanson following me and went to my dad’s room. I went to his dresser and opened the top drawer. I found underwear, socks, pjs, and a sex toy. Wow really? I should use that sometime……..Just Kidding! I went to the next drawer down and found nothing. “Ugh there is nothing here.” I said. “Office time.” We walked down the hall next to my room and went into my dad’s office. I went to his desk; Jinx the bookshelves, and Hanson the computer. I opened the drawers and found random s***, pencils, a slinky, a stapler, and other random crap. I went to the next drawer and opened it and right smack dab on the top was, divorce papers. “Divorce papers?” I asked. Jinx stopped looking. “What?” She asked. I held them up. “Leana is filing for divorce. And dad has a court date next week. Wonder why.” I said and read. Stuff about cheating and stealing and lying. “Bull s***.” I said and set the papers down. I heard the front door open and I went to the window and saw Leana’s car. I got a glare and walked out of the room and stomped down the stairs. “Why the hell are you divorcing my dad?” I asked. She just looked at me. I saw a friend of hers but I really did not care. “Grace that is none of your business and I have company.” She said. “And I really don’t give a s***. My father is unstable, and you have the f*ing nerve to just up and divorce him? Well sorry to say, but you don’t just do that.” I said. “Grace this is none of your business.” She yelled. “Oh no, it is. He is my dad. If you divorce him, than he’s going to kick your sorry f*ing ass to the curb and keep me. You will be homeless and working at a bar shoving your f*ing tits in guys faces to get money.” I said. “Grace Lynn Sullivan. You are 17 years old; you should not be talking this way.” She yelled. “In case you didn’t know, I f*ing swear and yell when I am pissed off.” I said. She groaned and walked away. “Don’t you walk away from me.” I said and grabbed her arm. “Let go of me.” She said. I glared and brought my hand up, made a fist, and swung as hard as I could in her face. I his the middle of it and heard a crack. I pulled back and Leana grabbed her face. “What the hell Grace?” I heard from behind me. I turned and saw dad. “She pissed me off.” I said. “And that is no reason to punch Leana in the face.” He said. I sighed. “Were you snooping in your dad’s office?” Leana asked. I turned to her. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “The only way you could have found out is if you were snooping.” She said. I put on a poker face and looked at dad. “Do you think I would do that dad?” I asked. He looked at me and sighed. “No. But what did she find out?” He asked. “That I filed for divorce.” Leana said. I snickered in my head. “Grace go to your room.” Dad said. I shrugged and walked up to my room. I plopped on my bed and Jinx laid at the end. “Nice punch.” She said an hi-fived me. I smiled. “I know.” I said. My cell went off. “Hello.” I said. “Hey babe. How are you?” I heard Frank say. “I’m good. How are you?” I asked. “Bored as f*** at the studio. My dad is making me go over the tracks your dad’s band just recorded.” He said. “Ha have fun. I just punched Leana in the face. And it was fucking epic.” I said. He chuckled. Jinx grabbed my iPod and started playing. Hanson was going through my CDs. “Why?” He asked. “She is divorcing my dad.” I said and bit my nail. “That is a bad habit.” Jinx said. “Why is she divorcing your dad?” He asked. I shrugged. “I don’t know. But she’s all like ‘this is none of your business Grace’ Bull crap.” I said. He laughed and I heard music in the background. “So can I come over tonight?” HE asked. I heard the door slam downstairs as I was going to answer. “Um, no, I’m going to hang with Jinx and Hanson.” I said. He sighed. “Ok.” He said. “I’ll talk to ya later?” I asked. “Yup, see ya.” He said and hung up. I hit end and looked at my friends. “Wanna sleep over?” I asked. Jinx looked up and nodded. Her parents didn’t care. They were either drunk, high, or having sex. Neither had a job, but they have five kids. Jinx, Randi, Marcey, Tianna, and Micheal. “I don’t know, my parents might say no.” Hanson said. “Well call them.” Jinx said. Hanson’s parents were slightly rich. She had two brothers and lived four neighborhoods to the left. She got on the phone and we waited. Hanson was aloud to sleep over, and we got in PJS and went downstairs. Dad was gone and Leana was talking to her friend. “Where’d dad go?” I asked. “I don’t know.” She said with attitude in her voice. “Don’t use attitude with me Leana.” I said. “Excuse me?” She asked. “You heard me.” I said. “Grace I am the adult here. Don’t use attitude with me.” She said. I flipped her off and walked to the kitchen. I went to the fridge and got out the juice. “So are you gonna argue with me all night?” I heard from behind me as I was pouring my drink. “Depends on how I feel.” I said and turned around, leaned on the counter, and took a drink. “Grace ever since you came into mine and your fathers lives it has been nothing but drama from you.” She said. “Well sorry that I can’t control that I got f*ing Leukemia.” I said. “That’s not what I meant.” She said. “You guys were fine a few months ago. Why the divorce now?” I asked. “Because. I don’t love your dad any more.” She said. “Well that ain’t my fault is it?” I asked. She remained quiet. I smiled and went to the pantry and got out two boxes on Mac N’ Cheese. I put a pot of water on the stove and heard Leana sigh and walk away. “You two ok with Mac N’ Cheese?” I asked. Hanson nodded and Jinx was looking into space. I smiled and heard someone knock on the front door. I sighed, pointed to the water, and walked out. Hanson will take care of the food. I opened the door and saw Matt and Brian. “What’s up?” I asked. “Is your popsicle home?” Matt asked. “Nope, he stormed out after talking to Leana.” I said. Matt gave me a confused look. I walked out and closed the door. “Leana filed for divorce.” I said. They gave me shocked faces. “Yup and Leana blames it all on me.” I said. “We’ll go check at Johnny’s Bar.” Brian said. I nodded and they walked away. I went back inside and ran into Leana’s friend. “Sorry.” He said. I took in his appearance, he had messy hair, his clothes were all wrinkley. I took a sniff, and he smells like sex. I glared and walked to the kitchen. The front door opened and I heard the guy say sorry again and then John walked in. He my brother. The band got him out of that house a couple months ago. “Hey, where’s Jimmy?” He asked. “Not here.” I said and stirred the noodles. “Whats for dinner?” He asked. “What ever you find.” I said. He gave me a look. He was still getting used to living here. I drained the noodles and made the cheese. Jinx stood up and walked over. “Why do the simplest foods have to look so delicious?” She asked. I smiled and we went up to my room. I sat on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. A few hours later I was slightly dozing off. I jumped up when I heard the door slam downstairs. I stood and looked at the clock. It’s three in the morning. Wow more than a few hours. I walked out of my room and to the top of the stairs. I sat Matt and Brian. I walked down the stairs quietly and got to the bottom and saw they were putting dad on the couch. “Where was he?” I asked. Matt turned and sighed. “He was in Ojai.” He said. “Why did he go there?” I asked. “To get drugs.” He said. “Now go back to bed you have school in the morning.” I turned and walked back to my room. I rolled over in the morning and fell off my bed. I yelped and opened my eyes. I just laid there and sighed. I got up and shook Jinx and Hanson to get up. “Use my clothes.” I said. I went to my closet and got out clothes and walked to the bathroom and turned on the water. I took a shower and walked out and to my room. I grabbed my bag and shoes and walked downstairs. Jinx and Hanson were eating cereal and I walked to the living room and saw dad on the couch, stomach showing. I sighed and walked over to him and smacked his face. His eyes opened and he looked at me for a good minute before talking. “Hey why am I down here?” He asked. “Because you went and go high and drunk.” I said and stood and walked to the kitchen. I sat down and put my head on Jinx’s shoulder. “Isn’t Brody transferring today?” She asked. I thought and nodded. “Yeah, he is.” I smiled and heard dad walk in. “Where’s the damn asprin?” He asked. I shrugged and grabbed my bag and walked out. I opened the door to my car and threw my bag in. Jinx got in the front seat and I pulled out from the driveway. I sped down the street and turned onto the highway. I drove to the school and parked into a spot. I turned off the car and got out. I grabbed my bag and walked to a table outside. I sat down and Jinx sat next to me. “So when is Brody coming?” Rachel asked as she walked up. “Sometime before school starts.” I said. “Or how about now?” I heard from behind me. I turned, smiled, jumped up, and hugged Brody. Brody became one of my friends at the end of the school year last year. He came two months before school ended and fit right in with my group of friends. “Hello my girls.” He said. “How come you came in three months into school?” Jinx asked. “My mom decided to attempt suicide and my dad made me stay in Italy with them.” He said. “Why didn’t you just stay home with your grandparents?” I asked. “I wanted them to get a vacation.” He said. “That does not mean you have to go stay in Italy with your stupid parents.” Hanson said. “Well, I thought seeing them again after all those years would change things.” He said. “And it didn’t, right?” I asked. “Bingo.” He said. I stood up and we started walking into the school. “So what’s your first hour?” I asked. “Algebra II.” He said. “Awesome. Same here. Let’s go Brody.” I said. We hooked arms and went to our first hour. End of the day Brody’s arm was hooked in mine, and Jinx’s as we walked to my car. “So am I dropping you off at home Jinx?” I asked. “Yeah, my mom wants me home for some ungodly reason.” She said. Us three walked to my car and Brody smiled. “God I missed this thing. Shotgun.” He said and got in. “No fair I always get shotgun.” Jinx said. “Today is Brody’s first day back.” I said and pointed to the back. I revved the engine and pulled out. I drove down the run down neighborhood that Jinx lived in. I pulled into her driveway and she got out. “Hey, I’ll call ya later.” I said giving her a concerned look. She nodded and walked into the house. I pulled out and drove down the road. “Am I going to hang out with you?” I asked. He looked at me and nodded. “Yes. We shall jam out in my attic.” He said. I smiled and went down the familiar road to his house. I got to the house and pulled in front and turned off the car. I got out and grabbed my notebook and ran up the stairs to the front door. Brody walked in and I followed. “Grandma.” He said and the little lady walked around the corner, she’s around 5’5” not that short, but to me she is. “Grace.” She smiled and hugged me. “Mrs. Williams.” I said and hugged her back. “I just made pie, you two can have some if you like. Just not too much Brody, your aunt is coming over tonight.” She said. Brody nodded and we raced to the kitchen. I got a piece and sat on the stool in the middle of the island. “So you and Frank still dating?” He asked. “Yup.” I said and took a bite. “He’s too old for you.” He said as he took a bite. “Stop, you sound like Andy.” I said. He smiled. “No issues right?” He asked. “Nope, well for me yeah, he doesn’t understand that I want to hang out with friends and not him, such a baby.” I said. “He’s gonna be twenty soon ya know.” Brody said. “Ok, stop being Mr. Protective.” I said and put my plate in the sink and walked towards the stairs. “I’ll be in the attic.” I said. He nodded and I walked up the stairs to the attic. I went to the piano and ran my fingers along it. The door opened and Brody walked in and plopped down on the bean chair. “So Jinx had this idea.” I said. “Which was?” He asked. “That me, her, Hanson, and Rachel be in a band. But I think we should include you.” I said. “I would be flattered, but you know I only play keyboard right?” He asked. I nodded. “Yup, so there’s me on singing and guitar, Jinx on drums, Hanson on bass, Rachel on rhythm guitar, and you one keyboard.” I said. “I don’t know, you’ll have to talk to Jinx.” He said and sat next to me. “So you do any song writing in Italy?” I asked. “Duh.” He said and prepared. “Morning to night, I fight with all my might, To keep you safe. But sometimes life gets in the way, And I wanna run and hide, But I know that to do that, is to fail Nothing can compare to you, Nothing can out do you, Nothing in this big world, Can change the way I feel about you, But I know, You’re happy where you are, And there’s nothing I can do. I sit up, at the crack of dawn Tears rolling down my face As I watch you walk down the lane, I want to help, with the pain he brings, But sometimes life gets in the way, And I wanna run and hide, But I know that to do that, is to fail. Nothing can compare to you, Nothing can out do you, Nothing in the big world, Can change the way I feel about you. But I know, You’re happy where you are, And there’s nothing I can do. But I just hope, When you leave to start your life, You never forget, Your one friend, Who tried to warn you about him. When you come crying home, I’ll be there, with open arms, Saying in my head, I told you so. Nothing can compare to you, Nothing can out do you, Nothing in the big world, Can change the way I feel about you. But I know, You’re happy where you are, And there’s nothing I can do. And there’s nothing I can do, To change your mind. (x2)” He sang softly. I looked at him. “Who’d ya write it about?” I asked. His eyes got wide. “No one.” He said quickly. “Brody, did you write it about Jinx?” I asked. He shook his head. “Hanson?” He shook his head. “Rachel?” I asked confused. He shook his head. I sat there. “Well then who?” I asked. “You.” He said quietly. I was taken aback. “Wow, um, is that how you really feel?” I asked. He nodded. “Have since I met you.” He said. I blushed. “Wow. We should show that to my dad or Matt and he’ll help us record it and everything.” I said. Brody smiled. “So who inspires all those awesome songs you wrote before?” I asked. “All of my gal pals.” He said. “You realize you just sounded so gay?” I asked.

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Favorite Quote:
"Life without a smile is like the South without sweet tea; just doesnt work."
-Dylan Michael Beverly

This is absolutley amazing! It mixes with so much emoition. I love it :)

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