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Pokemon Eternal

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May opened the newly received envelope from the mail. It was from Drew.
"Oh boy, I wonder what he could be up to now?" She wondered. She sat at the kitchen table and took out a letter. There wasnt much written.
"Dear May, How have you been? It's been awhile. Just wanting to let you know that Ash Ketchum is hosting a dance party at Yuen City in three days. Everyone's going to be there- Solidad, Harley, and most likely everyone else Ash knows. I'm going to be there too. You are invited as well, and you're welcome to bring any other friends you'd like to have with you. Hope you can make it. Love, Drew." The rest on the letter was the address on where the dance would be held.
May couldnt help twitching a smile at the closing. "How nice," she muttered, "he even put 'love.'"
She sighed and set the letter down. She gazed out her window, into the gray, cloudy sky. "Yuen City! That's all the way back in Kanto! And a dance night too? Wow, Ash Ketchum must miss all his old friends. It's been soooo long since I've seen him."
She looked at the letter again. "Huh! I wonder why Drew sent this letter instead of Ash himself. And....since when did Drew know I was all the way in Ruabog Island?" But May shrugged and smiled. "I guess I'm quite popular with the contest winners now. News about what I'm up to must be spreading like crazy. I would love to see Drew again.....it's been a long time."
May remembered all the adventures she had been through with Drew, how they had battled each other with their pokemon, and how they advanced through all the contests together. And she remembered Ash too, how the two of them traveled so far to help him complete his dream of becoming a pokemon master. She sighed happily at those memories. She had only been ten at the time. Now, she was almost grown up- eighteen years old with pokemon that can withstand the deadliest battles.
"Oh, I really wish I could come!" May almost whined. "Here I am stuck on an island until next spring! If only the ships and transportation could go much faster around these areas." She was currently on the island of Ruabog, a strange, unpopulated island in the middle of the vast seas north of the Isshu region. She was trying to help study the mystery of Xenox, a supposedly existing legendary that was said to have lived in snowstorms and blizzards on Barren Island, being able to summon and control them itself. But no one has ever concluded that this pokemon can even be real, for the cave in which it slept in was surrounded by unbearable blizzards that not even the strongest pokemon could get through. Only little evidence has been found that there is some type of ice type that's summoning the terrible blizzards around the Barren Islands, though no one has been able to survive long enough to get through those blizzards to see the sleeping pokemon itself. Scientists even predicted that if the pokemon were to wake, the world may even suffer a deadly blizzard to freeze everything up.
May herself had been really curious about this pokemon, especially since her childhood friend, Brendan, had given her a painting for Christmas- a painting of an ice type pokemon that would fit the looks for the pokemon, Xenox. Ever since then, May had been having strange dreams of the painting of the ice/dragon pokemon coming to life and speaking to her, telling her to come and find it. May had been having feelings she was needed far away, to find this pokemon and study what she can about its possible existence. So here she was, on an island not far from the treacherous Barren Islands, spending six months in the house of Professor Griney, a middle aged man who had spent his whole life wondering about Xenox.
"Hey! Watcha got there? Bet there wouldnt be anything interesting in the mail while we're all the way over here." A friendly voice startled May from her thoughts as she turned to face Brendan, who had come along with her to help discover what they can find here. Brendan peered in closer to read the letter. "Hey! Who would send you something all the way over here? We never told anyone what we were even doing! This was supposed to be private, so no one else would discover about Xenox, and start risking missions to go look for him."
"Brendan!" May shoved him from leaning over her shoulder. "It's an invitation from Drew. Ash Ketchum is inviting me to a dance party all the way in Yuen City. I really want to go but I'm-"
Brendan laughed. "So Ash invited you, but Drew wrote the letter? That's classy."
"Shut up!" May turned red and cursed herself for telling explaining it the wrong way. "Drew is more involved with contests like I am! He probably heard from my parents or something about where i went. Ash is always too busy somewhere else to hear about what I've been up to."
Brendan raised his eyebrows. "Ah, maybe Drew just INVITED you himself to come to the dance? Did he explain why Ash couldnt deliver the letter to you? Look at that! He even put 'love Drew.'"
"Brendan, shut up!" May snapped, putting the letter in the pocket of her red jacket. "Drew told me he would never bother me again, after what he and I had been through on the top of Mount Chimney." May forced herself not to look put down as she remembered that evening, about three years ago, when she had beaten Drew for the world championships in contests. She had made top winner of world contests all over the region, and so Drew had confessed she was too good for him, that she was worth more for experiencing the world with her own pokemon, rather than to stay together with him someday. Drew himself had left, still promising to take part in contests, but also start training for gym battles and expreiencing more about pokemon himself, though he even said he would never be as good as May. He just promised to let her live her life with her pokemon, for he told her how he had seen what a brave and successful person she had become to be, and that she was better off living her life without worrying about relationships with him. She had cried bitterly about their breakup, and had never forgotten that moment. "It's so not like Drew to just.....give up and let someone else go on better than him." May said in her thoughts, though she didnt let Brendan tease her about her fragile emotions. "Just mind your own business!" She snapped, getting up to leave. "It's not like Drew said anything about inviting you." And she stalked out of the kitchen, forgetting to put away her unfinished breakfast.
May didnt look back to see Brendan's expression. She wanted to be alone in her thoughts. She stepped out the front door and sat on the front step, gazing out into the gloomy morning. She wrapped herself in her jacket, for it was always this weather, especially since she was near the Barren Islands.
She sighed, thinking about visiting the dance. "Even if it was just for one night," she said to herself, "I still would really like to come. I havent seen Drew or Ash in a long time." Her relationship with Drew had been so enhancing, and they had learned even more about each other than they had throughout their earliest contest battles. Of course, May had had feelings for Ash also, long, long ago after they had parted. But she knew she couldnt get any farther with him, for he was already busy enough with his pokemon master journey. But May still had missed him dearly, though those feelings really were more like a best friend's feelings than someone you loved.
May squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her fists. "This isnt time to think about mushy stuff! I've got work to do today!" She stood up, looking around for any sign of Mr. Griney. She had planned to finally go on his expedtion to the Rainbow Sea, and explore the pokemon that inhabited it. Perhaps they could find out about the pokemon that could withstand extreme cold and live through the constant hurricanes that were always sweeping over that sea.
May walked down to the beach. The waves were calmer than usual this morning, and she expected to find Mr. Griney out here like he always spent his mornings every day.
She looked over to the harbor. There were no ships there. "Too bad the waves arent stable enough to keep transportation going. If there were any ships out here, I would so go to that dance!"
"You know, you still have a chance," said a quiet voice nearby.
May looked to her left and saw that Mr. Griney was gazing out at the unpromising ocean waves with his Absol at his side. Drew had an Absol, and May was alwasy reminded of that thought whenever she saw Mr. Griney's.
"The ships are sailing in today, and should be back by tomorrow night." Said Mr. Griney. "If you would like, you can take a day off."
May raised her eyebrows and stood by his side. "Really? You'd let me go?"
"Depends on how long you'll be gone."
"Umm....he didnt exactly say when the dance would be over," said May. Drew hadnt really been specific in his letter. He just gave her the address and told her a few things about what it was. He didnt sound like he was inviting her for himself.
"I'm sure it wouldnt be longer than a few days to a week," said Brendan, who was walking along nearby.
May flashed him a frown. "Where did you come from? You're always appearing out of nowhere so quietly!"
Brendan shrugged. "Just followin ya around. If there's a dance that involves reunion with all kinds of old friends, it wont be just a single night. I would say it would last like a week or so."
May sighed. "What do you care? You werent invited anyway." But she knew she was wrong, for he was still allowed to go with her approval. The letter had said she could bring any of her friends to come along. May wished she had the time to write back, but there were only three days left until the dance. Why had Drew written the letter so late?
"Well, I can let you go," said Mr. Griney, "but be sure you're back within a week. The travel back to Kanto would take roughly about two days on the ship, depending on the weather. So you be careful."
May glanced at Mr. Griney. He must really understand how much she felt about going, she thought. He was actually giving her the slightest chances to go.
Absol looked into May's eyes with a dark gaze and grumbled a growl.
May looked at Brendan. She managed to smile. "Well, I would love to come, but I really wouldnt managed a trip all by myself. Come with me, Brendan!"
Brendan blinked and then rolled his eyes, smiling. "Oh, so now you're forcing me to come along? I thought you wanted me out of your hair the whole time."
"Well, you know I dont manage good when I get lonely or scared," said May, giving him a teasing look. "I'm still a little slow when it comes to using my head and being brave if I dont have someone to help me." Which is why I couldnt have become as strong and successful as I am now without Drew or Ash, she thought.
"Ha! Fine I can come," said Brendan, throwing a rock out into the sea. "But you promise me that you'll be my dance partner if there's any dancing at this party. I dont know Ash or his other friends that well, so you better keep me company!"
May laughed. "Oh, you always find someway to make new friends, Brendan. You know that."
Mr. Griney cleared his throat. "Ahem. Well, you kids make up your mind. The boat's not coming until tomorrow night, so May, you can still come with me and investigate the Rainbow Sea. Brendan, you clean up your mess in the house."
May giggled and narrowed her eyes at Brendan. He had a heap of papers all over his room, for he had been drawing all kinds of graphs on weather possibilities and wind motion of their environment. "You study too much like my brother Max."
She turned to Mr. Griney. "I'd love to go, of course. I'll make sure I leave as soon as I can."
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 73 Next »

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Ethm said...
Feb. 20, 2014 at 2:03 pm
this book is amazing
4everyoung15 said...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 11:38 pm

I really luv Pokemon!!!! it wuz one of the first anime series that i watched

( 1st wuz Dragon Ball Z ) 

Keep it up 

4everyoung15 replied...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Ummmm Ash hosts a dance party??


haha funny!!! nd creative

DJ J. replied...
Feb. 19, 2014 at 2:20 pm
Pokémon RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Misseeredhair said...
Aug. 8, 2011 at 4:22 pm
This is really good, but Red and Silver are in a different series. I mean, Red was originally based off Ash and Silver off his own character. And if you have them, why don't you have Blue or Green or Gold or Crystal or even Ruby or Sapphire? I like them a lot too!
Misseeredhair replied...
Aug. 10, 2011 at 3:37 pm
Oh, and what about Yellow? I love her too!
Emerald replied...
Oct. 20, 2011 at 10:33 am
What about Emerald
Misseeredhair replied...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 7:50 pm
Oh, yeah, I forgot about him. Yeah, why isn't he there too?

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