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Tara: the Last Timebender

Author's note: I've always considered time an element, and I was a little frustrated that the avatar people...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I've always considered time an element, and I was a little frustrated that the avatar people didn't. This story is my way of bringing them into the Avatar universe, explaining why they weren't in the actual series, and telling the story of an individual timebender. Enjoy!  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1


The pain woke me up. I had a massive headache that was worse than any headache I'd had before then. I froze time, trying to understand what was causing the headache that was roaring in my temples, but there wasn't much change. I couldn't understand what was causing a headache so painful; I only get headaches when I'm in danger, and I couldn't detect anything dangerous nearby. And then I realized; there was nothing and no one nearby. I was completely on my own. I had frozen my immediate
I promise this gets better as you go along! If you don't like it yet, please just bear with me and read til it gets a little better!
area, but no one was in it, otherwise I would be hearing the thoughts of others, seeing through the eyes of others, and hearing what others were hearing. I was alone, and though the silence was good for my headache, no one would be able to protect me if the Fire Nation rebels found me.

My eyes shot open in shock, and I groaned and shut them again as light shone into them, intensifying my headache. I took a few deep breaths, and then I slowly opened them again, trying to figure out where I was.

I was in a small cave, but the opening was large enough for some light to get in, and what little light there was reflected off of the snow and my silver hair, directly into my eyes. Not so good for my headache. Just outside the cave entrance, there was a large pile of snow that had trails in it which indicated I had glanced off the side of the pile and slid into the cave. I tried to remember how I had gotten separated from the group.

We had joined Aang and the others months ago, not long after Fire Lord Ozai had been defeated, and ever since we have been helping put down rebellions from firebenders who still want to follow Ozai's plan and take over the world. But they fight back. We'd become very adept at noticing and avoiding rebel attacks, but this time we'd been half asleep, and by the time we figured out what was happening, it was too late; Appa was hit before we could do anything, and we all flew off in different directions. I'd blacked out as I'd fallen.

And now I was here. Alone. I could go on for a bit about how completely and utterly alone I was and how dangerous that was for me, but then that would just be melodramatic. I mean, I am a big girl and I can take care of myself. I shivered, realizing for the first time that I was cold, and pulled my standard short-sleeved timebender jacket tighter around me. The long-sleeved shirt beneath the jacket was drenched with melted snow, and was no help for warmth. As I shut my eyes again, I heard something. I sat up with a jolt, groaned when my headache intensified, and listened carefully.

Sure enough, I recognized the sounds of battle coming from somewhere in the forest surrounding the cave. Slowly and as quietly as possible, I crawled out of the cave. I was in a clearing surrounded by forest, which made it hard to tell where the sound was coming from. I made a guess and slowly began freezing everything in that direction until I came across several minds. A quick listen to each revealed that it was five firebender rebels and Aang.

I quickly used the connection my timebending created to inform Aang what direction I was in and about how far he would have to go to reach me and then I unfroze him. I attempted to get up and go to where he would be able to see me better, but each step I took made the snow crunch, and to me those crunches were as loud as explosions. Finally I just sat down and waited for him where I was.


I watched the rebels carefully even though they were still frozen as I left the clearing, hiding my footprints so that they wouldn't be able to follow me after Tara unfroze them. Several months of traveling with Tara and her powers still amazed me. Mostly they just confused me, though, because I'm the avatar and even I've never heard of a timebender. And she almost seems to be able to waterbend and earthbend sometimes, but when I asked her about it she said, "All I can do is timebend, nothing else."

When I asked her how timebending allowed her to make chunks of earth and water in the air and send them flying at people, all she did was smile and say, "The world is ever nostalgic."

Cryptic. Very Cryptic.


As I waited for Aang I began to worry. I mean, Aang's not exactly loud, but he's not exactly a master of silence. At all. Which could be problematic, what with my headache and all.

I sighed, deciding that having the Avatar with me would be safer than being alone, and that should ease my headache a bit. So I decided not to worry about it too much. I shut my eyes and began rubbing my temples, willing my headache to stop.

When Aang entered the clearing not long afterward, I stood up to greet him. But, as I stood, I felt sick and then my headache did something I've never known it to do before. I gasped and collapsed as I felt my headache spread. Suddenly my whole body ached. I could feel the pain everywhere; I felt it in my bones, in my legs, my arms, everywhere. I saw Aang run over with a concerned expression, but before he reached me my vision faded to black.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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