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Stroke of Midnight

Author's note: i hope you all like this and please comment on this if you read it because i want to know what people think about it
Author's note: i hope you all like this and please comment on this if you read it because i want to know what people think about it  « Hide author's note
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Ugh. We are going to have to have a talk later Sunee. -Kai C. Pattinson

I looked up at Kai who quickly grabbed his phone so I couldn’t look anymore. “Don’t read my messages anymore.” I ignored his second warning.
“No promises.” I whispered but I knew he could here it.
“You can be annoying sometimes.”
“So…….what did Sunee do?”
“I don’t know and I don’t want to ask her.”
“What is the big deal with your parents?”
“No one knows much about me and Will is known to be nosy.”
“What was your dad’s name?”
He growled at me and I left the subject promptly.
Catherine stared down Kai for a moment then got up and left the table.
“We weren’t doing anything.” The comment wasn’t exactly directed at anybody but it didn’t help much.
Mikayla was still fumbling with the cross around her neck until I eventually snatched it from her neck. The necklace chain broke and the beads surronding the cross hit the floor with a sound like rain. Kai growled at me and I growled back stomping out of the room just like Catherine did. I walked into the bedroom, sat next to her, and sulked like a child.
“I told you he is having an affair.” She turned to hug me while I looked out the crack in the door. He was helping her pick up the spilled beads and they were both laughing at each other.
“I know why Paige doesn’t have a heart anymore.” I whispered.
“Well we don’t know for sure if he is dating Mikayla, he would know better than to date your best friend.”
“He is cheating, what do you not understand about that?”
“How do we know without solid evidence though?” She remarked.
“You said it yourself that they were! You said you knew for sure!”
“Sometimes I lie to make people feel better.”
“How could that possibly make me feel better?”
“Well it went a lot better in my mind than in reality.”
I looked back out the door and he was already helping her put the necklace back on. If it didn’t have a cross on it I would have burned it. Kai walked to where we were in the room and sat next to me holding me in his lap. I tried my best to untangle myself but he didn’t let go.
“I would never cheat on you.” He whispered in my ear but I growled.
“I’m sure that is the same thing you said to Paige isn’t it?”
“Claire shut up about Paige that was years ago and it won’t happen again I know better than that now.”
“Claire, I’m serious.”
“I wish that your dad had just killed you when you were younger so I wouldn’t have to go through this.” It was too late to take back what I had just said. His arms had immediately released me and he became still. His eyes had flashed through every color some that I had never seen before. I noticed that Catherine and Mikayla had snuck out of the room and growls came from deep in his throat. I wanted to run but knew he could quickly chase me down and kill me. I started shaking and his eyes finally landed on one color. Black. A chill went down my spine as he growled then I made the quick decision to run away from him. I was quickly pulled to the ground and he was on top of me. I couldn’t manage a scream not wanting to risk my neck getting snapped.
I heard a knock on the door and Mikayla’s voice. “Kai? Are you in there?” The growling stopped and I scooted to the corner and watched the door open. Mikayla was standing in the door way with her necklace in her hands. “Can you help me put this back together?”
“Ya, sure.” He got up and walked to her grabbing the torn necklace out her hands. He left the room and I got up shaking.
“How did you…”
“I heard the growls.” She smiled
“How could you? You were outside fixing your necklace that I broke!”
“Well Kai growls pretty loudly. What did you do anyway?”
I didn’t answer her question at all still in shock from what previously happened. It had never occurred to me that vampires would hurt me, afterall I could hurt them too. None of the Pattinsons had every tried to hurt me before except Paige and maybe Kai some times….and other vampires…I had scars to prove it. I just didn’t like to remember those times so did I forget them?
I can’t keep constantly reminding myself too late that they can easily kill me even in my sleep. Fear started running through me as I thought of what would happen if he got too hungry. Pictures rushed through my head and I couldn’t calm myself down. I noticed Mikayla had already left and that I was all alone in the bedroom with my imagination running wild. I felt around for the bed, sat on the edge, then curled into a ball. Imaginig myself running through the woods came into my mind. Kai and Clide were chasing after me and there was a little house in the woods to get away from them. I recognized the glass walls.
Their house.
I ran inside though wanting to get away from them as soon as possible. My dad was on the couch and I went to the other side to see him. Sunee was beside him and Kyoko was on his other side. She was rubbing his arm while Sunee was getting dangerously close to his neck. I tried to pull her away from him but she wouldn’t budge. I screamed at my dad for him to run but he wouldn’t. Paige appeared behind him slithering around his neck like a snake. The door opened and Logan and Pete walked in hand in hand. She was wearing a puffy fur jacket that was stained with blood and…and…venom?
Footsteps could be heard upstairs and not wanting to leave my father I satyed but a crash came from upstairs and I ran up the steps. All the doors were locked except one which happened to be the closet. I shut the door but somebody opened it again. Cynthia and Will’s black eyes stared into my soul while I tried to run but something cold and hard held me back. I turned to see Maria there. How had I not noticed her when I walked in the closet? I had to think of a way to get away but I had only been in a few bedrooms, the living room, the second living room, the kitchen, and the dining room.
In reality I knew this place was a funhouse for some reason but never knew why. Maybe it was tradition or for safety from vampires. I broke free from Maria, ducked between Will abd Cynthia, then made a run for it. There were a lot of stories in this house and almost all the doors were locked- including the back door. Even if it wasn’t locked how far could I go before I ran off the cliff in the back of the house. I could hide in the large tree outside where Kai had shot me months ago but no doubt someone was in the tree waiting for me. I ran back down to my father who was shaking in pain with both Sunee and Kyoko’s vanom running in his veins. I started crying when something shook me awake.
“Claire? Claire are you ok?” I heard Kai’s voice
“Ya what would make you think I wasn’t.”
“You fell off a bed and you kept muttering funhouse.”
“Your house is a funhouse.”
“My house isn’t fun, Claire.”
“I think she needs to sleep.” Catherine suggested
Kai scopped me up and I screamed until he dropped me on the bed.
“Did I hurt you?”
“Get away from me! Your sister and her Hawaiien friend turned my dad into a vampire!”
“Your dad is buried in a cemetery somewhere.”
“No he isn’t! I had gotten kidnapped by Will and Cynthia so when I was gone they attacked him! Paige was there too she was on the back of the couch but she wasn’t there anymore!”
“You are delirious and need some sleep. I’ll get you something to drink then tie you to the bed so you don’t hurt yourself.”
“I don’t need tied down at all! I’m perfectly sane!”
“No you are not I’ve dealt with a lot of crazy people in my life, I know one when I see one.”
He had strapped me down already though before I had the chance to try to leave.
“See you in the morning.” He waved bye and closed the door.
“Well he gets Mikayla alone all day since I’m not leaving your side.”
“You can’t let that happen! What if they kiss and he forgets about me then I’m tied her forever!?”
“D*** you do need some sleep.”
“No I don’t!”
“I really doubt that they will do-” She was cut off by a noise coming from the couch. I ripped out of the rope I was tied in and swiftly ran behind the beds. They were cudlled together on the couch watching some show on the Tv. I could tell Kai wasn’t interested by the way he messed with her hair and how she giggled when he did it made me sick. I listened intently at his coversation.
“Why do you even like this show?” He asked her
“Well it’s a very cute TV show about a sponge and his friend.”
“You’re so adorable some times.”
She looked up at him and he stared at her. “Er thanks?”
“It was a compliment you know.” He leaned and kissed the top of her head she looked up though and his lips ended up at her forehead.
“Uh that wasn’t suppose to happen.” His cheeks had turned black and I knew he vwas blushing. Mikayla’s whole face was red with embarrasement while mine was red with fury.

I layed in bed with Catherine but secretly stayed up watching Kai and Mikayla talk in the other bed. I had a perfect view and they wouldn’t be able to see a thing because of the pillow that hid my face. They were talking for a few hours with Kai at the bottom of the bed and Mikayla at the top. Then something exciting happened.
“How do you just kill people and them not know what is going on?” She asked
“Do you want me to show you?”
She nodded and he put his lips on her neck, then shoulders, arm, stomach, and waist. He went back up and she grabbed his hair and fell back onto the bed. He started to take off her shirt and she didn’t stop him but just undid his shirt showing his cold chest. They kissed some more before something set in and Kai pushed her away from him crouching back on the end of the bed frame with supernatural speed.
“I..I…I……” He couldn’t find the right words to say.
She took off towards my bed though but he gabbed her by the waist and put his hand over her mouth while she screamed my name.
“She can’t know about this!” he told her harshly
“Why not?”
“I’m her boyfriend, you’re her best friend, and we just kissed. She won’t take it well.”
“We have to tell her eventually.”
“Yes, but not now.”
I felt like crying and screaming at the same time I didn’t know what to do but eventually cried myself to sleep like a child. The last thing I remembered efore I went to sleep though was them going back to kissing each other and not feeling guilty about it one bit. The morning was hard to stand seeing them around each other a lot and havng to see the hickey on her neck assisted by the large bruise on her shoulder. Kai on the other hand was unharmed except for a small scratch on his palm.
I had already told catherine everything that had happened and had to drag her out of a gun store. At least one person cared about my feelings around here. We had walked back to a disturbing scene and nobody had broken the five hour silence. It was hard to hold back the tears and the emotions in the room were unbearable. Mikayla sulked around all day while Catherine glared at Kai. Kai. Kai was the only one who didn’t have one emotion that showed he was sorry for me. It made me even more mad when he wrapped his arm protectively around Mikayla’s waist when James had called saying more vampires had came. I was the one who needed protected! Why did she get a comforting squeeze on the waist!? It wasn’t fair! She isn’t even a good actress and yet she managed to get convincing tears to run down her cheeks. There are words for people like that but since she’s my best friend I can’t say it.
“Why do you look all ticked off?” I couldn’t believe he was even asking me that.
“How come she gets a hug and I don’t?”
“We are not about to have this conversation right now.”
“How about later when you finish talking to your girlfriend.”
“Let’s talk now instead.”
He got up and grabbed my arm with to much force but I wasn’t about to let that stop me from yelling at him. We had went out on the balcony and I sat in one of the elegant chairs that was sitting out.
“What is your problem?” His tone came out harsher than I expected
“Why are you all over my best friend?”
“You have been running around town with Catherine so I got to know her a little bit.”
“So kissing her is now referenced as getting to know her?”
“We didn’t kiss at all it’s not like that.”
“I saw you though!”
“Maybe we shouldn’t date then if you just want to find excuses to yell at me for.”
“That doesn’t mean we can’t date anymore, it justs means you can’t see her anymore.”
“I would rather just have us break up.”
“We have been dating for years and now you are leaving me for my friend?”
He went back into the room and sat down on the bed running his hands through his hair and watching Mikayla and Catherine laugh at a TV show. Our conversation didn’t even seem to bother him but I was on the edge of breaking into tears. Maybe it was for the best that we didn’t date anymore.

I woke up in the middle of the night again anxious the see if they were doing anything and I happened to be right. He was on his back, shirtless of course, and she was laying beside him covered in a blanket and sprawled across his chest.
“Is it my fault you two broke up?” I could tell she had been crying recently.
“No, it was going to happen one day.”
“You should date her again and say that your sorry for what happened.”
“I would rather perish.”
“That’s a little harsh.”
“She wants to be controlling for some reason.”
“Maybe you should have given it a little more thought before you dumped her.”
“She’s lucky since I was going to do it a lot sooner.”
“How much sooner?”
“Last month.”
“It’s not her fault besides I feel really guilty about this whole thing.”
He sat up on the bed, running his fingers through his hair, and Mikayla mimicked his every move. He chuckled and kissed her neck while she froze.
“I won’t hurt you.” He whispered
“Do you promise?”
“I do.”
He layed back down and pulled her on top of him and he grabbed her soflty, laughing to himself.
“I….I….I don’t know how to do this.” She blushed and I gasped grasping the meaning of the situation. Luckily nobody heard me but it did wake Catherine up, I could feel her breath on my shoulder.
“You don’t have to know how to do anything.”
His teeth went to her neck while his hand ran up her shirt and I saw his fingers grap the front of her bra. He growled softly and she pulled back shaking. His eyes were a grey-blue color and he was breathing deeply.
“What does that mean?”
“Please make it go away.”
His breathing went to normal and so did his eyes. “I’m sorry.”
“It…it’s alright.”
“Are you scared?”
“No.” She was shaking to much for the lie to be convincing
He kissed her cheek, leaving the room and most likely the whole hotel. She curled up into a ball and turned the minute lamp off that lit the bed. I could hear the bed moving as she was still shaking and heard her faint sobs.
Kai was back in the morning sitting on the couch and doing his normal routine. I sat next to him and muted the telivision grabbing him from under his chin.
“So you must be head-over-heels for Mikayla.”
“How come your eyes never did that when you were around me.”
“Did what?”
“I know what happened last night.”
“She told you?”
“No, I woke up and watched.”
“It’s not any of your business how I feel about her.”
I let go of him realizing he was right again. Catherine had already woken up and Mikayla wasn’t far behind. He stared at them, the TV, then the bathroom. We are leaving today so you all should bathe and change. We all grabbed our luggage rushing to the bathroom and stripping from our clothes swiftly. I watched as Mikayla unclipped her bra and there was a bruise where his hands had been. She caught my stare and went into the shower promptly.
Kai was in the middle of changing when we all got out. He put on his shirt and we were out the door dragging our luggage behind us. In the car we sat where we always did and dug our nails into the seat as the car picked up speed. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea that I sat in the middle since I repeatedly kicked or hit Mikayla. Eventually Kai got sick of it though and he had her sit up front with him. The drive only took a few hours so we didn’t have to stop anywhere but every time I looked at Kai through the mirrors his eyes were always changing every time he blinked. More than often I would see them go to grey-blue and he would adjust awkwardly in his seat while staring at a sleeping Mikayla.
It hurt me every time that happened but he didn’t notice until we rolled into the driveway of an old looking house that had been remodeled lately. When I asked who’s house it was he just whispered Paige and mine. Grabbing Mikayla we saw my hurt expression and sat her back down gently waking her up and telling her we were here. Walking through the door was awkward since everyone was waiting for us already.

“Let’s talk about you and what happened Sunee.” It seemed as though everyone relaxed when Kai spoke.
“Errr like what?”
“Like…why would you do that?”
“He said he would be my boyfriend.”
“Sunee that isn’t everything. When we were younger things like that were taken seriously.”
“Well I want to be married one day.”
“Sunee, I was forced into marriage when I was eleven. It isn’t everything and you are too young to worry about that right now.”
Everyone leaned in closer.
“What? Am I supposed to be telling a story?” He smiled
Everyone nodded simutanesly
“Alright well when I was younger when children could first walk they were put on stages and selected by older people to arrange a marriage. Mother didn’t like the auctions that much but I was still forced to be in them. Freckles and blue eyes weren’t desirable feautures in children so were mostly avoided, therefore I was rarely picked. Children were married off so they could have children with desirable feautures and have better chances of developing a fortune.
“Sometimes all the children were forced in a room together and randomly chose each other and it went from there. As I got older and started resembling my father more people would pay higher amounts of money for my marriage. When I was eleven I was married off to an eighteen year old who payed twenty five thousand to marry me. My father wouldn’t ever refuse that much money and I was sold off.
“I was abused a lot while I was there but nobody knew. I didn’t complain because to me it was a vacation away from everything that happened at home. When I turned thirteen though, before I left I got a divorce from her and got a lot of money out of it also. Father was upset but money was more important to him. Our family fortune got larger after everything passed over.”
“Was she the woman who always called me her little sister?” Sunee’s eyes were wide when Kai nodded.
“You have a fortune?” I asked
“Yes, but I don’t know what happpend to it. Sunee and I were supposed to inherit the money after fathers….death….but someone took it from us. I believe my cousin stole our fortune or possibly my mother changed it to where she would get it. Father could have stole it for all I know. I only got one thousand and the fortune was worth millions that was to be split between my sister and me.”
“Things like that don’t just happen.”
“Stranger things have…” On that note he got up and left.
“I’m gonna be rich.” Paige was in a daze
“No, it’s for family only!” Sunee was already out of her seat
“I am family! I have a ring to prove it!”
“You weren’t born into my family.”
“I am married into your family and that is all that matters!”
“Kai said you don’t even have a fortune anymore so stop fighting!” Now Will was in the fight.
“Well I’m gonna find it!” Everybody was in each other’s face already
“Where do you suppose you’ll find it!?” Sunee screamed
“Maybe up you’re a**!” Paige yelled
All of us sat down and stared at the table. Mikayla was staring at her food and at my feet at the same time. She seemed sort of scared for me…or maybe herself. Looking around I saw Kai looming over Sunee and she was staring up at smiling.
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