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Stroke of Midnight

June 13, 2011
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, paducah, Kentucky
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CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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Ugh. We are going to have to have a talk later Sunee. -Kai C. Pattinson

I looked up at Kai who quickly grabbed his phone so I couldn’t look anymore. “Don’t read my messages anymore.” I ignored his second warning.

“No promises.” I whispered but I knew he could here it.

“You can be annoying sometimes.”

“So…….what did Sunee do?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to ask her.”

“What is the big deal with your parents?”

“No one knows much about me and Will is known to be nosy.”

“What was your dad’s name?”

He growled at me and I left the subject promptly.

Catherine stared down Kai for a moment then got up and left the table.

“We weren’t doing anything.” The comment wasn’t exactly directed at anybody but it didn’t help much.

Mikayla was still fumbling with the cross around her neck until I eventually snatched it from her neck. The necklace chain broke and the beads surronding the cross hit the floor with a sound like rain. Kai growled at me and I growled back stomping out of the room just like Catherine did. I walked into the bedroom, sat next to her, and sulked like a child.

“I told you he is having an affair.” She turned to hug me while I looked out the crack in the door. He was helping her pick up the spilled beads and they were both laughing at each other.

“I know why Paige doesn’t have a heart anymore.” I whispered.

“Well we don’t know for sure if he is dating Mikayla, he would know better than to date your best friend.”

“He is cheating, what do you not understand about that?”

“How do we know without solid evidence though?” She remarked.

“You said it yourself that they were! You said you knew for sure!”

“Sometimes I lie to make people feel better.”

“How could that possibly make me feel better?”

“Well it went a lot better in my mind than in reality.”

I looked back out the door and he was already helping her put the necklace back on. If it didn’t have a cross on it I would have burned it. Kai walked to where we were in the room and sat next to me holding me in his lap. I tried my best to untangle myself but he didn’t let go.

“I would never cheat on you.” He whispered in my ear but I growled.

“I’m sure that is the same thing you said to Paige isn’t it?”

“Claire shut up about Paige that was years ago and it won’t happen again I know better than that now.”


“Claire, I’m serious.”

“I wish that your dad had just killed you when you were younger so I wouldn’t have to go through this.” It was too late to take back what I had just said. His arms had immediately released me and he became still. His eyes had flashed through every color some that I had never seen before. I noticed that Catherine and Mikayla had snuck out of the room and growls came from deep in his throat. I wanted to run but knew he could quickly chase me down and kill me. I started shaking and his eyes finally landed on one color. Black. A chill went down my spine as he growled then I made the quick decision to run away from him. I was quickly pulled to the ground and he was on top of me. I couldn’t manage a scream not wanting to risk my neck getting snapped.

I heard a knock on the door and Mikayla’s voice. “Kai? Are you in there?” The growling stopped and I scooted to the corner and watched the door open. Mikayla was standing in the door way with her necklace in her hands. “Can you help me put this back together?”

“Ya, sure.” He got up and walked to her grabbing the torn necklace out her hands. He left the room and I got up shaking.

“How did you…”

“I heard the growls.” She smiled

“How could you? You were outside fixing your necklace that I broke!”

“Well Kai growls pretty loudly. What did you do anyway?”

I didn’t answer her question at all still in shock from what previously happened. It had never occurred to me that vampires would hurt me, afterall I could hurt them too. None of the Pattinsons had every tried to hurt me before except Paige and maybe Kai some times….and other vampires…I had scars to prove it. I just didn’t like to remember those times so did I forget them?

I can’t keep constantly reminding myself too late that they can easily kill me even in my sleep. Fear started running through me as I thought of what would happen if he got too hungry. Pictures rushed through my head and I couldn’t calm myself down. I noticed Mikayla had already left and that I was all alone in the bedroom with my imagination running wild. I felt around for the bed, sat on the edge, then curled into a ball. Imaginig myself running through the woods came into my mind. Kai and Clide were chasing after me and there was a little house in the woods to get away from them. I recognized the glass walls.

Their house.

I ran inside though wanting to get away from them as soon as possible. My dad was on the couch and I went to the other side to see him. Sunee was beside him and Kyoko was on his other side. She was rubbing his arm while Sunee was getting dangerously close to his neck. I tried to pull her away from him but she wouldn’t budge. I screamed at my dad for him to run but he wouldn’t. Paige appeared behind him slithering around his neck like a snake. The door opened and Logan and Pete walked in hand in hand. She was wearing a puffy fur jacket that was stained with blood and…and…venom?

Footsteps could be heard upstairs and not wanting to leave my father I satyed but a crash came from upstairs and I ran up the steps. All the doors were locked except one which happened to be the closet. I shut the door but somebody opened it again. Cynthia and Will’s black eyes stared into my soul while I tried to run but something cold and hard held me back. I turned to see Maria there. How had I not noticed her when I walked in the closet? I had to think of a way to get away but I had only been in a few bedrooms, the living room, the second living room, the kitchen, and the dining room.

In reality I knew this place was a funhouse for some reason but never knew why. Maybe it was tradition or for safety from vampires. I broke free from Maria, ducked between Will abd Cynthia, then made a run for it. There were a lot of stories in this house and almost all the doors were locked- including the back door. Even if it wasn’t locked how far could I go before I ran off the cliff in the back of the house. I could hide in the large tree outside where Kai had shot me months ago but no doubt someone was in the tree waiting for me. I ran back down to my father who was shaking in pain with both Sunee and Kyoko’s vanom running in his veins. I started crying when something shook me awake.

“Claire? Claire are you ok?” I heard Kai’s voice

“Ya what would make you think I wasn’t.”

“You fell off a bed and you kept muttering funhouse.”

“Your house is a funhouse.”

“My house isn’t fun, Claire.”

“I think she needs to sleep.” Catherine suggested

Kai scopped me up and I screamed until he dropped me on the bed.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Get away from me! Your sister and her Hawaiien friend turned my dad into a vampire!”

“Your dad is buried in a cemetery somewhere.”

“No he isn’t! I had gotten kidnapped by Will and Cynthia so when I was gone they attacked him! Paige was there too she was on the back of the couch but she wasn’t there anymore!”

“You are delirious and need some sleep. I’ll get you something to drink then tie you to the bed so you don’t hurt yourself.”

“I don’t need tied down at all! I’m perfectly sane!”

“No you are not I’ve dealt with a lot of crazy people in my life, I know one when I see one.”


He had strapped me down already though before I had the chance to try to leave.

“See you in the morning.” He waved bye and closed the door.

“Well he gets Mikayla alone all day since I’m not leaving your side.”

“You can’t let that happen! What if they kiss and he forgets about me then I’m tied her forever!?”

“D*** you do need some sleep.”

“No I don’t!”

“I really doubt that they will do-” She was cut off by a noise coming from the couch. I ripped out of the rope I was tied in and swiftly ran behind the beds. They were cudlled together on the couch watching some show on the Tv. I could tell Kai wasn’t interested by the way he messed with her hair and how she giggled when he did it made me sick. I listened intently at his coversation.

“Why do you even like this show?” He asked her

“Well it’s a very cute TV show about a sponge and his friend.”

“You’re so adorable some times.”

She looked up at him and he stared at her. “Er thanks?”

“It was a compliment you know.” He leaned and kissed the top of her head she looked up though and his lips ended up at her forehead.

“Uh that wasn’t suppose to happen.” His cheeks had turned black and I knew he vwas blushing. Mikayla’s whole face was red with embarrasement while mine was red with fury.

I layed in bed with Catherine but secretly stayed up watching Kai and Mikayla talk in the other bed. I had a perfect view and they wouldn’t be able to see a thing because of the pillow that hid my face. They were talking for a few hours with Kai at the bottom of the bed and Mikayla at the top. Then something exciting happened.

“How do you just kill people and them not know what is going on?” She asked

“Do you want me to show you?”

She nodded and he put his lips on her neck, then shoulders, arm, stomach, and waist. He went back up and she grabbed his hair and fell back onto the bed. He started to take off her shirt and she didn’t stop him but just undid his shirt showing his cold chest. They kissed some more before something set in and Kai pushed her away from him crouching back on the end of the bed frame with supernatural speed.

“I..I…I……” He couldn’t find the right words to say.

She took off towards my bed though but he gabbed her by the waist and put his hand over her mouth while she screamed my name.

“She can’t know about this!” he told her harshly

“Why not?”

“I’m her boyfriend, you’re her best friend, and we just kissed. She won’t take it well.”

“We have to tell her eventually.”

“Yes, but not now.”

I felt like crying and screaming at the same time I didn’t know what to do but eventually cried myself to sleep like a child. The last thing I remembered efore I went to sleep though was them going back to kissing each other and not feeling guilty about it one bit. The morning was hard to stand seeing them around each other a lot and havng to see the hickey on her neck assisted by the large bruise on her shoulder. Kai on the other hand was unharmed except for a small scratch on his palm.

I had already told catherine everything that had happened and had to drag her out of a gun store. At least one person cared about my feelings around here. We had walked back to a disturbing scene and nobody had broken the five hour silence. It was hard to hold back the tears and the emotions in the room were unbearable. Mikayla sulked around all day while Catherine glared at Kai. Kai. Kai was the only one who didn’t have one emotion that showed he was sorry for me. It made me even more mad when he wrapped his arm protectively around Mikayla’s waist when James had called saying more vampires had came. I was the one who needed protected! Why did she get a comforting squeeze on the waist!? It wasn’t fair! She isn’t even a good actress and yet she managed to get convincing tears to run down her cheeks. There are words for people like that but since she’s my best friend I can’t say it.

“Why do you look all ticked off?” I couldn’t believe he was even asking me that.

“How come she gets a hug and I don’t?”

“We are not about to have this conversation right now.”

“How about later when you finish talking to your girlfriend.”

“Let’s talk now instead.”

He got up and grabbed my arm with to much force but I wasn’t about to let that stop me from yelling at him. We had went out on the balcony and I sat in one of the elegant chairs that was sitting out.

“What is your problem?” His tone came out harsher than I expected

“Why are you all over my best friend?”

“You have been running around town with Catherine so I got to know her a little bit.”

“So kissing her is now referenced as getting to know her?”

“We didn’t kiss at all it’s not like that.”

“I saw you though!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t date then if you just want to find excuses to yell at me for.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t date anymore, it justs means you can’t see her anymore.”

“I would rather just have us break up.”

“We have been dating for years and now you are leaving me for my friend?”


He went back into the room and sat down on the bed running his hands through his hair and watching Mikayla and Catherine laugh at a TV show. Our conversation didn’t even seem to bother him but I was on the edge of breaking into tears. Maybe it was for the best that we didn’t date anymore.

I woke up in the middle of the night again anxious the see if they were doing anything and I happened to be right. He was on his back, shirtless of course, and she was laying beside him covered in a blanket and sprawled across his chest.

“Is it my fault you two broke up?” I could tell she had been crying recently.

“No, it was going to happen one day.”

“You should date her again and say that your sorry for what happened.”

“I would rather perish.”

“That’s a little harsh.”

“She wants to be controlling for some reason.”

“Maybe you should have given it a little more thought before you dumped her.”

“She’s lucky since I was going to do it a lot sooner.”

“How much sooner?”

“Last month.”

“It’s not her fault besides I feel really guilty about this whole thing.”

He sat up on the bed, running his fingers through his hair, and Mikayla mimicked his every move. He chuckled and kissed her neck while she froze.

“I won’t hurt you.” He whispered

“Do you promise?”

“I do.”

He layed back down and pulled her on top of him and he grabbed her soflty, laughing to himself.

“I….I….I don’t know how to do this.” She blushed and I gasped grasping the meaning of the situation. Luckily nobody heard me but it did wake Catherine up, I could feel her breath on my shoulder.

“You don’t have to know how to do anything.”

His teeth went to her neck while his hand ran up her shirt and I saw his fingers grap the front of her bra. He growled softly and she pulled back shaking. His eyes were a grey-blue color and he was breathing deeply.

“What does that mean?”


“Please make it go away.”

His breathing went to normal and so did his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“It…it’s alright.”

“Are you scared?”

“No.” She was shaking to much for the lie to be convincing

He kissed her cheek, leaving the room and most likely the whole hotel. She curled up into a ball and turned the minute lamp off that lit the bed. I could hear the bed moving as she was still shaking and heard her faint sobs.

Kai was back in the morning sitting on the couch and doing his normal routine. I sat next to him and muted the telivision grabbing him from under his chin.

“So you must be head-over-heels for Mikayla.”


“How come your eyes never did that when you were around me.”

“Did what?”

“I know what happened last night.”

“She told you?”

“No, I woke up and watched.”

“It’s not any of your business how I feel about her.”

I let go of him realizing he was right again. Catherine had already woken up and Mikayla wasn’t far behind. He stared at them, the TV, then the bathroom. We are leaving today so you all should bathe and change. We all grabbed our luggage rushing to the bathroom and stripping from our clothes swiftly. I watched as Mikayla unclipped her bra and there was a bruise where his hands had been. She caught my stare and went into the shower promptly.

Kai was in the middle of changing when we all got out. He put on his shirt and we were out the door dragging our luggage behind us. In the car we sat where we always did and dug our nails into the seat as the car picked up speed. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea that I sat in the middle since I repeatedly kicked or hit Mikayla. Eventually Kai got sick of it though and he had her sit up front with him. The drive only took a few hours so we didn’t have to stop anywhere but every time I looked at Kai through the mirrors his eyes were always changing every time he blinked. More than often I would see them go to grey-blue and he would adjust awkwardly in his seat while staring at a sleeping Mikayla.

It hurt me every time that happened but he didn’t notice until we rolled into the driveway of an old looking house that had been remodeled lately. When I asked who’s house it was he just whispered Paige and mine. Grabbing Mikayla we saw my hurt expression and sat her back down gently waking her up and telling her we were here. Walking through the door was awkward since everyone was waiting for us already.

“Let’s talk about you and what happened Sunee.” It seemed as though everyone relaxed when Kai spoke.

“Errr like what?”

“Like…why would you do that?”

“He said he would be my boyfriend.”

“Sunee that isn’t everything. When we were younger things like that were taken seriously.”

“Well I want to be married one day.”

“Sunee, I was forced into marriage when I was eleven. It isn’t everything and you are too young to worry about that right now.”

Everyone leaned in closer.

“What? Am I supposed to be telling a story?” He smiled

Everyone nodded simutanesly

“Alright well when I was younger when children could first walk they were put on stages and selected by older people to arrange a marriage. Mother didn’t like the auctions that much but I was still forced to be in them. Freckles and blue eyes weren’t desirable feautures in children so were mostly avoided, therefore I was rarely picked. Children were married off so they could have children with desirable feautures and have better chances of developing a fortune.

“Sometimes all the children were forced in a room together and randomly chose each other and it went from there. As I got older and started resembling my father more people would pay higher amounts of money for my marriage. When I was eleven I was married off to an eighteen year old who payed twenty five thousand to marry me. My father wouldn’t ever refuse that much money and I was sold off.

“I was abused a lot while I was there but nobody knew. I didn’t complain because to me it was a vacation away from everything that happened at home. When I turned thirteen though, before I left I got a divorce from her and got a lot of money out of it also. Father was upset but money was more important to him. Our family fortune got larger after everything passed over.”

“Was she the woman who always called me her little sister?” Sunee’s eyes were wide when Kai nodded.

“You have a fortune?” I asked
“Yes, but I don’t know what happpend to it. Sunee and I were supposed to inherit the money after fathers….death….but someone took it from us. I believe my cousin stole our fortune or possibly my mother changed it to where she would get it. Father could have stole it for all I know. I only got one thousand and the fortune was worth millions that was to be split between my sister and me.”

“Things like that don’t just happen.”

“Stranger things have…” On that note he got up and left.

“I’m gonna be rich.” Paige was in a daze

“No, it’s for family only!” Sunee was already out of her seat

“I am family! I have a ring to prove it!”

“You weren’t born into my family.”

“I am married into your family and that is all that matters!”

“Kai said you don’t even have a fortune anymore so stop fighting!” Now Will was in the fight.

“Well I’m gonna find it!” Everybody was in each other’s face already
“Where do you suppose you’ll find it!?” Sunee screamed

“Maybe up you’re a**!” Paige yelled

All of us sat down and stared at the table. Mikayla was staring at her food and at my feet at the same time. She seemed sort of scared for me…or maybe herself. Looking around I saw Kai looming over Sunee and she was staring up at smiling.

The whole “family” was sitting on the couch when I walked in. I wanted to know what they were waiting for but Cynthia and Will soon walked in, covered in snow. The first thing I noticed was Cynthia’s white fur coat had blood splattered over it. It seemed normal yet out of place. A majority of us were sitting down when there was a knock on the door. Sunee opened it and an unfamiliar women came in. They smiled at each other then hugged.

“You are grown now.” The stranger said with a thick accent I didn’t recognize.

“I haven’t seen you for so long! Wait till Kai see’s you!” Sunee screeched

Kai walked in and dropped his glass of wine.

“Speaking of the devil.” He said

“You are just as horrid as before.”

“You should speak nicer to your baby cousin.”

“I would never claim you.”

“I know, cousin.”

“I thought you went to h***.”

“They didn’t want me so they sent me back.”

They both had straight faces until they looked at Sunee. They forced a smile on their faces and shook hands. Sunee made them sit together on the couch then forced them to hug each other.

“Not to be rude or anything but….who are you?” I asked nervously

“Keena.” She said but then corrected herself “Cousin Keena.”

“I never knew Kai had a cousin.”

She looked me down then turned her face away from me. “I never knew that thing I forced to call family has such disgusting taste in women.”

“The one with black hair is my wife.” He amended

“She better.” Keena smiled as well as Paige

“I thought you would be educated.” I muttered

“I speak like this because I don’t know that much English. Thai is my native language.”

“Oh. I’m sorry then.” I blushed

Keena was a thin, tall women (one-third of a head taller than Kai who is already taller than me) with shoulder lengnth wavy brown hair and dark black eyes. Her lips were pursed and she was wearing a black ribbon as a choker. Her top was made of black silk and lace and she was wearing black skinny jeans with black high-heeled boots. She seemed to be a rude and arrogant person the way she spoke to Kai.

“Why are you here?” Kai asked

“I heard you are at war. I thought I could help your sister.”

“You can help her but not me?”


“Why do you hate me? I’ve done nothing to you.”

“You never cared about my dream.”

“What dream?”

“Of becoming a famous dancer. You never showed any interest.”

“I was to busy being abused by my father!”

Her expression showed confusion, sympathy, and plain shock.

“I….I…I….I never knew that.”

“Maybe if you weren’t so self-absorbed you would have noticed.”

“I’m not self-absorbed!”

He rolled his eyes and walked up to a bedroom with Mikayla on his heels. I couldn’t believe it was already ten at night. They had spent a whole day arguing! Catherine and I had waited until everyone had gone to bed before we looked through Kai’s key hole to see what he was doing. I recognized The Lovely Bones playing on the TV and watched as his arms slipped around Mikayla’s waist. He kissed her neck and she pushed away from him, shaking. I didn’t think anything was going to happen but thay kissed again. I forced myself to go to bed so I wouldn’t wake up wanting to kill anybody. Laying in bed waiting for sleep took forever but sleep finally came.

A crash finally woke me up and apparently everybody else. The first thing I saw was Kai’s fist being stopped by Clide.

“If you two are going to fight-fight outside.”

Keena and Kai ran outside followed by everyone else.

“If I win you leave and I take your place as leader.” she said

“If I win you tell me everything you know about my mother.” He looked at his feet

“Ready, set, go!” Sunee screamed

They were both getting kicked and hit but Keena worse than Kai. He had ran off into the trees for a minute and Keena thought she was victorious but their was a noise in the tress and then Kai was around her neck. He was choking her too hard I noticed and she feel to the ground trying to get him off of her.

“Tell me I win!” He yelled


He choked her harder. “Yes!”

“Alright you win! When did you get this strong?”

He let go off her neck but grabbed her arms. “I was always this strong but you were never around to see it.”

“Well I guess I lost. Good battle.”

“Tell me.” He demanded

“After your mother left you and Sunee she went back to Australia. She got married to a rich business man and had a child, your half brother, whom she named Ace. She was changed into a vampire at a very young age which supposibly was when we knew Ace would rule when he was older. People listened to him from the time he was eight so he might have told them to change her and the rest of your family that you liked. He might have been trying to please you.

“Your mother was very confused and thought she was imagining things so she went to Europe to clear her mind. She divorced her husband and abandoned her third child. She wrote to my father a lot asking if you and Sunee were alright. She cared about you two but she didn’t think she was well enough to go back to you. She asked a lot of questions about your father and how he was doing. My father always lied and said he was doing quite good with you all. That is truly and honestly everything I know because she stopped writing letters when she went to Europe.”

“Ace….is….my…brother!? I’m at war with my brother!?”

“Rumors have it that he wants to meet you and Sunee.”

“I don’t need you anymore, Cousin Keena.”

Making sure Sunee was gone first, he twisted her neck and it came straight off. He lit her on fire then walked towards me with black eyes.

“Come with me.” He whispered

We hadn’t found any food yet but we stumbled upon a vampire. I don’t think that Kai saw it but I changed, growled, and ran towards it. Kai saw what I was looking at then dashed in front of it right before I striked it. He looked different I took note of. His eyes were complete pools of black with no other color and his body was protective. His growl was deeper and louder and his teeth were dripping venom. His teeth had grown into fangs also but that had been happening over time for the fight I remembered. I looked at the reddish-brown, frizzed, tight curled, big hair that was above him. I tried to get around him but I felt his teeth sink into my neck when I tried. I yelped but tried again this time having my belly ripped by his hand. Again I yelped but again I tried and this time I jumped at the face of the vampire but he snapped my leg and I fell to the ground, transforming into a human.

He looked normal again and turned to the shaking vampire. He was stoking it’s hair and speaking softly to it. It held up ten fingers and he pulled up it baggy shirt to see it’s stomach. I caught a glimpse of a bra and knew it was a girl. She took a step forward and shook her head crying. He picked her up and whispered again then dashed through the forest, forgetting all about the food he was supposed to be hunting for. I ran after them but they were already on the couch together when I got in. He was bandaging her cuts but he didn’t use band-aids. He was using some sort of leaf and wraps that made the girl cringe in pain. I could see her fading brown eyes filled up with tears and felt bad that I almost killed a young vampire. She looked at me then stuffed her face into the couch, shaking. Kai sat her back up and told her to open her mouth then got her some tea. She looked at it disgusted by the color and smell but he made her drink it telling her it will make her feel better. She obeyed and rubbed her throat after finishing.

“What is your name?” Kai was still talking to her softly

“Brooke Rhodes.”

“Where are you from Brooke?”


“Do you know what you are?”

“A vampire.”

“Do you know how to hunt?”

“They didn’t teach us. They got our food for us.”

“Who are they?”

“The people who kidnapped me and Cody and a lot of other kids and they bit us and turned us into monsters. They forced us to fight each other but they were nice to Cindy. She didn’t have to do anything but yell at us. They brought us food and me and Cody planned to get away one day and we did but they caught him and brought him back. He told me to keep running though and I did but I didn’t know how to eat or take care of myself and I thought I would die but then you found me and I thought you were there to take me back.”

“I’m not going to turn you back in to those people, I promise I won’t.”

All she did was nod while tears streamed down her face.

“Who is Cody?”

“My friend.”

“How did you two get kidnapped?”

“We ran away because we were friend and my parents hated mixed people and Cody was mixed. Hey said we couldn’t see each other again so we ran away and on the fifth night we were gone we were sleeping in an old car and they grabbed us. I started screaming and they hit me then bit me on the back of my leg and left me there. I was scared and their was blood everywhere and it hurt so bad. Then I sort of blacked out and was being attacked again but it was different. It was scary but when I woke up I was in a nice place and then a few days later they were beating us and treating us horribly!”

“Do you know who changed you?”

“A man and that’s all I know. I couldn’t see what he looked like.”

“Do you want to eat or sleep first?”


All three of us went back outside and Kai taught her to hunt. The first three deer she completely missed but the third she caught around the waist then brought it down. She snapped the neck then looked at Kai confused. He smiled and told her to bite it. She tried to lick up the blood but Kai held her and showed her how to correctly do it. Brooke was covered in blood when we left but her eyes were a normal red color. We walked back to the house and he instructed her to take a shower befoe she slept. When she went up stairs everyone looked at Kai.

“I never knew you had a maternal instinct.” Clide teased

“I wasn’t going to let her sit there and die.” He explained

Will’s mouth dropped and all of us turned around. Brooke was standing in front of Kai with one of his see through button down shirts on. Kai looked up at the ceiling but spoke to Brooke.

“Why don’t you have any underwear on?”

“I only had one pair.”

“How old are you?”


“There are clothes in the first room to the left that should fit you.”

She ran upstairs and came back with underwear on but the same shirt.

“Sorry but there were no shirts my size.”

“It’s alright, you can wear my clothes for now.”

“Thank you so much for everything that you are doing for me Mr. Kai.”

“Just call me Kai please.”

“Yes, Kai!” She smiled enthusiastically and sat on his lap on the couch since there was no room for her.

“Can I talk to you about Cody?” He asked her

“Uh…. ya I guess?”

“What if I told you I could get Cody back for you if you did me one little favor?”

“You can do that!?”

“Yes, but you have to do the favor first.”

“What is it!?”

He whispered something to her and her face looked worried.

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

“It’s really easy I’ll teach you how to.”

“You can teach me to do that?”

“I think you have the potential.” He smiled

Everyone looked worried but James face was one I couldn’t name. He looked at Kai and told Brooke to go to bed upstairs. Of course she chose Kai’s room I thought.

“What did you tell her to do!?” James screamed in a hushed whisper.

“Nothing it’s a surprise.”

“Are you going to get her pregnant like you did Paige? She’s the same age ya know!”

“That isn’t anything close to what I told her to do! How sick do you think I am?”

James didn’t answer and Kai ran up the steps and into his room.

“If he even touches that girl I’m going to kill him.” James told me

“He isn’t like that. I’m sure it’s something perfectly sane and normal.”

“I hope so.”

Brooke and Kai were downstais before anyone else and they were at the table with a candle between them. There was laughter and a small shriek. James was already next to me.

“I told you.” He said

“Don’t assume things.”

“I’m not I’m just saying-”

“Shhhhhhhh.” Kai’s voice echoed from the other room

“Is it going to hurt?” Her voice was small

“It won’t hurt you just put your hand there.”

“It feels weird.”

“KAI!” James was already rushing into the room and I followed.

The candle was quickly blown out but there was nothing suspicious going on. Kai grabbed Brooke’s hand and took her outside along with the candle. Controlling James wasn’t the easiest task but it was manageable after screaming for Clide.

“Oh god, what happened this time.”
“Kai was molesting that girl he brought in the house.” James was still upset

“Did you see him?”


“Then how do you know he wasn’t just…..”

“Just what?”

“I don’t know but Kai doesn’t seem that low down.”

“Yes he does.”

“Just look at them, all they are doing is laying on the grass.”


“He’s reading to her, isn’t that just so sweet.” I mentioned

We all three walked outside and sat around Kai and Brooke. Staring at the book and drawings. Kai seemed to be cautious about what he was doing and so did Brooke but I didn’t care to suspect anything.

“What are you doing out here? Your interrupting our session.” He was visibly upset

“Ya, we were gonna go out in the woods and see if we could find a lake.”

“Why do you need a lake?” James asked

“It is easier to concentrate there.” Kai answered

“I really need to focus if I want to be ready.” She whispered

“If you all will please leave us alone it would be greatly appreciated.” He growled under his breath

“Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Maybe later but first we need to work on this.”

“Are you ready yet?” Logan screamed

It was a busy day today but that wasn’t going to stop Kai and Brooke. They were in the front room with a guy tied up and bloody. Kai was showing Brooke how to attack him properly but she wasn’t understanding. She was crying from being stressed out and scared so he turned her head away before snapping the boys neck.

“I can’t do this!” She cried

“I know, I shouldn’t have made you do that.”

“Is he dead?”

“His neck was snapped, what do you think?”

“Was it messy?”

“No, but you need to learn to get over blood and gory if you want to survive.”

“I don’t want to have to kill.”

“It’s what we do for a living.”

“It’s not fair.”

“It never will be.”

“Why did you tie him up?”

“So he couldn’t get away.”

“They can out run us?’

“They don’t stand a chance against us, but they could easily kill a vampire that isn’t willing to kill anything itself.”

“I’m not ready to die.”

“Then face your fears.”

“I don’t have any fears.”

“You have the same fear as all new vampires:not surviving.”

“Were you scared of that?”

“Yes, but you have something I didn’t.”

“What was that?”

“Someone watching after me and making sure I was able to take care of myself.”


“We shouldn’t change people if we know we don’t want to look after them after the wars are over. We have to kill thousands of young people who haven’t even had a life yet, just so that we can live. One day they will be killing the elders and everyone around them. I think we are scared of them but I’m not because I know one would never stand a chance against me.”

“Why do you think that?”

“I’ve had more training then them so I know how to find a weak spot and drag them to the ground, make them sorry that they would even think about trying to kill me.”

“That is very cruel you know.”

“Life is cruel too but it is just something everyone has to get used to.”

“That is very sad if you think about it.”

“Yes, very.”

“We should get back to practicing.”

It had already been a week and nothing had happened but I was surprised when Kai told everyone to come outside because Brooke had something to show us. Kai sat in front of her on the grass and she told all of us to stand back just in case. She closed her eyes and I saw her hand twitch a little bit then a rush of water came towards them but her other hand twitched and a block of earth stopped the water. The water turned into fire and came up over the wall but was blown away by some wind with another twitch. She opened her eyes and smiled at Kai who smiled back at her. She swirled a mixture of wind, fire, water, and dirt around them, rising it up into the air. It all dropped back down but she turned it into fire then water, Right before it fell on top of them it exploded into a gust of air.

Kai looked up at felt his hair then smiled at Brooke. She jumped into his lap and knocked him down hugging him. They stared at each other for a long time. He told her she did a good job then walked her to James.

“That is what we have been working on.” She told him

“I’m sorry for assuming things, you did a very good job.” James apologized

“Kai said that I needed to be able to fight because are deal was that if I helped your family with the war then he would find my friend and reunite us. He said that I wouldn’t get injured in the war at all I would just make sure that Claire and her friends weren’t hurt until I found Cody. Kai was going to get us out of their and make sure we found a coven that woul dbe able to care for us.”

“We can care for you too.”

“Kai said it was too dangerous.”

He dropped down to her level and hugged her then whispered to her. “I promise you that I won’t let you get hurt.”

“Thank you so much for everything your family has done for me.”

“You have an incredible talent, Brooke.”

She nodded and smiled then went up and hugged Kai some more. Everybody walked inside and Brooke sat at the table playing with her new powers. She mad a heart out of water and Kai walked in the room beind her along with the rest if the family. She was in a daze but when she saw him she blushed and the heart fell down into her cup.

“Who’s the heart for?” He smiled

“Nobody important.”



“Then who?”

“I already told you.”

“Do I have to tickle you?”

She smiled and he tickled her until she had almost fallen out of her chair.

“It’s for you!” She laughed


“Umm…..” She turned away from him

I was shocked when, in front of all of us, he held her face in his hands and kissed the top of her head. I turned to James but his expression was void. Brooke blushed and moved her head upwards to where he was kissing her lips. They stayed in that position for a while until Will cleared his throat. Brooke looked down while Kai looked up at the ceiling. It was quiet the whole rest of the day while that image went through everyone’s mind. Clide and Maria went upstairs early and while Pete and Logan tried to, Paige wouldn’t let them. They moaned and sat on the couch together.

“Young love never lasts ya know.” Kai spoke with an annoyed tone.

Pete smiled “Maybe not for you all but for us it will.”

I went outside with Kai and he brought a rope with him. He tossed it to me and I changed in mid-air while catching it. He put the other half in his mouth and we played tug-o-war. Of course he won but I fell over laughing when he toppled over. Will and James were standing in the doorway laughing at us playing together. I didn’t notice that it had turned dark outside but Kai just layed down and rubbed my stomach. I notice that the boys had left the door way and were beside us now. James patted my head and Will was blocking something from my view.

I watched a pale hand go around my neck and noticed it was Pete’s. I whined at Kai but he was holding the skin around my neck while Will held Pete’s arm and James held Pete around the waist. After a few seconds Pete came at me, growling and I tried to roll over but Kai wouldn’t let me.

“Are you going to let him kill me!?” I thought

“No, I don’t hate you that much! I was actually thinking maybe we should get back together.”


“Ya, after all we shouldn’t spend our last hours fighting with each other.”

“Last hours!?”

“Anything could happen.”

“So what are we going to do?”

“Well I would like to get some things straight. Everything that comes out of my mind seems to be a lie. I don’t want you to die believing things that aren’t true. Meet me in the kitchen at exactly eight tonight, everyone will be upstairs by that time.”

“Alright I will see you there.”

Everyone let go at the same time but I stayed there outside waiting for eight.

The author's comments:
Congrats you lasted through 130 pages of this book. I hope you like it and please comment on it if you view this. Thanks alot all of you! Have a nice day and don't foget to comment!

“So what did you want to clear up?”

He shook his head and put a finger on his lips. “I wanted to clear up my lies.” He thought

“Is it really that hard to just say them?”

“Yes, I don’t want anything confusing happening.”

“Alright let us start then.”

“What should the topic be?”

“My life?”

“I was not your dad.”

“That is cleared up already.”

“I hated your mom and she hated me.”

“I’m sick and tired of you changing stories! It’s confusing! This is probably the seventh time so get you story straight!”

“Your father loved me and I didn’t burn him in a fire with your house. I would never do that because he was like a father to me. I was dying and he took me in even though I was different then him. They let me stay there for free as long as I babysat you since you seemed to like me a lot. I straightened myself up quite a bit while I was there, sort of like rehab I guess. I…I…I don’t really know what happened to him but I think it was an accident what ever it was. It could have been something…supernatural though.

“Well…whatever it was I couldn’t handle it and I left. I tricked your brother and Logan and tried to keep a good excuse but sometimes its hard to remember all the lies that you have told. It’s especially hard when I see you since I think of a younger version of yourself.”

“I’m upset with you, you know that?”


“Thanks for the truth I guess?”

“I’m not in love with Mikayla, it’s just something weird that I don’t know how to explain.”

“So…we back together?”

“Guess so.”

“Nice talk, ‘nite.”

He hugged me then walked outside, sitting on the snow covered ground. I followed and layed on the cold blanket of ice.

“I don’t really have a good control of my emotions.”

“Well that’s a little random.”

“No, I mean sometimes I might do something that isn’t meant to make you upset but it does anyway.” He looked down at the snow


He nodded “I don’t feel that way about her.”

“It’s alright.”

“I wasn’t apologizing and I meant what I said about you being controlling.”

“Sometimes I am and I know that but I try not to be like that all the time.”

He pecked me on the cheek before getting up and holding his hand out for me. I took it then hugged him.

“I give you tonight and tonight only to do whatever you want with whoever you want.


He was halfway up the steps before he came back down.

“I give you tonight and tonight only to watch me do whatever I choose to do without being judged or yelled at.”

“Thank you.” I smiled

He rushed to Mikayla’s bedroom and I crouched in front of the door.

“What are you doing?”

“Just watching a movie.”

“Can I…?”

She nodded and he got next to her.

“I was just thinking you were probably really lonely in here.” He whispered in her ear

“Sorta…nobody has really been around me all week. Catherine is trying to flirt with everybody and I just want to hang out.”


He sat over her lap and looked at her strangely before sliding her shirt over her head. She took a deep breath then took off his. He wrapped his fingers around her bra and ripped it off quickly. She let out a small shriek and quickly wrapped her hands around herself. He pryed her hands away but she grabbed a pillow to hide herself.


“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head “no” and he made a soothing growling sound. He rubbed his face against hers and rubbed it against her hands. She calmed down and let go of the pillow. She wrapped her arms around his neck and layed down, bringing him down with her.

“I thought you didn’t know how to do this?”

“I don’t I’m just making it up as I go.”

He chuckled and French kissed her while she laughed. He stopped and stared at her but then smiled saying that she bit his tongue. She apologized before kissing his neck. Kai grabbed her sides and undid her pants with his teeth. She wiggled out of them and he grasped the top of her underwear in his fists. She gasped and brought her head back long enough for him to pull them off without her noticing.

“Do you want to stop?”

“I don’t know I feel like I’m being watched.”

His eyes darted to the door and met mine but he turned away before Mikayla got suspicious. “I don’t know what your talking about.”

“Oh…it must just be my imagination.”

“Yes, your imagination.”

She grabbed his pants but as soon as she did her growled and darted away from her. His eyes weren’t scary so it wasn’t dangerous but the growl wasn’t an annoyed one either. For just a second I thought he was actually scared but I already knew that Kai wasn’t afraid of anything. He calmed down and she dragged him back on top of her. She rubbed her hand around his stomach and he moaned but then she went right to the bottom of his stomach and he let out a different kind of moan. The last one was fake but this one was real and I knew they could both tell.


I froze but saw that she had his eyes on him and not me. “What about her?”

“Does she know your doing this?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

She smiled and nodded then I closed the door and went to my own bedroom. Somewhere around five in the morning I heard Kai creep into the bed. I turned to face him and his face was extremely close to mine.

“You two took long.”

“I went for a walk and saw some things.”





“Are you going to tell me?”


“Fine then.”

“Are you mad at me?”


“You look angry at me.”

“I’m not.”

I pushed him over on his back and hit him directly in the ribs. He screamed in pain and I could tell he wasn’t faking it. Quickly turning on the lamp, I ripped off his shirt and was amazed at what I saw. Since I had always been distracted with his scars I never noticed how skinny he was. He looked like a walking skeleton. I could see every curve in his ribs, even the one snapped in half. I covered my mouth and stared at his face.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Please fix it!” He screamed.

I ran to get James but I wasn’t sure which room he was in. I took a lucky guess and grabbed James out of his bed.

“What’s going on!?”

“I broke Kai’s rib and he’s in a lot of pain!”

“Ya right he’s probably faking it.”

“No he’s not! I pushed him down and I broke his rib! He’s like a f***ing skeleton!”


He got out of bed and I led him to our bedroom where Kai was gripping his rib. James kept trying to move his hand but he gowled whenever James touched him.

“Kai, you have to let go if you want me to fix it.”

He bit his lip and shook his head no. James ripped his hands away and put his own hand on his rib making Kai scream louder. His screams died down and he rolled on his side. I looked at his back and saw his spine sticking out.

“Be more careful with him.” James warned

“I will.”

James turned to Kai “Are you alright?”


“I did the best I could.”

He nodded and stared at the floor.

“Maybe you should get fatter.” James suggested

“Excuse me.” Kai walked out the room quicker than normal and I heard a door slam, a drawer open, then knees hitting the floor.

Turning to James I asked, “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know.”

“Should we check on him?”

“No, just give him some time.”

“How much time?”

“At least until tomorrow.”

“’Night then?”


I feel asleep to the sound of nails scraping across something hard, cold, and sturdy and the sound of an automatic razor going off.

“Paige lets go.”

“Can I come?” I asked

“It isn’t safe for you to come.” Paige said from behind me.

“She can come.” Kai whispered

We walked outside then farther and farther into the woods. I saw something that looked like hair and froze in place.

“What’s wrong?”

“We aren’t the only ones here.” I told him

I looked in front of me to see three vampires. There was a tall black man with his hand wrapped around a dimpled red head. I looked to the far right to see a blonde girl with her hands on her hips. She had hazel eyes like mine and was staring at Paige closely. The other two got on the ground and growled as soon as Kai and Paige did.

“Stop.” The blonde one said. “ I get the long haired one.”

The man looked at her “What makes you think your in charge?”

A woman that looked like a spitting image of me came from behind then and put a shoulder on the blonde girl. Paige got up and backed away while Kai curved his body to protect her. The woman who looked like me walked forward towards Paige and Kai attacked her. Everyone turned mad and turned on each other. I saw how it had turned out. Paige against the blond girl and the one like me, Kai against the red head and the man.

“Do you remember me my darling?” The one like me said

“Yes, but do you remember me?” Paige replied

“The little one with the dog.” She smiled

I gasped and realized the situation. The blonde girl was Paige’s sister while the one like me was her family’s murderer and the other two are the ones who took her sister in.

“The dog that kept you away from me.” Paige whispered

“It’s a shame he isn’t here.”


“Chasidy, kill her.” She ordered

I closed my eyes not wanting to see the blood and gory that would be the result of this fight but I opened them to see Paige on top. She was holding Chasidy’s hair and were both crying. Paige fell on top of her sister and Chasidy held her.

“Why can’t I be like you!?” Paige cried

Everyone seemed to relax and stare at the two in confusion.

“Why couldn’t I be brave and adventurous?”

“Why couldn’t I save you?”

“Why are we questioning each other?”

Paige laughed “I don’t know.”

Chasidy growled when the girl like me tried to bite Paige. Kai sat down on the snow and looked at the woman like me.

“Are they all yours?” Kai asked

“Yes, I’m quite proud.”


“Why would I team up with you?”

“I never asked for that.”

“Well Chasidy does seem to be enjoying this time with her sister.”

“My wife seems to enjoy it also.”

“I heard you need help in a war. Is it true?”

“Sadly it is true.”

“Well we do have a family connection. Maybe we could be close. I want to help you with your battle.”

“Thank you.”

He grabbed my arm and we finished our rounds in the forest. Paige was crying with joy the whole time but stopped when we got to the house.

“The war is tomorrow isn’t it?”

“Sad isn’t it?”

“What are we going to do? Is everyone ready?”

“We can talk about it tonight.”

Kai did talk to everyone about the war that night.

“Everyone is going to fight in this except Sunee.” He whispered

Will screamed “What!? That’s not fair! Your going to let us die-”

“She can’t fight! If I’m around her she will die!” Kai was out of his seat already fighting with Will

“That isn’t fair!”

“I don’t give a d***!”

“Everyone except Sunee is fighting! Catherine, Mikayla, Claire, and Brooke will be on the cliff with me. Claire stays out of view and make sure absolutely nobody sees Mikayla. Catherine stays with Claire and Brooke. Brooke fights from the cliff and then I’ll sneak her out to find Cody and find them enough time to get out of the area without being followed or trapped. I’ll protect Mikayla and Claire can take care of herself if anything happens. Catherine, try not to get killed.”

She nodded and crossed her arms across her chest.

“Does everyone understand that someone might not be with us after this?”

All of us nodded.

I didn’t understand how wars went but I thought I understood from up on the cliff. I saw the vampires and werewolves walk out then our small little team. I knew we were dead meat but when the war started we had the advantage. Brooke dropped rocks on the werewolves which basically wiped out almost all of them while the fire she trew killed a majority of the vampires. Sunee was safely hidden in a tree near us while Mikayla and Catherine were protected by Kai.

He looked at Brooke and told her to follow him. I could see him sneak her around the battle field and hand her over to Cody. They thanked Kai and he led them out of harms way. He ran back up to us and I heard a noise in the bushes. Kai turned and growled. I hid myself with Mikayla and Catherine while watching Kai fight the vampire. I looked up to see the intruder more closely.

I recognized him as Justin and Kai was already close to winning the match. He occasionally looked up Sunee’s tree to make sure she was still there. I could tell the was finished and Kai took a lighter and burned Justin slightly kicking him over the cliff. Kai took us all down to the field where everyone hugged each other. We all walked back towards our house but Kai stayed behind. When we were in the bushes we heard an unfamiliar voice.



“I guess you do look somewhat like my mother.”

“She isn’t yours.”

“I brought you here to fight you not talk to you.”

“Then lets fight.”

As soon as those words escaped Kai’s lips they were fighting. I turned away to watch but I heard a lot of flames go up and some trees falling down. There was a horrible screeching noise and I opened my eyes. Kai was losing badly and was bleeding badly from the neck but he took Ace and whispered something in his ear before snapping his neck and throwing him in a nearby fire. I closed them again when I saw Logan’s father grab him from behind. Again I opened them and Kai was laying on the floor bleeding. Sunee screamed his name and ran to him, hugging him.

She growled at everybody when they tried to get close to him. She was crying but he opened his eyes and gripped her shirt tightly.

“If I faint I’m not dead.” He told her and smiled

“Alright.” She grinned from ear to ear

He closed his eyes and she laid her head on his bloody chest. Everyone dropped to their knees and bowed to the two.

“Yes, King.” She whispered

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