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Author's note: This is kind of like my version of the old T.V show W.I.T.C.H just a little bit...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is kind of like my version of the old T.V show W.I.T.C.H just a little bit different.......kinds like it was inspired by that show...  « Hide author's note
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The start of it all

Riley looked at herself in the mirror one last time. The little punk rocker looked was kind good for her. She looked like Avril Lavigne. With the pink streaks in her straight brown hair and her dark eyeliner around her green eyes. If she was blonde they could pass as twins. The only reason she dressed like this was to get her parents attention. Of course they barely noticed. She could get a tattoo on her forehead that said she hated her parents and they wouldn’t even blink. She had actually thought
This is only the like beginning. Each chapter will have two different perspectives or just one. Depending on me.
about it. That’s the only reason she does anything bad around here. To be honest it’s more of a punishment for her parents. She wants to embarrass them so they can see that the nonsense they’ve been fighting about is utterly ridiculous and they should start paying attention to her then themselves. Of course they don’t so Riley keeps on with her sneaking out after curfew and not paying attention to anything they say. If they would just pay attention for a second they could maybe realize that things have been strange in her life. Unexplainable things like when her parents were having a dinner party and they had candles all over the house. Whenever Riley stepped into the room the flames grew higher and straighter. Like Troops after the General steps into the room. Or how when she’s upset the candles in her room dim, or when she’s angry they burst to the point where Riley has to blow them out before they burn her room. She got out the door not bothering to say goodbye to anyone. Why bother if no one would say anything back? She grabbed her skate board and rode to school blasting Paramour new album.
Juliet dived into the refreshing water and motored around the pool. Juliet was a rather athletic even though she didn’t really look like it. She wasn’t very tall but she definitely had some muscles. She was very thin and often seen as petite as far as height and weight. She had a nice California surfer tan and wavy dark brown hair with some natural blonde highlights. Her eyes were a startling blue. They were so bright, you just couldn’t miss them. She was on her schools swim team and has won quite a few medals and even a trophy. She was co-captain on her team and with a little more practice she could be faster than the captain Haley. After a while Juliet rested and floated on her back. She ran her hands over the water. Ever so slowly she started to lift her hand up. Before Juliet could realize what was happening the water under her hand was rising. It came right behind her hand as if they were playing follow the leader. When Juliet noticed she quickly dropped her hand and as soon as she did the water dropped as well, and landed on her stomach with a light thud. Juliet stood up and looked around. No one was there. Then again, who would be at their community pool as five in the morning practicing laps? Juliet quickly got out of the water and hurried home to shower. She tried burying the memory out of her head, but it just kept replaying like a broken record. She wasn’t sure what it was and she didn’t want to know either.
Elena and Alex both said bye to Elena’s mom as they walked towards the school building. Elena and Alex had been best friends since kindergarten. In many ways they were the same. They both loved pizza, the color purple, Justin Bieber. But they were very different as well. Alex is a very straightforward person. She will tell you as it is. She’s also very outgoing and loud, kind of blunt too. She’s not the kind to lie about things to make her look cool. Either you like her or you don’t. She can come across as mean sometimes, but she can’t really help it. That’s just the way she is. Elena on the other hand is a little bit more shy and into herself. But there are times when she can be just as loud as Alex. She can come across as Ms. Goody two shoes sometimes because she never does anything bad. She is genuinely sweet and tries to be nice to everyone. Even the people that are mean to her. As far as looks they are pretty different then you would think. Alex has tight curly brown hair. She is kind of a light brown and has startling green eyes. Elena on the other hand has pin straight brown hair with some blonde natural highlights. Her eyes are more of a robin’s egg blue. She has a slight tan, but not as nearly as dark as Alex. She is also about an inch taller than Alex. Anyways, they both walked together arm in arm to the school entrance saying high to their fellow classmates. Oh did I forget to mention they were fairly popular amongst their peers? No it’s not in that snotty way were they make fun of everyone and push everyone around like there famous. Everybody just knows them and their friends with everyone. Just as they were about to walk through the door two other girl named Juliet and Riley both reached for it as well. “Sorry, my fault.” They all said at the same time. The smiled and giggled, but went their separate ways. They never thought anything of it. But that was the begging of something bigger. It was only a matter of time before they would find out.
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Novelist said...
Sept. 17, 2011 at 2:35 pm
Hey, I really like this, but who is the "I" in chapter two? It keeps on swithcing and I just wasn't sure who was the "I".
Brandy M. said...
May 24, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Hello, I've just finished the first chapter :) It's good, and I like the characters, but there are a few points were your writting needs work.

There are some parts where it's like you're typing too fast, or maybe because you keep changing the sentence, and the words are getting jumbled. Somtimes it gets confusing, and I have to reread the sentence to try and figure out what you meant to say. I think the first time is actually in the second sentence '...rocker looked was kind good...'. ... (more »)


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