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Pokemon Supernova

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Kaira stared out her window at the sight of her new town of Twinleaf. The sky glared back at her with a sickly gloom.
Kaira felt homesick. She missed her old hometown bitterly. She had come from Johto, and her family had to move here only because her father had volunteered to help out professor Rowan in his research of a strange new pokemon that he had recently discovered.
Kaira sighed. She made her way down stairs. She was the only one in her house awake, for it was only 5:30 in the morning and she was the only one in her family unable to sleep, lost in her thoughts and memories all night. She stepped outside in her bare feet, and felt the cold, wet ground from the rain last night. She looked around hopefully. She knew she wasn't the only one to be awake at this time. And there was only one other person she was thankful to have around this strange new region. Someone she had looked up to as something almost even more than a friend.
Barry had been the first person to greet her and make her feel welcome in Twinleaf Town. When she had first moved in, he had introduced her to all the neighbors and pokemon he knew in town, and even though they had only known each other for three weeks now, Kaira and Barry became great friends.
It was unusual for Kaira to make friends with somebody, for back in her old home, people treated her like she was some kind of weirdo just because she didn't like pokemon. It was true- Kaira couldn't stand being around pokemon. She could never stand being around them, nor could they stand being around her. And it wasn't Kaira's fault….there was just something about her that made her automatically fear pokemon and make pokemon not like her. Kaira hated it. She wanted to like pokemon, to be normal around them like everyone else, but there was just something natural about her that made her dislike them. Kaira had always looked at it like some sort of stupid disorder about her. But that was one of the main reasons she had very little friends. Often people around her age of fifteen, she pretended to be a naïve, weird person that made people view her as an absent-minded outcast. But when she met Barry, Barry had gotten the bright side out of her. She stared up into the empty gray morning sky as she remembered how Barry's enthusiasm and spirit had gotten her to enjoy being around him, and even be herself around him. Barry was the first person to open her up like that, and become a true friend to her already. He didn't treat her like she was a strange, unsocial weirdo, and he saw her as a good friend. The sad part was….he didn't see her as anything more than a friend.
Kaira had grown to love being around Barry, even though some of the time, he was busy running around with his pokemon. But Kaira wished that one day she could tell him her true feelings about him.
The cold breeze blew over Kaira. She liked the cold. She loved the rain and the chilly winter breeze that would blow over her chocolate brown hair. But even the close winter season here wasn't the same as in Johto.
She took a walk up the road, hoping to find him where she expected him to be.
Barry was tossing stones out into the cold wet pool-- known as Lake Verity. Thankfully to Kaira, he was alone and didn't have his Empoleon with him.
She managed a slight smile at the side of her face as she approached his side.
"Hey Barry," she murmured.
"Oh hey. A little early to be out right now! I bet you didn't sleep, huh?"
Kaira shrugged. "It's not like I have anything important planned for today." The air blew in her pale white face again.
"Ha! Hey, my parents complain about me not getting enough sleep since I'm always so busy working up late with my pokemon, you know? It's fun to have pokemon to keep you busy and excited for what's to come, that I barely get little to no sleep some nights. I get less sleep from liking this place TOO much. You, on the other hand, get very little sleep from not liking this place enough. Isnt that kinda funny?" He picked up another stone and tossed it into the water.
I chuckled. "Yeah, I was just thinking all night. There's really nothing to miss about the Johto region…..I really had no friends there. But it was where I was born and….well….the noise the Starly were making last night reminded me of the way the Hoothoots used to do the same at night. It reminded me of how homesick I really was."
Barry met Kaira's gaze. "Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. But hey! The pokemon here arent that bad. And I'm sure I've seen a Hoothoot or two once in a while around here. This place isn't entirely wiped out of Johto pokemon."
Kaira huffed. "I just wish I could feel the same about ANY pokemon."
"Hey, I believe if anyone tries, they can achieve ANYTHING, as long as the try. You just need a little motivation, and some spirit to keep you from despairing! And I'm gonna make sure I teach you." Barry went from an understanding gaze to a serious, forceful expression. "No friend of mine is gonna live their lives, not knowing what it's like to have a special bond with pokemon!"
Kaira giggled. It always lightened her spirits whenever she shared the, with Barry. "Hey! I really wouldn't mind if I have to stay here for the rest of my life, you know."
"Hey, did you know that this very lake lives one of the three pokemon?" Said Barry, tossing another stone as hard as he could far out into the lake. He wasn't taking Kaira's comment seriously. "Mesprit, the Being of Emotions, can control how people feel about things. Neat, huh?"
He looked at her with a raised smile, and Kaira just rolled her eyes and smiled. "Sure. I guess Mesprit is the reason I just happen to hate her and all the other pokemon around me?"
Barry laughed and gave her a friendly push. "No! Mesprit can change that if it wants to. Since you're so scared, I come here every morning to try and ask it myself."
Kaira looked at Barry with a tender expression. "Really?"
"Yep. Of course, I've never seen it myself face to face, for it's totally rare and too valuable to be seen by humans, but yeah! I try to tell it to help people like you to be yourself and enjoy pokemon around you!"
"Aw, you really don't--"
"Whoa! What time is it?" Barry suddenly looked at his pokewatch with widened eyes. He met Kaira's gaze. "Hehe, sorry bout that. But hey, Professor Rowan should be up by now. I hear he's giving out starter pokemon today!"
"Starter pokemon?" Kaira gave Barry a funny look.
"Yeah, every season, old man Rowan gives out a Piplup, a Turtwig, or a Chimchar to anyone who wants to start their pokemon training. You should pick one! I was thinking this would be a great opportunity to help you bond with pokemon more! Come on! Let's go, I'll take you!" Barry was starting to run off again, but Kaira stopped him.
"Hey, wait!" She had a frustrated look on her face.
Barry turned to her. "Huh? What's wrong?"
"Look….it's just that…I've already tried this before. I was already offered a starter pokemon in Johto…and I failed. Badly."
"Really?" Barry turned from his running position to face her again.
"Yeah, I picked the easiest pokemon that everyone said was the calmest and the most obedient….and it didn't like me," Kaira explained the dreadful moment without meeting Barry's gaze. She looked down at her bare feet. "I picked Chikorita. I took it home, and let it out of its poke ball. I was so scared at what to do next once it was free, that I just panicked and tried to send it back to its poke ball. But the Chikorita was happy and excited to get out that it escaped and wandered around the house, and I…well….I don't want to talk about what I did next and what happened after that."
"Aw, come on. This will be different! I'm gonnaa be here to help you!"
Kaira looked up and met Barry's excited and understanding gaze. She suddenly felt determined. "Well, I guess I can try again. But I'm serious. If I mess up this time, I'm never touching another pokemon in my life."
"Oh yes, you will!" Barry gave her a devious smile. "I'm gonna make sure you get pressured as much as you can by pokemon until you realize how fun they are! Now come on and let's go see those starters!" Barry took off without her, and Kaira gazed after him with an uneasy but admiring expression, and then she laughed and took off after him.
"Hey! Hey, Barry wait up!" She ran through the woods in her bare feet, until she realized how frozen they were. She gasped and clenched her teeth. "Shoot! Barry! Come back! Where'd you go?" She kept herself from gazing around, for the fear of being alone in the wild and surrounded by pokemon would only get worse. She ran forwards, yelling, "Barry! Hey, Barry!"
She clumsily tripped over a short rock---only that it wasn't a rock, but a sleeping Bonsly that woke up with a start.
"Bonsliii!" It cried and jumped around. Kaira, laying on her side, gasped and froze in fear, until the Bonsly bounced away.
Her gaze followed it as it snuck passed a strange group of people in the trees. She narrowed her eyes and peered into the thicket. There were about four tall dark people, and a large bulky creature on four legs at their side. As a low, menacing growl sounded from their way, Kaira immediately knew they were trouble. She got up and ran back home.
She arrived at Professor Rowan's lab looking like a homeless, helpless kid. Her white and gray nightgown she had been wearing was partly muddy from her fall, and her hair was brushed, though slightly ruffled from running. Her feet were dirty, and turning blue from the cold they had been in. All her feelings of happiness and spirit from her earlier encounter with Barry had all been washed away and she felt like a loser again. She looked around and saw that several scientists were wandering around the strange lab, and then she widened her eyes hopefully as she saw Barry with his Empoleon by his side, coming up to the corner of the lab where there were three poke balls.
Then Kaira's gaze faltered as she realized who else was gathered around the pokeballs. Dawn, a sixteen year old girl who lived just two blocks away from her house, was standing between Barry, and a boy named Lucas. She wore her pink jacket and fluffy white scarf, and her hair looked as perfect and shiny as it can ever be on this cold, dry morning. Her face was smiling and she looked happy and satisfied as she chatted with Barry and Lucas about the new starters in the pokeballs. As usual, Dawn was her outgoing, opinionated self.
She was nice, Kaira thought, though Kaira didn't like her one bit. One reason, was because she had known Barry longer, and Barry had become almost like her best friend before he met Kaira. Another reason was because she seemed to want to know everything there was about pokemon, just like Barry did, and to Kaira, that just proved she was a better friend to Barry, considering she loved pokemon and had a spirit for training pokemon just like he did. Kaira never tried to let the thought bother her, but it always occurred to her that Barry might just secretly be in love with Dawn, or Dawn might secretly be in love with him. They weren't the friendliest towards each other, though. Kaira knew perfectly well that Barry was nicer to her than he was to Dawn, for he and Dawn treated each other like misshapen brothers and sisters. But their arguments they purposely started among each other were obviously fake, and it just showed how much they really cared for each other as good friends…maybe even more.
Kaira watched with a devious feeling welling up inside of her as she watched Barry push Dawn out of his way so he can peer into the pokeball in the middle. Dawn frowned and gave him a sharp pinch on the shoulder and made him step away. They got into some kind of argument that Kaira couldn't hear, but from the way Kaira saw their faces lighten up and the way Lucas was rolling his eyes and smiling, that they were just in another one of their teasing quarrels.
Kaira was so focused in her glare at the three of them, that she didn't realize a strange, ice cold creature that was purring against her dirty leg.
"Hhh-huh?" Kaira flinched and lifted her right leg up and covered her mouth as she gazed down in horror at Glaceon, Dawn's own pokemon. "Achhh! Get away from me!" She jumped back, bumping into a shelf of books and fell down, knocking several off the shelf and falling around her.
Glaceon, looking confused, suddenly realized what a noob Kaira had been after it had just been friendly to her. Glaceon's ice cold eyes narrowed into slits and it gave a ferocious hiss and her, breathing out a cold breath of air towards Kaira and stalked away towards Dawn and the others.
Barry, Lucas, Dawn all noticed Kaira.
"Hey! There you are Kaira!" Called Barry excitedly. "What were you doing? Come over here and join us!"
Kaira felt humiliated. She frowned and sighed, and felt like never getting up again.
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Dreamsea said...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 10:48 am
Woah, Woah, Woah!!!!!! Hold on a second! This is only the first part and there are still sixty-six chapters!!? I read through it and the ending was great, but what do you mean that there are two more parts?!?!?!?!?!
Mike K. said...
Apr. 4, 2011 at 4:48 pm
This is very similar to another novel's title.
prima replied...
Apr. 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm
what title is this similar to?
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Apr. 13, 2011 at 10:21 am
He probably meant my novel, SuperNOVA. It's on the front page.
prima replied...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 2:50 pm
haha well if you read it its probably nothing like your book :P

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