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Seal of Fate: The Blood Promise

Author's note: What inspired me to write this was my love for the anime Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian has always been...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this was my love for the anime Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian has always been my favorite character, so I decided to add my character to a story involving him.  « Hide author's note
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Strange Surroundings

It was hot. There were flames everywhere. People were running. Children were screaming. Charred corpses were strewn across the ground. I couldn't see. I only felt the pain of the two men beating me. They shouted foul things and laughed, enjoying my cries of pain. Then I was falling into a dark abyss. Everything went blank as I plummeted deeper and deeper into the darkness. When I regained consciousness, it was warm and soft. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I heard a man say, "Krystal," but it sounded far away. A weak moan escaped my throat in response. "Krystal, wake up." The hand gently shook me. I opened my eyes slowly, but my vision was fuzzy. As my vision slowly became clear, the first thing I saw was a young man. His skin was soft as silk and as white as a ghost. His eyes were like burning coals. Spiky black hair covered part of his face. He smiled softly. "How are you feeling?" he asked. I put my hand against my forehead. "Like sh*t," I laughed but soon coughed up blood from the effort. I tried to sit up but failed miserably with a cry of pain. The man put his arm around my shoulder and his other hand on my stomach, helping me sit up. He tried to give me a glass of water, but I looked away; embarrassed. "Is something wrong?" I blushed slightly and whispered, "Well, it's just that I couldn't even sit up without your help…" He said nothing and held the glass to my lips, tilting it up slightly so the water slowly slid down my throat. "Thanks. So, who are you?" He stood up and bowed, "I am Sebastian Michaelis, and this is my mansion." I looked around the room for the first time. It was filled with beautiful decorations; it had a gothic style to it. The bed that I was laying in was more comfortable then anything I have ever felt. The sheets were as soft as silk and the blanket was puffy and warm. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. "How did I get here?" I asked him as I gaped at the stunning room. "I will tell you later. Please allow me to serve you dinner; you must eat to help regain your strength." I glanced at him, and then nodded. "Can you stand up?" he asked as he set the water glass back on the night table. "I don't think so." Sebastian nodded once then took the blankets off. I looked at my body. This was the first time I saw myself since that night. I hurriedly put the blankets back on. My body was covered in bandages. I didn't even look at the extent of my injuries; all I needed to see was that I was only in my underwear. I thought I would die from embarrassment. He laughed quietly and then smiled. "You don't have to worry; I've already seen you like that." He saw that I was thoroughly embarrassed and smiled again. "Who do you think cleaned you up and put the bandages on?" I looked at him kind of surprised and he said, "Do you mind if I dress you?" I didn't say anything. I didn't think my face could get any more red, but my cheeks flushed even more as he pulled off the blankets and helped me sit on the edge of the bed. He went into the drawers and pulled out a black skirt and a hot pink tank top with black stripes. There was also white and black striped knee high socks and black high top converse shoes. He dressed me as though I was a small beaten child who would fall apart if he was too rough. "There, you look beautiful." He smiled and stepped away so I could see the mirror. I had to admit, he had style. I actually liked the way I looked. He saw me smiling and replied with a smile of his own. "I'm glad you like it." Sebastian walked over and put one arm around my shoulders and the other under my knees and picked me up. My eyes went wide with surprise. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, clinging to him. My head was in the nape of his neck, my eyes shut tight. "Why are you scared?" "I don't want to fall." "I won't drop you, trust me." "I don't know anything but your name, for all I know you could be a rapist or kidnapper." He laughed and started walking. We came into an extravagant dining room. Sebastian sat me down in a chair. A servant came out and poured me some tea. He was young. He didn't look any older than me, and he had blond hair. "James, please take care of her while I go prepare dinner." The boy nodded and as Sebastian walked into the kitchen, the boy turned to me. "How do you feel today?" "Not that great, but at least I'm conscious," I forced a little laugh, "Oh…how did I get here?" He smiled, "Sebastian brought you here. You were in really bad shape; We all thought you were going to die." I smiled, "I still am in bad shape. If you didn't notice, I can't even walk yet, he had to carry me," I sighed. "Who exactly IS Sebastian?" The servant boy smiled sadly, "That's not my information to share and we barely know much about him; but its okay, I'm sure he will tell you eventually. For some reason, it seems like he cares about you." Sebastian walked in with a silver platter. I took a sip of tea while he set up the food. It looked delicious. "What is it?" I asked, taking another sip of tea. "It's linguine tossed in olive oil with savory herb-rubbed chicken and a delightful medley of cheeses." I took a bite and instantly grinned. "It's delicious!" "I am glad you like it, young mistress." "Sebastian?" I ate the last bite of my dinner and sipped more tea. "Yes, young mistress?" "Can you please take me back to that room?" "Yes, young mistress." He picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom we were in before. He sat me down on the bed then sat next to me. "Thank you. May I ask you a few questions?" "Of course, young mistress." I played with the end of my sleeve, not looking at him. "How did I get here?" "I brought you here." "But where did you find me? And why did you bring me here?" He smiled, "Would you like to see for yourself?" When a few moments passed and I didn't say anything, he touched my cheek with his hand. All of a sudden images started flashing through my mind. It was like a movie playing in my head… The night was dark as the flames shot towards the sky; Fighting to burn everything in sight faster then the flame next to it. I had seen my family and friends burn to death right there in front of me. Two men kidnapped me earlier that night and forced me to watch everything and everyone I loved burn. The tears couldn't be stopped from streaming down my face. My screams couldn't be stopped from escaping my lips as the men destroyed everything I ever knew. They beat me senseless on the top of an old, ratty apartment building. Each time they hit or kicked, it was harder then the last. Their enjoyment of my agony only made it hurt that much more. All I could think was 'Why are they doing this?' Their beating stopped for a split second as they ripped me off the ground and shoved me to the edge. That was when the beating picked up again. They punched until I didn't even have the strength to kneel, then they picked me up and hurled me off the roof. It was then that I submitted to the darkness. I let myself fall into the blank and numb that I so longed for at that moment. As I was plummeting to the ground below, a tall man wearing a black butler suit jumped out of nowhere and caught me in mid air, leaping from branch to branch until we were at the mansion. It took a moment for me to realize that the person who had caught me was Sebastian. Once we entered the mansion, we were greeted by four servants; a beautiful woman who looked around the age of 22, a teenage girl with silver hair, and two guys who looked about 20. Sebastian was carrying me the same way he was today, cradling me in his strapping arms, only this time I was limp in his arms instead of clinging to him. "Hannah, can you please prepare a bath? Bard, prepare tea and cake. Finny, replace the bedding in my room. And Meiren, prepare bandages and bring me my medicine." They all immediately ran off without asking any questions. Hannah was the first to return. "I have prepared the bath, master." "Thank you." Sebastian walked me up to the bathroom and sat me on the edge of the tub. "Please forgive me, young mistress, but I do not trust anyone else to take care of you." He undressed me till I was naked in his arms and slowly put me in the warm water of the bath. He washed me completely, clearing away most of the ash and blood. It had been almost a half hour in the bathtub, soaking and relaxing my body until he lifted me out of the tub and wrapped me in a soft, warm towel and carried me to, what I assumed was, his bedroom. In his bedroom there were fresh sheets and bandages. He began to bandage my wounds. First he bandaged my left shoulder and chest. Then he bandaged my forearms, my right thigh, and my neck. Once he was done, he tucked me in and sat on the edge of the bed till I woke up. The vision ended there, at the moment when I regained consciousness.
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Jessica. said...
Jan. 4, 2012 at 2:07 am
Black Butler? Love it
Meme13 replied...
Feb. 13, 2012 at 5:58 pm
Ikr!? Me too . Black Butler is just so funny but dark and mysterious. i wish the sequel of this book would come out soon. i read this book and i though it was great. :)
PJD17 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 1, 2011 at 5:04 pm
great work  could you please check out and comment on my novel A Place Called Heaven ?  It's pretty long so i wont hold it agaisnt you if you dont finish it   if you could just read the first few chapters and tell me what you think i would be so appreciative  Hopefully after reading a few chapters you wont want to stop though  either way, you did great with this keep it up
Dogma353 replied...
Apr. 1, 2011 at 5:24 pm
Thank you very much! I will definitely check it out, and I hope you finish this story too. (I'm still adding to it) <3 Glad you like it and I'll try to finish yours soon
Grandpa D replied...
Apr. 28, 2011 at 10:19 am
Very cool, haven't read it all yet. You make me so proud I could cry.
Dogma353 replied...
Apr. 28, 2011 at 4:49 pm
Aw, thank you so much :) If you want the link to the whole book, just tell me, because I've added more and there is still more coming. Not to mention the sequel that people keep bugging me about
Grandpa D replied...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 11:03 am
Yes please  thank you

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