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How We Happened

Author's note: Obviously, J.K.R's Harry Potter series inspired this fan-fic. I hope that people will just enjoy...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Obviously, J.K.R's Harry Potter series inspired this fan-fic. I hope that people will just enjoy how I think Ron and Hermione ultimately ended up with one another. I've never had a relationship of my own, so I think I should credit all my favorite authors.  « Hide author's note
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My Fan Club

“Hermione,” Ron whispered into my ear, “Come on Hermione, time to wake up.” He gently shook me into a half awake state. I slapped his hand away.
“Five more minutes.” I demanded, and tried to turn away from him. I just landed on his chest.
“Nope,” He said, “it’s time to get up.” And he tickled me. I squealed and jumped up, and could hear Ron laughing behind me, “I’ve got to save that technique for later.” I rolled my eyes and got up.
“Have you gotten breakfast started?”
“Finished,” Ron got up and stood beside me, “but I guarantee, it won’t be any good.” He flung an arm around my shoulders.
“It will be great because I didn’t have to cook it.” I started downstairs; the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls had always been irresistible to me. I leaned against the island eating, and he was standing next to me. The rolls were perfect, but Ron refused to accept my complements. So I changed the subject. “What we’re you and Harry really talking about last night?”
“What do you mean?” Ron was being cautious.
“You and Harry talked about something else last night, and I want to know what it was.” I unconsciously leaned towards him, “can you please tell me? I’d only assume it’s worse than it really is if you don’t.”
Ron shook his head and sighed, “We were discussing your safety.”
“My what?”
“Your safety,” Ron looked at me, protection clear in his eyes, “believe it or not you’re still on a lot of hit lists. When the remaining death eaters found out that a muggle- born played a key part in Voldamort’s fall, they found out it was you and started hunting. They consider it the highest disgrace that the most powerful full blood wizard’s death was mostly planned by a muggle- born.”
“What about you and Harry? Surely you are in just as much danger as I am.”
“Yes, but you’ve also got a very dedicated fan club.” Ron explained. I looked at him; I had no clue what he was talking about. He explained, “There is a group of wizards who are dedicated to making you theirs’. They’ve even designed a love potion just for that purpose!” I could tell Ron was furious, his ears were red, and he was shaking. I was just confused again.
“Why does the fact that I have a fan club bother you? You got over Harry’s fan club dilemma ages ago,” Ron clenched his hands on the table, “surely you have a fan club too…” I didn’t get to finish.
“Don’t you get it Hermione?” Ron was looking at me with that look again, the one that I couldn’t name “I don’t want those fan club freaks to get you, you wouldn’t be happy. And…” He looked away, and blushed.
“What?” I was relieved that he wasn’t upset by the fact that I had a fan club, but curious about what else he was trying to say.
“I don’t want you to leave,” his hand and eyes found mine, “I love you Hermione, and I don’t want you to chose anybody else.”
I couldn’t move, just kept looking into his eyes. Out of all the times I dreamt of him telling me this, I never ever thought it would be like this. I didn’t say anything; I just held his hand and nodded. That seemed like it was the only signal he needed. He stepped in front of me and braced his hands on the island; he paused, looking for a positive reaction, and I smiled. His lips found mine, and he kissed them gently. I kissed back, just as softly, but I could feel the electricity sparking inside me. When he kissed me again, I could tell that the kiss was building, that this was five years worth of kissing. That he really did love me. I twisted my hands into his shirt and pulled him closer, he locked his fingers in my hair; and as Ginny would have put it, he ate my face. There was never a moment he was to rough, and the electricity broke the surface. I felt the understanding, the adoration, the never dying love, and the pure need that we both shared for each other. I never wanted this to end, but I never got my way when it came to Ron. After a couple more minuets he pulled away and I groaned, Ron looked at me and chuckled, “Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from.” I rolled my eyes and twisted out of the embrace, I knew that my face was probably beet red by now, and I avoided his eyes.
“So what’s on the schedule?” I asked.
“Whatever you want.”
“Can we go to Bill and Fleur’s? I have to get my clothes.”
“I take it that you aren’t satisfied with the clothes here?” Ron was faking grumpiness.
“It’s mostly for Fleur; I can’t tell you how long I spent in dressing rooms while she used me as a human Barbie doll.”
“Oh,” Ron seemed to sense my annoyance, “you must have loved that.” I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to change.
“You took the words right out of my mouth.”
Fleur attacked me as soon as I crossed the threshold, “’Ermione! I was hoping you’d come soon!” I pushed her off; before I could talk, Ron spoke for me.
“We’re just here to nab her clothes Fleur.” I could tell Ron didn’t want to spend a lot of time here.
“Nonsense!” Fleur seemed to be offended, “‘Ermione and I ‘ave so much to talk about! Besides I‘ve already sent her clothes here to charity, we ‘ave to go shopping for more.”
“You gave my clothes to charity?” I was amazed, “Why?”
“Because, you are living with Ron now, no; surely you are at least dating?”
I risked a glance at Ron, his face was red. I thought of the kiss we had shared earlier, surely he wouldn’t be embarrassed to say we were dating. “Yeah,” He said looking down at me, eyes sparkling, “I guess we are, right Hermione?” I had momentarily lost all powers of speech so I just nodded. He found my hand and gave it a squeeze.
“Then we ‘ave to get more girlfriend- ish clothes!” Fleur exclaimed, “Please Ron, surely you don’t want her in baggy jeans all the time; and for her to have at least four proper dresses for fancy occasions!”
“Fine Fleur,” Ron was glaring at her, “only if I get to come too.”
“I will see if Bill can come so you two can ‘hang out’ while Hermione and I are in the more girly stores.” Fleur wasn’t discouraged at the least. I noticed Bill walking down the hall, and he motioned for us to be quiet. He snuck up behind Fleur, grabbed her by her waist, and started tickling her.
“What do you want me to do?” Bill asked between laughs, “Maybe I should teach you how to anticipate an attack from behind.”
“Stop it! Stop it!”
“She wants you to distract Ron while she is forcing me into anything with lace and frills.” I laughed. I noticed Ron’s eyes brighten with curiosity.
“Well I imagine I could do that.” Bill winked at me and set Fleur down. “When is the last time you and I just hung out Ron?”
“Who knows? Maybe when you drug me out of my room to complain to mum about something I did.” Ron and Bill both laughed.
“Fine Ron, you get your way this time.” Fleur smiled “Let’s get going, we’re not going to have much time.”
“Ok, ‘Ermione,” Fleur said as we checked her list, “we ‘ave your everyday wardrobe and your dress robes, now we just need some nice dresses incase Ron decides to take you out to dinner!” This was the part Fleur was most excited about; she thought I didn’t have enough fancy dresses.
“Ok, but you know my limits,” I looked at Fleur, “can’t be shorter than my knees, no extreme cleavage, and isn’t see through anywhere.”
“Fine! I know a couple good stores then.” Fleur grabbed my hand and pulled me into a store with a lot of pink. The store had a lot of dresses, all shapes, sizes, and lengths. I remembered that I had to at least have four, and groaned.
“Don’t worry I’ll help you choose!” Fleur pulled me over to a rack full of short black dresses, the term ‘little black dress’ came to mind. As we pawed through Fleur seemed to think that it was the time to talk, “’Ermione?”
“Yes?” I wasn’t really paying attention; I had found a plain, knee length, strapless dress that I liked.
“Thank you, for taking care of Molly when I could not. And I like that dress.”
“You’re welcome; it was least I could do.” I laughed “You gave me so much advice sixth year, when I had to deal with Lavender and Ron.” We both laughed at the memory. It was so weird to think, I had been begging Fleur for advice in sixth year, and now she was helping me pick out date dresses.
“How is this one?” Fleur showed me a very lacy dress.
“To much lace, but that one is nice.” I pointed at the empire waist, with spaghetti straps over her arm. The silk it was made out of seemed to shimmer in the light, and it seemed to end about halfway down my shin. “I think I’ll try on these.” I came out of the dressing room wearing the strapless dress; it was tight at the bust, and then gently billowed out under the bust. I loved it, and Fleur seemed to have the same reaction.
“Oh, ‘Ermione! It is beautiful!”
“Yea Hermione, Ron would have fainted if you had worn that to the Yule Ball.” Ginny was sitting on one of the chairs outside the dressing room. “Good thing I was there, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that.”
“What are you doing here Ginny?” I gave her a hug, “thought you were spending the day with Harry?”
“He’s looking for wedding dress robes, and I’m here looking for bridesmaid’s gowns. Good thing that my two bridesmaids are here too.” Ginny grinned, while she let that sink in. Fleur squealed “You and ‘Arry are getting married?”
“He asked me the night we left Ron’s place,” Ginny winked at me, “he told me that he had heard me worrying and to stop it, because he thought I’d be a great mother. Then he asked me to marry him.”
“Congratulations Ginny!” I gave her another hug.
“When do we get to go shopping for the dresses?” Fleur asked excitedly, “I’ll have to get Molly a nice gown! But, we might want to wait until closer to the wedding to get my dress, I’m pregnant again.”
“You are? Congratulations!” Ginny cried. “Harry and I are waiting on that little detail. He says I’m so busy with quidditch that he could never get enough time, that I’m his uncatchable snitch.” We all laughed.
“Ginny, are you in here?” I heard Harry call from the front of the store. He walked back, and saw us all sitting together. “You already tell them then?”
“Yep,” Ginny stood up and kissed Harry on the cheek, “did you find robes?”
“Yea,” Harry had spotted me and Fleur, he asked me, “Is Ron around or did Fleur kidnap you?”
“He and Bill are around somewhere,” I looked at Fleur, “do you know where they are?”
“Bill said that they’d meet us for lunch at two,” she consulted the store’s clock, “and it’s one fifty, so we should probably get going. Are you going to buy that ‘Ermione?”
“You know, I think I will.” I went back into the dressing room, and handed the dress back out to Fleur. Your two best friends are getting married that little voice spoke up as I was pulling on my shirt, maybe you should try dropping hints on Ron. I ignored the voice, and stepped out. Ron will marry whoever he wants, whenever he wants. I tried to imagine him at the altar with some girl I didn’t know, and was overcome with jealousy, and felt something similar to a monster growl in my chest, so I dropped it.
With our stomachs full, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and I all sat out in the sun in a park in Diagon Alley. I had gotten myself a guitar while Fleur and I were shopping, and was playing a few chords while sitting on Ron’s lap.
“How about you play a little something Hermione?” Harry asked.
“Yeah, if you can write songs, surely you can sing them too?” Ron nudged me.
“Fine, if you two insist, “ I picked at the guitar string and started singing, feeling the music spread from the guitar and my heart “ There’s something about the sunshine baby/ I’m seeing you in a whole new light/ outta this world for the first time baby/ ohh it’s all right/ now that you’re here (now that you’re here)/ it’s finally clear (it’s finally clear)/ the sun’s commin trough/ I never knew/ whatever I do is better with you/ There’s something about the sunshine baby/ I’m seeing you in a whole new light/ outta this world for the first time baby/ ohh it’s all right.” I glanced around, looking at the dumbstruck faces, “I’m still working on the lyric, that’s all I’ve got so far.” The boy’s faces didn’t change, but Ginny’s lit up.
“You have to play at our wedding Hermione! It would be amazing!” Ginny squealed.
“Yeah Hermione, if you did a present wouldn’t be required.” Harry’s face had turned excited and teasing, “And of course we would be sure to have talent scouts at the wedding so you can get discovered.”
“Shut up Harry,” I threw him an annoyed look, “I know I’m not as good as Molly-”
“Oh, come off it Hermione, Molly is good in her way, and your amazing in yours. So stop moping.” Ron said as he ruffled my hair.
“Nope,” Ron had clamped a hand over my mouth, and turned me so I was facing him, “just drop it Hermione.” Ron gave me a very persuasive look.
“Fine!” I shook my head and got off Ron’s lap and lay down next to him in the grass. “You guys haven’t told me what I’ve missed yet,” I changed the subject, “I’m very curious.”
“Not much, Crookshanks met a girl cat and had kittens,” Ginny held up one finger, “Ron made the Chudley Canons, George is engaged to Angelina Johnson, Charlie is the first wizard to have tamed and become friends with a dragon and able to speak dragon, I’m being forced to go back to Hogwarts, and you, Harry, and Ron have all received the order of Merlin first class. Oh, and Teddy is exactly like his mum, and Harry and I have taken full responsibility for him.” She glanced at Harry, “I think that about sums it up, you agree?”
“Yep, sound about right.” Harry wasn’t really paying attention, a group of boys seemed to have noticed our little group, and every one of them was looking at me. I was able to catch fragments of their conversation, “Should we try it here?”
“Is it really her? I can’t see!”
“No to many people, she’d get confused. The max is ten remember?”
“This might be our only chance though!”
I glanced at Ron to see how he was taking this, remembering the look of protection and fierce determination he had in his face when he told me about my, ‘dedicated fan club’. Ron’s face was red, “Oy!” He called out to the group, startling them, “I’d continue your plotting somewhere more secret, ministry officials might be undercover!” I sat up, and peered around Ron. The boys all looked about sixth year through late twenties, one in particular did not like how Ron was speaking to him.
“Maybe you should keep your nose in your own-” The boy didn’t finish yelling at Ron, cause he had gotten a good look at me. He looked at his friends, “It’s her, now.” They all cried, “stuplify” in union, and rushed at us. Everything seemed to go in slow motion, I felt Ron go stiff beside me, saw Harry and Ginny disapparating, Harry making a wild grab at the both of us; and the boy who had yelled at Ron grab onto my wrist. I did what a year on the run conditioned me to do; I grabbed Ron and disapperated, with the boy still hanging on.
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msoledadvc said...
Nov. 4, 2011 at 1:33 am

I fell in love with this book. I must tell you are an excellent writer, and that this book is the nearest to what I thought could happen to them. I've always been so intrigued to know how would their relationship would be like, there's where you come in, with this beautiful story!

It's definately on my favorites, although I don't know how to tag a story as favorite. I love it!

It's the best fan-fiction story I've seen so far in TeenInk. And it may be one of the best fiction I've... (more »)

msoledadvc replied...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 2:41 pm
Will you write more? Please?
fictionnutt96 replied...
May 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm
Sorry, I'll keep writing, but not on How We Happened. Thanks for the compliments though!
cassia_b said...
Aug. 29, 2011 at 4:42 pm
wow you have a really terrific writing style!!!! excellent book and keep writing! :D
emilybwrites said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 9:26 pm
wow this was just fabulous and very creative i loved it!!! could you please check out my peom "Forgotten Domain" and some of my other work and comment? it would mean a lot to me!!!
fictionnutt96 replied...
Aug. 14, 2011 at 9:04 am
Of course! I'm glad you liked it.
Missyninja said...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 11:23 pm
I really enjoyed it. Very good I really liked how you wrote that. Are you planning on putting up more?
fictionnutt96 replied...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 6:56 pm
I have lots more I would like to post, but it's finding the time to type it all up I have trouble whith! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
fictionnutt96 said...
May 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm
Xxx B. said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 11:37 pm
not to bad
bookworm29 replied...
May 13, 2011 at 10:20 pm
not to bad??? Is that all u can say?? Its amzing!!! I luv it!

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