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How We Happened

Author's note: Obviously, J.K.R's Harry Potter series inspired this fan-fic. I hope that people will just enjoy...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Obviously, J.K.R's Harry Potter series inspired this fan-fic. I hope that people will just enjoy how I think Ron and Hermione ultimately ended up with one another. I've never had a relationship of my own, so I think I should credit all my favorite authors.  « Hide author's note
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Catching Up

I went upstairs and changed into another set of unfamiliar clothes, skirt and a v-neck top, and curled my hair just a little, I remembered all of the girls crowded around the mirrors in the bath room, changing their appearances and primping. I wished that I was back there sitting with Ginny on my four poster and talking about boys.
“Hermione, can you toss me a pair of jeans?” Ron called from the shower. I went into his closet and grabbed a pair of cargo jeans. I chucked them over the shower door. I didn’t even think to feel embarrassed. The doorbell rang downstairs; I rushed down and opened the door. On the doorstep was the entire Weasley family plus Harry.
Ginny squealed and caught me in a hug, “Why didn’t you tell me you were back?” Mrs. Weasley hugged me as soon as Ginny let go, “Don’t you dare do that to me again.” She said.
“Great greeting I got the other day Hermione.” Harry said as he gave me a one armed hug. Before I could be passed on any further, Ron came up and rescued me.
“Come on people give her some air!” He exclaimed, and pulled my by the waist towards the couch. I sat down next to Ron, and looked at my family.
It was only when I heard her scream; “AUNTIE” that I realized Molly was there, along with Fleur. She scrambled out of her mother’s arms and up into my lap, and gave be the biggest and warmest hug of them all. “Molly missed Auntie.” Molly told me accusingly. I saw that Fleur was there
“Hi Fleur,” I greeted her, “when did they let you out?”
“Just yesterday,” Fleur replied, “I’m cured and everything, so I was allowed to come ‘ome!”
“Brilliant!” I exclaimed, now I had no reason to leave Ron’s!
“So, Hermione,” George began, “Why did you leave us is hanging for a bloody year?”
“It’s a long story.” I cautioned.
“I’m up for a good story!” George exclaimed. And so, I told the story of how I came to live at Bill’s for a year and why. It took a good hour of two, because Molly added things from her perspective. “I remember when Auntie wrote me my first song!” She piped in.
“I didn’t write it for you,” I disagreed, “I remembered it from a play and wrote it out for you.” But more than one person was looking at me curiously.
“Since when do you write songs Hermione?” Asked Mr. Weasley.
“Since Molly discovered her amazing voice.” I looked at Molly, “why don’t you sing a few lines for everyone?”
“Ok!” Sam exclaimed, she cleared her thought, “The sun will come out/ tomorrow/bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow/ there’ll be sun./ just thinkin about/ tomorrow/ clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow/till there’s none./when I’m stuck with a day/ that’s gray/ and lonely/ I just pick my chin/ and grin/ and say/ ooohhhhh/ the sun’ll come out tomorrow/ bet your bottom dollor that tomarow/ there’ll be sun/ just thinking about/ tomorrow/ clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow/ come what maayyyy/ tomorrow/tomorrow/ I love ya/ tomorrow/ you’re only a day away/ toomorow/ tomorrow/I love ya/tomorrow/ you’re only a daayyy/ aaaawaaayyyy.”
“She had to have gotten her voice from Fleur,” Ron exclaimed, “Bill can’t sing to save his life.” We all laughed at that comment. There was a chorus of good jobs for Molly, “it’s one of my favorites.” She explained.
“Why?” asked Harry.
“Auntie can explain better than me.” Everyone looked at me.
“Well,” I started, “When she learned that I wasn’t her mum, She asked about Fleur, and I told her about you.” I said to Fleur, I wasn’t really talking to anyone else; this was something I thought she wanted to hear. “I told her you were sick and that she couldn’t see you till you were better. Of course she asked when, and I told her I didn’t know, but I had some advice to make it better. I taught her the song, so she said, ‘she’s coming home tomorrow?’ I told her no, but the sun will always be there even if you can’t see it, like your mum.” Fleur had tears in her eyes, I got up and sat next to her, “I told her that we’ve got to keep hoping she’ll come out so you can see her tomorrow, and if not, I’ll be here for you until she does come out, kind of like a lamp.” There was a moment of silence; I could see Mrs. Weasley softly crying out of the corner of my eye. But before I could say anything else, Fleur had me in a spine breaking hug, and was sobbing into my shoulder. Mrs. Weasley came and helped me comfort her, as well as Ginny. “Molly was always waiting for you to come out of the clouds,” I told Fleur, “waiting for you to bring the sunshine, love, and warmth I could never give her.” Fleur clutched me tighter, “even though she had hardly seen you, she still loved you, and I couldn’t provide half of what she desperately needed.”
“Spoken like a true mother.” Mrs. Weasley said into my ear.
“Auntie is right,” Molly said, right on cue, “I always loved you mummy, and I waited for you, ‘cause somthin’ was always missin’.” Fleur let go of me and cradled her daughter in her arms and they cried together. Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, and I stepped away so Bill could join his wife and daughter. Conversation continued, and gradually, people began to leave. In the end only Harry and Ginny were left. “Hermione, can I ask you something?” Ginny asked after Ron and Harry retreated to the balcony upstairs.
“How did you know exactly what Fleur was worried about?”
“I had seen Molly’s hope whenever Bill came home; she was always hoping he’d bring Fleur home with him.”
“I’m not talking about Molly; I’m talking about earlier, with Fleur. She had asked me for advice and I couldn’t answer her!” Ginny cried, “I can’t be a good mother if I can’t give another mum advice!”
“Oh, Gin. I could only answer the way I did, because I had a brief chance at motherhood. I got the chance to care for a child like it was my own, and be able to connect with it. I knew Fleur would be worried about Molly’s approval. She had missed the first year of her life! I assumed Fleur needed to hear it from me that she was the only mum for Molly, and Molly wanted only her as a mum, that I wasn’t good enough.”
“But did you see Molly’s face when she saw you? She was delighted!”
“Yes because I’m like a backup mum for her, and she knows it. I’m not as important to her as Fleur, but I am important.” I tried to wrap up the conversation because I could hear the guys coming down the stairs, but Ginny didn’t
“What if I can’t connect with kids like you do? Not even my own?” I heard the footsteps stop.
“The point I was trying to make to Fleur earlier is that each child needs their mum, it’s a natural thing to connect with your children, it doesn’t take effort, and they will always want you, even if they disagree at times.” Ginny looked at me, I could tell she was still worried, but she could hear the footsteps now too. The boys came down the stairs and Harry stopped just behind the couch.
“Come on sweetheart,” Harry said as he kissed her cheek from behind the couch, “we should be getting home.” Ginny got up and left with Harry. And I turned to face Ron’s questions that I knew were coming. Ron was just standing at the end of the stairs looking at the door. “Come over here and sit next to me.” I told him. He looked at me for a moment, and then sat down next to me with a sigh. “What’s wrong?” I asked, and I took his hand.
“Harry can be stubborn at times.” Ron said to the ceiling
“You just now figured that out?” I teased, Ron rolled his eyes.
“Harry was worried about Ginny. She didn’t go back last year, because she wanted to help search for you. So she has to go back this year. On top of that, she’s pretty popular at school. She’s even gotten letters from guys she doesn’t know, asking if she wants to meet them at the Three Broomsticks.”
“Yea, he’s worried that someone’s gonna drug her with a love potion. Or that she’ll find someone else while she’s there.”
“Ginny loves Harry. In the girls dorms all she would talk about was Harry, and how she was worried about him.”
“She was worried about him?”
“Yea, she knew that Harry had to leave to find something to defeat Voldamort. And that she couldn’t come. Of course she was worried for his life. When Harry ended it, she cried for eight hours and slept in my bed with me she was so sad.”
“You’re serious?”
“Wow.” Ron said. “She didn’t beat you though did she?”
“What do you mean?” I cursed Harry in my head. Ron looked at me, his eyes searching mine.
“Harry said that you cried for weeks, probably longer, and you called for me for at least three hours.” I looked away; I knew it would be more romantic if I could say it to his face.
“There was never a night that I didn’t miss you, or hope you would come back in the tent with Harry.”
“I went back and looked for hours, I might have found you but I walked right into a gang of snatchers. You know the story”
“Sorry I attacked you.”
“I thought I did pretty well when I came back,” Ron chuckled, “you didn’t attack me with canaries.”
“Because I didn’t have my wand, and I was going easy with the hawks.”
“Ouch.” Ron said. I laughed, and took my hand out of his, and got up.
“I’m going to take a shower and head to bed.” I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something else Ron wasn’t telling me. I looked over my shoulder, Ron was lying face down on the couch. “Can I have a sign that you are conscious?” I asked. He grunted.
The water felt good, I imagined that all of my worries washed down the drain with my shower jell. I thought about the future I couldn’t quite imagine; I’d get married, have kids and have a supportive job. Every time I thought about a husband, Ron’s face always appeared, and I couldn’t conjure anyone else’s face. Maybe the little voice inside my head told me Ron and you are meant to be. I shook off the thought and put on pajamas, and stepped out into the bedroom. Ron was halfway asleep on the left side of the bed; I crawled in on the right side and tried not to wake him. Cimi conscious, Ron rolled over and flopped and arm towards me. I smiled in spite of myself and slowly fell asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night, the room washed in pale moon light. My mind search for the reason of my early awakening, but when I opened my eyes, I just saw the pale skin of Ron’s chest. It took me a second to realize my nose was inches away from the hollow of his neck. I pressed my head into it, and what a surprise, it was actually quite comfortable. I heard, and felt, Ron’s soft groan. He tightened his arms around me and pulled me closer. I pressed my hands onto his chest and fell asleep, feeling totally safe.
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msoledadvc said...
Nov. 4, 2011 at 1:33 am

I fell in love with this book. I must tell you are an excellent writer, and that this book is the nearest to what I thought could happen to them. I've always been so intrigued to know how would their relationship would be like, there's where you come in, with this beautiful story!

It's definately on my favorites, although I don't know how to tag a story as favorite. I love it!

It's the best fan-fiction story I've seen so far in TeenInk. And it may be one of the best fiction I've... (more »)

msoledadvc replied...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 2:41 pm
Will you write more? Please?
fictionnutt96 replied...
May 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm
Sorry, I'll keep writing, but not on How We Happened. Thanks for the compliments though!
cassia_b said...
Aug. 29, 2011 at 4:42 pm
wow you have a really terrific writing style!!!! excellent book and keep writing! :D
emilybwrites said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 9:26 pm
wow this was just fabulous and very creative i loved it!!! could you please check out my peom "Forgotten Domain" and some of my other work and comment? it would mean a lot to me!!!
fictionnutt96 replied...
Aug. 14, 2011 at 9:04 am
Of course! I'm glad you liked it.
Missyninja said...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 11:23 pm
I really enjoyed it. Very good I really liked how you wrote that. Are you planning on putting up more?
fictionnutt96 replied...
Jun. 30, 2011 at 6:56 pm
I have lots more I would like to post, but it's finding the time to type it all up I have trouble whith! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
fictionnutt96 said...
May 15, 2011 at 7:00 pm
Xxx B. said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 11:37 pm
not to bad
bookworm29 replied...
May 13, 2011 at 10:20 pm
not to bad??? Is that all u can say?? Its amzing!!! I luv it!

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