Robert Lawrence: 00017; Heist

January 23, 2011
By mbrown04, new york, Hawaii
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mbrown04, New York, Hawaii
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After the graduation ceremony, MI6 agents waste no time in following their instructions to escort Robert to MI6 Headquarters. First, Robert is escorted through the congested crowd to three obsidian black SUVs. When all of the doors are shut, the three massive trucks move in unison away from the beautiful campus of the BCE Academy. The agents in the SUV with Robert are as silent as snakes when stalking their prey. Not a word is exchanged until they reach the main gate of MI6 Headquarters, where the largest of the agents benignly states, “M is waiting for you on the 23rd Floor. Use this ID badge to get past the three security stations. Good luck Mr. Lawrence.”

Robert returns, “Thank you for your help gentleman,” and takes the ID badge as he leaves the SUV. With great anxiousness, he moves toward the colossal marble building. When Robert makes it to M’s office, M’s secretary, Ms. Moneypenny, is waiting outside arguing with a man on the phone. Ms. Moneypenny puts her index finger up, signaling for Robert to wait a minute. After ten minutes, she finishes her very loud and enthusiastic conversation, and asks Robert who he is and if he has an appointment? However, as she is saying this, M comes out with the Prime Minister and bids the Prime Minister good day. M invites Robert into his office explaining, “We have been expecting you Mr. Lawrence.” Once they are both seated, M continues, “Well, it sure is a marvelous day out, isn’t it? My apologies for interrupting your graduation celebration. By the way, Mr. Lawrence, I have skimmed over your transcript and must say it is impeccable. We have not received anyone this good, from BCE, since, well, your father. I also took the liberty of seeing which division you applied for, and am pleased to possibly have an addition to CISOD (Covert International Special Operations Division) as it is dwindling in numbers. For more good news, as a result of your incredible standards, only one field evaluation will be necessary for you to officially be an operative of MI6. How soon will you be ready?”

Tentatively, Robert adds, “I can be ready today.”

M exclaims, “Marvelous. You can report to CISOD Command for further instructions.” As Robert is getting up to leave and thank her, M explains, “Oh, and Mr. Lawrence, there is also the matter of your agent codename. Members of CISOD usually start with 000 and then we add the last two digits or digit. You will be...00017, alright? Have nice day Mr. Lawrence,” M says with a smile.

When Robert makes it to the elevator, he reads the map above the control panel and sees that CISOD Command is on level 11. Upon reaching floor 11, Robert is awestruck by everything that it is happening. People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Through the congestion, Robert makes out a conference room off to the left, an extremely high tech surveillance room in the center, about twenty LCD television screens, and about thirty desks, spread throughout, with state of the art technology resting on them. A small woman with a white blouse and a gray skirt comes up to Robert and asks, “Excuse me, sir, are you Mr. Lawrence?” Robert shakes his head, showing the woman his ID badge. The woman continues, “Mr. Richardson is expecting
you. Please follow me.” She leads Robert to the high tech surveillance room where John Richardson, the CISOD Director, has been waiting for his arrival. Mr. Richardson makes small talk with Robert before he plummets into the real intention of their meeting. The CISOD Director says, “Well Mr. Lawrence, I would love to talk spy stories all day long, but we must get down to business. I assume M has already spoken to you about how you cannot be part of CISOD until you have passed a field assessment. Unfortunately, the assassin Henrik Kolfner has just popped back onto the grid.” Simultaneously, Kolfner’s picture appears on a large plasma screen, replacing the MI6 logo, with information about him. The Director adds, “Your mission and field assessment will be to survey Henrik Kolfner and find out where his base of communications is and, if given the opportunity, to kill Kolfner. Kolfner works alone. He was last seen in Berlin entering the Hyatt hotel. His most popular weapons are a silenced USP-45 pistol and a tactical knife. Though he works alone, he is one of the most feared assassins in the world, his most famous murder being the killing of the Polish President.”
Robert, partially confused, asks, “Wait, wasn’t Lech Kaczynski killed in a tragic plane crash in Russia?”
The CISOD Director responds, “Well, it was reported to the media, that the president was killed in a plane crash along with his associates and other major leaders, however, he was really at his home, a sitting duck, when Kolfner killed him. His associates were on the plane that actually crashed, however, making it a perfect cover for the hostile situation. So work with extreme care and precision once you reach Germany. After you report to Q for gadgetry, you will be driven to the airport. Oh and welcome to CISOD, 00017.”

Q works one floor down from CISOD, and he is also expecting 00017. When Robert arrives, Q gets right down to business explaining all of the functions of a modified cell phone, watch, and pen. In addition, Robert is given a Walther PPK pistol.
His cover for the mission is Willard Stevenson, a CEO of a corporate hedge fund in New York City. Finally, Q says, “00017, I hope we can get off to a good start with bringing back the gadgetry I give you, unlike your father.”

Robert responds, “I’ll try my best Q,” and leaves to catch his ride to Heathrow International Airport.

After landing in Berlin, a German taxi takes Robert to the Marriot Hotel. Robert checks in under the name Stevenson. Once Robert steps into his room, he wastes no time in preparing his gadgets. He jams his pen, his watch, his phone, and a handheld scope into his pockets, and loads his Walther PPK, after screwing on a silencer. Robert leaves his suite and climbs the emergency exit staircase two floors up. Then he furtively enters a room that a maid left open while she is on break. To his good fortune, this suite has a loft which Robert steps onto, and using the cable-shooting capability in his pen, he climbs to the roof.

The pen cable recoils automatically, while Robert takes out his scope and scans the area for Kolfner. MI6 intelligence reports concluded that Kolfner was to meet at 1:30 P.M. at the Café Berlin to meet with a potential business associate. However, Robert is completely bewildered when Kolfner pulls out a manila folder that, through the scope, reads ‘Heist: Top Secret’. Back at the BCE Academy, Robert’s technology professor, who also works at MI6, proudly told him that James Bond had extinguished Heist with no survivors. Still confused, Robert presses the button on the side of his watch that says ‘audio transmitter’ and points it at where Kolfner is sitting. Robert hears Kolfner say, “Hallo, wie gaht es ihnen... Ich weib, dqssich Deutschland verlovea in der Waltasse a vah night glauben kann...” Which in English translates to, “Hello, how are you... I know I cannot believe Germany lost in the World Cup either... Anyway, as I was telling you another time, I used to work alone, but now I work for Heist. Heist was almost annihilated if Frank Charleston, had not survived the bullet from MI6 and revamped the organization. Unfortunately, Frank died from that bullet in his brain, three days ago. Now Rai Norfolk, is the head of Heist.” Robert cuts the feed, and is unsure what to do about the modified Heist working unknown, but twice as lethal to the world.

Impatiently, Robert stands on his hotel room balcony, hoping that the CISOD Director answers his phone. “Yes, hello. Who is this?”

“It’s Robert Lawrence, sir.”

“Ah, 00017 have you completed your mission yet,” the CISOD director responds in a half heartfelt manner, as he was pulled away from a lunch date with his wife.

“Well sir, it’s complicated.”


“I have just uncovered some intelligence that may affect the lives of civilians everywhere.” Before the CISOD director can chime in, Robert tentatively continues, “And may be life-threatening to operatives at MI6, I’m afraid.”

“Whoa, what do you mean 00017,” The CISOD directors quizzically asks.

“Heist exists. Frank Charleston miraculously survived the bullet from the MI6 sniper in Haiti and must have escaped before my father supposedly terminated the existence of Heist. My target for this mission is no longer a private assassin, but a terrorist operations leader and top assassin for Heist. Fortunately, Frank Charleston died from effects of the bullet in his brain a few days ago. The new executive of Heist is Rai Norfolk. I have searched him through both MI6 and CIA databases. He was a North Korean five-star general until the age of thirty-two, where he set up an assassin training facility in Cuba. Two years later he was a major drug-trafficker in Mexico, setting up the infamous underground tunnel from Tijuana, Mexico to a small town outside of Los Angles. He is wanted in seven countries for treason, drug-trafficking, counter-fit, and thirteen accounts of murder. Unfortunately, a few years ago he dropped off the grid and since then there are no records of his existence. To the world he is dead.”

“Great work 00017, but I will have to run this by M before giving a go for further mission details. It is imperative that you are back at MI6 HQ ASAP. There will be…”

Robert interrupts the CISOD director, “I’m sorry to disobey orders, but I feel that the real urgency is to get information out of Henrik Kolfner before Heist can pull a fast one right under our noses.”

The CISOD director continues, “00017, protocol states…,” but is cut off as Robert turns off his phone.

As Robert is passing through the main doors of the Berlin Hyatt, Henrik Kolfner’s business partner is getting up to leave. Slowly, so as not to draw attention to himself, Robert crosses the street, and cocks his Walther PPK in his jacket before the Mater-Dei is able to ask, “Good afternoon sir, how many are in your party?”
Robert responds with, “Just one today.”
“Are you meeting anyone here, sir?”
“Yes, actually I am. His name is Henrik Kolfner. I believe he is sitting over there.”
The Mater-Dei hastily takes Robert to Henrik’s table where he is finishing up a gin. At first glance, the Café Berlin is a beaten up rode side restaurant. However, at second glance, it is a beautiful open-air café, with vintage tables, cast-iron gating, and flowerbeds surrounding the café. Waiters where tuxedoes, and while enjoying delectable food, customers can watch the busy city race on. Unfortunately, Robert will not be able to enjoy these aspects of the café.
“Good afternoon Mr. Kolfner, this man here, what did you say your name was,” the Mater-Dei asks.
“Lawrence Kent,” Robert adds.
“Yes, well Mr. Kent, is here to see you. Enjoy your lunch gentlemen. Oh, and I will send someone over to tend to you Mr. Kent.”
“Thank you, have a nice day,” Robert states. Before Henrik can say anything, Robert has a gun to him underneath the table. As Henrik begins to rise Robert says, “And where do you think you’re going Mr. Kolfner? I haven’t even gotten my meal yet. Before I say anything else, how’s business going? The new Heist must be running smoothly, I presume, with Rai Norfolk taking Charleston’s place. If you would take your seat, I would like to ask you a few questions. If you do not, I will not hesitate to put a bullet in you. I, unlike my colleague in Haiti, will not miss.” Kolfner reluctantly sits back down as Robert begins again, “Listen, I know that Heist exists. The thing I don’t know is what its plans are for the…,” Robert is interrupted as ice cold water, from the pitcher on the table, is thrown in his face. As Robert wipes his eyes, he scans the area for Kolfner. However, he is nowhere to be found.

Without a second thought, Robert whips out his standard issue MI6 Flying V Satellite remote operating system. Thinking back to his days at the BCE Academy, Robert remembers three months ago when the Flying V Satellite (a military prototype approved by the Minister of Defense and Queen Elizabeth for anti-terrorist units equipped with an automatic terrorist detection system, eagle-eye locating systems, and has immediate access to all of the intelligence servers around the world) was announced in orbit to the BCE Academy. All students were required to take five classes on the remote operating systems that all MI6 field agents are provided with. Robert excelled in these classes and took additional classes to learn alternative uses of the satellite. As Robert punches the buttons on the screen, he carefully remembers what his technology teacher taught him. After he inputs the passcodes to access the satellite, the monitor benignly states, “Welcome, 00017, to the Flying V Satellite Database. What are my instructions?”
“Find Henrik, Kolfner. Last spotted leaving the Café Berlin,” Robert commands in a clear voice.
“Searching for location. Please standby for directions.” On the screen, an image of the Earth appears and then the satellite zooms into Berlin. The view switches to infra-red and shows Kolfner’s face on the face recognition side of the screen. “Turn left after leaving the café entrance. Stay on the same route for 0.3 miles. Head down the alley to your right until coming to the employee entrance of the Berlin Westin Grand Hotel. Your target is currently in room 143 on the third floor.” The Flying V Satellite remote operating system repeats the directions until Robert powers down the machine. Standing before him is a metal door with faded red paint and a crooked sign that reads ‘Westin Personnel Entrance Only.’ In addition, where a doorknob should be, a shimmering steel key pad, with a miniscule screen above it, rested. Robert stands bewildered in the dark, unkempt alley filled with dumpsters, as he did not expect this. In his mind, Robert replays the conversation between Henrik Kolfner and his associate, “There is a Heist substation for emergency use, equipped with almost every weapon you can think of, in Room 143 at the Berlin Westin Grand Hotel. To secretly access the substation, we use the employee entrance to quickly get to the service elevator. The code is…I believe… 72452.” As fast as possible, Robert enters the code that Henrik had said, opens the door, and approaches the service elevator. Once he reaches the third floor, he whips out his silenced Walther PPK. After plundering an all access key from the a house keeping cart, Robert furtively moves to Room 143. Somehow, Henrik hears Robert and grabs a Desert Eagle just as Robert is passing through the threshold. Simultaneously the automatic weapons fire.

An enormous pool of blood encompasses Henrik’s head as he lay on the floor of the hotel room motionless. The bullet pierced his skull and stopped in the frontal lobe of his brain. On the contrary, Robert did not escape the confrontation unscathed, as he had taken a bullet to the shoulder. Fortunately, the bullet shot by Henrik went straight through Robert, missing all of the bones and arteries. Robert knows he cannot stay and thoroughly search the substation for useful intelligence, as the gun Henrik had fired was not silenced and could have possibly alerted the neighbors who would most definitely call the police.
The room is medium-sized and relatively dark, with the only sources of light coming from a desk lamp and the large windows over-looking the busy city of Berlin. Weapons occupy most of the walls. Near the door, there is a large desk, with an enormous mound of file folders and an I-Mac. In the center of the room, a coffee table sits surrounded by soft armchairs. Finally, a bed rests on the right side of the room, against the wall with no weapons on it.
After Robert checks Henrik’s vitals and verifies that one of the world’s leading assassins was is no more, he transfers all of the files on an I-Mac under the folder labeled ‘Substation Database’ to his phone. Quickly, he wipes down all of the surfaces that he thought he touched (including Henrik’s body), so the approaching police would not be able to connect him to the murder of Henrik, and rides the elevator down to the employee entrance. There he finds a waiter’s uniform and changes into it. As Robert is leaving the hotel, a brigade of sirens nears accompanied by German Special Ops sliding down ropes attached to apache helicopters hovering over the hotel. One Special Ops captain questions Robert, “Excuse me, sir, but do you know anything about the shooting inside?”

“No, I’m sorry I don’t. I was just finishing up my shift and heading home.”

“Oh, well thank you anyway, have a nice day.”

“You too, and I hope you catch him.”

Back at his room, Robert is packing up his belongings as his encrypted phone rings. Robert, knowing exactly who it is, answers, “Good evening, Mr. Richardson.”
“Do I need to read you proper protocol? I thought I told you to wait for further mission details from M. Now Kolfner’s murder is all over the news and it is only a matter of time before Heist figures out it was you. I just hope you got something out of him.”
“Well, indirectly I did. I killed him in the Heist substation at the Berlin Westin Grand Hotel. Before I left, I was able to transfer whatever intelligence they had stored there onto my phone. When you called, I was in the process of downloading it onto my laptop. From what I have seen so far, there are a few assassination plots and technological advancements that you may want to see.”
“Okay, I will call you back in about fifteen minutes. I will talk with M about what she thinks we should do. In the meantime, lock all of your doors, pull the curtains closed, and stop the transfer from your phone to your laptop.” The CISOD Director does not call back for forty-five minutes. When he does, he explains, “M has given me the clearance to fly to Berlin. I should be there in about two hours. Meet me in a taxi cab in front of your hotel. I will have the driver wait outside of the cab so we can talk privately. Alright?”
“See you then.”

Two hours later, Robert walks off the elevator. He glances at his watch and rapidly makes his way to the hotel entrance as he is a few minutes late. Simultaneously, as Robert is walking through the main doors of the hotel, the cab that the CISOD Director is sitting launches into the air with an umpteen amount of flames, similar to a rocket a lift-off. Once the cab blows apart, twenty feet above the ground, Robert and the other bystanders know that there will be no survivors.

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on Aug. 13 2011 at 12:56 pm
emilybwrites SILVER, Villa Hills, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
last night i lay in bed, looking up at the stars and i thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling?

this was great! please check out my poems "Forgotten Domain" and "Cumulus Prison" and comment/rate them. im dying for feedback!

Sailors3 said...
on Jan. 27 2011 at 4:21 pm
A thorough commentary on a popular subject (with me). It has peaked my interest and I will definitely follow mbrown's advice to read this book.


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