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Author's note: I was inspired by J.K. Rowling to write this piece.
Author's note: I was inspired by J.K. Rowling to write this piece.  « Hide author's note
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A second later, they were far, far away from the large cave where they were brought. Hermione was sitting on a slab of stone, her head in her hands. Ron had an arm over her and was gently wiping off some blood.
“Harry!” Hermione shouted, running and throwing her arms around him. “Oh, Harry I was so worried! How did Zenrir get away? How did Ralfe-”
“Let him breathe, Hermione!” Ron said, laughing. “Glad you’re back, mate.” Ron clapped Harry on the back and then shot a furtive look at Zenrir, who was standing quietly apart from the others.
When Hermione had broken away from the hug, she faced Zenrir.
“Thank you. Very much.” Hermione said, offering her hand. Zenrir shook it quickly. “So, um, would you like to join us? We’re actually…why don’t you tell us…” Hermione didn’t know what to say.
Zenrir sat down on another boulder as Ron took a seat next to Hermione.
“Fenrir Greyback, my father, he was always the alpha of the werewolves. Well, actually just our pack. The reason my father started working for Lord Voldemort was because none of the other packs accepted him and his pack,, which included me. So, he decided to join Lord Voldemort in hopes of being honored in the werewolf community. But…of course…he…you know. So, his beta, Ralfe, became alpha and I kind of became his beta. And, you probably won’t believe it but Ralfe actually used to be nice. But when his mate, Agora, got killed by a wizard he kind of got hard. He wasn’t nice anymore and he had frequent temper tantrums. He stopped being nice to everyone except for me. Only ‘cause I’m Greyback’s only son. But, then it became strange. For example, one night he came back speaking nothing of a great wizard and that he would serve under him faithfully to find someone named Potter. He kept on repeating it, which made it weird. Then, on another night he said that we had to obey a second alpha. You know, that never happens, ever. But all the while he had this strange glassy look in his eyes…so later, he made us all speak highly of the Lord. We always had to call him Lord and we were never permitted to learn his name. But, of course, I heard the name…Lestrange. He always ordered me to do all the work. He said a strange word that sort of controlled me for a second, then I don’t know…bounced off me. It was some wizard curse maybe…”
“The Imperious curse.” Hermione whispered.
“Yeah, maybe. But from then on he ordered me about and it seemed as if he was confident that I would obey. So, I just did whatever he wanted. And then…you know the rest.” Zenir stopped and looked at a trio of awed expressions.
“Must’ve been bloody difficult to live under Ralfe.” Said Ron.
“Wait…you said that the Imperious curse bounced off you? You didn’t feel the need to obey whenever Ralfe ordered you to do something did you?” Hermione asked with a small smile dancing on her lips.
“Well, no. I wasn’t forced to obey. I did it on m own free will.” Zenrir said, mystified. Hermione’s expression took on a growing excitement.
“Do you see what this means? This is brilliant! Wow, I can’t believe…Harry, this is wonderful!”
“What’s wonderful? What do you mean?” Harry asked, genuinely confused.
“He’s immune to the Imperious curse! Only two percent of the world’s populations are immune to the Imperious curse! This…this is amazing!” Hermione said breathlessly. “Zenrir, will you please join us? We were originally looking for Lestrange but, I guess we found him. We just need to bring him to the ministry. Please, please join us, will you?”
Zenrir looked around at the three of them and cracked a small, rare smile.
“Sure, why not?”
So the four of them set up the tent and performed the necessary protection enchantments. There was a bit of an awkward dispute about who was going to take the second bed. Obviously Ron and Hermione took the first bed. Harry decided that Zenrir had saved all of them from certain death so he should take the bed. Zenrir claimed that he had never slept in a real bed. In the cave, he said, they slept on mats made from thick leaves.
“What a life, what a life.” Ron interjected.
“Oh be quiet, Ron. Some people aren’t as fortunate as you are.” Hermione scolded gently.
Before bed, Ron had spent a full two hours tenderly bandaging and fixing up Hermione’s wounds while telling her wizard fairytales. Harry watched them laughing and talking in their own world across the tent and he felt a fleeting stab of loneliness. He wondered how Ginny was doing, how his kid was doing. His kid. Harry felt a warm happiness spread from head to toe. Suddenly Harry didn’t feel so lonely anymore.
The morning soon came along with an owl from the Weasleys.
“Ron, take a look at this.”

To Ron, Harry, and Hermione:

WHERE ARE YOU? How could you all leave without telling or without a note? And, Harry, how could you leave your poor pregnant wife behind without a backward glance? But, besides that, how are you? Doing all right? We miss you! Ron, Hermione, I hope that you two are doing well. Hope there aren’t too many fights between you two. Wherever you all are, HURRY BACK SOON!

The Weasleys

Harry closed the letter and smiled.
“Ah, mum, always the worrier. Can never be at peace, that woman.” Ron chuckled.
Once Hermione had woken, read the letter, and blushed, they went off to search for Zenrir, as he was not in bed. They found him a while later, hunting for animals.
“Got breakfast.” Zenrir said cheerfully brandishing a strange looking deer and a few tropical fruits.
One they got back to the tent, the deer was sizzling on a little pan and the fruits were cut up and prepared by Hermione. Zenrir said he preferred to eat the meat raw.
“So, how’re we going to get to Lestrange?” Ron said through mouthfuls of deer.
“Stop stuffing your face, Ron.”
“Oops, sorry.” Ron ate some fruit.
“Well, the only way to get to Lestrange is through Ralfe, it seems. So I think we should go back-”
“I am never going back there again-” Zenrir said hotly.
“Relax. It’s not permanent.” Ron replied lazily.
“As I was saying,” Hermione continued. “We need to go back and sort keep watch over Ralfe. He probably summoned Lestrange by now, saying that he caught Harry. So, when he makes his way over here, we’ll be waiting for him.”
“But how will we kill him?”
“We don’t kill, Zenrir. We’re supposed to turn him into the ministry.” Hermione said patiently.
“Ministry? What’s that?”
“Have you been living under a rock your whole life? Every country’s got a ministry of magic.”
“Well, sorry for my obvious lack of knowledge, oh great genius.” Zenrir snapped at Ron.
“Please stop! We have no time for this bickering!” Hermione said, notes of impatience creeping into her voice.
“Sorry.” The two young men mumbled, shooting death glares at each other.
“Hermione, aren’t you forgetting that there is a whole pack of werewolves waiting for our return?” Harry said pointedly.
“Yes but-”
“And that they would want to protect their Lord?”
“Yes but-”
“And maybe-”
“Would you listen to me?”
“That’s why we get them alone. Remember, Harry, we are wizards and we have wands. They have their claws and teeth. Which is faster? A spoken spell or a leap in the air and a tearing of the flesh?”
“Hermione…please…just had breakfast…don’t think you’d want to see it again.”
“No, Ronald, I would not like to see your breakfast again.”
“Thought so.”
“So, let’s go now.” Hermione said brightly.
“What about the plan?”
“We’ll improvise.”
“Improvise?” Harry uncertainly.
“Here, I’ll lead. I know where the cave is.” Zenrir said. He shot strange looks at Hermione. They neither bore ill nor had delight. Nevertheless, Ron noticed and kept a close eye on Zenrir for the rest of the day.
“There. Straight ahead. The cave.” Zenrir pointed to the crude opening of the cave. Someone had pushed boulders and logs over the opening.
“It’s for camouflage. You know, so nobody stumbles across it accidentally.”
“Yeah…” Harry said absentmindedly. “So I guess we just sit here and wait?”
When nobody answered him, he settled himself behind a curtain of thick leaves. Hermione sat in Ron’s lap and Zenrir sat facing the cave opening a look of pure hatred upon his face. He shot looks at Ron and Hermione.
They were whispering and laughing about something unknown. Hermione laid her head on Ron’s shoulders and closed her eyes. Soon she was fast asleep. After a while, Ron was lost in his dreams too.
Harry turned his head towards Zenrir. He too had noticed his strange looks.
“Don’t mind me asking, but why do you keep on…I dunno…staring at Ron and Hermione.”
Zenrir looked surprised, then looked a bit embarrassed.
“Come for a walk with me, will you?”
Harry glanced at Ron and Hermione. They’d be okay for a while.
The two of them got up, stretched, and stalked away from their hiding place, away from the cave.
“Hold on…Muffliato.” Harry whispered.
“Please don’t tell Hermione this…”
Harry looked puzzled. “Hermione?”
“Please don’t tell…promise?” Zenrir looked at harry pleadingly.
“Well, you see if you were a werewolf, there are certain things that you are attracted you. And, you really have no choice. Almost like it’s destiny or something. I can’t really explain-”
“No…I know what you mean.” Harry thought of Ginny for a moment.
“Yeah so…well…”
It suddenly dawned on Harry what Zenrir was talking about.
“No…Zenrir…they…Ron and Hermione…they’re already…” Zenrir suddenly looked so devastated that Harry could bear to say no more.
“I mean…nothing. Ron and Hermione, they’re just, er, friends.” Harry couldn’t believe what he had gotten himself into.
Zenrir’s eyes lit up and he said, “Are you serious?”
“Um. Yeah.”
Zenrir hurried back to the hiding place, unmistakably joyful.
Hermione and Ron were up by the time they had returned. Hermione stared at Harry questioningly as Zenrir took a seat by the leaves, smiling widely.
“What’d you do? Stun him or something? He looks incredibly happy.” Ron whispered.
“Dunno why…” Harry said, not meeting their eyes.
“Harry! Look!” Hermione pointed through their hiding place to the opening of the cave. Ralfe had come outside, his large from looming in the doorway. He looked around and stealthily hurried away.
“He must be going to meet Lestrange. C’mon!”
Together, they quietly stole after him. It wasn’t easy. For someone that large, he made no sound at all.
“Why can’t we just Confound him now?” Ron whispered to Hermione.
“Of course not, Ron! We need Ralfe to lead us to Lestrange first.”
“And stop holding onto me. I can walk on my own!” Hermione rolled her eyes. Ron let go of his fierce hold on Hermione and looked a bit red in the face.
As quietly as they could, they followed Ralfe closely. Harry noticed that he as carrying a bundle under his arm. Ralfe didn’t look around him, as most would do. He kept his yellow eyes straight ahead, walking quickly and purposefully. Finally, Ralfe came upon a narrow road that led to a small village. They had now left the forest. Harry looked around for a place to hide, but there was none. It was a flat savannah.
“Guess we’ll just have to wait and see where he goes.” Harry said, sighing.
They kept in the edge of the forest and looked on. Suddenly, Ralfe changed into his human from in a matter of seconds. He glanced behind him once and hurried into a darkened pub.
“Let’s go.” Harry said urgently, tugging Hermione with him.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11 12 13 14 ... 33 Next »

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TuffGurl said...
Jan. 12, 2011 at 9:42 am
WRITE MORE! Work on your sentences, they're a bit choppy, and you're using conjunctions wrong, but otherwise this is AMAZING!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!
CelebrateKrismas replied...
May 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm

LOL my parents made me go! But THANK YOU!!!!!!! (BTW i am sure that you can create something like this or perhaps MUCH better!)


FunFace said...
Jan. 12, 2011 at 8:16 am
ive read this and the hermione and ron book but i hope you plan on writing more!  they are really good
CelebrateKrismas replied...
Jan. 12, 2011 at 2:02 pm
Thank you so much! I have written a LOT more! Once again thanks! :)

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