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Author's note: I wrote this peice when I was thinking about what Bella's other Family might be like when I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this peice when I was thinking about what Bella's other Family might be like when I realized noother family of Bella's was mentioned ecept her Mom and Dad.  « Hide author's note
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I want to go home

“Angel, oh how I miss you.” Robby murmured as he placed his hand behind his head. Angel hadn’t gotten on chat but from what his father had told him she had fallen asleep. Robby looked at his watch, it was three in the morning.
“Mr. Robby, your father requests your presence in his study.” Robby sat up to see Reginald standing in the doorway.
“Thank you.” Robby climbed off the bed and strode to the door. “Why aren’t you home.” He asked his butler.
“The roads sir. But I’ll be ale to return once the roads are cleared.”
“Well at least rest, you looked exhausted.” Reginald bowed.
“Thank you sir.” Robby grinned at the man then left. Reginald had served his family for centuries before he was born. His family were vampires, and he had hid it from Angel ever since they were kids. Now they were in love, the greatest single feeling Robby had ever felt. He was ready to do almost anything to get her back in White Plains.
“You wanted to see me?” Robby asked as he entered his father’s study.
“Yes,” His father answered as he stood and walked to his son. “It seems Sonia has caught the man who broke into Angel’s home. I thought you might want to see him.” Robby nodded to his father. “Follow me.” Jonathan led his son through their home and into the basement where a special room was set up and the intruder was being held. When Jonathan opened the door Robby got his first glance at the man tied in the chair with sliver chains to prevent him from escaping. Sonia, and several others were in the room as well. When the man tried to jump out of his chair Stephen held him down, Robby noticed he wore gloves over his hands. Then he remembered the sensitivity to sliver. If a vampire touched silver it would burn their skin.
“ Let me go!” The man growled.
“We’ve tried to get him to talk, but…” Sonia said to Jonathan when he asked about the man. Robby walked over to the man and punched him in the face causing the man’s nose to bleed.
“That’s for her parents.” Robby punched him again. “That’s for her.” Robby then bent the man’s head and bit his neck sending venom through his body. “And that’s for you.” The man howled in pain and he would be for a few days. Robby then left and walked to his room. He then sat on his bed his elbows on his knees when he reached for a black velvet box on his nightstand. He opened it and saw the small diamond locket with a key attached lying in a bed of red silk. He opened it with they key and saw a small pictured of himself and Angel together. Then looked at the words on the other side of the locket.
You always had the key to my heart, R
He had this made to give her on her birthday next week. But he couldn’t make it to Forks, Washington when the entire airport was snowed in. Not even his Aunt
Rosemary a.k.a. would fly her plane. And she was one of the most courageous pilots. When she wouldn’t even fly, then everyone knew the weather was bad. He closed the locket and the velvet box and laid back on his bed.
“God Angel, I’ll get to you soon I promise.” he then closed his eyes and let darkness take over.

Angel woke up to the sound of rain dancing on the roof. She groaned and put her head under her pillow not wanting to get up. She wanted to wake up in her own room in White Plains with her mother cooking breakfast and her father setting the table. Then get dressed as Robby showed up to spend the day with her.
Sighing, Angel dragged her pillow off her head then sat up. She then remembered her arm when she tried to rub her face with her left hand. Angel thought her arm would hurt but here was no pain. Angel pulled the covers off her then swung her legs off the side of the bed. She noticed she was in yesterday’s clothes. She grimaced and walked over to the closet. She had hung a few outfits before she had left yesterday and now searched through them for something to wear. She finally picked out a blue and black bubble-sleeve top, black sateen crop pants, black Talia Mary-Jane shoes. She then dug through her suitcase for her jewelry box. Out of that she choose: the gold ring with Robby’s and her name engraved onto it-she had gotten for Christmas- her watch, then her diamond earrings with a matching necklace and bracelet.
She then styled her hair in her usual curls, went into the bathroom to brush her teeth then walked downstairs. She had taken the sling off when she dressed then put it back on after. She looked around the ground floor and noticed she was the only one up. She tiptoed into the kitchen and found a note one the fridge.

I left for work, I’ll call about noon to check on you. There is cereal on the table and bowls in the dish strainer and milk in the fridge.

Uncle Charlie

Angel left the sigh where it was then poured herself a bowl of cereal. While she sat at the table she remembered she didn’t log on to chat the night before. She rushed up stairs and found her laptop then returned to the table. As soon as she was logged onto messenger Robby started to talk to her.
Good morning beautiful
Good morning how are you?
Fine what about you? Still holding up there in rainy Forks?
I’m fine but to tell you they have too many forks, lol.
Lol, I was about to say something like that. Hey dad caught the guy who broke into your house. He’s taken care of.
How’d he find him?
The guy tried sneaking up on Sonia.
That was pretty stupid, no one can sneak up on her. Guess what.
Yesterday, after I hung up I slipped on some ice here and ended up breaking my left arm.
OMG! Are you alright?
Yeah it doesn’t ever hurt anymore.
I turning on video. A moment later Angel could see Robby sitting on his bed.
Hey stud.
Hey studette.
Funny Robby funny. Robby tossed back his head chi chest shaking with laughter.
Hey, guess what.
The people at the airport are starting to clear it, but it will take a while we got massive snow here…any there?
Not a flake, only rain blah.
That stinks, if you were her I’d take you sledding or snowmobiling, or we could take a carriage ride like we do every year. But this year I would take you alone. Angel smiled and saw Robby smile back in the webcam.
I really miss you.
Same here, what are you eating?
Cereal. Hey who’s there I just saw a car pull up to the house through the window. Angel looked out and saw Carlisle getting out of his car.
Just Carlisle, he fixed my arm up and is Bella’s Father in law. Turns out she’s married even had a kid she’s really cute though. Brb I have to get the door.
Hurry back.
K. Angel stood and walked to the front door and opened it.
“Good morning Angel.”
“Hi back. How is your arm?”
“Fine. Would you like to come inside?”
“Yes, thank you.”
“I’ll be right back I have to tell Robby I have to go.” Angel went back to her computer and saw Robby was still there.
I have to go ttyl…Love you
ttyl, love you. Angel then closed down the chat and pushed her laptop closed.
“Just out of curiosity, who’s Robby?”
“My boyfriend. So do you want something to drink?” Angel asked uncertain what to do or say.
“No thank you, I just came to check on your arm and to give you this. This is for pain medication for your arm.” He said as Angel took a piece of paper from him.”
“Ok, well bye then?”
“Yeah, bye.” Angel showed him to the door then went back to her computer to see Robby had logged off…Angel sighed.
“Well I could finish unpacking, well what I can do.” Angel said to the empty room. She closed her lap top then carried it upstairs to her room. When she shut the door a few boxes fell on her legs lightly. “Oh…” Angel had just put her laptop back in it’s protective case when the doorbell rang. Angel jogged back down the stairs and opened the door and saw Ms. Culver there.
“Hi Angel. Oh my, what happened?”
“I slipped on some of the ice on the sets.”
“Well I’m sorry, but I brought more of your things. Can you get some?”
“If I take my arm out of this sling maybe.”
“Ok well get a jacket on and come help. Do you know where Mr. Swan is?”
“He went to work, he should be back around noon to check on me.”
“Well it’s noon now.”
“It is? Wow I must have slept in late.” Angel had just finished the sentence when Charlie’s cruiser came into view a moment later it pulled in the driveway and Charlie stepped out.
“Hello Ms. Culver, Angel. Let me help with these.” Charlie said when Ms. Culver started to pull a box out of the front seat. Angel went back into the house and up to her room to make room for her things. Fifteen minutes later the rest and Angel’s things were in the room and Angel was busy packing Bella’s things away into empty boxes. It was just after four when Angel was done packing and unpacking. She sat on the bed and looked around. Her things replaced her cousin Bella’s things. Angel had collapsed all the boxes and stored them in the attic when she had taken Bella’s old things up. And now she rose to sit at the desk and work on her computer.
She plugged in her headphones, turned on her music and opened her story. Then started to type the hours away.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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msoledadvc said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 2:22 pm
I have no words. It was very nice. A few spelling issues somewhere. Just one thing that is bugging me: What kind of vampires are they? I mean, vampires can not have children. If Angel was a human it could happen but if Robby changed her completely that's not possible. It is a very nice and creative story, and I like your writing. I really enjoyed it! :)
cassia_b said...
Aug. 29, 2011 at 4:14 pm
this is such a good book! this is totally a new twist on some of the fanfictions that i have read. great job and keep writing! :)
KellyKay said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 10:41 am
thanks i'll keep the advice in mind
PuzzleLuver said...
Dec. 28, 2010 at 4:20 pm
1. I like your concept for this book. I really like how Bella's cousin had a vampire boyfriend like her. 2. It was a little fast paced, Maybe there should be a little more to slow it down. 3. Great job, I was completely hypnotized by the story, I couldn't stop reading it.

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