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A Rose Without Thorns, Still Called a Rose?

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Dreaded Graduation

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around; I saw tons of hospital beds. I was in the infirmary. I pulled myself into a sitting position and that’s when I heard it, soft breathing coming from from the chair next to me, I looked over and stopped once I saw someone holding my hand. I knew those hands, those hands…… I shoved the owner of the hands lightly. “Professor?” I muttered softly trying to wake him but not startle him, his eyes fluttered open. “Chloe…?” He smiled. “H-how do you
feel?” He asked me, slowly dropping my hand and standing up to look at me. “I feel great, actually.” He smiled and placed a dress and a few other things on my lap. “Good, now I do believe you need to get ready. Graduation starts in less than an hour.” He smirked and walked out, his black robes billowing out behind him. I couldn’t help but to smile, he could always make me smile with the simplest of things.
Once I came out of the bathroom from changing into my graduation dress I was surprised to find Raven standing in the doorway. “Well well to hell and back.” I couldn’t help but to chuckle, she was never one to be mean, let alone sound mean. “Yes, from Fenrir’s evil clutches to my princes arms.” I grinned and took my wand from the table, making a beautiful rose corsage on my wrist. “So, my love struck friend, are you ready to graduate?” Raven asked with a slight smirk on her face, I returned her smirk. “Of course I am.” I held out my arm to her. “Shall we doll?” I asked as she linked her arm with my and we walked out to the field by the lake for our ceremony.
As the ceremony took place I couldn’t stop myself from looking around at the crowd’s of people and professors watching, I was looking for my savior, my prince and my love, but he was nowhere to be found and I could feel my hopes sinking. I looked to see the headmaster looking at me, a gleam in his eyes, he nodded to me and then looked off far in the left hand corner and once I turned around I found myself watching black silken hair bobbing away.
The ceremony ended and I took off running to Professor Snape’s room, as I slowly myself to the door it swung open and I was pulled inside the room. My eyes blinked and finally adjusted to the dim light. “Chloe… how do you feel my dear?” He whispered softly in my ear, I could tell he was only a mere few inches away from me. “I’m so much better. I escaped death because of you, you saved my life Professor and I cannot thank you enough.” I said smiling, not sure if he could see my smile in the dim lighting. I felt his arms go around me for the quickest room, he was still holding back. “I’m just glad you’re alright Chloe.” He said and handed me a piece of paper. “Promise to owl me often.” He said and opened his door. “But now, I believe you have a dinner to go to Chloe.” He whispered before putting his hand on the small of my back and leading my out back into the corridor. “I’ll be waiting for you owl.” He said and closed the door. I left to go meet Draco, smiling like some babbling idiot.
“Chloe! There you are!” I heard Draco yell from the pitch, I turned around to look at him and had to stop myself from cringing when I saw Lucius Malfoy, the scoundrel, if only his wife knew… Draco walked up to me and put his arm around my shoulders, whispering in my ear. “Just don’t give him a reason and it won’t happen.” I wanted to scream and tell him everything I knew of his father, but I had no time because we had made it to his parents. “Mom, Dad, This is Chloe Winters.” He said introducing us briefly. “So wonderful to meet you dear!” Narissca, Draco’s mother said giving me a quick, tight hug, I smiled. “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Winters my dear.” Lucius said as he kissed my hand gently, I held back a gag. “Nice to meet you.” I replied back to the pair of them. Draco took my hand and we were off, apperating to Malfoy manor in an instant.
Draco and I went off to the parlor, always our favorite spot when we hung out at his house, although I thought it quiet strange that this was the first time his parent met me, but then I remember the were too busy with the Dark Lord. We talked about quidditch and what we would do now that we graduated. “Dinner!” Narissca called to us about an hour and half later, I knew that this meal would be hard for me to eat; the Malfoy family was one of the few families that still used house elves. I smiled and took a seat between Draco and Lucius, which almost made me scowl, the man was... I couldn’t even think of a word to describe him. Although it was sad to admit, the dinner was delightfully prepared and mouthwateringly delicious. I couldn’t take another minute in that house; I couldn’t take another minute of that man’s eyes looking me over. I bid my farewells to Narissca and Draco and before I could do the same to Lucius he blurted out, “I’ll walk you out to the gate my dear.” I could see the sly smirk playing on his lips, I turned to Draco as he linked his arm with mine and slowly walked me away, I mouthed the words ‘Help Me’ to him and I could see the sad look in his eyes.
Walking with Lucius wasn’t to terrible, he talked about his garden which I always admired and how he accrued his peacocks in his front lawn, but what happened once we reached the gate I would never forget. “Well thank you for having my Mr. Malfoy.” I said to him turning to open the gate. “Please call me Lucius.” He said turning me back to face him, his lips gently brushed mine and I gasped in surprise, which he was taking for pleasure. He went in for another kiss but I turned away, opened the gate and dissaperated to my home. Once there I flopped onto my bed and cried, it was all I could think to do. An owl fluttered into my room holding a note from Draco. ‘What happened? –Draco’ It took me some time to reply to Draco but a few hours later I did. ‘He kissed me and tried to go for more, but I left. I’m fine, it’d fine. I expected this. ~Chloe’ I sent the note back with his own owl and drifted to a sweet, dreamless slumber.
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SierraSpears said...
May 21, 2015 at 12:03 am
So I'm a Harry Potter fan and I am unusually very adapted to this story. I love your write style but it's just a tad rushed. Otherwise, this is absolutely awesome! Didn't think I'd like something like this. But I do! Great work! Keep it up!
msoledadvc said...
Nov. 6, 2011 at 12:41 pm
I support the comments above. It's a little unrealistic and messed up a few things but it is very nice. Write more! I want to know what is happens...
secretlypoetic said...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 5:52 pm
This book was interesting, but also very unrealistic... I would be very interested to know why she already hated Lucius, and why Fenrir was able to get to her. I like your writing style though!
Your_Beautiful_Lies replied...
Aug. 16, 2011 at 10:18 am
Yeah, this book is still a work in progress. The reasons to her hateful spite towards Lucius is coming very soon, as well as the reasons behind why Fenrir gets to her so well. :)
Your_Beautiful_Lies said...
Jun. 14, 2011 at 7:46 am
Haha Yes I know there was the how Wizarding Worl battle, but I didn't want so much drama in the begining so I cut that out. xD And thank you, your nice comments make me write more. :)
DinoNugget said...
May 21, 2011 at 9:24 pm
This was a wonderful story.  I liked it very much, but there is one thing that irks me a little.  Around Draco's graduation time, there was the whole Hogwarts battle, and Snape died.  That's my only real problem.  Unless Draco was a year younger than her...?  Although, I don't think the years mix during classes.  Your writing style was very good.  Keep up the good work.  Write on!
Your_Beautiful_Lies said...
Jan. 19, 2011 at 10:39 am

I wanted to base this story on a rare thing that happens to some young girls to rais peoples awareness on it. :)

Ys sorry about that i got all worked up in my writing and often forget! :O

More is coming!

bahannahpeel This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 7:21 pm

I liked this story, it kind of freaked me out a little though. Is Chloe exceptionally beautiful, so all the older men want a go at her?

Also, somtimes in the first person you used 'he'. I know that can get confusing--I do it all the time!

I liked it. the ending was a bit unrealistic, but good. Is there more? I'd love to read it


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