hunting is the only way we know

February 16, 2018
By adamtomlison, somerset , Kentucky
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adamtomlison, Somerset , Kentucky
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I stood at the front window at my mom’s house looking out when my phone began to buzz and go off. I reached into my pocket to pull it out when the piece of crap started talking to me out loud.
     “Hello Mr. Abram Winchester, this is director masala from the AMOL and we would like you to come Saint Paul Minnesota and we will text you the address. All you have to do is go to the Airport and ask for service jet fifty-one.”
    “I think you should go Abram who knows, it could be about your dad” spoke my mom.
   “So what if it is, it won’t mean jack to me, he decided to leave not us” I snarled.
     “Abram” My mom shouted.
  So after a few hours of trying, my mom talked me into going, so at five in the afternoon she rode with me to the huge airport in Tulsa. We live in Oklahoma but we rarely go to Tulsa so after a thirty minute drive we made it by the airport. The place was huge, the front entrance was covered in glass windows but the inside was made of tile and brick.
      “Is there anything I can help you with sir” asked a sweet, soft voice.
   I looked back toward the gates and saw a lady in her early twenties, with black hair who had on an airport outfit way too tight to be allowed in the code of conduct but everyone seemed to look at her and not say a thing.
     “Um yeah, I’m looking for service jet fifty-one” I told her.
  Her white grin grew wider as she checked me out and after a few minutes she looked back at my face.
     “Oh you must be Abram, I heard that you were sexy but I didn’t know you were going              to be this sexy” she told me.
  I raised an eyebrow and thought “this could get a little bit awkward I think.”
    “Follow me please” she commanded me.
  I followed her down a gate way I hadn’t seen before that was pitch black at first, she stopped for a second and I slammed into her.
     “No one else is allowed back here and if you wanted we could do a lot of creative    things back here if you get my gist.”
I was nervous as all get out until a figure stepped out from in front of us.
      “Mr. Winchester this way please if you would we’re on a tight schedule.”
  She looked up at me with a disappointed look on her face that said it all. I smiled and stepped around her looking at the man who was staring me down.
The man was the same height as me with a short groomed beard that wrapped around his face but his body was gangly looking, his black suit hung loosely from his body. He reminded me of a guy who looked like he played too much dungeons and dragons when he was younger.
   “Follow me sir and please hurry as I said before” he told me sluggishly.
   I walked quickly ducking my head at the end leading outside to the jet. I stared at the most beautiful jet I had ever seen. The jet was painted a clean white, with a black pin stripe going down the sides. I stepped onto the plane and looked behind me to see the girl who had been trying to kiss me in the terminal entrance. A man was waiting for me inside, he stuck his hand up telling me to wait. He started patting me down checking for weapons, then he did the same to the girl who winked at me while he was patting her down.
The man who had stepped through the terminal looked at me.
   “Sorry about that, never wrong to be too cautious you know” he told me.
     “It’s all good dude, so where am I supposed to go” I asked him.
       “Straight back and if you need anything your um friend will be here for any kind of assistance you need” he answered me.
  I knew then he had seen what had happened in the terminal. I just nodded and started walking to where two red curtains hung loosely. I stepped through to, the inside was made of black carpet and well pretty much black everything. Sitting in a seat was a man who looked at me.
      “So I’m guessing you got the call too then” he asked me.
  I nodded just looking at him. He was at most twenty years old with brown hair that was longer than mine and it all went straight back. He wore a look that said yeah I’m a bit of a nerd but you don’t want to try me. He was very muscular to be a nerdy guy. He looked like he could go through anything for the right reason, he had one tattoo in black “Winchester” on his left forearm. I looked at my right forearm and in red it said “Winchester” with blood drops rolling off of my tattoo

“so now you know how we met each other and found out we’re family. I have to ask you to do me a favor though I need you to have an open mind unlike me, just um know everything you think you know isn’t right, that what you know is complete ignorance and that the government is leaving all of its citizens in dark, oh and I still think bush still pulled nine-eleven but that’s for another time like many other things. if you can do this then we’re set for chapter two.”

  After an eleven hour flight we were let off the plane and I found out the guy from the plane is my cousin, son of the great Sam Winchester. We made it out of the plane with our luggage. We we’re halfway up the ramp heading out when two men in their late thirties, or early forties stepped in front of us.
     “Follow us guys we will take you to the waiting room until the boss gets in” they told us casually.
I looked at Luke who shrugged and started following them. I just followed after since that’s what I’m good at. We walked for a good ten minutes out to a waiting Cadillac. The guy who had talked to us at the beginning was standing at one side of the door waiting for us. I let Luke get in and then I stepped in, waiting for us was a man in a black suit who looked to be in his late forties with a grey beard that looked freshly trimmed. He smiled at both of us,
    “Welcome to saint-Paul Minnesota boys, I’m agent Masala and the head director of AMOL or as we’re known American Men Of Letters or hunters which that brings me to why you’re here” he told us.
   “Yeah see that’s just the thing I don’t know why I’m here I’m not even a hunter or men of letter” Luke told him while I was nodding.
   “See it’s in your blood, your grandmother was Mary Winchester who was a hunter and before that her father was a hunter, and then your Grandfather John Winchester started hunting after Azazel the demon killed her six months after your father Luke was born” he told us.
   He smiled at me “I always love the look fresh recruits give me when I explain hunting. First under the request of our higher ups in the government we leave ninety-nine percent of our citizens in the dark about what is actually out there. Most of what you know is ignorance and we let you believe it’s true but it isn’t, there is demons, angels, witches, vampires ,ghosts ,gods ,God, werewolves, and so much more that are deemed too much for the average person to accept” he explained us.
     “Let me tell you in my past twenty-five years of living I never felt so lost and confused.”
I began to feel like the world was spinning out of control and I know I stuttered.
  “That can’t be true you’re…you’re lying to us aren’t you this some joke to you” I asked wanting to believe anything other than the truth.
Agent Masala shook his head and smiled and then began to close his eyes as I rolled my window down.
   “We will be driving to your safe house if you choose to work with us and begin to hunt but we’re going close to where you lived at before Abram, we’re going to Lebanon Kansas” he exclaimed with pride.
  I sat there on my phone for the next boring nine hours and forty-five minutes. I still couldn’t wrap my head around what had happened and what I had been told. I looked out the window and saw the car coming to a stop next to a power plant. We all got out and looking at a set of metal doors, Agent Masala walked over to the doors while fishing in his pocket for a small box. He opened the lid to pull out an old fashioned keys, he looked at us wanting us to come stand beside him.
   Once we made it to him we looked at him, “this is your father's’ old bunker and we thought it only right it goes to their kids” he explained his reason for bringing us here.
I watched as he opened the door thinking I can’t believe my dad lived here, As soon as he open the door dust flew out.

“See this is where I make a huge mistake and I accept an offer that comes back to bite oh and comes with a bite too but you’ll see later in the story what I mean.”
  I looked at him like he was crazy but I didn’t say anything to him. He kept a straight smile as we walked down a flight of stairs.
   “This is the main floor, up those steps takes you to what is known as the war room. Pointing to our right “this over here is the kitchen with running water and behind it is at least five rooms” he pointed out to us.
“There’s always a catch to things like this so what is it you want from us” I questioned.
   “ah and that is the question isn’t it, as I’ve told you hunting is in your blood but the price you're willing to pay is ultimately up to you if you choose to hunt here’s my offer you get this house and a car of your choices and all the money you will need but you will be erased from practically history there will be no Abram or Luke Winchester” he casually told us.
  I looked at Luke and then spoke “I think we would like to discuss our offer sir” I said speaking for both of us.

    “So what do you think man we’re going to lose a lot but we would be doing what our fathers did, we would be hunting things and saving people” Luke said trying to persuade me.

    “I don’t know man, I guess I feel like if we do this we won’t be just riding the ditch we will be driving straight over the cliff and taking anyone who gets too close to us along” I put my fear out there.

      “yeah I get that but that’s up to them if you want them to be safe let them decide if they want to be part of our crazy world that it already was before we hunted” Luke kept trying to persuade me.
  After a few minutes I nodded at Luke and turned back towards Agent Masala,
     “I guess we’re in if you really want us to be in this hunting business so bad” I told him.
He smiled “good let’s begin on erasing you from history boys” He kept saying it casually.

“You’re probably wondering what all they did to us and I’m not really wanting to inform you but let’s skip a few days ahead and get in the good part.”

      After Agent Masala Left, I walked around until I found the garage. inside was a grey 1970 Chevelle. I walked over to driver side door and laying on the black dash was a note.

“Dear Abram,

                                                             I wanted to give you your dad’s impala but we couldn’t find an exact location on it so we asked your mother what your favorite car was as a surprise and here it is with everything up to date and it’s a Manuel since you can’t bring something so beautiful to a modern day and then ruin it.

Agent Masala
p.s. your first case should be coming right now.

There was a banging on the door and then I heard
     “I got it” Luke shouted while running up the stairs to the front door. 
  I read the note over again as Luke closed the door again.
       “Where are you at” Luke asked.
     “I’m in the garage man just follow the sound of my voice” I answered.
     “Ha-ha so funny Abram seriously get out of the garage you metal head” Luke retorted.
    “Whatever I’m coming to the “war room” if you’re not there already then I’m going back to the garage” I told him.
  I walked out of the garage to the war room seeing Luke already reading a piece of paper.
       “What are you reading Cousin” I asked him.
      “so get this our first case is in Cleveland Ohio see someone is making fairy tales into real people. two people have already been killed both are girls which is strange but there is a side note about a witch that is supposedly the most powerful in our country, that we should be very cautious” he told me in a short summary knowing well enough I probably wouldn’t read it.
I looked at him seeing the excitement in his whole body but I knew what he thought of hunting was about to change.
    “Let’s look at my car and then decide what we’ve got” I said.
I showed him where the garage was, he gasped in awe at the sight of the Chevelle. I went checking everywhere for any sign of a weapon of any kind. Finally I stopped at the trunk and looked at Luke who stared at me. I jimmied the lock until it popped open,
    “You know you could’ve just used the keys there laying on the dash you idiot” Luke told me. 
      “Shut up It’s my car so I can do what I want” I retorted.
   He laughed and then came around the car to look.
    “There’s nothing in here at all for us to use, what do they expect us to do punch the crazy lady in the face a couple of times” he retorted in anger.
  I just stared at the empty trunk for a minute until I noticed a small handle sticking up. I pulled the handle and felt the bottom give way and begin to move up. Inside was anything I could ever need for a situation. I pulled out a simple 9 millimeter pistol that was empty, Luke picked up one that matched with a black handle grip and silver coated metal at the top while mine was gold coated at the top.
            I stared in horror as Luke had somehow jammed a bullet in the gun.  it took me about five minutes if not less to unjam the gun and then load the clip full of rounds. I looked at him once I was done.
     “you are very welcome and I already loaded my gun is everything else ready such as money and clothes and whatever else we might need” I asked him.

Chapter five

   “So we later found a box full of fake id’s for us to use when need be but what we’ve told you in great detail is what we look like but I want you to know that what Luke says I look like isn’t true. Also everything I say about him isn’t exactly true so just hope you know that let’s begin a few hours later.”
      I drove quickly going about five mph over the speed limit trying to make it to at least halfway to Cleveland before we switch people driving.
“you know, when I first met you I thought you were a d*****bag but then I began to see how different we are from each other. you with the short black hair and you’re so much shorter than me. You're only about five foot eleven but older than me by about a year” Luke said groggily.
  “So has your idea of me changed” I asked looking at him.
   “Nope you’re still a d*****bag just with more manual skills than me like how to build a gun and loading a gun” he told me.
I laughed as he turned over again and fell asleep, I smiled at his soundless sleep and turned on my music letting the song “heartache on a dance floor” blow through the window for anyone to hear.
  After a couple of hours of driving, we stopped at a gas station in Des Moines Iowa to grab a snack since all we’ve eaten is breakfast at like four in the morning. I sat in the passenger seat drinking a coke waiting for Luke to get in, finally after sitting for a few minutes I got out and when back in to see him getting the cashier’s number.
   “Hurry up luke we haven’t got a lot of time before it gets dark and I don’t want to be stuck in Iowa for the night” I told him.
     “I’m hurrying, don’t rush me cousin” he snarled at me.
  I walked out with him running to catch up, he slid over the hood like Bo duke.  I shook my head as he did so, he smiled at me and got in, I slipped through the door and settled.
Another three or four hours I felt good until we hit Chicago where gang violence could be seen for miles. We stopped at Walmart to get snacks again.
     “You know when you called me a douche bag it’s probably true but I think of you as a geeky guy trying to look like a hip-hop singer who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life” I told him.
He smiled and said “ man do I really look like that to you but if that’s the case then how did I get a cashier’s number before you” he asked me trying to get the best of me.
   “Oh she just felt sorry for you being so lonely due to that hair and tattoos” I snapped back.
    “Haha aren’t we comedians today abram” luke said smartaleckly.
I nodded and walked over to the car and pulled out the beer I had just bought and took a drink quickly. I got in and with luke staring coldly at me. I drove until we went into  cleveland ohio at about five in the morning. I  pulled into a random motel and woke luke.
    “Welcome to home for awhile sleeping beauty.” I said casually.
    “Shut up”luke snapped back.
   I smiled at him and got out staring in awe at the town around me I thought that Saint-paul was amazing but cleveland made it look like lebanon kansas. The sun was coming up over one of the largest buildings I had ever seen probably in my life. I turned to see our motel that looked like a slum compared to the rest of the town but I guessed the place was good for not being completely suspicious but I didn’t really care where we went to as long as the beds were comfortable.
  After we checked in, I went to the room to crash, leaving luke to pack our bags in with the suits that we were given when we accepted the job. I went to the closest bed and fell face first and within seconds I fell asleep.
  After about three hours of good, deep sleep. I awoke to see luke reading quietly to himself with his laptop lying between his legs.  
“What are you up to now luke” I asked.
        “I’m studying, what else does it look like? man we need all the help we can get, the lady were hunting is so elusive that we don’t even know what she looks like and she has already taken more than a dozen lives since we were ten so we have to stop her at all costs and heck she has magic to help her as an advantage” he answered nervously.
“Oh I see, so what I think we should do today is see the bodies of the latest victims and then find where they died it would be the simplest way to find our mysterious lady” I told him quickly.
After we ate a quick lunch at a cafe in town we headed towards the coroner’s office. Once we reached the building it looked as morbid as I thought it would; made of brick painted white with only one door leading in. I got out of the car and walked over quickly until I got to the door, I waited until luke caught up to me.
   I pushed the door open, before  i even got halfway in cops started sworming me.
   “What’s going on and who are you”they asked one right after another.
    “I’m with the FBI, I’m agent tulsa and my partner is agent rock” I said while flashing them my badge.
After that they led us to the coroner who was a middle aged man with short stubby feet and with hair that almost wasn’t there.
    “Hello agents what can I help you with today, I know there has been a lot of weird deaths going on but I didn’t think the FBI gave a crap about what happens in places like this”   he said in a wheezy voice.
“You’re right, we don’t, but when about a dozen people start dying we have to come and check to make sure we don’t have a serial killer and if we do then we have to put a stop to it” I told him.
    “Let’s see those bodies then shall we or are we going to chat about the crappy jobs we have to work until retirement” asked luke.
The man nodded and he walked over to a circular metal door, he opened it and slid out the body. Me and luke walked over to the body quickly in nervousness, He pulled the covering off the body so we could see.
     “Oh wow, this lady was on fire” luke said making a witty joke.
      “Don’t get sick agent rock because I don’t want to clean it up” the coroner told him as he passed me a vanilla folder.
  I handed it to luke as the coroner opened another door and slid out a body.
    “This one is a little more than even I could handle. Even after doing this job for ten years this still gives me nightmares” the man said.
He slid back the covering and Luke threw up and ran out of the room.I looked at the body carefully. The girl was about the same age as I was, in her early twenties with blonde hair. Her body looked like it had been butchered but the worst part about it was that her heart had been ripped clean out. Her insides were now outsides and her legs were bruised and had cuts going down them.
  “Whatever or whoever did that is a piece of work” I said disgusted at what I was looking at.
  “Well you don’t seem affected about it which surprises me because most people can’t stomach to look at it” the coroner said to me. 
“Well i’m not most people but every case has at least something in common with each vic, so what is it for these two” I asked.
   “ well other than age, nothing really except that both of these bodies were found at rodeo almost on the outskirts of town but that’s all” he told in an obvious manner of you should know this.
  After I told him, “thank you for showing me the bodies” I went outside looking for luke who was sitting in the car with the strangest look on his face.
    “What are you doing, you almost screwed us both in there” I told him.
    “I didn’t know it was going to be like that, that girl was mutilated if I had known that would be part of hunting I would never had accepted the job man” he told me while crying.
  “ one thing I’ve learnt is that alcohol always helps in these situations but right now were headed out to the rodeo”I said to him while throwing him the vanilla folder the coroner gave me.
   He gave me directions to this place called dixieland delight which is crazy because that sounds like a bar I would probably go to.
  “Get this so there has been at least a dozen missing persons last seen at this place not including back in the eighties and nineties there was even more, man this is insane” he exclaimed to me. 
    “Hush” I almost shouted when i heard through the air waves on the radio a song I loved when I was younger.
“ time marches on” by tracy lawrence. I rolled my window as the wind blew in and sending an amazing fragrance from the spring air through the car. I smiled as luke kept giving me directions and I laughed out loud just out of the hope and excitement.
     “What’s so funny” luke asked me.
     “Nothing really, I’m just happy I’ve got the freedom that i’ve desired since I was young” I told him.
      “Well I heard this song on my rock and roll playlist, I couldn’t help but think of you when I heard it” Luke told me.

“Well it’s going to have to wait. We’re here”and in my best impersonation of greeter I said “welcome to dixieland delight” to luke.
   We had to wait in this boring line of hicks, inbreds, and my favorite short blue jean shorts wearing cowgirls. I was staring at a group of girls who seemed to notice me, but I didn’t care because I was only into one who didn’t even turn to see who I was.
    “Can I help you mister” asked a sweet voice with a dangerous tone.
I looked around just to make the other girls laugh when the one I was into turned around.
        “I asked you a question are you deaf or just not willing to listen to me” she asked again a little sharper.
         “no I’m not deaf, I just didn’t feel like answering you, is this a problem” I asked with a smile.
         “Let me guess, american hunter, about twenty-five” she walked over to me and flipped my arm over “ one tattoo, no scars, bruises, or open cuts” then she looked at my hands “nothing to show you hunt, so let me guess, a newbie, just started the job thinks your going to be a hero well let me tell you this you want be a hero your a fool for even accepting the job” she told me.
            “no as a matter of fact I’m no hero I know that my father dean winchester was a hunter. I know this is a thankless job with no end and at any given moment I could die but I accepted this job to find out who killed my dad and my cousin luke’s ” I pointed at him while he paid for the tickets. “So don’t try and tell me that I’m playing hero girl because you don’t know me and you probably never will because eventually there is going to come something I can’t kill so don’t try and tell me about me I want to know about you and how you know about hunting” I told her flatly.
She stared at me in awe but I was already pushing through the long crowd as luke looked for me while hollering for me.
   “ my name is Lydia. you don’t need to know how I know about hunters like you mr. WInchester” she told me.
    “my name is abram by the way lydia” I told her politely.
   When I reached luke he simply looked at me.
    “Who was that pretty girl you were talking to” he asked casually.
“I have no idea who you're talking about luke. let’s just do our job and stop the crazy witch from killing someone else before it’s too late or do you want to keep asking about a little blonde haired country girl” I asked him politely.
   Before he could answer me I walked off leaving him standing there staring at me. We walked around looking at all of the different things like quarter horse racing, barrel racing, and bull riding. I wanted to see lydia again but I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to. I couldn’t get her long slender legs and her curves that matched her long beautiful blonde hair.
     “What’s up abram” luke asked curiously.
I realized I had been standing in place for a few minutes just thinking.
     “Nothing let’s go to the barrel racing since most of our vics are women and since women just seem to love barrel racing” I told him.
       We walked around like clueless idiots until we found the place for barrel racing. I stood next to a two people listening to their conversation when I realized they were hunters like us.
      “What are you guys talking about? are you guys hunters?” I asked.
The one to my left who was shorter than me which was a woman close to my age. She had long black hair with dark skin and grey eyes.
      “My name is wynona hunt and yes we’re hunters and if I can ask who are you” she asked me in a serious voice.
        “I’m abram winchester and I’m hunting a witch who has been killing people here at the rodeo, so why are you here for?” I asked in a serious tone.
The other one a man who looked to be just a bit older with the same color eyes and hair as wynona answered
        “ we’re hunting a witch same as you but we didn’t know agent masala sent another hunter to help out.”
   While he was talking luke walked over
           “You mean two hunters, I’m luke winchester and if abram hasn’t already told you we’re hunting a witch” Luke told them.
  They stared at him like he was a retard but I turned as a woman walked up to some man and whispered in his ear. He turned into a wolf as something was dropped on the ground next to us,
         “She’s here and watch out” as the thing on the ground exploded.
  We were all blasted in different directions. I went backwards and slammed into the back of the entrance and landed out onto the ground. I laid there with blood slipping out of my mouth and my head was hurting. I slowly rose getting upset, the pain caused my legs to shake as I started walking back to the entrance. I drew my gun as the man who had turned into a wolf stepped out.
        “Come here doggy I have something you can play fetch with it’s called a bullet” I told him while I shot a round at him.
  I hit him in the chest forgetting that only silver hurt him. He stared at me and then took off running to my left, I watched as he ran into the group of girls and grabbed one as she hit him. I realized it was one of the girls who had been with lydia, then the other girls pulled out daggers that looked like an ancient greek weapon.
         “ what is going on” was the last thing I heard as someone threw another explosive in front of me.
  I went flying backwards and slammed into a food trailer that had been parked in the middle of the walk way. I landed underneath someone’s legs, they screamed causing even more chaos. I tried to get up but my legs wouldn’t work for me, finally some guy helped me to my feet and I walked out once more even more annoyed than I already was but it was too late the girl who had been fighting the man lay slain on the ground and the man was still in a wolf state lay dead on the ground as well.
  I went back to the barrel racing arena only to find lydia waiting for me with a look of pure hatred on her face.
          “See this is why I don’t like hunters they think that they can help out but all they do is get in the way of the amazons and lay wake in there way with a body count” she shouted at me.
        “Where’s the other two and luke” I simply asked.
         “Gone, they were taken by the witch we’ve all been hunting to use as bargaining chips for us but that lady is going to pay no matter what I lost one of my amazons today because of her” she said grudgingly.
          “So you’re an amazon with an attitude problem and so while you think only of what you’ve lost, you don’t realize that we are all going to have a body count now if she kills the other three as well and that will be on you” I told her feeling my anger beginning to rise.
        “ yeah but I have to stop her and if I can save the other three then we’ve done something good” she told me calmly.
  I nodded and began looking around after a few minutes I found the spare phone that luke had been carrying in case he was lost or if things went south.
     “What is that” lydia asked.
      “A way of tracking the other three, let’s go before the cops show” I said with a ray of hope in my voice.
      I walked out seeing the other amazons waiting for lydia.
            “I’m riding with the hunter, no discussion and no complaints” she told them with an edge to her voice.

I walked back to my car, I got in with a groan and waited for lydia. She opened the door and got in staring at me cooly. I started the car as she shut the door, I tore out slinging dirt rocks out. I turned on the radio and plugged my phone up to play “neon moon” by brooks and dunn. We got back to mine and luke’s hotel room, and I  went in to take a shower. After I took a shower and cleaned my injuries. I walked out with my shirt off and lydia stared at me.
           “What are you looking at” I asked her.
          “Nothing” she said looking flustered.
   I smiled and then threw my shirt on while walking over to luke’s computer. I turned it on and started tracking him down. The funniest part about all of it was that when I found out where he was I was honestly surprised. His phone was in hobby lobby in town, which is so funny but smart because it’s the last place anyone would think of as an evil lair for a witch that spent her time killing people.
      “You need to rest for a while. You look like a zombie” lydia told me.
  As soon as she said that I felt my body begin to give up on doing anything but resting. I fell asleep without a second thought. I woke up without my jeans or shirt on, I tried to turn over only to feel a mop of blonde hair. I looked down to see lydia asleep beginning to drool. I slipped out without waking her up, and looked to see if Luke’s phone had been moved and thankfully it hadn’t been which would’ve been somewhat bad.
I went to my fridge and pulled out my twelve pack. I got a beer out and began to drink slowly as lydia woke up.
“Good morning sleeping beauty” I told her.
In response she threw a pillow at me.
I laughed and then left to go to the bathroom. I got dressed and then she went in and took a shower. She came out dressed with a look of pure anxiousness at the upcoming fight.
  “How long have we been asleep?” I asked curiously.
      “A couple days I think” she answered politely.
  I grabbed mine and luke’s guns. then grabbed the case of beer for afterwards cause I knew we would need it. I turned and headed out the door with everything. I tucked my gun in the back of pants and then handed the other to lydia who looked at me like I was stupid. We headed out, once we got there I was quiet while lydia called the rest of the amazons that had been with her. Within minutes they were parked next to us in a van. I got out and everyone followed suit. I looked at what kind of team we had assembled before we went in. The amazons looked like they came dressed for blood and no matter what they wouldn’t stop until they got it.
      “So here’s the plan: i’m going in first and I’m going to draw their attention then you guys are going to go in and find the other three and kill anyone that gets in the way and no matter what happens don’t get in my way” I told them.
  They stood by the door as I went in. I headed straight back to the art rooms for classes the first one was full of these elderly looking people and I knew it was the wrong room so then I went to the one on my left and Low and behold the room was full of women in their mid- twenties.
          “so i’m guessing this is the wrong room I’ll just be getting out of your way” I told them as they all turned and stared at me.
  The last thing I heard was a word I had never heard before.
      “Aggredior” the witch shouted.
I took off running as the about dozen amazons came running in. I rounded the nearest corner and ran into one of the girls who looked like she had became a robot. I shoved her only to find that it did nothing. She hauled off and punched me in the face. I went flying into the nearest aisle. I stood up and said
“Lady I don’t want to hurt you just get out of my way.”
  She looked at me and then grabbed me, I kicked her between the legs and shoved her down. She grabbed my legs and I tripped. My gun went sliding out, I had just enough reach to grab it. Without hesitating I flipped over and shot twice, I stared at the gun and the defenseless body that lay in my wake.

“ And this is figuratively speaking is the part that bites like I told you at the beginning would come, so now you know about how crappy my week had been already but it was about to get a lot worse just trust me keep reading”
“I’ll do whatever it takes even if it kills me” I thought.
I stood up and walked past her and then took off running to the far side of the building. Once I reached it I fired one round into the ceiling to take their attention away from the amazons who had been fighting to get to the stairs that led down below. When a woman who I was so familiar with looked at me with pity.
      “Hello Abram, you look just like your dad son” my mother spoke.
  I froze as she walked through the crowd of women.
“I thought I saw you at dixieland delight but now I know for sure it was you” she told me.
     “What are you doing here mom” I asked mournfully.
      “Isn’t it obvious by now son I’m the witch you’ve been hunting, For years I’ve been doing this. It was hard at first but then once you started getting older it became a lot easier. I thought if I did this I would get your dad’s attention again but it seemed it was wasted since he had better things to do like fight lucifer and save the world” she told me.
I shook my head as I heard the amazons coming back up the stairs. I shot at my mom only to miss.
  She turned and stuck up the palm of her hand blasting the amazons to the ground she walked over to lydia who was forcing her way to get up.
“ she’s so beautiful abram but I have to ask why an amazon queen you both live in the same dangerous world but play by the different rules? also do you know who you work for? What it does to people? of course not you don’t know” she said while she walked over to luke.
His face was bloody and his body had cut marks up and down it.
“He promised me once he got loose I was dead but in fact he’s the one about to die” she shouted while pulling out blade.
In response, he spit blood in my mom’s face covering her light brown hair and green eyes in it.    
   I realized then, I didn’t have time to waste. I took off running raising my gun up to her back and fired three short times.
  She fell face first on the ground and luke shoved her off of him and I walked over to her.
     In her dying moments she whispered “ I love you abram never forget that”

So that is the story of my first ever hunt. I realized in the story that the fairy tale beauty and the beast had came to pass just like little red riding hood with the amazon girl as well as the story of hansel and gretel with the two hunters who had been cooked alive but thankfully they hadn’t been eaten but the beauty was my mom and I was the beast that killed her but the story doesn’t end there.
  We all stood around at an overview of cleveland drinking the beer that I had brought as well as bought after the fight. Most the girl’s had been awaken from there trans and went home remembering nothing. As we stood around a black SUV pulled up and lo and behold out Agent Masala.
  “Well you’ve made a mess of things at hobby lobby, but nothing that can’t be fixed.” then he looked at me “I need to talk to you for a second abram, if you wouldn’t care.”
“Yeah sure” I told him and then walked over next to the suv.
  We stood facing the forest and he said
     “So Tonight you faced off against one the most powerful witches known to us and it was your mother. I just want to say thank you for doing what most couldn’t. I want you to know that sometimes the people we’re closest to Isn’t alway who we think they are. Never forget that Abram”
Then just like that he hopped back in the SUV and was gone in matter of seconds.
  I walked back over to the group.
      “ so what was that about” luke asked.
“ Nothing” then I said “a toast to hunting things and saving people.”
                                              THE END

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