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hunting is the only way we know

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chapter one

I stood at the front window at my mom’s house looking out when my phone began to buzz and go off. I reached into my pocket to pull it out when the piece of crap started talking to me out loud.
     “Hello Mr. Abram Winchester, this is director masala from the AMOL and we would like you to come Saint Paul Minnesota and we will text you the address. All you have to do is go to the Airport and ask for service jet fifty-one.”
    “I think you should go Abram who knows, it could be about your dad” spoke my mom.
   “So what if it is, it won’t mean jack to me, he decided to leave not us” I snarled.
     “Abram” My mom shouted.
  So after a few hours of trying, my mom talked me into going, so at five in the afternoon she rode with me to the huge airport in Tulsa. We live in Oklahoma but we rarely go to Tulsa so after a thirty minute drive we made it by the airport. The place was huge, the front entrance was covered in glass windows but the inside was made of tile and brick.
      “Is there anything I can help you with sir” asked a sweet, soft voice.
   I looked back toward the gates and saw a lady in her early twenties, with black hair who had on an airport outfit way too tight to be allowed in the code of conduct but everyone seemed to look at her and not say a thing.
     “Um yeah, I’m looking for service jet fifty-one” I told her.
  Her white grin grew wider as she checked me out and after a few minutes she looked back at my face.
     “Oh you must be Abram, I heard that you were sexy but I didn’t know you were going              to be this sexy” she told me.
  I raised an eyebrow and thought “this could get a little bit awkward I think.”
    “Follow me please” she commanded me.
  I followed her down a gate way I hadn’t seen before that was pitch black at first, she stopped for a second and I slammed into her.
     “No one else is allowed back here and if you wanted we could do a lot of creative    things back here if you get my gist.”
I was nervous as all get out until a figure stepped out from in front of us.
      “Mr. Winchester this way please if you would we’re on a tight schedule.”
  She looked up at me with a disappointed look on her face that said it all. I smiled and stepped around her looking at the man who was staring me down.
The man was the same height as me with a short groomed beard that wrapped around his face but his body was gangly looking, his black suit hung loosely from his body. He reminded me of a guy who looked like he played too much dungeons and dragons when he was younger.
   “Follow me sir and please hurry as I said before” he told me sluggishly.
   I walked quickly ducking my head at the end leading outside to the jet. I stared at the most beautiful jet I had ever seen. The jet was painted a clean white, with a black pin stripe going down the sides. I stepped onto the plane and looked behind me to see the girl who had been trying to kiss me in the terminal entrance. A man was waiting for me inside, he stuck his hand up telling me to wait. He started patting me down checking for weapons, then he did the same to the girl who winked at me while he was patting her down.
The man who had stepped through the terminal looked at me.
   “Sorry about that, never wrong to be too cautious you know” he told me.
     “It’s all good dude, so where am I supposed to go” I asked him.
       “Straight back and if you need anything your um friend will be here for any kind of assistance you need” he answered me.
  I knew then he had seen what had happened in the terminal. I just nodded and started walking to where two red curtains hung loosely. I stepped through to, the inside was made of black carpet and well pretty much black everything. Sitting in a seat was a man who looked at me.
      “So I’m guessing you got the call too then” he asked me.
  I nodded just looking at him. He was at most twenty years old with brown hair that was longer than mine and it all went straight back. He wore a look that said yeah I’m a bit of a nerd but you don’t want to try me. He was very muscular to be a nerdy guy. He looked like he could go through anything for the right reason, he had one tattoo in black “Winchester” on his left forearm. I looked at my right forearm and in red it said “Winchester” with blood drops rolling off of my tattoo

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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